Saturday, June 15, 2013

If Sarah Palin had become President

All good points.

  • Palin would not have dismissed the Black Panther intimidation lawsuit that the government had already won.
  • Palin would not have seized two auto companies and give them to her cronies in and out of the UAW.
  • Palin and her supporters would not be claiming that her opponents were racists for disagreeing with her policies.
  • Palin would not have tried to block Boeing from building a factory in South Carolina as a gift to her union buddies in Washington state.
  • Palin would not have toured the world apologizing for America.
  • Palin’s Homeland Security Department would not have classified patriots as security threats.
  • Palin would have expanded oil and gas exploration on federal lands instead of reducing it, make the US even less dependent on foreign oil.
  • Palin would not have allowed the Pigford suit to be settled that gives billions of dollars to “farmers” that never farmed.
  • Palin would not have shipped thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels so that they could be found next to the bodies of murdered Mexicans and American agents.
  • Palin would not have encouraged the IRS to harass Tea Party groups.
  • Palin would not have encouraged the IRS to illegally reveal the names of contributors to conservative groups to Liberal organizations so that contributors could be harassed.
  • Palin’s IRS would not ask groups seeking 501(c)4 status about their prayer life.
  • Palin would not have passed a national health care bill that is a 2000 page “train wreck” and that threatens to destroy America’s health care system.
  • Palin would have focused on reducing unemployment as it skyrocketed instead of wasting a trillion dollars on green boondoggles.
  • Palin would have known that in today’s regulatory state there is not such thing as a “shovel ready jobs” program.
  • Palin would not have spent a trillion dollars to prop up state and local government employees when private sector employees were losing millions of jobs.
  • Palin would not have handed out “Palin phones” to welfare recipients.
  • Palin would not have attacked Libya, without congressional approval, turning it into a rogue state.
  • Palin would not have allowed her ambassador to Libya to be slaughtered, along with three US service members, and told would-be rescuers to stand down.
  • Palin would not have blamed a demonstration that did not occur caused by a video that no one saw for the attack by terrorist in Benghazi.
  • Palin’s UN ambassador would not have gone on national TV to lie about the terrorist attacks in Benghazi because she would not have broken Libya in the first place.
  • Palin would not have been stupid enough – or naive enough – to support the Islamist take-over of the Egyptian government.
  • Palin would have given encouragement to demonstrators in Iran when they went to the streets to protest a fraudulent election.
  • Palin would not be giving the Islamist regime in Egypt billions of dollars to keep it in power.
  • Palin would not have told Putin to wait till after she was re-elected because then she would have more flexibility.
  • Palin’s appointed officials would not be lying to congress and the American people when they are not invoking the Fifth Amendment against incrimination.
  • Palin would not be sending Secret Service agent to her critics’ homes demanding to do a search, go through his medical records, his computer, his cell phone and pretty much anything else, and then threaten to come back and confiscate his guns if he “stepped over the line.”
  • Finally, Palin would have taken responsibility for the things that happened while she was President instead of telling us that she only read about it in this morning’s newspaper.

Truest comment:  "If anyone but Obama were President...."   The list would probably still be the same.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Birthday!

To the United States Army!

In other news, it's National Bourbon Day.  Talk about two days that go together like peas and carrots.

You want a Guest Worker Program?

Here's what you do.  You get some LiveScan devices, which take fingerprints electronically and scan them into a database to check for criminal activity on the part of the fingerprint's owners.  You set them up around the city. 

You create a card for Guest Workers.  It identifies them as a citizen of a foreign country (Mexico, Guatemala, etc).  It quite plainly states that they are not a citizen of the USA, nor can they become one while only a guest worker.  If they want to be a citizen, they get in line with everyone else.

You then put out a message that in six months, if you don't have a Guest Worker card, you're getting deported if the police find you.

You LiveScan every illegal alien who comes in to get a Guest Worker card.  If they don't have a criminal background, they get the card, and we get to know who is in our country.  If they do have a criminal background, they get a one-way ticket to where ever they came from.

The Guest Worker cards are good for six months.  If they want another six months, they get another LiveScan check to make sure they haven't committed any criminal acts.  As long as they're clean, they can get an extension.  And we continue to know who is in our country.  If they've committed a felony or serious misdemeanor (DUI and the like) then they get the fuck out.  Take them to the border, and push them over.  Their continued presence in this country is contingent upon them FOLLOWING THE LAW.  So long as they follow the law, they can renew the Guest Worker card for years on end if they want to.

The Guest Worker card is tied to a tax database.  They work here, they pay taxes into our system.  Don't like it, then don't come here.

The Guest Worker card is not a drivers license.  If they want to drive, they take the driving test just like everybody else.  If they aren't safe, and having driven in Latin countries myself I think I can safely say that most won't pass on the first try, then they don't get a license.  If they actually bother to learn and follow our rules and pass the test, they get a license.  A driver's license is not a Guest Worker card.  Both would be revoked if the worker is convicted of a crime that would get him deported.

I keep hearing these idiots crying about how we can't find and deport 11 million illegal aliens (which is absolute bullshit, by the way, since the NSA can keep tabs on just about anybody as we're finding out).  Well, we can't make them citizens either, not without a huge, damaging cost to our society and our government.  So don't deport them.  Make sure they'll never become citizens while they are here illegally, come up with ways to find out who they are, and get rid of the hard core criminals.  Make them come to use and prove who they are.  "Alright Pedro, you're clean, here's your card, now go do what you do and be happy."

Start the program in the cities.  Expand it to the borders, so we can control the flow of people who come in.  Once a person is in the database and have their Guest Worker card, all they need to do is get a fingerprint scan to verify who they are, and then walk across the border.  When Muhammad Death To America Kalid comes in, we can stop him.  To be honest, if Muhammad Death To America Kalid is crossing the Mexican border, and doesn't have a stamp of the Mexican government on his passport, we turn him over to Mexico.  "Hey there!  This guy was in your country illegally!  Just thought you might like to tell him how upset you are!"  And then watch Mexico's illegal immigration system go to work, which may or may not allow Mr. Death To America Kalid to live for very long.

Seem logical?  The chance of this being done in Congress is just about zero, seeing as how it doesn't stroke the ego or bank account of the congressvermin currently pushing the Illegal Immigrant Amnesty Act down our throats.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hypothosis verified

My post from yesterday, with the bewbs and the hot nekkidness?  Twice as many page views than any other post in the past two weeks.

I might have to start posting more of the hot nekkidness at random intervals, just to see how that drives my traffic up.

God knows it'll be better than half the crap I post on any given day.

Ragin' Dave's Random Thought

Why do some women put on make-up before working out?

Do they think that I give a damn if their complexion is even when they're sweating like crazy?

As they stroll into Starbucks in their still soaking work-out clothes, do they really think I give a shit about their face?

The fact that they're obviously wearing foundation and make-up, and they obviously put it on before the work-out....  What does that say about that person?  Other than they have their priorities mixed up, if you ask me.

Monday, June 10, 2013


Today was like using rusty nails to nail my scrotum to the running board of a Ford F350 Super Duty which then takes off at top speed over a mile of gravel road, dragging you by your scrotum for the entire ride.

I hate this job.  I hate this city.  I can't wait to leave.

Following Muir

Who seems to want to put up half-nekkid hot redheads every day.  Hey, it's gotta be a traffic booster, right?  Let's see: