Saturday, June 12, 2004

Gee, thanks France.

Without you, none of this would be possible.

The United Nations has determined that Saddam Hussein shipped weapons of mass destruction components as well as medium-range ballistic missiles before, during and after the U.S.-led war against Iraq in 2003.

Um... DUH! I'm sooooo pissed off right now that I can't talk about this. All I can really say is that if the USA gets hit by a WMD, and it was determined that the WMD is one of Saddam's old arsenal...

The first nuke should hit Paris. Fucking eradicate that stinking city. Maybe next time when the USA wants to go and clear out a genocidal madman with a weapons stockpile, they'll look up from their blood money and bribes long enough to let us fucking do it. Fuck France, fuck Chirac, nuke 'em till they glow and fucking shoot the bastards still running around in the dark.

Hey! Why are you here!

Why aren't you at the BLOGGER BLASTORAMA?

Well as long as you're here, you can hit the blogroll and check out many of the best writers on the web. As for me, I'm going to be at the range, punching holes into paper at long range.

Friday, June 11, 2004

More thoughts on Reagan's Funeral

It's a class act. Fitting, proper, and classy. Compare this to the Nurenberg style propaganda fest that the Democrats turned Paul Wellstone's funeral into.

By the way, anyone remember when the Donks told Bush and Cheney not to show up to Wellstone's funeral? Now that Clinton has been told to not show up to Reagan's funeral, he's pitching a hissy fit.

Um, asshole, Nancy invites the people she wants to, got it. On her list of who she wants to be surrounded by at this time of grief, an adulterous lying asshole is probably pretty far down. Shut the fuck up and go away. Or continue exposing your lack of character and morals for all the world to see. It's up to you.

This Weeks Winners

The votes are in from the Council of Watchers. This weeks winners are INDC Journal Interviews Michael Berg by INDC Journal, and Rant by Tonecluster. You can find all the results here.

After a decent showing the past few weeks, I didn't make the cut. Meh. To be honest, I didn't expect to. I hadn't written anything really good, and when you're going against these fellows, you need to be at the top of your game. Maybe next week.

Don't Forget

Saturday is the Blogger Blastorama. We're going to be at Wade's starting at around 10:00. I don't know how long I'll be there, and I won't be able to shoot my new SKS there. Grrrrrrrr. But I'll have my .22 with me, plinking away.

And I'll make the same offer as the last time. If there is anyone... ANYONE... who either wants to learn how to shoot, or wants to refresh themselves, come on by. You can use my guns, or AK's guns (he offers them to anyone who wants to learn). If you're using my .22, you don't even need to buy ammo. Just bring yourself. Both AK, Mollbot and I will teach you how to shoot.

Remember, an armed man is a citizen. And unamred man is a subject.

Oh, well isn't that LOVELY!

From Fox News

The FBI warned law enforcement agencies of the potential for criminal activity in response to a call for action in support of a convicted eco-terrorist, according to the weekly bulletin issued by the agency and obtained by Fox News.

"Supporters of anarchist and convicted arsonist Jeff Luers (search) have designated Saturday, June 12, 2004 an 'International Day of Action and Solidarity with Jeff 'Free' Luers,' alternatively entitled 'J12,'" the FBI said in the bulletin.

"J12 events are planned in Eugene, Oregon; Olympia, Washington; San Francisco and Modesto, California; Lawrence, Kansas; Morgantown, West Virginia; Worcester, Massachusetts; Portland, Maine; and Lake Worth, Florida."

Luers is from Eugene, Ore. According to the FBI, he is widely celebrated as a martyr within anarchist and extremist animal rights and environmental circles.

Olympia, WA. Home of the Leftist assholes who refused to let the USS Olympia dock. But supporting a eco-terrorist and a criminal is fine and dandy with them!

For those who don't know, Luers was tossed in the pokey for burning several cars and SUV's. He was convicted in a court of law. Now his brain-dead pals want to hold rallies. I guarantee two things: The smell of patchoulli will be overpowering, and the use of cannibus will be damn near mandatory. Because only a bunch of pisswits who've been smoking pot three times a day for the past few years would think this guy doesn't deserve to be in jail.

And let's not forget that Luers is a member of E.L.F., a DOMESTIC TERRORIST ORGANIZATION.

Anybody got a few grand? AK is trying to raise enough money to buy this bad boy. The thought of running down a few hippies in that truck makes me giggle.

Oh, Right, you're COMPASSIONATE. Sure.

Rodger has several examples of the "Party of Compassion" right now. Just go to the top and keep scrolling. The Left's virulent hatred is almost a physical force, and it's starting to break through their carefully maintained lies.

Add in their revisionist history and their inability to recognise any fact that might show them to be wrong, and you have one of the most dangerous forces in the world.

Ray Charles, R.I.P.

This just ain't fair, man. First Reagan dies, and now Ray Charles? This isn't fair!

Rest is piece, man. I'm sure you're jamming up in heaven right now.


Earth to Raging Dave. Earth calling Raging Dave.

Usually we can rely upon Dave to keep this blog a'flowin' with commentary and content in my absence.

Not so today.

Where you at, Dave?

Anyway, I shall return Monday.

Greetings all.

Reagan Breaks Curse

Beginning in 1840 and continuing through 1960 before the assassination of John F. Kennedy, presidents elected in every consecutive 20-year administration had died in office.

Then came Ronald Reagan.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Comments Facility Updated...

...but I do not know if it works.

Testing 1 2 3.

Updating now...

"Capitalizing on Reagan"

Lee at Right-Thinking comments on the growing popularity of accusing Bush of capitalizing on the death of President Reagan. Along the way he mentions something I mentioned to my father this evening - note the differences between the somber and sober grace of Reagan memorials to the frothing and politics uber alles frothing at the "memorial" for Paul Wellstone.

The differences could not be more stark.

Dan Rather is a Senile Used-up Fuckwit

Granted, you probably already knew that. But the "Big Three" have exposed themselves yet again. I take particular offence at Rather's spew.

Even though everybody is respectful and wants to pay homage to the president, life does go on," Rather told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

"There is other news, like the reality of Iraq," said the CBS Evening News anchor. "It got very short shrift this weekend."

"Once the herd starts moving in one direction, it's very hard to turn it, even slightly," Rather said. "Nationally, the herd has grown tremendously."
(emphasis mine)

You get that people? To Dan "Fucking worthless sack of shit" Rather, we're a herd. Sheep. Something to be controlled, and don't you dare get out of line!

I want to rip that man's arm off and beat him to death with it. What a fucking egostistical shitsmear. What a fucking eliteist jizz stain. Fortunately, I don't watch Dan Rather or anything he might appear on, so I don't have to see his fat fucking face on my TV. Because I'd have to shoot my TV. Dear god, I need to go shooting.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

The Watcher's Council

Hoooooo boy. I've told you that some bloggers make me wonder why I even bother turning on a computer, haven't I? Yeah. This week, the Watcher's Council has to choose two pieces out of some of the best writing I've seen in a while. I strongly urge you to just pick one at random and read.

It is That. Damn. Good.

Reagan's Funeral

Was just about as proper a funeral could be. The military was exemplory, in every movement they made. I think it was proper to have the military that Reagan appreciated so deeply carry him up to the rotunda. The music was fitting. The crowds were huge, sometimes twenty people deep and stretching as far as you could see.

But what almost had my crying at work was Nancy Reagan. At every turn, she was either touching Ron's coffin or reaching out to it. Even when she was leaving, she took time to pat his coffin, as if to assure him that they wouldn't be separated for very long. I can only hope that when I have obtained the years that Ron and Nancy did, my love and devotion to my spouse will match that of this great couple.


I almost forgot to post the winners of last weeks Watcher of Weasels Council votes! The top vote getters for Council links were:

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For the Non-Council links, the top vote getters were:
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You can find all the voting results here. Seriously folks, if you want to read some damn good writing, this is the place. We get together every week with good posts, most of which deserve to get printed all over this country. Sadly, we can only link to them. But link we will!

Tuesday, June 08, 2004


I got printed by the Mad Ogre!

Check out the entry for June 8th, 1830 hrs. Suh-weet! Well, since I was going to blog on this sometime today, right now would be a good start. Mad Ogre alerted me to this piece of drek floating around the net:

Americans would trade rights for security - Experts

Just read that heading. There is so much wrong with that opening sentence that I don't know where to start. One thing is for certain, those fucknuts at Roto Rueters never bothered to talk to me! And when a newspaper starts off with "Experts"!!!!!!! in the opening headline, you just know that they're about to offer up a vile blob of shit and are trying to convince you that they actually know what they're talking about. Of course, they don't.

