Saturday, June 30, 2018

I keep telling people

When I retire, I'm going to get a welding certification.

I’m looking for welders, need 30 now and more in a couple months. MUST be excellent tig welder on stainless pipe, paying $40.00 per hr, time and a half after forty, $96.00 a day per dem, 68hrs a week, you will be an employee w/benefits. Work is in Hackberry, La. Call me at 337-322-8591. Tell your welder friends about this job, it will last between 1 1/2 to 2 yrs.

A couple of years of that, and along with my retirement, the Mrs. and I will be RVing it around America when we're in our 60's. 

Friday, June 29, 2018

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Some Linky Love

Why the world needs Citizen-Warriors.

The world needs citizen warriors. 
I’m talking about the average, ordinary, everyday folks you see on your way to work, at the grocery store, or wherever they might be, but who are more than capable of taking bad people down a peg or two. 
We need more folks like that. Desperately.

Yes.  Yes we do.  And why is that?  Because if we had more citizen warriors, if we had more people who actually understood violence, the causes of it, the repercussions of it, we might be able to head off Civil War v.2.

So what gives? Why hasn’t it started yet? I was discussing this with a personal friend yesterday, a veteran, MMA fighter, and all-around guy you don’t want to fuck with. He is the sort of man that, were the war to start tomorrow, would be on the front lines. He expressed to me his fear, not for himself, but for his wife, his children, and the end of a relatively prosperous life. For even if he survived the conflict, he mused, life would never be the same. 
Veterans are largely Rightists, and Leftists are largely pussies who have spent their lives avoiding any kind of real physical risk. So the Right has a much better sense for what a war within our borders would really look like. The Left, as Francis notes in the following quote, has no idea because they have not suffered consequences for this behavior up until now.
The Left wants Civil War because they have no idea what actual war is.  The Right does NOT want Civil War because we have an actual idea of what war is, and what comes afterwards.  But as Thales points out:

However, at some point Leftist derangement will exceed the Rightist’s reluctance to resort to violence. And when that Rubicon is crossed, there is no going back. Leftists are quicker to violence, but Rightists are far better at it. The consequences of this will be grave.

And it stems from the Left's inability to argue rationally.  Their emotionally-driven rhetoric cannot and will not allow them to process facts logically.  Therefore, everything becomes an emotional assault by bad people.

 The key to the thing, once again, is in the Left’s characterization of normal Americans as either stupid or evil.As time has passed, their preference has been revealed: to gain the ends they seek, they need to see us as evil. They mean well; we don’t. That’s where their “analysis” ends. 
     There’s no reasoning with one who considers you evil. There’s certainly no compromising with him. He’s out to destroy you. He’ll take whatever opportunity you offer to slip the dirk between your fourth and fifth ribs and twist it. Nor is there any way for you to convince him that you’re not evil. He assumes a priori that everything you say is ultimately aimed at his destruction. 
     At that point it becomes war to the knife. 
     We haven’t yet seen violence with actual casualties. But we will.

Buy more ammo.  Go to the range.  What is coming will not be pleasant, and I don't think it can be avoided.

Still NOT tired of all the winning!

Justice Kennedy is retiring.  As in, immediately, which is rather unusual.  Normally a SCOTUS Justice will wait until a replacement has been confirmed before they scoot off, but apparently he's had enough and he wants to spend his days reading books, giving speeches and rocking on his front porch with a glass of lemonaide.

Good.  He was the ultimate "swing" vote.  You never knew what side of an argument he would come own on.  And now Trump gets to pick a SECOND Supreme Court Justice, and if his second pick is anything like his first pick, we'll have a conservative SCOTUS for decades to come.


Add in the public-employee unions getting a sledgehammer to the face?  Win after win after win.  I'm smiling almost as much as I did on the day after election day when I realized that evil, corrupt hag wasn't ever going to be president.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

That sound you heard was the Public Sector unions all crapping themselves at once

Because they will no longer be able to force people to pay them.

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that no government employee can be fired for refusing to financially support a union. The decision frees workers who do not wish to join a union from being forced to pay the union nevertheless. This will likely spark a massive exodus from the ranks of public sector unions, weakening the Democratic Party. 
"States and public-sector unions may no longer exact agency fees from nonconsenting employees," Justice Samuel Alito wrote in the 5-4 decision. Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Anthony Kennedy, Clarence Thomas, and Neil Gorsuch joined in his opinion. Justice Sonia Sotomayor filed a dissent, and Justice Elena Kagan filed a separate dissent, in which Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Bryer, and Sotomayor joined.
Of course the commie shitstains on the SCOTUS are dissenting.  They know that without the public employee unions funneling millions of dollars to the Democrat party, a bunch of Democrats up and down ballot won't get elected.

Good.  Fuck 'em.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Humanity really hasn't changed

Filthy, stinking hippies of the 60's and 70's could be transported to the current day, and other than bell bottoms, you couldn't tell them apart from the stupid, dirty, filthy hippies of today.  As proof, I give you exhibit A, who spent a nice afternoon at the ballpark, shouting obscenities in front of small children.

