Saturday, December 31, 2011

I need some more music

I could listen to a good a cappela choir all day long.  Hell, they could be singing in some language I can't even recognize and I'd still listen, just because the music is so beautiful.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have things to do.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Tinkering Day

Added a few links to the blogroll.  Shoveled the walk.  Gonna work on brewing and vintning tonight.  It's a "day off", but given how much I have to do, it's really not much of a day off.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Og wants pictures

Well, I aim to please!

Bratwurst and mustard:

For those who labor under the idea that bratwurst has to be slathered with STUFF, and put on a bun, let me disabuse you of that idea right now.  The proper way to enjoy a bratwurst is with mustard and a hard roll.  Don't put the mustard on the sausage, you put a dollop of it on your plate.  You then take the brat in your primary hand, the roll in your off hand.  Dip the brat in mustard.  Take a bite.  Take a bite of the roll.  Take a swig of beer.  Repeat.

It.  Is.  That.  Simple.  That was beaten into my head by a man who ate many a bratwurst in Germany, and never ONCE was ketchup, onions, or any other condiment other than mustard served.  Cook the brats in beer?  What, are you trying to cover up a crappy flavor?  He DRINKS beer and EATS brats, and how DARE I try to ruin a brat by cooking it in beer!  If the flavor of the bratwurst is so bad you have to cover it up by cooking it in beer, you need better sausages!

Now, I've also had brats to me by a master butcher from Germany, served on a roll with ketchup, mustard and relish.  I guess you eat it how you like it, and everybody else can pound sand if they're upset.

Andouille, fresh from the smoker:

After it's smoked, you have to let it sit for a while for the heat to really build up.  But give it a week, and after you eat a bite the heat starts in the back of your throat and moves it's way up to your lips, until your entire mouth feels like you've swallowed a propane torch.  It's friggin' awesome.  Sliced thin, and used as a pizza topping?  Ohmygodgood.

I should note that actual Cajun andouille is thicker than this, but 1) I can't get real beef casing here, and 2) my smoker can really only cook a thin sausage.  Any thicker and it would still be partially raw in the middle, and that just won't do.

Italian Sausage, covered in pasta and marinara sauce:

Note that the sauce and pasta are nothing but delivery vehicles for the sausage.  We make a hot and a medium-hot.  We used to make a sweet, but we found that we never really used it without adding some more heat to it, so we skipped the middle step and just make it hot.

Next time I'm actually making sausage I'll take pictures of the action. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I got it from Mostly Cajun

Who got it from Tam.  Anyways, the most frequently played tracks on my iPod.

10.  I don't have a friggin' iPod.  While I enjoy technology, I tend to have either CD's, or my computer, or my new tablet around.  One more electronic do-dad isn't necessary.

Be a Man, make Sausage

So I cased and packaged almost twenty pounds of sausage last night.  Six pounds of bratwurst, six pounds of a new sausage we're making called "Chipotle and Cheese" with massive amounts of onion and garlic, three + pounds of our Cranberry Brats (we're in Wisconsin, after all!) and three + pounds of a bratwurst with Granny Smith apples, which didn't come out nearly as good as I had hoped.

Ah well, that's why we experiment.  It still tasted good with a little mustard.

In any case, making your own sausage is relatively easy, and for those who actually care about what goes into their food, should be a priority on learning how to do it.  We first started making our own sausage when the Ragin' Mrs. allergies started cropping up.  We couldn't find a single sausage that didn't have some form of soy in it.  Soy flour, soybean oil, soy protein, blah blah blah CRAP and MORE CRAP.  In sausage.  We started out making our own Italian sausage and breakfast sausage, and when we couldn't find a single bratwurst IN FRIGGIN' WISCONSIN that didn't have soy in it, we hunted until we found an original recipe and then fiddled and tested and experimented with it until we perfected it.  And I mean, guys who spent decades in Germany taking a bite and almost weeping PERFECT.  One gent uttered the phrase "Oh my God, that's my lunch in Munich!"

No, you're not getting that recipe.  We may end up selling it before too long, and we're keeping it proprietary. 

If you want more encouragement to make your own sausage, go to the supermarket, pick up a package of sausage and read the ingredients.  Get towards the end, and see how many you can pronounce.  If you're sensitive to things like Nitrates, Nitrites, Sulfates and Sulfites, watch out.  If you don't like having high-protein soy flour, high-fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated vegetable oils  and other various ingredients with multi-syllabic chemical ingredients in your food, then most likely you'll have to make your own.

In any case, the first thing you'll need to make sauage is good meat.  We found a grocery store that sells the ends to their "boneless country ribs", which aren't ribs by the way.  They're pork roasts cut into strips so that you can grill them and call them ribs.  ANYWAYS - we take the ends which they sell relatively cheap, and cut it into small chunks that we can toss into the grinder.  Some recipes call for beef, some for lamb, most for pork.  I add my seasonings before I grind the meat, as I find it gives the sausage a better, more complete flavor.  But you can add it after, and it shouldn't hurt a thing.

Don't be afraid of fatty scraps here, either.  Sausage needs to have about 20% fat in it, otherwise it dries up when it cooks.  A lot of that fat cooks out, so don't think you're eating a fat pill with these. 

Take your cut up meat, and run it through your grinder.  You can buy manual meat grinders/sausage stuffers just about anywhere.  We have an electric grinder/stuffer, and if you have a high-end stand mixer, most of those (such as KitchenAide) have grinder/stuffer attachments that you can use.  We used our KitchenAide to make sausage for years before we finally got our grinder.  Pay attention to the plate size - the smaller the holes in the plate, the smoother the end product will be.  If you want a real coarse sausage, like breakfast sausages, use the larger sized plate.  For our brats I use the smallest sized plate.  I use a medium size plate on my Italian sausage.

My meat grinder doubles as a sausage stuffer, I just swap out the plates for a stuffing tube.  Other machines are uni-taskers.  The only requirement is that it takes the ground meat and stuffs it into a casing, so there's really no "wrong" answer on what machine to use.  Here is where a big textural factor comes into play; you can get collagen casings, which are dry, and can keep for months until you use them.  Or you can get natural casings which have to be used a bit sooner.  Natural casings also need to be handled differently.  Once the moisture from the sausage works it's way into the collagen casing, there's only a slight difference in how the sausage feels, but you can still feel the difference.  The Ragin' Mrs. and I prefer real, natural casings.  Hog casing is the standard sausage size.  Lamb casings are for breakfast sausage and other smaller diameter sausages like hot dogs.  Beef casing, if you can get it, is for the large, summer-sausage type creations.  When we were in Puerto Rico, the only casings we could get were the collagen, so that's what we used.  We're able to get the hog and lamb casings here in Wisconsin.

As you're filling the casing, pause to twist individual links.  Or, if you're going for a smoked sausage like Andouille or Keilbasa make long whole loops that can be hung over a smoking rack.  We make our own andouille here at the Ragin' Manor.  Goes great in soups, casseroles, and the Ragin' Mrs.' Red Beans and Rice.

Package up the sausage how ever you feel, and enjoy.  Once you try real, home-made sausage that doesn't have a bunch of crap fillers in it, you'll never go back.  There's loads of websites about sausage making with recipes, techniques and hints.  Use 'em. 

Maybe next time we'll talk about making beer.  Or mead.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

11 Rules your kids did not and will not learn in school

Any folks with kids out there, you may want to print this out and post it somewhere in a high-traffic area.

Rule 1: Life is not fair -- get used to it!

Rule 2: The world won't care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something BEFORE you feel good about yourself.

Rule 3: You will NOT make $60,000 a year right out of high school. You won't be a vice-president with a car phone until you earn both.

