Saturday, August 18, 2007

Protected Classes

I was talking with my sister, who works for a *major* corporation. We were discussing what is and is not considered acceptable banter at work. She told me that there is a man who will give lurid details about his life with his boyfriend, and she could not possibly press harassment charges, because he is gay. But, if she were to discuss being Christian, she *would be* disciplined, from her phrasing, I suspect possibly fired.

She was also telling me that if she and her husband were not married they would not be able to get *partners benefits* because they are not the same sex.

She cited many other examples, that were all equally reprehensible.

This is her reason for not wanting to allow Gay marriage, people who are already a *protected class*, and now they want *more* rights????

The sadder part of this conversation is that all of these classes have come out in the last 30 years at most, most in the last decade. It makes me a little sick to my stomach.

Hurrican Dean

knocked out my internet last night. The network I'm on runs through quite a few different lines, so there's probably one knocked down somewhere. As for me, I spent yesterday pulling Honor Guard at a memorial ceremony, then putting up the storm shutters on my house.

The end result in my area was a little rain spitting on me. But other than that, a whole fat lot of nothing. Short of the internet going down, there really wasn't any effect from the storm. The power never even went out.

So sorry for the lack of posting yesterday.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I know there's a few names

That can be added to this list:

I doubt if my list is comprehensive, but I think it's a good start. So that I'm not accused of plagiarism myself, I would like to give credit to Wikipedia for many of the entries on this list. And all the information below can be found with a little internet searching; I just could not find it all in one place. I do give at least one source for each item, embedded in the text.

Go read his list, and if you can add any names to it let him know. I think the reason more incidents of journalistic fraud are being found is that there are more fact-checkers out there, people who have come to realise that the Media as a whole are untrustworthy, propaganda pushing whores. Once you screw up, people tend to watch you a bit closer.

We're watching really damn close now.

And for no reason what so ever

I have the song "Istanbul, not Constantinople" running through my head.

I can't tell you why.

Gosh, ya think?

Teenagers say drug problems at school are getting worse, and parents express doubts about ever making such schools drug free, a new study says.

Folks, public schools are getting to the point where I honestly believe that they are doing more harm to kids than good. I've expressed my own experiences in publik skoolz, and while I understand that the plural of anecdote is not data, the reports coming out of publik skoolz these days make me wonder when the parents in this country fill finally get fed up and kick the bums out. Get the gummunit out of education, and watch the quality of our public school system start to rise.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A frightening proposition

Let's do a little recap, shall we?

Illegal aliens murder three people in Newark, NJ.

Illegal alien kills two construction workers in Maryland.

Illegal alien kills a family in Texas.

Illegal aliens doing the killing, raping, murdering and crimes that Americans won't do.

What does the Federal Government do about it? Nothing. We still have an open border. We still do not enforce our own immigration laws. The Feds prosecute Border Patrol agents who do their damn job, and let known border crossing drug-smugglers go free. The backlash against the Shamnesty bill was also a backlash against the way that the Government has handled illegal aliens in this country, which as far as I can see consists of curling into a fetal position and letting illegal aliens do whatever the hell they want to.

Over at the GunThing Forum there's a member called "Aseop Mysleeve" who regularly posts pictures from the CA border. Pictures of people just strolling across. Pictures of Border Patrol agents asleep in their air-conditioned vehicles. Not that I can blame them all that much, because if they actually do their job they get tossed in jail!

The problem is worse than most people realize, and it's not going to get any better from where I see it. And here's what scares me - at some point, people are going to start doing the job that the Government refuses to do. And when these people start doing that job, it's going to get ugly. True vigilante justice isn't pretty. But when the government flat out refuses to do the job it's supposed to do, what other options are left to those of us who want to see the laws of our nation followed? When Mexican drug smugglers and criminals shoot at private citizens, chances are pretty damn good that those private citizens will shoot back. And then what happens? A full scale war between the Mexican criminals and private US citizens seems pretty far-fetched, but it's not out of the realm of possibility. US citizens prosecuted for protecting themselves? Shit, that happens all the damn time in NY, MA, D.C., CA, and any other state controlled by the Democrat American Communist Party, what makes you think it wouldn't happen at the Federal level?

Things don't look good right now, and unless the parasites in D.C. wake up and pull their head out of their ass, it might not get any better. And that's a scary thought to me.


