Saturday, October 20, 2007

Thieving Democrats

OK, so if by now you don't know about the smear letter against Rush Limbaugh signed by 41 worthless shitbags, well, search the archives.

Rush put the letter up for auction on Ebay, as well as a Haliburton briefcase and a letter of thanks signed by Rush. All money was going to charity, and Rush was going to match the winning bid out of his own pocket. Again, all of this was going to charity.

But now Dingy Harry Reid, one of the bloodsucking parasites who signed the letter in which the government tried to prevent a private citizen from exercising his right to free speech, is attempting to take credit for the money that was raised for charity!

What. A. Fucking. Scumbag.

I cannot believe that any person so low and despicable can be an elected representative in this country, and to be quite honest the fact that this festering canker sore on humanity's ass was actually elected from Nevada makes me realize that there will probably be a civil war in this country in my lifetime. Why? Because when a state is either so fucking stupid or so fucking corrupt that they elect an infected cunt-hair like Reid, well, there's really not much hope that they can work with other states that demand accountability from their representatives.

And yeah, I've pretty much written of Massachusetts, New Jersey, Southern California and Maryland. Sorry, but I see just what kinds of people they send to represent them, and I realize that they're a completely different country than America, they just haven't re-drawn the borders yet.

Stomping around my old stomping grounds

Phil of Random Nuclear Strikes may be changing locations rather soon, and he's checking out an area I used to live in - Spokane, WA.

So, here's a photo of the Spokane River as seen from Coeur d'Alene, ID. When my family first moved to Coeur d'Alene, it was a typical small town. Now, there's very little separating CdA from Spokane. What used to be miles of prairie is now grown into towns, suburbs, and businesses.

The price of progress, I guess. Still, I think it's better than Seattle or Tacoma any day.

Friday, October 19, 2007


It's not just about being in charge and giving orders. The NCO Creed lays it out: "My two basic responsibilities will always be uppermost in my mind -- the accomplishment of my mission, and the welfare of my Soldiers."

Being a leader means taking responsibility for the welfare of the troops under your command. Good leaders know this.

One such leader retired earlier this month. And left messages for Marines who were under his command in Viet Nam, who's names are inscribed into the Viet Nam War Memorial.

What, you thought I was kidding?

I spend a hell of a lot of time away from a computer right now, so blogging will be light. I'm still looking for that special someone to help out blogging here at the home of the Right Wing Wacko.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Would you like to pull your own teeth?

In Britain, with that wonderful government health care system, that's what they have to do.

A shortage of National Health Service dentists in England has led some people to pull out their own teeth — or use super glue to stick crowns back on, a study says.

Many dentists abandoned Britain's publicly funded health care system after reforms backfired, leaving a growing number of Britons without access to affordable care.

"I was not surprised to hear those horror stories," said Celestine Bridgeman, 41, of London. "Trying to find good NHS dentists is like trying to hit the lottery because the service is underfunded."

The National Health Service provides care to the vast majority of Britain's people, often for free. Unlike doctors who work for the health service, dentists work on a contract basis and can leave whenever they wish.

Folks, there is no way in hell that the government can run any kind of health care system with the efficiency of the free market. I'm not going to deny that our health care system in this country has problems, but giving the government control of it will not solve anything. It will only make things worse.

I'd rather pay for my own dental work than allow the government to screw things up to the point that I can't even find a dentist.

Well, at least they have their priorities

Congress is more than willing to alienate one of our allies over something that happened a century ago, but can't bring itself to actually condemn human rights violations occurring today.

Let's review - the Ottoman Empire killed Armenians during WWI. Now, I'm more than willing to blame the Ottoman Empire for it's genocide, but IT NO LONGER EXISTS. Does anyone blame the current German government for the Holocaust? If they do, well, they're off their rocker. Hitler and the Third Reich are gone. The Ottoman Empire is gone. Blaming modern day Turkey for the actions of an empire that doesn't exist anymore is stupid, plain and simple. It's an insult to Turkey, who just happens to be a key ally in the war on terror.

But that would explain why the Democrat American Communist Party wants to piss them off, wouldn't it?

Gah. Just go read. I'm tired, I'm pissed off, and I'm wondering when the shooting is going to start in my country.


Of or from the screaming feminist types. That's my new term, thanks to Kim du Toit. He uses that term in reference to an article that shows that strippers earn more tips while they're in a "fertile" state, as opposed to strippers who use birth control and never get to that state.

There's still a lot of biological things that aren't explained. And guys, let's face it - at some point and time, you've slept with a woman and a week later wondered why you ever spoke to her, much less invited her into your bed.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's worse than I thought

So, get to the new unit. Get sent to the Supply Sergeant's office to "help him out".

Actual relation to my MOS? About 10% or thereabouts. And as far as I can tell, they sent me here because they don't know what to do with me, they don't have an actual slot for me to fill, but they're unwilling to send me anywhere else where they can't control me.

Six months. Six months. Six months. I'm out of this shithole in six months. I am truly fed up with the bullshit down here.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Oh Dear Lord...

Al Gore won a Nobel "Peace Prize" for his bullshit-laden waste of film, right? OK, we all know by now that the Nobel Committee is full of shit, but I didn't know it was this ridiculous: A woman who saved 2,500 Jewish Children during the Holocaust was passed over in favor of the lying turd.

Someone who's saved that many children, and they give the Peace Prize to the bullshitting movie maker.

Is there any doubt in anyone's mind that the so-called "Peace Prize" is anything more than a political hoax given to people who rail against the USA?

Drink more wine

The Ragin' Mrs. has known this for a while now:

A recent report (seen on Science Daily--yes, we’re interested in science as well as food) from researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia points to a discovery made that shows that red wine, beyond the numerous current known health benefits, probably can work to protect humans from a number of common food-borne diseases. The researchers have found that, “red wines--Cabernet, Zinfandel and Merlot in particular--have anti-microbial properties that defend against food-borne pathogens and don’t harm naturally useful bacteria like probiotic bacteria.”

Actually, if I didn't have to report to my new unit tomorrow, I'd be getting stinking drunk tonight.

Well, that's that

All the paperwork has been shuffled to it's prospective cubbyholes. Troops have been reassigned. Building cleaned out and keys turned in. My unit is officially deactivated.

To put it bluntly, this sucks. And it sucks more knowing that it was the complete and total lack of support from anyone up the chain that caused us to be deactivated. Perhaps on my last day in this hellhole I'll expound upon this, but since I have six months left here, and I don't know who all reads this blog, I'll just keep my trap shut for the time being.

But if my mood seems a little down, well, you have an inkling why. And do you know the most fucked-up part about it all? I'm probably going to have MORE work, not less, in the foreseeable future.

Grrrrrrr. So, is there anyone out there who wants to blog here? Email me.

About those "Tax cuts for the Rich"

Seems to me that if you increase taxes, then cut taxes, you've pretty much ended up where you started out. And as I've stated before, just who do you think creates jobs? Who do you think invests their money into the economy? Folks on welfare?

Nope. Those dastardly rich that the Democrat American Communist Party malign so much. Unless those rich folks are also Democrat American Communist Party members, in which case they're A-OK!

Progressive Taxation is the second plank of the Communist Manifesto, folks. Never forget that.

Found here.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


I finally have a day to watch FOOTBALL!


We have a home cured ham slow cooking for dinner. I have beer. I have pretzels.

Life is good. See ya tomorrow.