Ben Faulding of North Baldwin, NY, looks like he was transported from forty years in the past, complete with unkempt hair, scraggly untrimmed beard, and mental illnesses that cause him to hurl expletives in front of small kids at what is supposed to be a nice evening out.

The baseball game that McInnes and Faulding were at was between the Brooklyn Cyclones and the Boston Lowell Spinners. Both of these teams are affiliates of their Major League equivalents, and their games are generally intended for a younger audiences. Children run the bases after the game and the Brooklyn Cyclones were even sponsored by the toddler cartoon Paw Patrol. 
Despite the young audience, Faulding couldn’t help himself and felt it appropriate to scream obscenities in front of seas of children.

I wanted to check out this hippy douchebag's twitter account, but apparently after bragging about hurling foul language in front of children on twitter, he's deleted his account.  His stupidity became painful.  He might actually learn something.

Nah, he's a stupid hippy.  He won't learn shit.

The Iranians are protesting

If you followed the DNC propaganda mills of ABC/NBC/CBS/CNN, you probably wouldn't know about it.  But the Iranian people are out in force, shutting things down.

Tehran was rocked by protests today. Protesters confronted police officers in front of parliament and swarmed Tehran’s Grand Bazaar, forcing its closure (according to this account, though, merchants themselves initiated the shutdown to protest skyrocketing prices). 
Rising prices and other economic woes are, indeed, at the heart of the protests, which in recent days have also forced the closure of major shopping centers in Tehran. Iran’s economy seems to be cratering, and its currency, the Iranian rial, has plummeted to 90,000 to the U.S. dollar on the black market. At the end of last year, it was 43,000.
I will never forget nor forgive Obama for turning his back on the Iranian people in 2009.  He had a chance to fulfill his soaring opinion of himself, and instead left the Iranian people to be brutalized for another seven years, while he bent over and let the Iranian regime fuck America good and hard while we paid for the action.

You know what I haven't seen, lately?  Iranian boats harassing our Navy.  They knew Obama was such a pathetic little bitch that they acted with impunity at every turn.  Somehow Trump doesn't have to deal with things like Iranians taking ten sailors hostage.  Go figure.

Drunken hag bitterly whines that the USA rejected her

I cannot wait for this woman to die and meet her just rewards in hell.

Repeat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is heaping more criticism on America's electoral college, this time during an appearance at Oxford in the United Kingdom. 
Clinton, who lost the 2016 presidential campaign with 232 electoral votes to President Trump's 306, has previously called for scrapping America's system of electing presidents, instead relying on a direct one-person, one-vote election.

Hillary Clinton is evil.  Evil, narcissistic, corrupt, vain, stupefyingly ignorant, and utterly convinced of her own entitlement.  She's an embarrassment to this country at every turn, every speech, every day.  And that people still flock to her shows more about their lack of character and intelligence than it says about her.

And that's saying something.

Monday, June 25, 2018

How nice of our enemies to identify themselves

George Will, Republican and supposed "conservative", says to elect the Democrat National Socialist American Worker's Party in 2018.

George Will has been inside the Beltway for so long that they cannot recognize the terrain outside of it.  So my concern for what George Will says extends only to the point where I can recognize his name in the by-line and toss it in the trash.

The problem with Mexico, is that it's full of Mexicans

Mexicans are flooding across our border because Mexico is a socialist shithole controlled by corrupt politicians, socialists, and the drug cartels.  So naturally, this socialist shitwad is the front-runner to be President of Mexico.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), the far-left presidential candidate in Mexico and former mayor of Mexico City,  has called for mass migration to the U.S., saying it is a "human right" for Mexican citizens to enter the United States.

When, not if, this socialist turd-blossom gets elected, Mexico will continue down the path of prosperity and success currently enjoyed by Venezuela, with the resulting migration that makes our border-hopping problems now look like peanuts.  And Mexico will have done it to themselves, but it'll be our problem to deal with.  BUILD THAT FUCKING WALL ALREADY!

Oh, I'm sure there are hard working, god-fearing, stellar examples of humanity in Mexico.  But they're completely outnumbered by the kind of idiots who vote for more socialist stupidity and the same policies that keep people flooding across our border, because they don't have to deal with the actual consequences.  Build that wall, stop the flood of people, make it harder for the cartels to smuggle people and drugs, and watch that pressure crank up on the socialists in charge.  As long as they can pawn their problems off on America, nothing will change.  And things need to change.  We cannot be the world's refugee center, especially when those "refugees" are people just looking for free shit from Uncle Sugar.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

They were warned they wouldn't like playing by their rules

They didn't listen.  Punch back twice as hard.  Stupid, fat, proggie marxist loses her job for calling disabled vet a Nazi.

Talia Lavin, whose tweet about a veteran’s tattoo implied he was a Nazi, has apologized to him and resigned from her position as a fact-checker at the New Yorker magazine.

I won't bother copying or pasting the rest of the bullshit that dribbled out of that feckless cunt's mouth.  Just rest assured she hasn't learned a damn thing, and we need to keep punching back and forcing them to play by their rules.