Rule 4: If you think your teacher is tough, wait till you get a boss.

Rule 5: Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. Your Grandparents had a different word for burger flipping -- they called it opportunity.

Rule 6: If you mess up, it's not your parents' fault, so don't whine about your mistakes, learn from them.

Rule 7: Before you were born, your parents weren't as boring as they are now. They got that way from paying your bills, cleaning your clothes and listening to you talk about how cool you thought you are. So before you save the rain forest from the parasites of your parent's generation, try delousing the closet in your own room.

Rule 8: Your school may have done away with winners and losers, but life HAS NOT. In some schools they have abolished failing grades and they'll give you as MANY TIMES as you want to get the right answer. This doesn't bear the slightest resemblance to ANYTHING in real life.

Rule 9: Life is not divided into semesters. You don't get summers off and very few employers are interested in helping you FIND YOURSELF. Do that on your own time.

Rule 10: Television is NOT real life. In real life people actually have to leave the coffee shop and go to jobs.

Rule 11: Be nice to nerds. Chances are you'll end up working for one.
 You know, for all the times I was called a nerd in high school, I wouldn't want any of those bastards working for me.  Meh.  That's why I moved away.

Monday, December 26, 2011

New toy

I am typing this on my new tablet, although I just found out it doesn't like the cold very much.  Still, this will be great for all the traveling I do.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Thrill of Hope

O holy night.  
The stars are brightly shining.
It is the night of our dear Savior's birth. 
Long lay the world
In sin and error pining
'Til He appeared  
And the soul felt its worth.  

A thrill of hope  
The weary world rejoices  
For yonder breaks  
A new and glorious morn.
Fall on your knees
Hear the angels' voices
O night divine  
O night when Christ was born
O night, O  holy night  
O night divine

BCS = Big Crock of Shit

Boise State and TCU - two winning programs.  #7 and # 18 in the national standings, respectively.  And they played in WHAT bowls again?

TCU played in the San Deigo County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl?  Are you friggin' kidding me?

Boise State played in the MAACO Las Vegas Bowl?

And both of them played against unranked teams.  What the hell is this?  BSU blew out Arizona State.  On a Thursday night, when nobody was watching.  Meanwhile, crappy unranked teams from the "AQ" conferences are getting prime time bowls and game times.

The BCS is a gigantic crock of shit.  If this is the best that the BCS can do, then I see no reason to keep it.  A drunken monkey throwing darts at a schedule could do a better job than this crap.

Friday, December 23, 2011


I don't know what's more impressive - how quickly this guy can do a straight-razor shave, or the fact that folks allow someone with that many prison tats to use a straight-razor on their throat.

Ah, who am I kidding?  If I lived down there I'd be in that shop every week.  That's a gentleman's shop right there.  Add in a selection of cigars and it would be friggin' PERFECT.

And from here on out

The days get longer.  Until next June.  Or unless you're in the Southern Hemisphere on the planet.

But for me, and most the folks I know, the days get longer.  So there.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Harry Brown

Kevin Baker at The Smallest Minority recommended this movie a while ago.  I don't watch many movies, so it's taken me a while to see it.



Get it.  Watch it.


The more Romney defends socialized health care, the less he's going to get elected.

ObamaCare is the one thing that unites conservatives and Republicans together.  And Romney thinks that he can defend it?

Well, hello President Gingrich.  Or Perry.  Or Santorum.  ObamneyCare is the reason why there's an "Anybody but Mitt" problem in the first place.  And the fact that the media is essentially protecting Romney while attacking every other candidate tells you exactly who Obama wants to face in the election.

Romney winning the nomination means another four years of Obama, even if Romney wins.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Ding Dong, The Dick is Dead!

The Tyrannical Dick is Dead!

Of course, this being North Korea, Kimmy Dimmy Ding Dong had already picked out his successor to abuse and terrorize the slaves of North Korea.  Meanwhile, Obama is wondering just how he can copy Kimmy Dimmy Ding Dong and get away with it.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Credit where credit is due

I'd like some more of this, please.

What [it] basically does is require the State Department to issue the permit for Keystone XL within 60 days, unless President Obama explicitly says the pipeline is not in the national interest and kills it (that would definitely not be good for him to do).
It also tells State to allow construction to go ahead while it works with Nebraska to resolve any remaining environmental or routing issues. The governor and legislature there are on board with getting a new route to allay any concerns.
So we got the Keystone language, Dems got a 2 month extension of their payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance, but the cost is fully offset (with spending cuts) so it doesn’t add to the deficit.
The Republicans in the House and Senate have basically set it up so they either get the pipeline, or Obama goes down looking even worse and they have something solid they can pin on him.  That's good politicking there.


And I can do what I want to do!  I'm on nobody's schedule but my own!


Friday, December 16, 2011

Today's Gonna Piss People Off post

If Tim Tebow were black, not a single one of his attackers would have uttered a peep.  Not.  A.  Fucking.  Word.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

From my viewpoint

I think that the reason so many people hate Tim Tebow is because of his religion, not anything he's done on the field.

I mean, he's a decent guy, he doesn't play dirty, he doesn't take cheap shots at his opponents (Steelers please take note!), he doesn't get caught with five hookers and a suitcase full of coke, he's not on drugs, legal or otherwise, he doesn't use PEDs, he doesn't get on TV and badmouth anyone, he doesn't take all the credit for a victory, he always points to how the TEAM won the game.......

Oh, and while he might not be the greatest QB to ever play the game, he doesn't turn the ball over much, and his team is WINNING games.  What are the Broncos now since he took over?  6-1?  Yeah.  Leading the AFC West?  Yeah.  So he's not Aaron Rodgers.  So what?  He protects the ball and gives his team a chance to win every single game.  You think the Indianapolis Colts wouldn't like some of that right now?  They'd jump on that chance like a starving dog on a fresh t-bone steak.

So can anyone else tell me why so many people hate Tim Tebow?  Because from where I sit, it's his religion, not his skill set, that is setting so many people off.  He's a reminder of what a decent Christian is, and people can't stand that.

Anybody?  Prove me wrong.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Seen on my walk

Click for bigger.  I was walking the dog and having my cigar when I did a double take at one of the shops downtown.  There have been a few of the "NO FIREARMS ALLOWED!!!!!!1111!!1!" signs popping up around town ever since Wisconsin finally stopped it's illegal infringement of the 2nd Amendment.  It seems there's at least one shop in town that has no problem with the 2nd Amendment and people's rights.

Sorry about the quality, I took the picture with my phone.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Want to go running

But there's freezing rain outside.  So I'm torn between my desire to run, and my knowledge that if I hit a patch of ice, which is currently covering 70% of the ground, I could wind up breaking my leg and not run for months.


UPDATE:  Went running anyways.  It was fine, until I hit the soggy dirt trail, and then it was like running in quicksand.  Still, better than sitting on my ever-expanding fat ass.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I don't care how cold it is

There's no winter day that a strong wind can't make colder.

I hated Kansas for this very reason.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Problem with Romney

Can be summed up in two simple points.  Oh, there's more problems with him that just these two points, but if you want to boil everything down, these two points are it:

1)  RomneyCare, or as Pawlenty put it so well before he refused to fight, "ObamneyCare".  Romney refuses to admit that RomneyCare is a bad idea.  He refuses to admit that socialized medicine is a bad idea.  And if he won't do that, then we don't need him in the Oval Office.  What happens if we finally get the votes to repeal Obamacare, and President Romney vetos the repeal?

2)  He won't fight.  He's trying to be Mr. Nice Guy.  Remember what happened to the last Mr. Nice Guy?  We're not just fighting Obama, we're fighting the Media, who is desperate to keep their God-King enthroned.  If you're not going to fight, and if you're too fucking stupid to see that the Media is going to throw everything they have against you, then you will.  Not.  Win.  It's that simple.

