Saturday, July 24, 2004

The Council Has Spoken!

This weeks winners in the Watcher of Weasels Council are:

Council members -

Government Health Hell Care by The SmarterCop
Say What? by Yours Truly (a respectible second place!)
Tim Rutten Distorts, You Decide by Patterico's Pontifications

Non-Council entries -

Gray Lady Spins It Hard For Kerry, Berger by Captain's Quarters
Let America Be America Again by Allah Is in the House
New Clinton Scandal: the Party in Berger's Pants by Hog On Ice

You can find all the results here.

Greetings from Idaho

I'm typing this on a computer that doesn't seem to like Blogger's "create post" window, so we'll see how it goes.

It was hot as hell when the girlfriend and I drove through central Washington. Probably in the 100's. All I know is that we had the windows down in the truck, and even at 70+mph, the wind was still HOT. N. Idaho is a bit cooler, but it's also at a higher elevation.

By the way, the sheer amount of stress that melted off of me as soon as I crossed the state line is unbelieveable. If I could have taken my blood pressure, I bet it would have been at least 20 points lower. When I finally move to Idaho, I'm going to have to change my cyber-name to something like "Slightly Aggrivated Dave", or "Kinda Grumpy Dave", because the rage just isn't quite there when I'm not in Seattle. Go figure.

I spent some more time on my property, looking at where we're going to build, and where we need to clear away brush to allow new tree growth. The more time I spend there, the more I love it. There was a chance I was going to sell the land if the price was right, but I think that will be where I build my house. That is, unless some idiot puts up a development too close for comfort. I need plenty of space between me and the nearest neighbor.

The place I'm staying right now is out in the middle of the country. It's so quiet that if you stand outside and just listen, you can hear your heartbeat. Last night I was enjoying a nightcap outside, and I could hear coyotes yipping and howling a fair distance away. The sound was echoing down the valley, and it sent chills down my spine. I just stood outside, sipping a beer, and listening to them howl. Early this morning I listened to owls hooting in the grey early light. This place is medicine for the soul.

And the night sky..... No wonder we can't get kids interested in astronomy anymore. The city lights drown out the sky. I can see a few of the major stars from my house in Seattle. Out here you can see ALL of them, not just Cirrus Major, or the belt of Orion. You see everything. The major stars are swimming in an ocean of other stars, too many of them to count. If more kids lived in the country, they would understand just how magnificent the night sky truly is. I'll have to see if I can hold the shutter on my camera open long enough to capture the true sight of it.

I'll be back in Seattle Sunday evening. I figure that by the time I've gone through traffic and dealt with the people from that area, I'll be back to my old pissed off self. I'll see you then.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Sandy Berger Obstructed Plans To Get Bin Laden

Guess what those national archive documents Sandy stole contained! That's right
....according to the commission report, Mr. Berger was presented with plans to take action against the threat of Al Qaeda four separate times — Spring 1998, June 1999, December 1999, and August 2000. Each time, Mr. Berger was an obstacle to action. Had he been a little less reluctant to act, a little more open to taking pre-emptive action, maybe the 2,973 killed in the September 11, 2001, attacks would be alive today.

Sandy Berger - Clinton's National Security Advisor, Thief, Obstructionist concerned with covering his own ass (at which he failed), and a source of foreign policy advice for the Kerry Campaign. See you in November, Donks!

Reading the 9/11 Commission's Report

I highly suggest that every American takes the time to do the same.  I'm only 54 pages into it (out of 585).  The 9/11 hijackers took advantage of our every weakness (especially in the FAA) that day.  The men and women that found themselves responsible for determining exactly what was going on did the absolute best job they could.  What transpired was unprecedented.  With IIRC 15 minutes warning, NORAD scrambled jets from Otis in response to 1 missing aircraft, but were several minutes too late to intercept.  There was no warning for the other three planes!  The terrorists turned off the planes' identification signal (relied upon in order to track specific aircraft).  When an aircraft passes into and out of an FAA control center's air space, responibility for locating that aircraft also switches hands.  They had no idea of the planes' destination until it was too late.  Tower 1 impact -8:46. Tower 2 impact 9:03.  I found it shocking that NORAD had only 2 fighters per station for emergency response and 7 alert sites in the United States.     They trained to intercept hijakcers using our jets to disperse WMD, but not for them turning them into human filled missiles. 