I just have to link to this. Go take a look. If this is the level of "journalism" that the world expects, then it's no wonder that a huge chunk of people are so ignorant it's painful to be around them. As Jules Crittenden said yesterday:

So now we see that a former grunt and a German are capable of doing a better job in Iraq than our own professional press, managing to talk to real people and unafraid to talk about the good as well as the bad, the progress that is being made, the utter necessity of blood, sweat and tears that is being expended. Again, why are the great American media organizations unable to manage this? They’ll be handing out Pulitzers for 2007, the year when the leading forces of American journalism failed an entire people, sought to condemn an entire region of the world, and were willing to see slaughter and chaos. I can’t wait to see what the august judges settle on as the exemplars of this year’s greatness. They don’t have a Pulitzer for shame. They don’t have one for sloth and cynicism. But then, they don’t really have Pulitzers for passion, moral purpose and people who buck genteel drawing room sensibilities, either.

Oh, and if you haven't heard about the story from Der Spiegel yet, go click on the Crittenden link. It's worth every second of your time.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

So Karl Rove is resigning

About time. If anything, the Shamnesty debacle proved that whatever magic touch he had, he lost it.

UPDATE: Proving once again that the media, being the leftist mouthpieces that they are, have absolutely no class what so ever.

Not that I expected them to have any. They're nothing more than propaganda pushing mouthpieces for the Democrat American Communist Party. There's nothing too low for them to do, print or say. My question is this: Now that the Dark Lord Rove is leaving, who are the shrieking idiots of the Left going to latch on to now?

A few peeves....

Mango season was a bust this year. Not because the trees didn't put out mangos. Oh no, at the beginning of the season those trees were loaded with fruit.

Until the Puerto Ricans began to "harvest" their mangos.

Now I'm being a bit unfair here. As I've said before, the farther away from San Juan you go, the better the island gets. Unfortunately I'm stuck smack dab in the middle of the San Juan metro area. So, in short, I'm surrounded by assholes.

Here's how a local from around here picks a mango. First he finds a tree with one or two ripe fruit, which is surrounded by un-ripe fruit. He then finds a nice big rock. And then he throws the rock at the fruit until the ripe fruit falls to the ground, at which time he picks it up and starts the process all over. Unfortunately for everyone else, the rock-throwing shitbrain also manages to knock down about 75% of the un-ripe fruit in his quest for the ripe mangos. Which means that by the time the tree should be loaded down with fruit ready to pick, there's nothing left, because the self-absorbed jackasses have emptied the tree while they got the one ripe fruit that was there.

By the way, mangos don't ripen well on the ground. Even if you manage to get to them before the bugs, birds and BIG FUCKING RATS do, they still don't have the sugar content to make them palatable. They haven't had the chance to GET that sugar content yet. So they're ruined.

All so that some asshole who only cares about himself can get a mango. Welcome to San Juan.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Watch. Now.

Via Ace of Spades, who got it from Blackfive, who got it from... hell, just go watch it.

What the......

HELL is up with this?

So tell me, when computing data, don't you have to start off by ensuring that the data has NOT been tampered with? So when you're trying to get a real temp reading, wouldn't it make sense that you have to ensure that the station you're getting your data from isn't being influenced?

Sheesh. And yet the eco-freaks are all shrieking that we're gonna die any day now. It's their friggin' RELIGION, folks.

Stopped over at BTB

That's BabyTrollBlog, for those who don't know. It's over there on the sidebar. You should check it out sometime!

Anyways, I was over at BTB when I saw a link to LawDog. And I still haven't stopped laughing.

One cathouse. Just one. Not "one in every state". Not "one whether you think you need it or not". Just one single legal bawdy-house with an already-established customer base.

And they couldn't keep it out of the red.

Now, this is just my opinion, but if your money-handling skills are so poor that you can't even make a profit selling sex, then you have absolutely no business getting involved in more complicated financial areas.

In other words, if "Slam, bam, thank you ma'am, here's a hundred bucks" is too complicated for you to make a profit, then you might just want to keep your meat-hooks out of, say -- health care.

Well, we already KNEW the government couldn't even take a shit without assistance. Why is it a surprise that they can't run a whorehouse? Seriously. Do you really think that the people on Capitol Hill know jack squat about economics? Hell no they don't. And if you need any proof, may I point you to the many socialists in Congress. Anyone with a basic understanding of economics wouldn't touch any socialist scheme with a ten foot pole.

And yet, the gummint wants to push more socialist schemes down our throats....