Is Gingrich the ideal candidate?  Hell no.  But at least he swings at the Media when they take shots at him, and he's put more than a few of the pompous fucking jackasses in their place, which is more than Romney can say.  If Romney isn't willing to fight both the media and Obama, he's going to lose. 

And you know it.

Busy. Working.

There's going to be a lot of that up through the New Year, by the way.

Uncle Sam Ain't Released Me Yet.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Rule of Law vs. Rule of Man

When the Rule of Law no longer protects the citizen, but represses him while rewarding the criminals in society, why should the citizen bother to follow the law?

Also, why should I ever go to New Yawk City, given that they prefer filthy, communist criminal scum over law abiding citizens?

The Lost Art of Homebrewing

Via Instapundit, Megan Fox talks about homebrewing.  The Ragin' Mrs. and I make our own wines and ciders.  I enjoy making beer, but it's a much longer process, and I find that doing the wine and cider takes up enough time as it is.  Plus, I'm in Wisconsin.  I can find any beer that I want up here, with multiple microbreweries within an hour drive.  Wines and ciders?  With the Ragin' Mrs. allergies to sulfites, which are added to wine and cider, the only wine we can buy is expensive and limited in both quality and quantity.

Anyways, it's a good read.  If you've ever wanted to take up a "hobby", this would be it.  And I put quotation marks around hobby because once you start homebrewing, it be comes less of a hobby and more of a lifestyle.  When you invest that much time and patience into anything, it's not a hobby.

Actually work?  Maybe, maybe not.  Time and patience?  Lots.  DON'T OPEN THAT BOTTLE YET!  IT'S NOT READY!

Monday, December 05, 2011

Oh, and by the way

Piling on with last nights post about how the BCS is crap, let me add that if Kellen Moore doesn't win the Heisman trophy this year, you may as well toss that award onto the scrap heap of history, along with the NCAA's credibility, or what's left of it.

Name one one QB that's done what Kellen Moore has done over the past four years.  Anyone?  Yeah.  Thought so.

So even though the Heisman has become nothing more than the "Let's give a QB from a famous school some award" trophy, here's a chance to actually give the award to the best collage player.  Which would be Kellen Moore, as evidenced by his four year domination of teams he's played against.  Oh, what, you don't think the Heisman is a popularity contest?  Can you name the Heisman awardees from the past decade who are actually playing in the NFL?  Here, I'll give you one:  Cam Newton, he who got paid to play collage football.  Oh, wait, right, it was his DAD who got paid, and 'ol Cam knew NOTHING about it.  School paid out six figures?  Here Cam, have a trophy!

So, out of the past ten years, you've had half of the Heisman trophy winners, the supposedly BEST PLAYERS IN COLLEGE EVAH for that year, make it to the next level and succeed.  Four who were pretty much laughed out of training camp, and one who crashed and burned, who is now starting only because of a broken foot in the starting QB.  Ooops, wait, now he's out with an injury after one game.

That's 50%.  That ain't good, folks.

So here's the Heisman voter's chance.  Prove that the trophy still means something more than a popularity contest.  Kellen Moore for the win!

Sunday, December 04, 2011

BSC "Championship"

LSU vs. Alabama?


As if we didn't have enough evidence that the BCS is a flaming crock of bullshit, this is just the fecal frosting on top of the crap cake.  I'm not going to watch that game.  I have absolutely no interest in that game. Hell, I'm not going to watch many of the bowl games, as by this time they're nothing more than a "Fill-in-the-blank-Sponsor" scheme to make money, and most of them really aren't that good.

Does anyone from outside the SEC really think that LSU and Alabama are the two best teams in the country?  Hell, we've already seen this game, a snooze-fest that I didn't watch, and after seeing the re-caps I'm GLAD I didn't watch it.

Sorry folks, but hell no.  We need a play-off system, and we need it now.

Saturday, December 03, 2011


Instapundit has a post up about a woman suffering from low levels of B12.  My mom the nurse has always tried to impress upon me the importance of Vitamin D, especially since we live in a Northern latitude.  The B vitamins are just as important.  If you're in a northern state, and you eat the typical American diet, which is absolute crap by the way, you are vitamin deficient.

I eat fairly healthy, and the Ragin' Mrs. and I make most of our own food at home.  We rarely eat canned or bottled crap.  And I still take multivitamins and Vitamin D every day.  Get yourself a bottle of GOOD multivitamins.  Take one a day.  I get the chewables or gummi vitamins, for the simple fact that you don't often fully digest the hard little pills that vitamins often come in.

And EAT HEALTHY.  Get some salad into your diet.  Use real butter, not margarine.  Margarine goes straight to your arteries where it just waits to give you a heart attack.  Find local farmers and butchers to buy your meat from.  If you can find someone selling all grass-fed beef, do it.  Make as much of your own food as possible.  The more you use canned, boxed or preserved food, the more sodium and fat you're eating.

The healthier you are, the less you'll have to rely on government death panels to determine your fate.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Rivrdog asks...

What's your Theme Song?

There's quite a few I discarded as being too...  well, grand for little 'ol me.  I'm not grand.  But....

If I had to pick one theme song for me right now, music that would play when I walked into a room?

Booyah, baby.  Hey, Pachuco!

The Rant that needs to be heard 'round the world

Over at KisP.  Not safe for work.  And not safe if you have any Marxists around, as their heads might explode when they hear this.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

It's AIDS day or something?

President Downgrade was giving some speech (I know, I'm shocked too!) about AIDS and how he wants to blow more tax money on finding a cure.

Look, I'm all for finding a cure.  And I hope I don't piss off too many people with this, because I wouldn't want to watch any of my family members die of AIDS, and I have sympathy for those folks out there who are dealing with that.  But with that being said, you want to know how to stop the spread of AIDS? 

Stop having promiscuous, unprotected sex.

Stop doing IV drugs.

Due to testing, the transfer of HIV/AIDS through a blood transfusion is non-existent.  Other than accidental transfers, such as a nurse or doctor accidentally pricking themselves with a needle from an AIDS patient, the huge, vast majority of AIDS infections come from people who have unprotected, promiscuous sex or use drugs that require injection into a vein.  I don't know of anyone personally who was infected with HIV or AIDS who didn't catch it through stupid sex or stupid drugs.  Or a combination of both.

There is no AIDS pandemic.  There is a stupidity pandemic.  Being promiscuous or using IV drugs is like playing Russian Roulette; sooner or later, that hammer is going to fall on a loaded chamber.  The problem is that you can't fix stupid.

Just look at our pResident for proof of that.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Would you have dinner with Sandusky?

I think we can agree that murder is the worst form of child abuse. Certainly the courts think so. So if you found yourself having dinner with Penn State's Sandusky and became aware of the allegations of child sexual abuse it would we far less of a moral conundrum then finding yourself having dinner with Bill Ayers who is an admitted terror bomber, who targeted children with fire-bombs, and killed three fellow terrorists in a 'workplace accident'.

So... what would you do at that moment of discovery? Would you:
  1. Plan your upcoming political campaign?
  2. Chat about collaborating on tax-funded Educational Projects?
  3. Compliment his book dedicated to Bobby Kennedy's assassin Sirhan Sirhan?
  4. Greet his children named for terror 'martyrs'?
  5. Invite him to finish your biography?
  6. Leave?
While you watch Sandusky's enablers go to jail... consider that Bill Ayers enabler is Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States.

Stealing the post in entirety

Because it needs to be read and passed around.

