Saturday, November 26, 2011

After shave

I never really used it.  Every single aftershave lotion I have ever tried was either like smearing Vasoline on my face, or Everclear.  They gave me ingrown hairs, blackheads and zits, raw skin, dry skin, you name the bad skin condition and I got it.  So I just tossed aftershaves aside as worthless, and ignored them as much as possible.

So last week the Ragin' Mrs. brings me home a small sample of this.  From Clinique?  I don't need make-up, honey!  Isn't Clinique a woman kind of thing?

"Just try it." she says.  So I do.

Wow.  It actually works.  And my face doesn't feel like the Exxon Valdez broke open across my upper lip.

I'll be getting some more soon.

Um...... REALLY?

So this guy says that the birth scene in the new "Twilight" movie caused him to have seizures.

Wow.  How do I say this?  Mr. Seizure Man - if you're watching that movie in a theater, I would say that your COMPLETE AND TOTAL LACK OF TESTICLES would be of more importance.

Seriously - you couldn't get me to watch that movie if you friggin' PAID me.  I think that any man who willingly walks into a theater to see the "Twilight" movies is either a castrated mincing little girly-man or gay.  Sparkley gay emo vampires?  Not just no but hell NO!


Friday, November 25, 2011


How about them Packers, huh?

I'm Seahawks fan in Packerland right now, and I swear to you that the folks around me have stopped trying to convert me to the First Church of Green Bay, and have now started just giving me looks filled with pity.  Some little old ladie tried thrusting cookies with a condolence note into my hand last Sunday when she saw me wearing my Seahawks shirt.

Why did we ever hire Pete Carrol?  And don't give me that stuff about how the Seahawks beat the Ravens.  That's a sign of how weak and inconsistent the Ravens can be, not a sign about how great the Seahawks aree.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Anne McCaffrey has passed

Damn, I remember reading her books by the dozens when I was growing up.  I had an Anne McCaffrey section in my little library.

She was a special writer with a special talent.  You could do much worse for your kids than buying them the "Dragonriders of Pern" set and giving it to them for Christmas.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gots me some visitors coming today

They're coming in by train.  So I went to the Amtrak website and checked their arrival time - it's a little late, which happens coming through the plains.

I can still remember working with the Pentium 386, and when a friend tried to tell me about the internet, all I could ask was "What's that?"  Now I'm using my computer to check the arrival time of a train.

Simple, you ask?  It wasn't that simple years ago.  Heck, there are generations of kids who never knew a world without computers making things easier or simpler.

What's a task that you now take for granted on a computer?

Monday, November 21, 2011


Went over to The Smallest Minority and saw the quote that I had to steal:

The Republicans more or less follow the laws and constitutional procedures, the Democrats deliberately and consciously break them. But the Republicans, while they complain incessantly about the Democrats, never identify this underlying fact. Why? Because that would show that the system is no longer legitimate. And the function of the Republicans, as "patriotic, conservative Americans," is to uphold the goodness and legitimacy of the system, a legitimacy which rests on the belief that everyone in American politics shares the same basic principles and loyalties. So the Republicans, as defenders of the system and its presumed basic unity, cannot expose what the Democrats are. If they exposed it, politics would be replaced by open war between two radically incompatible parties and America as we know it would come to an end. 
 I need to add my two cents here - the establishment GOP doesn't want to expose the Democrats as the cheating fucking anti-American asshats they are because much of the establishment GOP is enjoying the material wealth gained through cheating for themselves.  They don't want to see the Gravy Train come to an end.  They're just as elitist as the Democrat American Communist Party is.

But there are two radically incompatible parties in America.  There's the Left, and then there's the Americans.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Woke up way too early

Even after two belts of whiskey and my head hitting the pillow at 2200 hrs, I still couldn't sleep in past 0545.

My body seems to have determined that it's an early riser.  Both my parents are probably feeling a disturbance in the force, and they have no idea why.

Ah well.  Spent some time washing more of the carrots that came out of our garden.  I have a giant tub of heirloom carrots sitting in my kitchen right now, and I'm going to turn them into dill pickled carrots.  Hopefully they taste good. 

I'll probably just simply can a bunch of them as well.  I have a LOT of carrots.