More later.
The 9/11 Commission Report

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Busy as Hell

And so broke I can't pay attention.  Seriously, I'm down to the "let's roll our pennies and see how much we have" stage.  I haven't been to the range in a month, and my alcohol consumption has dropped to zero.  Luxuries are the first things to get cut.  Next month, I may be cutting out some other things that aren't so luxurious. 

In any case, I'm going to be away from the computer for the next four days, so don't expect any posts from me.  It's all part of my plan to get out of this shitty town.  Seattle, the god-forsaken hellhole I call home.

Thoughts on Sandy Berger

When I was in the military, I held a Secret security clearance.  If I had "inadvertently" stuffed classified documents down my pants and took them home, I would still be incarcerated at Ft. Leavenworth, KS, breaking big rocks into little rocks.  The motives would not have mattered. 

Yet here we have the former NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR, who by all logic should not only know the rules but be familiar with the punishments involved in breaking them, "inadvertently" stuffing classified material down his PANTS!!!!  And not just Secret documents, we're talking about the highest level of security classification there is!  IN HIS FUCKING PANTS!

Let the dumb fuck rot in jail for the rest of his life.  You do not "inadvertently" stuff top secret documents down your pants.  You don't "accidentally" stuff top secret papers in your jacket.  That's the biggest line of bullshit I've seen in a while.

The worst part is this:  If this is Berger's normal mode of operation, i.e. being such a worthless "sloppy" dumb fuck that he shoves highly classified documents down his pants, then we know what National Security was like while he was in the NSA position.

National Security fell right out of his pants and into the toilet.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

In The News

So I'm checking out the news today, and there are a few stories that caught my eye. I figured I'd share them with you.

First, the Democrats are likely to stall another judicial nominee. Who didn't see this coming? Seriously, Bush could put Michael Moore of for a seat on some bench, and the Democrats would block him, just because he was Bush's choice. Ignore all the empty platitudes coming from the Donks, because they don't mean jack shit. They're not pro-American, they're anti-Bush. It's been the same story since January of 2001.

Second, Fox News did a piece on ProtestWarrior, the conservative group who protests the protesters. Personally, I'm loving it. They show the ProtestWarriors asking the question "So, those Iraqis who were freed from Saddam's torture chambers and prisons, do you think they'd be happy if you were calling the shots?" The protester's response? "You don't know BLEEP about the situation in Iraq!"

Anything that highlights the complete lunacy and idiocy of the Left is fine and dandy with me. ProtestWarrior has been doing it for a while now. The funniest part of the piece? It seems that the protesters have been trying to censor ProtestWarrior, and attempting to prevent ProtestWarrior from marching.

Free Speech. In the Left's eyes, it's only OK when they agree with you. If you say something they don't like, they'll do everything they can to stop you from saying it.

And last but not least, yet another Clinton Administration official has been caught with his pants down.

Former President Clinton's national security adviser is under criminal investigation for taking highly classified terrorism documents that should have been turned over to the independent commission probing the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, FOX News has confirmed.

Sandy Berger is under scrutiny by the Justice Department (search) following the disappearance of documents he was reviewing at the National Archives.

Berger's home and office were searched earlier this year by FBI agents armed with warrants after the former Clinton adviser voluntarily returned some sensitive documents to the National Archives and admitted he also removed handwritten notes he had made while reviewing the sensitive documents.

When I was an MP, I held a "Secret" security clearance. If I had taken any sensitive documents home, I'd be in Ft. Leavenworth right now, breaking big rocks into little rocks. This slimy fuckstick is still breathing free air. Do you see the problem here? Another toadie connected to one of the most corrupt administrations this country has ever seen has been exposed as a criminal, and he's still walking around in his own clothing? Don't tell me the Donks are the "Party of the People".

"I deeply regret the sloppiness involved, but I had no intention of withholding documents from the commission, and to the contrary, to my knowledge, every document requested by the commission from the Clinton administration was produced," Berger said in a statement.

I don't give two squirts of piss if every document asked for was produced, it has nothing to do with the fact that this little worm BROKE THE DAMN LAW! Mishandling of classified documents is a CRIME! And this turd was Clinton's NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR? Kee-RISTE what a screw-up! If the NSA can't even follow the damn laws, how the hell can we expect him to do anything else?