The current Occupy Wall Street movement is the best illustration to date of what President Barack Obama’s America looks like. It is an America where the lawless, unaccomplished, ignorant and incompetent rule. It is an America where those who have sacrificed nothing pillage and destroy the lives of those who have sacrificed greatly.
It is an America where history is rewritten to honor dictators, murderers and thieves. It is an America where violence, racism, hatred, class warfare and murder are all promoted as acceptable means of overturning the American civil society.
It is an America where humans have been degraded to the level of animals:
defecating in public, having sex in public, devoid of basic hygiene. It is an America where the basic tenets of a civil society, including faith, family, a free press and individual rights, have been rejected. It is an America where our founding documents have been shredded and, with them, every person’s guaranteed liberties.
It is an America where, ultimately, great suffering will come to the American people, but the rulers like Obama, Michelle Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Joe Biden, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, liberal college professors, union bosses and other loyal liberal/Communist Party members will live in opulent splendor.
It is the America that Obama and the Democratic Party have created with the willing assistance of the American media, Hollywood , unions, universities, the Communist Party of America, the Black Panthers and numerous anti-American foreign entities.
Barack Obama has brought more destruction upon this country in four years than any other event in the history of our nation, but it is just the beginning of what he and his comrades are capable of.
The Occupy Wall Street movement is just another step in their plan for the annihilation of America.

Ragin' Daves Quote of the Day, Patriarch edition

My dad told me some time ago, "Where you stand today is the end result of every choice you have ever made.  Sounds complicated?  It's not."

If your life sucks, it most likely sucks because your choices have sucked.  If your life is great, it's most likely great because your choices have led it to be great.

So when the drugged out Marxist hippies in the Flea Party scream about how life is so unfair, just remember - their lives suck because of the choices they have made.  

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bawney Fwank is wetiewing?

I'd like to shout things like "THANK YOU GOD!" but the fact is that if there was any justice in this country, Bawney Fucking Fwank would rot behind bars for the rest of his fucking pathetic life, getting cornholed by Bubba just like he's fucked this country over for decades.

That worthless fucking corrupt piece of shit can't die fast enough, and when he does, I'm going to fucking dance on his god-damned grave.

How's that for civility?

Monday, November 28, 2011

From my email

Remember the Richmond Tea Party?  Demanding their money back after Richmond allowed the Flea Party to squat in the same park the Tea Party had paid all the permit money for?  Got an email today that read this:

I remember reading your article in Peace or Freedom about my Tea Party serving the Richmond Mayor with an invoice.  The City of Richmond is now auditing our tea party. Just two weeks after we asked for a refund from the City because the Mayor gave the Occupiers a free pass, we received notice of the audit.  I guess that is what passes for a response from the Mayor.

Yeah, it's real.  This is what happens when piece of shit elitists are held accountable for their bullshit actions, folks.  They use their power to try to squash dissent.  THIS is what tyranny looks like.  All animals are created equal, but some animals are more equal than others.


Busy cooking

Can't talk now.  Apple-bourbon BBQ sauce is simmering.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Be a Man, Make a Ham

So the Ragin' Mrs. put forth one of the best spreads EVAR!!!!!!!!11!!1! for Thanksgiving, and it included our home-made ham.

Yep.  Home made.  We make it and cure it.  And I'm about to tell you how.

Go ye forth and procure a picnic ham.  We pick them up at the Commissary, but any meat shop should be able to get one for you.  Your local grocery store can order them in if they don't already have them.

Take the ham home, rinse it off, and then prepare your salt cure; equal parts salt and sugar.  The Ragin' Mrs. and I use our almost world famous Spice Rub, but I'm not giving THAT recipe away.  For the right price, I can send you a pound of it.  But take your equal parts salt and sugar, and add whatever spices you want to it.  Garlic, pepper, ginger, anything that happens to float your boat.

Now that your fresh picnic ham is coated in your salt cure, seal it in a big ziplock bag, put it in the coldest part of your fridge, and let it sit for two weeks.  Yes, two weeks.  That's what the salt is for.

Once it's sat for two weeks, it's time to cold-smoke it.  You need to get the smoke into the meat, but NOT COOK IT.  We actually have a hot-plate that we place a thin metal pan full of wood-chips on, and that gets the smoke we want without the heat that traditional smoking would bring.  Smoke it for about five to eight hours, depending on how heavy your smoke is.

Once the ham is smoked BUT NOT COOKED, take it out of the smoke, put it back into the bag, and pour a bottle of good red wine into the bag.  Merlot, Cabernet, even Lambrusco if you like a little sweetness.  Seal it up, and put it back into the coldest part of your fridge for another week.  Turn it once a day to make sure the wine gets everywhere.

After the week is up, you can freeze it or cook it right then.  The flavor is friggin' AWESOME, the meat is cut-with-a-fork tender, and you've done it yourself.  The biggest part is patience as you wait for the salt, sugar, and wine to do it's job.  We've made several hams this way, and people darn near rip the ham right off the plate when we set it down.  You won't be disappointed.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

After shave

I never really used it.  Every single aftershave lotion I have ever tried was either like smearing Vasoline on my face, or Everclear.  They gave me ingrown hairs, blackheads and zits, raw skin, dry skin, you name the bad skin condition and I got it.  So I just tossed aftershaves aside as worthless, and ignored them as much as possible.

So last week the Ragin' Mrs. brings me home a small sample of this.  From Clinique?  I don't need make-up, honey!  Isn't Clinique a woman kind of thing?

"Just try it." she says.  So I do.

Wow.  It actually works.  And my face doesn't feel like the Exxon Valdez broke open across my upper lip.

I'll be getting some more soon.

Um...... REALLY?

So this guy says that the birth scene in the new "Twilight" movie caused him to have seizures.

Wow.  How do I say this?  Mr. Seizure Man - if you're watching that movie in a theater, I would say that your COMPLETE AND TOTAL LACK OF TESTICLES would be of more importance.

Seriously - you couldn't get me to watch that movie if you friggin' PAID me.  I think that any man who willingly walks into a theater to see the "Twilight" movies is either a castrated mincing little girly-man or gay.  Sparkley gay emo vampires?  Not just no but hell NO!


Friday, November 25, 2011


How about them Packers, huh?

I'm Seahawks fan in Packerland right now, and I swear to you that the folks around me have stopped trying to convert me to the First Church of Green Bay, and have now started just giving me looks filled with pity.  Some little old ladie tried thrusting cookies with a condolence note into my hand last Sunday when she saw me wearing my Seahawks shirt.

Why did we ever hire Pete Carrol?  And don't give me that stuff about how the Seahawks beat the Ravens.  That's a sign of how weak and inconsistent the Ravens can be, not a sign about how great the Seahawks aree.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Anne McCaffrey has passed

Damn, I remember reading her books by the dozens when I was growing up.  I had an Anne McCaffrey section in my little library.

She was a special writer with a special talent.  You could do much worse for your kids than buying them the "Dragonriders of Pern" set and giving it to them for Christmas.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gots me some visitors coming today

They're coming in by train.  So I went to the Amtrak website and checked their arrival time - it's a little late, which happens coming through the plains.

I can still remember working with the Pentium 386, and when a friend tried to tell me about the internet, all I could ask was "What's that?"  Now I'm using my computer to check the arrival time of a train.

Simple, you ask?  It wasn't that simple years ago.  Heck, there are generations of kids who never knew a world without computers making things easier or simpler.

What's a task that you now take for granted on a computer?

