Saturday, October 15, 2011

Yeah, I've had this conversation with people

But not this up close.  Which is a good thing, because I'd have popped that bastard in the face, and then I would have gone to jail.  That cameraman guy has a lot more patience than I do

Holder Lied, People Died

Only unlike loony chants from the Left, this one is true.  Attorney General Eric Holder Lied, and People Died.  Oh, and since the God-Child Obama is on record saying that he new about this program before Holder admitted that HE had known about it, this goes all the way to the top.  I really, REALLY hope that Obama gets impeached by this.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Are there any real men in Boston?

Because when a woman gets spit on by a bunch of fucking dirty hippies, you need to beat their fucking asses like a drum, until they wake up in a hospital and drink their dinners through a fucking straw for six months.

There's your fucking PSA.

No, I'm not in a good mood.  Stop fucking asking.

Another reminder


Yeah!  All you fucking Leftist pieces of shit who go on and on about how Obama is so fucking smart....


I can't believe that this dumb fucking cockholster is polluting the Oval Office!  THANKS A FUCKING LOT, YOU DEMOCRAT SHITHEELS!


I got nothing.  Sorry.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

What to call the "Occupy....

fill-in-the-blank-city-here groups?  Occupy WallStreetBostonSeattlePortlandStLouisandeverywhereelse just seems a bit unweildy.

Thankfully, our good pal Rivrdog is on it, with the new moniker for the unwashed masses - The Flea Party.

Reference to parasites?  Check.  Reference to the level of hygiene?  Check.  Quick, easy to remember moniker?  Check.

It's a good one.  Use it.  Spread it.

The "value" of education

Look, don't think that I'm some anti-education hick from the sticks.  I'm not.  I firmly believe in an education that will improve you as a person, help you make good decisions in your life, and increase your ability to get a job and earn money.

Problem is, the traditional university doesn't seem to do a very good job of that right now.  Every photo I've seen of the Occupy Wall Street losers and rif-raf has then with their pouty face on, holding a paper whereupon they scrawl their woes that always, invariably crying about their thousands upon thousands in student debt, and how they can't get a job.

Cry.  Me.  A.  River.

Here's part of the problem - college doesn't prepare you for the real world.  I would take a PFC from the Army who's done one tour on Active Duty before I would take a newly minted college graduate.  The PFC knows how to take orders, probably knows how to give orders, can work as a team, work independently, and has the discipline needed to buckle down and get the job done.

Looking at the Occupy Wall Street whiners and hippies, they know how to smoke a bong and complain that people aren't giving them enough free shit.

The other part of the problem - universities and colleges exist not to provide a complete education, but to provide jobs for various professors, administrators, and other groups of people who couldn't get a job in the real world.  Unless you're dealing with the hard sciences, which due to their proximity to reality are less inclined to put up with the kind of bullshit that creates "Womyn's Studies".  I've seen a documentary that was supposed to be about how hard it is for college graduates to find a job, and they interviewed some woman with a degree in Film Studies.

Film.  Fucking.  Studies.

Can anyone tell me just what the number of "Film Studies" jobs are out there?  I'm guessing not a whole lot, but this woman wanted to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to get a degree in Film Studies, and now she can't find a job?  And this is my fault how?  This is society's fault how?  We're not the ones who made her get a degree in Film Studies.  Had she asked me, I would have told her "Gee, that's a nice hobby, but what are you going to do to get a job?" 

Look, I love history, I'm looking at getting a degree in history, but I don't expect to get a job from that degree.  That degree is for me.  For my personal education, and to make me happy.  Nobody is going to hire me just because I have a history degree.  I need other skills to get a decent paying job, skills which I have because I've lived in the real world while many of my compatriots seem to still be living in a dream world where they get paid what they think they're worth even though they haven't acquired any real job skills.

Oh, and I'll get my degree from someplace other than a traditional brick-and-mortar college.  I don't have enough money to waste on incubators of socialism and groupthink.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Proof that Satan exists and is working to destroy us

Can pretty much be found every time Chuck Schumer opens his fucking piehole.

Yeah, I don't have much right now.  I'm so sick of anti-American traitors like Schumer constantly working to destroy this country, aided and abetted by the Left, who want to tear down the greatest country ever seen.  Not only is Schumer one of the biggest pieces of statist shit ever seen, but the people who keep sending him back into Congress allow him to continue breaking America apart.

I really do think that people like Og are right - there's no voting our way out of this.  The people who want to enslave us must first be removed, before we can ever be free.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

To Quote Mark Styne

Non-Workers of the world, UNITE!  All of these "Occupy (fill in the city)" folks, while providing the far Left something to try to brag about, are proving the stereotype of Leftist losers to be correct.  Go look at the picture of that girl at Insty's post.  Pink hair.  Pierced lips and nose.  Some sort of sores around her mouth.

Yeah, yeah, tell me all about Freedom of Expression and "being an individual" and blah blah blah the same bullshit I've heard for years.  If I was a business owner, would I want THAT to be the face that greets my customers?  Is that the first thing I want my customers to see?  No, it's not.  Take that ring out of your nose.  Remove the metal from your face before you try to talk to my customers.  Figure out little things like, oh, hygiene, so that when potential customers walk through the door they are NOT thinking "herpes or meth?" to themselves, like I did when I first saw the photograph.

If you want to be paid a respectable wage, you had better try to look respectable.  Look like a McDonalds fry cook, and chances are that's the kind of job you'll get.  When I finished my first stint in the Army, I bought a couple pairs of nice slacks, some good shirts, and a sports jacket.  I wore a coat and tie to every interview I had.  I was a professional, and I both looked and acted like one.  I was offered a job at every place I interviewed, and I picked the best one.

I did NOT have metal sticking out of my face.  My hair was it's natural color.  And more than anything, I expressed what I could bring to the company.  I didn't act like a petulant brat.

Then again, that's probably why I'm still employed, working on getting promoted, and NOT "occupying" Wall Street with anything except my retirement fund.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Born that way?

So, let me make a long story short - yesterday, I was in a house that featured a lesbian and a "trans-gender" female.  The two were obviously romantic.  And this one example destroys the entire facade of homosexuals being "born that way".

IF, and that's a big IF, we accept the argument that a homosexual is born that way, we have to then look at the transgender female, who was a man, changed his gender to female because he/she/it was "born in the wrong body", and then became a lesbian.

So in short, she was a lesbian trapped in a man's body, who is now an actual lesbian.  Folks, that's not natural, that's a stand-up comedian routine.  This trans-gendered person still has the same urges that he/she/it did when the body in question had a penis.  He/She/It is still attracted to the female gender.  The only difference now is that he/she/it is now classified as "female" and so he/she/it is now a "lesbian".  Scorn quotes deliberately placed around that last one there.  A guy attracted to women is not a lesbian, even if he's so mentally screwed up that he has a surgeon take off his penis.  A self-mutilating mental disorder doesn't make one a lesbian.

Did that piss anyone off?  Good.  Maybe next you can get pissed off about a culture that celebrates self-mutilation that way. 

Sunday, October 09, 2011


October for the Catholic Church is the month of the Holy Rosary.  I know I've posted this song before, but it's beautiful enough to warrant another round.

I wanted to post one of the few "newer" songs that I like, but I couldn't find one with decent enough quality to sound good on a computer.  So if you happen to run across a rendition of "Hail Mary, Gentle Woman" that you can listen to, take a moment and just enjoy it.