I don't care if this was an innocent mistake. I don't care if Berger's motives were as pure as the freshly fallen snow. He fucked up, and he fucked up bad. He needs to pay the price and he needs to be forcibly removed from any level of politics for the rest of his life. You do NOT screw around with classified documents. You do NOT "accidentally" stuff classified papers down your pants. You do NOT FUCK AROUND WITH NATIONAL SECURITY!

Send this bastard to jail. Just like anyone else would be.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Random Thoughts

Granny Smith apples and peanut butter. Proof again that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

(The first proof of such? Beer. Pshaw, like you need to ask!)

Two Americas

Kim du Toit has a new essay up.

'Nuff said.

Retaining your Humanity

Here's a question: How many people out there can kill without remorse?

Seriously, how many? How many people do YOU know who could? Even in the Army, we weren't taught to kill for fun, we trained on it and practiced it and learned it because it would save our life. As a MP, we trained on it and practiced it and learned it because it might save someone else's life. But nowhere, even at some backwoods rifle range, did I ever hear anyone say that killing people was fun.

When I slaughter animals, I still feel a twinge of regret about ending a life. I do it because I have to eat, plain and simple. But I don't get any joy out of killing an animal, it's simply a part of nature, and I feel better knowing that the animal was killed painlessly rather than slaughtered in some massive farm-owned slaughterhouse.

So my question is this: How can someone look at a sonogram, and see the proof of three small hearts beating, and decide to remove two of them just for convenience's sake? "Oh Honey, look, I'm pregnate with triplets. Let's get rid of one or two so we don't have to shop at Costco."

When we saw the specialist, we found out that I was carrying identical twins and a stand alone. My doctors thought the stand alone was three days older. There was something psychologically comforting about that, since I wanted to have just one. Before the procedure, I was focused on relaxing. But Peter was staring at the sonogram screen thinking: Oh, my gosh, there are three heartbeats. I can't believe we're about to make two disappear. The doctor came in, and then Peter was asked to leave. I said, ''Can Peter stay?'' The doctor said no. I know Peter was offended by that.

How can you just end two lives, and still retain that little spark that makes you human? How can you inject two hearts with sodium chloride and call yourself compassionate? How can you make a deliberate decision to end two lives only for the sake of your own personal comfort, and call yourself "loving"?

You can't. And the worst part isn't just that these two lives were ended so a selfish bitch could continue living the pampered life. No, the worst part is that one child is still alive, and living with this thing. I won't even call her a "mother". A mother doesn't kill her children just because she doesn't like Costco. A mother doesn't decide that her personal comfort is more important that someone else's life.

That poor child has to grow up in a house with that thing. Pray for him.

You can read more about it at The Rottweiller, Michelle Malkin, and Allah Pundit. As for me, I'm a little too sick in the stomach to go on about it any more. What a vile, greedy, uncaring bitch.

We Need A Bigger Defense Budget

Especially if we're going to take over for our neighbors to the North.

The Canadian navy will sit out the war on terrorism for one year in an effort to give exhausted sailors a chance to recuperate. HMCS Toronto left the Arabian Sea and the American George Washington Carrier Strike Group July 4 with a broken Sea King helicopter on deck.

And the navy has quietly decided against dispatching a replacement ship until spring 2005 at the earliest.

Take a look on the date on that article. July 15th, 2004. Our pals over at Random Nuclear Strikes recall when the Canadian Navy said the same damn thing ONE YEAR AGO!

"Tired and broke, the Canadian navy is slowing down for a year, cutting back on major training exercises and delaying a return to NATO's Atlantic fleet, senior officers say. "We're just taking a pause here," said Rear-Admiral Glenn Davidson, commander of the navy in the Atlantic.

So just to make things clear, this is pretty much a two year break, because the ONE SHIP that the Canadians were able to muster is damn near worn down to nothing.