Monday, November 21, 2011


Went over to The Smallest Minority and saw the quote that I had to steal:

The Republicans more or less follow the laws and constitutional procedures, the Democrats deliberately and consciously break them. But the Republicans, while they complain incessantly about the Democrats, never identify this underlying fact. Why? Because that would show that the system is no longer legitimate. And the function of the Republicans, as "patriotic, conservative Americans," is to uphold the goodness and legitimacy of the system, a legitimacy which rests on the belief that everyone in American politics shares the same basic principles and loyalties. So the Republicans, as defenders of the system and its presumed basic unity, cannot expose what the Democrats are. If they exposed it, politics would be replaced by open war between two radically incompatible parties and America as we know it would come to an end. 
 I need to add my two cents here - the establishment GOP doesn't want to expose the Democrats as the cheating fucking anti-American asshats they are because much of the establishment GOP is enjoying the material wealth gained through cheating for themselves.  They don't want to see the Gravy Train come to an end.  They're just as elitist as the Democrat American Communist Party is.

But there are two radically incompatible parties in America.  There's the Left, and then there's the Americans.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Woke up way too early

Even after two belts of whiskey and my head hitting the pillow at 2200 hrs, I still couldn't sleep in past 0545.

My body seems to have determined that it's an early riser.  Both my parents are probably feeling a disturbance in the force, and they have no idea why.

Ah well.  Spent some time washing more of the carrots that came out of our garden.  I have a giant tub of heirloom carrots sitting in my kitchen right now, and I'm going to turn them into dill pickled carrots.  Hopefully they taste good. 

I'll probably just simply can a bunch of them as well.  I have a LOT of carrots.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

My laugh for the day

After sitting out all day hunting Bambi and getting skunked, I needed this laugh:

At the scene Thursday night, Flynn told reporters that officers wouldn't help protesters fulfill their "martyrdom fantasies" and they could stay "and freeze their butts off."
The bridge "cleared itself," as protesters left about 40 minutes after his announcement that there would be no mass arrest, Flynn recalled Friday.

 Flea party temper tantrum getting ignored?  Well.....  yeah, check.  Flea Party walking off with pouty face firmly in place?  CHECK!  Yeah, you go ahead and "occupy" a bridge in Wisconsin in mid-November there, genius.  Tell me how that works out for you, after you get out of the hospital for your frostbite and hypothermia.

On their butts.


Hat tip to the Headmistress.

This isn't a shock -

Nancy Pelosi is corrupt as hell.  Naw, really?  Tell me another one!  I'm stunned!  This is my stunned face!

Going hunting

Although the last two times I went out, I got skunked.  But what the hell, hope springs eternal or something like that.

Maybe this year, I can make Bambi my bitch.

Friday, November 18, 2011

On a Dime

Just random thoughts here - I went to pull out of my parking space at work yesterday, and did what I would normally do in my truck - crank the wheel hard to the right and slowing ease on out.

I damn near backed right into the side of the vehicle next to me.

My truck, while not a full-size, still had a decent turning radius.  I could pull a U-turn in the road if I went all the way to one side and then turned the wheels.  My little runner could pull a U-turn in my friggin' driveway.  The turning radius on that thing is so small that I swear I could do a circle and it would pivot, not turn.

That'll be handy in the summertime!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Winter Wind

Went running this morning - took a route that passes by the local VFW.  They've got the US flag up high, and ten other flags on a lower set of poles; all the Armed services flags, the POW/MIA flag, Wisconsin Flag, etc.

Every last one of their flags was sticking straight out in the wind.

Yep.  It's winter.  And it's getting colder by the day, although we've been blessed with a beautiful Indian Summer here.

Nose to the grindstone

I've been too busy to do much news browsing, but what I've seen just makes me sick.  By the way, when are the riots over Elena Kagan going to break out when she refuses to recuse herself after working in favor of Obamacare?

Just asking.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Three Hundred Bitchslaps

And I do mean Bitchslaps.

The “Occupy” movement, whether displaying itself on Wall Street or in the streets of Oakland (which has, with unspeakable cowardice, embraced it) is anything but an exercise of our blessed First Amendment. “Occupy” is nothing but a pack of louts, thieves, and rapists, an unruly mob, fed by Woodstock-era nostalgia and putrid false righteousness. These clowns can do nothing but harm America.

“Occupy” is nothing short of a clumsy, poorly-expressed attempt at anarchy, to the extent that the “movement” – HAH! Some “movement”, except if the word “bowel” is attached - is anything more than an ugly fashion statement by a bunch of iPhone, iPad wielding spoiled brats who should stop getting in the way of working people and find jobs for themselves.

That there is a backhand that will loosen teeth.  And I loved the ending:

In the name of decency, go home to your parents, you losers. Go back to your mommas’ basements and play with your Lords Of Warcraft.

Or better yet, enlist for the real thing. Maybe our military could whip some of you into shape.

They might not let you babies keep your iPhones, though. Try to soldier on.



Monday, November 14, 2011

Home again

Was out on business.  Home now, and waiting for dinner.  Later, a walk with the puppy and a good cigar.

Tired.  Brain not working.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

There's plenty of folks who have spoken words much finer than I can compose.  I'm simply one small, tiny part of a giant tapestry that goes back for hundreds of years, and when I shake the hands of men who have endured trials that any modern man would consider life-breaking, I can only offer humble thanks to the men who paved my road for me.

This year, instead of just thanking a vet, try volunteering with a local veterans organization.  Put action to your words.  Join the American Legion, or the Patriot Guard Riders.  If you're a vet, join the VFW.  I listened to a Lieutenant Colonel give a speech, and his dominant theme is that we still need to serve if we're committed to keeping America great.  He's right.  You can't just go home anymore and think that everything is going to be fine.  As we can see, it's not.

Being a veteran means that at some point and time, you have offered yourself to the service of your country.  It doesn't mean that your service is over, or that you can relax.

But it does mean that you have my thanks, and the thanks of millions of Americans who understand what you've given.



Thursday, November 10, 2011

Be a Man, make some bread

Ok folks, here is my simple, easy bread recipe.  This is one of those things that you can futz with all you want, as it's just a basic loaf of bread.  Actually, this recipe will give you two to four loaves, depending on how big you make them.

You're going to need:

6 cups of white flour.  I use the "Better for Bread" high-gluten flour.
2 cups water
1 tablespoon raw sugar
1 tablespoon yeast
1 tablespoon butter
1 teaspoon salt.

Let me start by saying that I use a stand mixer to mix my dough.  You can do it by hand, it just takes a lot more effort.

Warm up your water.  You want it no more than 100 degrees.  If you can pour it over your wrist without discomfort, you should be good.  Dissolve your sugar in the water, and then add your yeast.  Let the yeast get happy.

While the yeast is getting happy, put TWO cups of your flour in a mixing bowl.  Cut the butter into small cubes, and toss it in.  Add the salt.  Once the yeast is happy, and you can tell by having a layer of froth on top of the water, pour the water/yeast mixture into the flour.  Mix well.

Once you have your water/yeast/flour mixed, change to a dough hook.  Start mixing again, adding your flour in ONE HALF CUP AT A TIME.  This is important.  Due to the fact that we're measuring out our flour by VOLUME and not by WEIGHT, the actual amount of flour you're going to use may vary by as much as a cup.  By adding your flour one half cup at a time, you're giving the flour a chance to mix in the dough, and not adding too much flour. 

You can tell you've added enough flour when the dough pulls away from the sides of the bowl, and it doesn't stick to your finger when you poke it.

Now that your dough ball is mixed, you have to knead it.  Spread some flour on a flat, clean surface and turn your dough out of the bowl.  Knead it until it's smooth.  If the dough begins to "break", or you see it tearing as you fold and knead it, stop.  It's been kneaded enough.

Put the dough into a bowl that's been oiled.  Cover it with a damp towel or some plastic wrap.  Let it rise.  The dough is going to double in size, so make sure you have it in a large enough bowl. 