NEW YORK, June 7 (Reuters) - In today's America, prisoners are held incommunicado for years, newspapers can't photograph soldiers' coffins returned from Iraq and the government can secretly track the books citizens read and the movies they watch.

Prisoners that have been captured on the field of battle are held however fucking long we please, you syphilitic fuckwit! That's because as terrorists or Enemy Prisoners of War, THEY DON'T HAVE ANY FUCKING CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! They have whatever rights are afforded them in the GENEVA CONVENTION! And oh, by the way, if the fucking J.E.R.M.s were caught while violating the Geneva Convention, guess how many rights they have?


But civil liberties can erode much further before Americans will say enough is enough, say experts in social history and political behavior.

Fear struck by the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks helped launch the curtailment of civil liberties in the name of national security, and that fear keeps Americans willing to trade away rights for safety, they say.

Maybe for the shrinking violets on the Left that's true, but for those of us who have a spine, we'd rather go after the terrorists. My rights haven't been given up, they've been ripped away from me. And it's shit-sucking leftist who have done it. Perhaps if this country would allow me to go track down the terrorists and kill them like the vermin they are, we wouldn't even need to have this discussion.

"We're at war," said Ken Weinstein of the Hudson Institute, a policy think tank. "That's why it doesn't bother us."

All stop! Full Reverse! "A policy think tank" should set off warning lights left and right. Why? Because no matter what, a "policy think tank" means "screaming partisan group pushing an agenda". Note I did not say which party, because it doesn't matter. Quoting a "policy think tank" is a load of shit. They're not objective, they're pushing their own policy!

Nor is there a clear "tipping point" to swing opinion the other way, added Karlyn Bowman, a polling expert at the American Enterprise Institute. "We don't seem to be anywhere near it at this time."

Just after Sept. 11, 2001, polls showed two-thirds of Americans felt it would be necessary to give up some civil liberties to protect the nation. A year later, that number still stood at about half, Bowman said.

"Most people don't see a broader threat," she said. "People seem to be pretty comfortable with the general state of affairs regarding civil liberties."

Who the fuck did these people talk to, and where are the studies that they're getting this bullshit? If they can't even list the damn sources, you know it's a crock.

Historians cite the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798, when a threat of war with France led to the law making it illegal to speak critically of the United States. Editors were arrested, and newspapers closed down.

In the U.S. Civil War, Abraham Lincoln suspended habeas corpus writs, which protect against unlawful imprisonment.

During World War One, fear of rising communism led to anti-immigrant sentiment, deportations and a violent crackdown on the labor movement. The 1917 Espionage Act prohibited anti-war activity and under the 1918 Sedition Act no one could "utter, print, write, or publish any disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language" about the government.

Cold War fears of communist infiltration helped fuel the powerful House Un-American Activities Committee and a "Red Scare" led to discrimination and detention. Under the Smith Act, one could not advocate overthrow of the U.S. government.

Um, folks, McCarthy was right - there was a huge communist presence in the USA. We just didn't know how large it was. After the USSR fell, we found out that it was bigger than McCarthy had ever imagined.

But note how the "journalists" list everything that happened in the past. Yet Ted "Fucking Communist Shitsmear" R@ll can advocate for the death of the US military, and he's still breathing. Why could that be, if dissent is so crushed in this country? Could it be because this country is more free today than it has ever been? Yep. But that doesn't fit with the agenda of these so-called "journalists".

And the best is yet to come. Having at least attempted to hide their wildly partisan Leftist bias, these pus-filled anal warts throw away all pretence at objectivity.

But, said Isaac Kramnick, professor of government at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, "all of those moments of fear pale in significance to 9/11 in reality and also in the way it's being exploited and manipulated by the Bush regime."

"THE BUSH REGIME! EVIL BUSH! BUSH BAD! ME GOOD! YOU LISTEN TO SMART ME!" Why the hell don't they just put up a "We're a bunch of scrotal sack lickers for John Kerry!" on their webpage? Maybe they could fit in a comment from Kim Jung Men Tee Lee Il, their buddy in North Korea? Perhaps a side commentary by Castro? I'm sure it fits with their ideology just fine!

"Holding prisoners without charge and things of that sort are being justified in terms of the old argument of national security," he said.