How sad is that? How many billions were sunk into the Canadian Gun Registry program (which hasn't been able to prevent, solve, or even identify one single crime!)? How many billions of dollars get sucked into their socialized healthcare system? (which is so wonderful that many Canadians come down to the USA for medical treatment!). You would think that a country of thirty million people would be able to put out more than one ship at a time! The Canadian military, which was once so feared by the Germans that Hitler's troops avoided them and looked for American divisions to fight instead during the invasion of Normandy, is now a broken down, burnt out, used up shell of it's former self. Ignored, unfunded, and damn near abandoned, the Canadian military wouldn't be able to fight off a bad cold these days.

And why? Because the corrupt parasites in Ottowa know that if any country were dumb enough to invade Canada, the USA would ride to the rescue. The Canadian Government feels free to waste as much money as they want on their bread and circuses social programs because they know they don't have to worry about much else. It's disgusting, and it's disgraceful.

The only countries who can mount a military force anywhere close to the USA's strength are Britan and Australia. That's not to say other countries cannot bring considerable military might to bear - Poland, Korea, and New Zealand all have small units that have gained the respect and admiration of the US military. But how many countries can project one-tenth of America's military power over an extended period of time? Not many. (Granted, in Korea's defense they have to keep several hundred thousand troops ready in country due to the insane communist dicator to the North. That'll tie up your resources real quick.)

The next time liberals scream about how much we spend on defense, remind them that if other countries were able to defend themselves instead of begging the USA to do it for them, we wouldn't need to spend near as much as we do. Or we could just tell the UN to go get bent when they ask for troops, which would free up several hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars. That'll cut our defense expeditures quite a bit.


As in Red Curtain Of Blood. It's the veil of rage that falls over your eyes when you see something particularly foul and corrupt (like the AWB or Sen. Hillary Clinton).

And every gun owner and enthusiast should have one when they read this letter sent to Kim du Toit.

I was just fired a few minutes ago. Officially I was "terminated without cause", and that for future employment inquiries they will report that I "decided to leave". Unofficially I learned that the decision had been made by "senior management" to fire me about three months ago, but that they had kept me on to finish up my projects.

Coincidentally, about three months ago I was at a social function with my boss's boss when he took me aside and said to me "Is that a gun?" -- I was, as usual, carrying my Kahr K9, and he had seen the gun under my shirt -- "Would you mind taking that out to your car? I really don't like guns and I don't think it's appropriate for you to have one here".

Read the whole thing.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

New Blogger Template Sucks

If there has been any problems with the HTML code, or my spelling, I apologise. I don't know if it's my computer or BlogSpot itself, but all the controls that normally appear in the "creat post" section are gone. All the HTML buttons for bold, hyperlink, italics, ect., gone. Spellcheck, gone. So I'm doing everything by hand.

If you catch an error, email me and I'll fix it when I can.

Say What?

Whoopie Goldberg: "America's heart and soul is freedom of expression without fear of reprisal,"

Excuse me?

Show me where it says that, please. Let's look up the freedoms we have and see if "Freedom of expression without fear of reprisal" is included in there. Let's see, we got Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of the Press, and Freedom to Petition (the government). I don't see any part about "without fear of reprisal". Maybe the stupid bint doesn't realise that the government didn't do a damn thing to her. Time to wake up, Whoopsie.

Let's be clear: The 1st Amendment does not allow the Government to punish you if you say something that government leaders don't like. That's pretty much written in stone. But where did the government do anything to Whoopsie? Did someone in Congress call up Slim-Fast and tell them to dump her? Nope. There was absolutely no government involvement in that decision. It was all private citizens. John Doe on the street, who didn't want to see some blowhard alcoholic washed-up has-been on their TV screens anymore.

Dubya didn't do a damn thing to Whoopsie. We did. Joe Public. The Angry Americans. We're sick and tired of some uneducated idiots spouting off at the mouth everytime we turn on the TV sets. We're sick and tired of some pampered snot-nosed socialist bitch calling us names. We're sick and tired of seeing a group of elitist assholes badmouthing our president. And so we're doing something about it.

Did ya take a look at the stock prices of Slim-Fast's parent company? They're down. Not just a little "oh they'll come back tomorrow" down, but "ohshitweneeddamagecontrol" down. And with everybody and their brother calling up Slim-Fast to complain about the stupid bint, Slim-Fast put two and two together. Whoopsie was a liability, a money loser. If she hung on as the spokesperson, Slim-Fast was going to lose business. While her foul-mouth hystronics might go over well with the tin-foil hat "anybody but Bush" crowd, the vast majority of Americans felt their bile rise after her performance. She was going to cost Slim-Fast money, a lot more money than her million-plus dollar sponsorship, and they cut her loose. Dropped her like a bad habit. Dumped her on her worthless, Bush-hating ass. I expect the stocks to recover now that they don't have Whoopsie acting as a deadweight dragging them into the netherworld.