Here is where you can play around.  After the dough is risen, you can punch it down and let it rise again.  The more you punch it down, the smaller and more evenly dispersed the air bubbles in the dough will be.  If you only let it rise once, you're going to get larger, uneven air pockets in your bread, which gives it a rather rustic feel.  If you really want a rustic bread, don't bother with the bowl.  Shape it into loaves, let it rise, and then pop them in the oven when they're risen.  I normally punch the dough down one or two times.

After the last rise, however many you do, turn the dough out of the bowl onto your floured surface again.  Punch it down, and cut it into about four pieces.  You can ball these pieces up and put them into bread loaf pans, or you can roll them out into long loaves and put them on a sheet pan.  For a little different flavor, roll the dough out flat, sprinkle a light coat of rosemary into the dough, and then roll the dough into a long loaf.  Let the dough rise one more time.  This is a good time to pre-heat your oven to 410 degrees.

Once your loaves have risen that last time, place them into the oven at 410.  Bake for fifteen minutes.  Rotate shelves, and cook for ten more minutes.  Pull them out and let them cool just enough to handle, then cut a piece off, put some butter on it and eat it.

That's it.  Easy, simple, NO PRESERVATIVES, no crap, no junk, and it tastes great.  You can add just about anything you want to this bread to change it up - spices, different herbs, an egg, you name it.  Or you can just make it plain, and turn it into french toast, or sandwiches. 

Don't let it sit out too long.  Remember, there's no preservatives, so it won't stay "fresh" for more than a couple of days.  Goober recommends freezing it outside of any wrapper for a day, and then pulling it out and sealing it in a vacuum bag to avoid getting freezer burn. 

There you have it.  Bread, made by you.  Go for it.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Why is nobody beating his face in?

Where I come from, screaming in someone's face is a sign of aggression, and should be responded to accordingly.  Beat.  His.  Fucking.  Face.  In.  Stomp a mudhole in his ass, and maybe the next time he feels froggy he won't go screaming in respectable people's faces.

In any case, video cameras are exposing just what a collection of freaks and losers the Occupy camps are.  And Obama endorsed!  Don't forget that, especially when the reports of rape and sexual assault keep coming out.  Obama-endorsed rape camps.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Herman Cain Scandal

Why I'm not jumping on the "Kill Herman Cain" bandwagon.

Suspicion number one:  Gloria Alred.  If there ever was a Democrat smear merchant, it's her.  I wouldn't trust her to tell the truth during an election cycle if you paid me a million dollars.

Suspicion number two:  Three unsubstantiated accusations, including a woman who was released from her confidentiality agreement who suddenly says she doesn't want to talk, and then this woman comes forward.  Too many coincident.  I don't believe in coincidences.

I'll wait and see what happens, but for right now, I'm not buying the crap that the Left is trying to sell me.

Nice photo there

I mean, nothing says "freedom!" like dancing on the American flag after you spatter it with paint.

Anti-American fuckheads.

Been getting into massive debates about the Obama-Endorsed rape camps that the Flea Party has turned itself into.  Some people still think the Flea Party is worth more than whale shit, and I'm trying to disabuse them of that notion.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Be a Man, Food Production

I'm sure that as I write this a whole lot of people are going to be nodding their heads.  But for those who don't, I'll break it down for you - a real man knows how to take raw ingredients and make a full meal.  And I do mean "raw".  I'm not talking about grabbing a pre-packaged steak at the supermarket, I'm talking about grabbing the entire beef tenderloin, cutting the sliverskin off, and cutting nine steaks off it.  Not cutting up bread and rubbing garlic on it, but taking flour, salt, sugar, water, butter and yeast and turning out a loaf or two.  Making your own sausage.  Jams, jellies, preserves.

Making your own FOOD.

Why do it?  Because it's something that everyone needs to know how to do, as you cannot always be guaranteed a supermarket will be nearby.  And because if you ever pick up a package of food and read the ingredients, you will invariably find something that you cannot pronounce unless you're a chemistry major, and a whole host more that you just don't want to put into your body.

Look folks, corn syrup is not natural.  Your body cannot break it down.  High Fructose Corn Syrup is in damn near everything, and it's nasty.  You don't need it, I can guarantee that it's not doing you any good, and I can also guarantee that if you're a normal person you're eating absolute SHITLOADS of it without even knowing it.

There's also the fact that making your own food is cheaper.  I can make my bratwurst for about $2.00 a pound.  Try to buy a pound of brats for two bucks at the store.  And my bratwurst tastes better, is healthier for me, and causes my friends to commit homicide for a chance to get some.

Now, what does it take?  Time, and a few kitchen implements that you might not already have.  If you have a Kitchenaide type stand mixer, you can make sausage, bread, just about anything.  We found a meat grinder/sausage stuffer combo on sale, so we picked that up.  Any hunting or outdoors supply store will have meat grinders, sausage stuffers, all kinds of utensils you might need.  The local Gander Mountain has collagen casing and natural hog casing for sausage as well.  Most department stores will have some sort of bread machine if you don't want to actually turn out a loaf by hand.  Bread can be frozen if you make a bunch of loaves at once, so I normally do three batches and the Mrs. tosses most of it in the freezer until we need it.

So the next round of Be a Man will focus on food production.  I figure it'll be nice to talk about something other than how Obama and his cronies are ruining this country.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Sleeping in?

Tried it.  Still woke up nice and early without any alarm clock.

When you've been waking up at O-Dark-30 for years, your body just figures "Fine, bastard wants to wake up early?  He's gonna wake up early!"

Papa's got a new set of wheels

Well, it finally happened - I bought an new (to me) vehicle.  My job is going to require me to travel just as much as it did last year, only I'm going to be driving to a majority of the duty.  I get paid mileage to drive to my TDY, but my poor old Nissan truck just wasn't going to make it.  Too many miles under the hood, too many things starting to wear, and I didn't want to get stranded in Chicago or St. Louis with a truck that's hit it's limit and has died.

So, I went down to our local trust-able dealer, found something within my price range that would be a good little runner for me, and bought it.  My truck is now going to be passed down to the Ragin' Step-Son, who will learn to drive on a manual transmission.  Which means that this truck will end up serving three generations of the Ragin' Family.  It's got over 235,000 miles on it right now, and the engine is still good.  It's the rest of the truck that's falling off.  I've had lots of people tell me that a V-6 engine doesn't last very long.  Mine sure did.  It got me through Seattle, Puerto Rico and now Wisconsin.  It had a few major repairs, but fixing it up was cheaper than buying a new vehicle, and dammit that was MY TRUCK.

I actually apologized to it when I brought the new one home.  How messed up is that?

Anyways, it'll get driven a lot less now, but it's still ready to go.  I'll use it for hunting, hauling trash, and teaching the step-son how to drive.  He'll use it when he absolutely needs to get somewhere, and we aren't available.  It ain't dead yet.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Got a to-do list today

And it's a good long one.  Need to take care of all the things that have been neglected for a while.  So...  see you tomorrow.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Don Surber: Then and N.O.W.

Compare and contrast the actions and statements of N.O.W. when it was their boy Slick Willy Clinton, and when it's Herman Cain.

Anyone who defended Slick Willy, and who stood by him and claimed that he did nothing wrong, is not allowed to say ONE DAMN THING about Herman Cain.  Not one.  Period.

Holy clap

A degree in PUPPETRY?


$35,000 for a degree in PUPPETRY!  WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?!?!?!?!

The Holidays

A time starting around Halloween, and ending some time past New Year's Day, where I fight a battle to NOT gain wait, and mostly lose.

I need to up my running mileage.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Flea Party getting ugly

Rapes.  Death in at least one camp.  Violence towards police. 