Of course it isn't. You're one of the people who are rooting for the Islamonazi's to kill our troops. As far as you're conserned, those terrorists haven't done anything wrong.

Gah. I can't even finish it, it's too vile. Total bullshit like this is the reason I don't pay for newspapers any more. When the "journalists" are nothing more than syncophants sucking on the dripping lice-infested dicks of communist sympathizers, the "news" isn't worth shit.

I'm with Misha - TREE. "JOURNALIST". ROPE. Some assembly required.

A Question:

I've been prodded by a few people to put out other Molon Labe products other than just stickers. Coffee mugs would be a good start, maybe hats or t-shirts. But I'll start with the mugs, because I'm a coffee junkie, and I know that other people are as well. How many houses do you go into that don't have coffee mugs? Not too many.

So, before I sink a load of money into this, (and I refuse to use CafePress, so don't go there. In order to make any money off of that I'd have to charge outrageous amounts for the mugs) I want to ask the questions -

--How much would you pay for a coffee mug that had Molon Labe emblazoned on it? Think of my sticker being painted on a mug.

--How much would you consider to be too much? What would the ideal cost be for you?

--Would you buy one for $15? $20?

--Would you help advertise them?

I'm trying to get the cost down to around $15.00 per mug, shipping included. Right now I'm hovering between $15 and $16, and I'm haggling with a few different companies. So, the questions are out there for you. Leave your answers in the comments, if you would please! Also leave any suggestions that you might have. I'm thinking of putting the Raging Dave website URL on one side, and the Molon Labe picture on the other. I can also work with different colors as well. Black on white, white on blue, blue on black or white or red, ect., ect., ect., yougetthepointalready.

Let me hear it, folks!

Monday, June 07, 2004

Regarding Reagan

I am unsure as to precisely what to say about the passed President. There's been so much said about the man in the past few days. I reckon I'll try to keep it simple and hyperbole-free by just saying this:

President Reagan taught me to feel good about my country. He was virtually unwavering in his zeal to highlight what was right about America in a time when, like today, there were so many who seem driven to highlight what was wrong. I remember with stark clarity what "tonic to the parched" that was following the doubt-inducing scandal of Watergate and the optimism-devoid Carter Years.

I was eighteen was Reagan was elected. His eight years in office shaped my politics, and my views beyond politics, forever. He did so in two ways.

Reagan believed, as I do today, that America is the greatest invention in the history of the world, an invention that far surpasses any vaccine or machine ever created in terms of its benefits to mankind. Perfect? No. But marvelous, nonetheless.

Secondly, Reagan believed, as I do, that American government derives its greatness only insofar as it empowers the American people to utilize their guts, their sweat, their innovative fervor, their intrepid spirit, and their balance of team and self-ambition to do good for their families, their communities, their Nation, and the world. And Reagan believed that those were the properties born into all men, not just Americans; that all men so endowed with Liberty would expend their energies on those endeavours that create good, not evil.

I lack the words required to describe how that ideal influences how I live my life as a father, as a husband, as a son and brother and neighbor and coworker and citizen.

Ronald Reagan is likely to be the last President old enough to be my dad. He is likely to be the last President to influence me as much as my father has. Like my dad is, Ronald Reagan was just a man, an imperfect man. And like my dad (though to an extent neither as wide nor as deep as my dad), Ronald Reagan helped shape who I am today.

I love America. I revel in Her past accomplishments, and Her vast promises for the future. I believe Her government governs best when it frees people to achieve what the human spirit in all of us makes possible. I believe Her people will ply that spirit into greatness in the future as they have in the past.

These things I learned from President Ronald Reagan. His legacy will not be the mere economic or geopolitical achievements of his Presidency. His legacy is the millions of Americans, and millions of freed Eastern Europeans, who learned about the gift of freedom from a man for whom the proliferation of freedom was a near-obsessive aim.

Rest in Peace, Mr. President.


Yes, it's that wonderful time again! Time to meet with good people, set up little tin cans and sheets of paper, then blow said cans and paper to Kingdom Come! It'll be happening this Saturday, the 12th of June!

Unfortunately, until Mrs. Sondra decided where to hold it, we won't know either. But get your guns clean and your ammo stocked, folks.

We gonna have a GOOD tahm!

Holy Hell!

This falls into the category "Things I wish I had written"!