The government had nothing to do with it. Blame whatever else you like, but don't blame Uncle Sam. He was not a part of it. But this whole episode just highlights what we already know about liberal idiots.

What dipshits like Whoopsie REALLY want is the ability to say anything that might spew out of their piehole and not have to face the consequenses of it from ANYBODY. The Dixie Chicks badmouth the President overseas, and then they're shocked that their country-loving, flag-waving, NASCAR watching, patriotic fans dump them on their ass, complete with tractors driving over piles of their CD's. Natalie whines about how her freedom of speech is being squashed. Boo-fucking-hoo you bimbo, maybe you should have just kept your yap SHUT if you didn't want to drop out of the country music market. Everywhere I look I see the liberals who were bit in the ass by the free-market cry and snivel about their freedom of speech. Hey, you're free to say whatever the hell you want. But don't be surprised when the people who PAY YOUR FUCKING SALARY refuse to associate with you after you blast off at the mouth. Pissing off your fan base is what we here in Reality Land like to call a REALLY FUCKING DUMB IDEA!

They want protection from their own arrogant stupidity. Nope, sorry, that won't fly. How nice of the liberal Hollywood elite to showcase their own ignorance, though. I rather like it when they prove that they don't have a fucking clue what this country stands for. They don't have a clue what the Constitution says. And they don't have a clue about what it means to be a good American. If they want to dish out crap so vile that the transcript is being withheld from the public, then they'd better learn REALLY DAMN FAST that there are consequences for their shit. And it won't come from the government.

It'll come from the people they despise the most: average Americans.

Another cannonball in Moore's direction

I wonder if Michael Moore has figured out that he's getting his ass handed to him in the "truth" department.

I guess after you've sold so many lies to so many gullible people, it's easy to forget that most of America realizes you're a lying sack of rancid gorilla dung. Centigrade 911 is here to remind him.

John Fonda Kerry gets another handprint on his face

And I'm loving it.

Kerry may or may not have been a war hero -- it's for darn sure he saw more active duty than George W. Bush. But we're not voting for favorite ex-soldier, we're voting for the policies that will protect us from foreign enemies.

Kerry's voting record in the Senate says that he'd rather our military consisted of a sixty-man chorus dressed in camo and singing "Give Me Some Men Who Are Stout-Hearted Men."

And maybe, maybe, one bugler.

If it had been up to Kerry, we wouldn't have had enough of a military to take over downtown Dallas, let alone Iraq.

Methinks something has upset Mr. Card, and Mr. Card is letting his feelings be known, to the delight of every right thinking person. RTWT, as they say.

I laughed until I puked

And I don't know why. But I do know that Steve is one of the funniest people on the web, even when he's not trying to be, as when he's ripping Joe "What uranium?" Wilson and his sooper-seekrit spy wife to shreds.

Wilson also claimed he got the job on his own merits, with no pimping efforts on the part of his wife.

And we all recall his wife, Valerie Plame. The super-secret CIA spy who dates men a couple of times and then, perhaps on the pivotal night when she first puts her hand down the fronts of their pants, blurts out that she's a secret agent. That's pretty much how Wilson found out, by his own account. Obviously, he and the wife are highly savvy when it comes to handling classified information. The rule goes like this: never give sensitive intel to anyone until his tongue has been in your mouth.

Bob Novak printed Plame's name and said she was a CIA spy, supposedly after learning the information from a Bush administration official. Moonbat journalists put down their hash pipes and ran for their laptops, thinking this was the weapon that would finally get President Gore the payback he was looking for. Gore would be rescued from his teaching post at West Tennessee Barber College, and he would return, like Napoleon from Elba, to take his rightful throne and force us all to drive stupid little cars with electric motors.

Karl Rove was going to be "frog-marched" out of the White House in handcuffs, whatever "frog-marched" means. I think it means prancing frantically in the opposite direction from armed Germans, while soiling yourself and cursing in French.