It's time for America's mayors to face the facts - the Occupy movement is nothing but a bunch of drugged-out hippies and spoiled brats causing trouble because they can.  And it's not going to end well.  So here's Ragin' Dave's solution to the problem.  You barricade them in.  Wall them in.  You're wasting millions of dollars on police, have them circle the camp and let NOTHING get over the barricades.

Yes, you can let people out.  But do not let anything go in.  No water, no food, no medicine.  And NO POLICE.  There's no reason why cops should have to put their lives in danger trying to save the anti-police fuckheads who would just as soon slit their throat as look at them.

One by one, those protesters will come out.  Handcuff them and send them to jail.  The ones that don't come out will die, and society will have lost that many parasites off it's belly.  After the last corpse has been removed, burn everything that remains.  Sweep up the ashes, and move on.

Done, and done.

You know who's trying to take down Cain?

The same JournoList fuckholes who carried and protected Obama, and attacked his every enemy as "racist".

Huh.  Gosh, I wonder if it's just a coincidence?

That was sarcasm, for those who didn't know.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Rapists against Rape

Hey, remember when the Tea Parties held a rally and people were getting raped?

No?  That's because it didn't happen!  But I wouldn't trust any Flea Party camp if my life depended on it, because after finding out that men are getting raped, it just MIGHT depend on it.  Sexual assault at OWS.  No sexual assaults at Tea Parties.  It really is that simple.

Hey, remember when.....

John Edwards cheated on his then-cancer-stricken wife and the media reported it?

No?  That's because it didn't happen.  But Herman Cain can have multiple "anonymous" accusers of sexual harassment, and Obama's Palace Guards will print that on page one from day one.

This is how they attack you.  Luckily, Cain might come out of it smelling like roses - he had his biggest fundraising day yesterday after the allegations broke.  Hopefully, this means conservatives are finally figuring out that the Media, being Obama's lackeys and flunkeys, only care about advancing their political and ideological agenda rather than reporting the news.  Which means that any story that can hurt the Right they'll run - even if it's not true.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Squatters against Squatting

First we had the "Freeloaders against Freeloading", and now we have this:

So to summarize: The protesters consider the police enemies and hurl insults (and sometimes worse) at the men in blue. Yet, they demand that the cops take action to expel the unwanted element, who have precisely the same rights to the space as do the protesters themselves. If that scenario isn’t a microcosm of the Obama presidency, nothing is.

 It would serve the Flea Party right if all the cops did was build barricades around Zuccotti Park, and refused to let any people out.  Fuck 'em, and let 'em rot in there.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Flea Party Crimes

Big Government is keeping a list of the crimes committed by the Flea Party.  I counted at least twelve that were sexual in nature, to include Madison's public masturbation.  And women in the Flea Party camps are being told not to report the rapes.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Occupy Madison Masturbating in Public?

And losing their permits because if it.  Just.....  wow.

Yeah, why isn't that on the nightly news?

And I love this comment:

'Public Masturbation'....that's a very apt summary of the whole #OccupyWallStreet phenomenon right there 

Can we spread this idea around?

After nearly three weeks of protests and overnight stays in Kanawha Plaza, the Richmond Tea Party is about to send Jones a bill for about $8,000 on the basis that “Occupy Richmond” has been using the area illegally and for free.
Richmond Tea Party spokeswoman Colleen Owens told CBS Washington that the protesters have been given special treatment and free reign of the park and have not had to comply with the strict liability and security provisions that the city required of a Tea Party Tax Day in 2009.

How many Tea Party rallies had to go through the permit process, and spend thousands of dollars to jump through all the legal hoops?  Lots, I'm willing to bet.  Any if those cities who charged the Tea Party for their rallies are letting the Flea Party sit around and stink up the joint for free, that's discrimination.  Either those cities pay up, or get sued.

Friggin' Brilliant.

Found here.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Why, that's CRAZY talk!

I'm certain someone at PBS is finding a way to disavow this video as we speak.

You can tell the difference between a liberal and conservative by the following test:  A liberal believes that changes in taxes have very little effect on production, but huge effects favorable on distribution. Folks like myself believe it's exactly the opposite. Very high tax rates or even small changes in taxes have very adverse effects on production, and they do very little to produce redistribution because the money gets dissipated and taken away through the political process in ways that the most ardent supporters of redistribution will not like.
It really is that simple

Oh. Maw. Gawd.

Satire:  Dead as a doornail.

The Occupy Wall Street volunteer kitchen staff launched a “counter” revolution yesterday -- because they’re angry about working 18-hour days to provide food for “professional homeless” people and ex-cons masquerading as protesters.
For three days beginning tomorrow, the cooks will serve only brown rice and other spartan grub instead of the usual menu of organic chicken and vegetables, spaghetti bolognese, and roasted beet and sheep’s-milk-cheese salad.
They will also provide directions to local soup kitchens for the vagrants, criminals and other freeloaders who have been descending on Zuccotti Park in increasing numbers every day.

Gosh, it's almost like these people don't like it when people who don't produce anything and don't contribute anything show up and take the fruits of your labor for themselves without compensating you in any way, shape or form!

What a fucking shock.  And these brain dead fucking morons still don't get it.  Hey Flea Party!  YOU ARE THE FREELOADERS!  The way you feel about those vagrants is the way I feel about you!

And seriously - by your very own brainless, moronic chants and slogans, those vagrants and homeless are MORALLY SUPERIOR TO YOU.  They have every right to take what you have, because that is what you've been demanding for the past month!  They are following your chants and your mantras to the fucking letter, and you're bitching about it?  Really?  THEY ARE DOING WHAT YOU DEMAND THE REST OF THE COUNTRY DO IN MACRO FORM!

As an aside - organic chicken?  Dude, I can't afford organic chicken.  Don't sit there and whine about how life is so unfair when you're eating organic chicken and my family is shopping the freezerburn frozen bin finding the cheapest cuts of meat that we can cook.  No, seriously, fuck you and your organic chicken.  Roasted beet and sheeps-milk cheese?  I CAN'T AFFORD SHEEPS MILK CHEESE!  Whiny fucking snot-nosed trust-fund baby bitches!  Go fuck yourself and your protests, you worthless pieces of shit!  Over-pampered, egotistical, entitlement-minded fucking PUKES!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tuned out

I can't even listen to Obama the Socialist Savior anymore.  When I hear him on TV at work, I either change the channel or just walk out.  I'll read his lies later when I can download a transcript.

You do know that any speech he gives is a lie, right?  Period.  He has proven himself to be a pathological liar.  If he says that X is true, the I automatically assume that the opposite of X is true.  And so far, I haven't been wrong yet.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I don't think they meant to say it

But they said, it, and it's said:

At a million-dollar San Francisco fundraiser today, President Obama warned his recession-battered supporters that if he loses the 2012 election it could herald a new, painful era of self-reliance in America.

 Because self-reliance and individuality cannot be allowed in the communist utopia that Obama wants.  Just think about that one statement - the Democrats are afraid of being self-reliant.  They don't want people to be self-reliant.  They want people to be dependent on the government.  Because self-reliant people make horrible slaves.  And the Democrats want nothing more than to be the slave masters in the formerly great country that they've turned into their personal fiefdom.  Every time they open their mouths, they expose who they are.

Found via Riehl World View.

Yeah, I figured....

Why did talks with Iraq fall apart?  Because Obama ignored them.  Must be more of that "smart diplomacy" we've heard about.

Let me ask a question I've asked before - if there were two Obamas, and one of them was working as hard as he could to destroy America from the inside out, and one of them was just an incompetent buffoon, how would you be able to tell them apart?