Remember that stuff at the top of this rant I said I believed? I got news for you, cupie-doll, those guys you're rooting for don't. They really don't. They want to see your gay friends dead, they want to see your daughters and sisters slaves in their own homes, they do not tolerate any religion not their specific sect. They want the word of a man in their religious courts to trump the word of any woman. They believe in the concept of racism: of second- and third-class people, and believe this "truth" comes from God. They want to strap your child to explosives and send your child into the homes of their enemies. They're not liberal. They're not poor and oppressed, they're wealthy beyond your feeble imagination and drive fleets of cars out of your pricerange. They're not oppressed underdogs yearning to be free. They're illiberal medievalists, and you think they're just dandy.

And yet you drool at the idea that they kill our Marines and Soldiers, and you hope they win because it makes Bush look bad. You, a so-called "progressive", a self-proclaimed Liberal, rooting and cheering for people as anti-liberal as you can get. You gleefully call Bush a Nazi while ignoring the real fascists. Nice going, slick. How the hell do you sleep at night, you brainless wonder?

Right - you're a brainless wonder. Nevermind.

That's just a small part of it.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

One last post

This quote is from a poster on the 1911 Forums, Quixote. He has it as his tagline, and the quote itself is one that just makes you nod and agree.

As with much powerful writing, it is short and to the point, but requires reading at least twice to get the full measure of it.

"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. What I can do, I should do. And what I should do, by the grace of God, I will do."
- Edward Everett Hale

Random Thoughts

I've been pretty morose over the death of the Gipper. That's kept me from posting much. So here's a few thoughts that I have in my head right now.

As sad as it is that Reagan died, his pain is over. He suffered from a horrible disease, that ate away at his memory with every passing day. He survived it for ten years. Ten long years. And his wife was by his side every minute of it. They both have been released from that particular pain, although Nancy's pain has not left, it's just changed. But for the moment, the past torments are just that. PAST torments.

The Morlocks and blithering idiots over at DU, Indymedia, Kos, and Atrios deserve to burn in hell. Their reactions leave me only two beliefs. Either they reviled all the good he had done for this country so they celebrate his death, or they are so sick, twisted and foul that they celebrate his death out of sheer virulent hatred of anything that is not them. Either thought isn't pleasant, nor is the idea that their particular sickness may be a combination of both. But they are sick. Sick in the mind, and sick in the soul. As far as I'm concerned, if you needed any more evidence of how perverted and foul the Left has become, a quick foray into their thoughts spread over the internet is all you need. If you need any more proof, go read Jeff's comments in the post below this one.

I was able to speak with a fellow blogger today. It's nice being able to put a voice to the words that appear on your screen. Every one of the bloggers that I've met or spoken to have been good people, through and through. Sometimes their talents and knowledge leave me taken aback. Sometimes I read their writing and wonder why the hell I even bother to jot down my scattered thoughts when they can write circles around me. And sometimes I wonder just how in the hell I got so lucky as to be considered part of their circle. Jim is one of those people. And Jim, when we finally get together, the bars in the area will have to be put on alert to have a large ready supply of both good scotch and fire extinguishers on hand!

Continuing on, I post every now and then on the 1911 forums. I put a post up about my stickers, and received just a phenomenal response. I have a total of 28 stickers left, and I've ordered another 250. After paying off the costs of making the stickers, I went down to Federal Way Discount Guns, and picked up this little number.

It's a Yugoslavian SKS rifle, 7.62 X 39. Believe it or not, this will be the first semi-automatic rifle I've ever owned. The only other semi-auto I have is my 1911 pistol. Everything else is either a revolver or a bolt action rifle. My arsenal is starting to take shape. Everybody who gave me support with the stickers, you have my deepest thanks and gratitude.

That's about all I can manage to post tonight. I'll talk to you all later.

Ronald Reagan 1911 - 2004

Yesterday (as I post) Ronald Reagan passed away. My father's admiration for the man and my admiration for my father are what attracted me to the Republican party. In everything we (R)s do, we try to emulate the dedication to principle, strength of character, and unbending will of our 40th President. I can only think that what the man contained is now free to influence our spirits in a way comparable to how it had influenced the course of this nation and the world as it manifest itself in deed during the course of his life's journey. He was a natural born leader of great magnitude. God Bless Ronald Reagan. I will always feel personally indebted to the man. I've missed his presence and his infuence for many years now........