That's the point we're at right now.  I honestly believe that Obama is trying to destroy America from the inside out.  And if you can prove me wrong, please do so.  But I'm willing to bet that you can't.

Want to know why people like Herman Cain?

Because he's not a politician, that's why.

Every other person out there who wants the job is a politician, looking to grab that brass ring that would signify that they've put in their years in the grinder, compromising their morals, their ethics, lying, cheating, and generally being a bunch of amoral pricks.  Herman Cain is the only guy running who seems to be running because he sees that things are broken and he actually wants to fix it.

Now, is there some ego involved here?  Hell yes.  You don't run for President if you don't have at least a little ego.  But compared to Mitt "I'll say anything to get elected" Romney, and Rick Perry, who if I recall wasn't well loved by Dick, before he parked his blog.....  who else has a chance?

Herman Cain.  Hell, I'd take a Cain/Perry ticket in a heartbeat.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

To ride, or not to ride

When there's that much rain in the forecast, I'll take the truck.  The last thing I need is one of these tailgating, cell-phone-yammering fucknuts to slam on the brakes and slide into me at 50 mph because he never fucking realized that wet pavement means increase your following distance.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Social Contract

This little tidbit from Ace of Spades HQ has been making the rounds:

“The social contract exists so that everyone doesn’t have to squat in the dust holding a spear to protect his woman and his meat all day every day. It does not exist so that the government can take your spear, your meat, and your woman because it knows better what to do with them.”

Those two sentences contain more wisdom than the entire Flea Party from every city combined.  I'd like to add one more sentence - when the social contract begins to infringe on me more than necessary, I have the right to tear that social contract into small pieces and flush it down the toilet.

A social contract is not slavery, and when it turns into slavery, it's time is done.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Music

Adoro te Devote

I can't say I'm in a much better frame of mind than last week, but I'm trying to improve it.  Here's the literal translation for the Latin; there are plenty of poetic translations, but as I sing it in Latin, I prefer the literal.

I devoutly adore you, O hidden Deity,
Truly hidden beneath these appearances.
My whole heart submits to you,
And in contemplating you,
It surrenders itself completely.
Sight, touch, taste are all deceived
In their judgment of you,
But hearing suffices firmly to believe.
I believe all that the Son of God has spoken;
There is nothing truer than this word of truth.
On the cross only the divinity was hidden,
But here the humanity is also hidden.
I believe and confess both,
And ask for what the repentant thief asked.
I do not see the wounds as Thomas did,
But I confess that you are my God.
Make me believe more and more in you,
Hope in you, and love you.
O memorial of our Lord's death!
Living bread that gives life to man,
Grant my soul to live on you,
And always to savor your sweetness.
Lord Jesus, Good Pelican,
wash me clean with your blood,
One drop of which can free
the entire world of all its sins.
Jesus, whom now I see hidden,
I ask you to fulfill what I so desire:
That the sight of your face being unveiled
I may have the happiness of seeing your glory. Amen

Friday, October 21, 2011

Excuse me,

but what the hell just happened in Louisiana?

The law goes further to require secondhand dealers to turn over a valuable business asset, namely, their business’ proprietary client information. For every transaction a secondhand dealer must obtain the seller’s personal information such as their name, address, driver’s license number and the license plate number of the vehicle in which the goods were delivered. They must also make a detailed description of the item(s) purchased and submit this with the personal identification information of every transaction to the local policing authorities through electronic daily reports. If a seller cannot or refuses to produce to the secondhand dealer any of the required forms of identification, the secondhand dealer is prohibited from completing the transaction.

No, seriously, what the hell just happened in Louisiana?  Holy.  Shit.   This just torpedoed entire jobs and businesses.  For what?  What possible purpose could this have other than to increase state control?

Ragin' Dave's Quote of the Day, Tax Code edition

From Art Laffer via Adrienne -

Let's turn  a question around and contemplate the answer.  If our present system operated on 9-9-9, would you throw it out in favor of the 71K pages of tax code we have now?  I'm not supporting or not supporting Mr. Cain's plan.  I am saying that the present tax situation needs to be fixed.  

Is the 9-9-9 plan perfect?  Nope.  But it's the only serious attempt to reform a tax code that increasingly works to keep the political elite happy and the rest of the country screwed.

Heavy Frost

It's looking like yesterday's ride was the last motorcycle ride of the season.  It's getting colder; time to winterize the bike and put it away until the sun returns. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Meet the New Regime

Same as the old Regime.

Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta today announced the following new members to the Defense Policy Board:  Madeleine Albright, former secretary of state; Jamie Gorelick, former deputy attorney general; Jane Harman, former U.S. congresswoman; Retired Gen. James Cartwright, former vice chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff; Retired Adm. Gary Roughead, former chief of naval operations.

 Tell me again how this is "CHANGE"?  Tell me again about how this administration is different?  Obama is Jimmy Carter the Second and his administration is made up of every last aparatchik from Carter's and Clinton's terms!



Thanks for nothing, Rodger!  FUCK!

Dear Occupy Wall Street Sheeple

So you're down in whatever city, protesting and "occupying" some park.  Great.  You're all Leftist in persuasion.  You wouldn't vote for a Republican if your life depended on it, and you're going to vote for Obama.  Some of you are going to vote for Obama again.

Tell me how that works out for you, m-kay?

Obama rakes in more cash from Wall Street than any Republican candidate.  And you think Obama is going to kill his Cash Cow?  Really?  What set of facts makes you think that?  In what reality is Obama going to suddenly change direction and actually do what you think he's going to do, even though he's shown exactly ZERO indications that he'll do anything other than continue his crony capitalism?

Stop being such dumb fucking sheep.

Oh, wait, it's the Leftoids we're talking about.  If they weren't a bunch of dumb fucking sheep, they wouldn't be out there in the first place.

Stalin would be proud!

Don't like your historical facts?  Just airbrush them away!

There is not a single department head of any department in Washington D.C. that deserves to keep their job.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Busy again

Folks, I'm busier than a one-armed paper-hanger.  I get up early, I come home late, and I'm trying to have some sort of a family life.  Something's got to go, and right now it's blogging.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wah wah f'n WAH!

So the Flea Party has found itself laying with dogs and waking up with fleas.  Gosh, what a shock.  These bong-smoking retards are screaming for the outright theft of wealth from those who create it.  They're thieves of their own right, they're just demanding that the government do the stealing.

There's no honor among thieves.  So fuck 'em.  Let them sit there and cry.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

In a martial mood

I wish I could say I was in a good frame of mind, but I'm not.  So all I can do is ask God to forgive me.

Once you're done with that, go watch these four videos of Ann Barnhart.  If you don't know what and who you're fighting, you're going to lose the battle.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Yeah, I've had this conversation with people

But not this up close.  Which is a good thing, because I'd have popped that bastard in the face, and then I would have gone to jail.  That cameraman guy has a lot more patience than I do

Holder Lied, People Died

Only unlike loony chants from the Left, this one is true.  Attorney General Eric Holder Lied, and People Died.  Oh, and since the God-Child Obama is on record saying that he new about this program before Holder admitted that HE had known about it, this goes all the way to the top.  I really, REALLY hope that Obama gets impeached by this.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Are there any real men in Boston?

Because when a woman gets spit on by a bunch of fucking dirty hippies, you need to beat their fucking asses like a drum, until they wake up in a hospital and drink their dinners through a fucking straw for six months.

There's your fucking PSA.

No, I'm not in a good mood.  Stop fucking asking.

Another reminder


Yeah!  All you fucking Leftist pieces of shit who go on and on about how Obama is so fucking smart....


I can't believe that this dumb fucking cockholster is polluting the Oval Office!  THANKS A FUCKING LOT, YOU DEMOCRAT SHITHEELS!