Friday, March 31, 2006

Officer urged not to sue Rep. McKinney

Peep it:

The Capitol Hill cop Cynthia McKinney punched has been ordered by higher-ups not to sue/press charges. Not going down well with many.
The Corner on National Review Online

I guess as to why: Politicians like to rail against racial profiling in every corner of America except that little niche where absence of profiling puts them at greater risk. I bet Capitol Hill police have SPECIFIC instructions to be wary of people who possess certain physical characteristics (such as dark skin) and the Congressfolk know about it and don't want it to become common knowledge after most of them have publicly stated their disdain for such "profiling" at airports and on highways.


Guns and Knives at School... Germany.

Seattle Shooting

So, in case you missed it, there was a shooting in Seattle last weekend. A man walked into a party and starting blasting away at people, killing quite a few. As expected, the anti-gun crowd is using this incident to press their agenda.

But Analog Kid has a few facts that the GFW's won't tell you. Like the fact that the partiers and shooter both had come back from a rave where people were dressed as zombies.

Ever been to a rave in Seattle? AK nails it with this:

Raves are notorious for drug use, yet no toxicology reports have been released for either the shooter or the victims, but I will place $20 down right now that the shooters comes back with one, if not more of the following drugs: Speed, Cocaine, LSD, MDMA (aka Ecstacy).

To which I would add the drugs Crystal Meth, Crank, Crack, and Heroin. I provided security at a concert which was a rave dressed up for polite company back when I first moved to Seattle. The headliner of the night was a group called Crystal Method. Take crystal meth, add an O.D., and you've got Crystal Method.

Security? We didn't provide much security in terms of who we let in, because we were too damn busy walking through the crowd and grabbing the people who were before they got trampled. We turned the shipment dock into a medical area, and had ambulances running back and forth between my place of business and the hospital for hours. And this was at a public venue! We prevented as much illegal drugs from coming in as we could, so people would shoot up, smoke up, or snort up right before they came in. They would have one or two minutes of lucidity with which to get past the security guards, and once they were on the dancefloor they would be drugged out of their skulls.

Drugs are so accepted and so frequent in Seattle that I have no doubt both the party-goers and the shooter from this weekend were high as a kite on at least one, but probably two or three different drugs. Raves are not clean-cut parties where little boys and girls drink soda-pop and listen to top-40 hits.

So, you think that drug use combined with people dressed as zombies might have contributed to this tragedy? Hmmmmmmm?

This is torture

After two weeks of wireless internet access, I'm back to dial-up. If I could get broadband on post I would, but we're stuck with the crappy PRTC service.

Last night I connected, and do you know what my speed was? 4.2kb/sec.

Yeah. I almost vomited.

I can't wait for Adelphia to get off their ass and offer cable internet on post. Mebby I need to start screaming at them a bit more.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

You know what?

I'm not buying it. I've seen the tapes of Jill Carroll now that she's been "released", and the tapes of her "pleading" for her life, and I smell a rat.

U.S. Reporter Released by Captors in Iraq - Yahoo! News

UPDATE: I ain't the only one.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

For Sale on eBay

Flooded Buses

Check out the name of the President of the New Orleans School District. Yep, she is Senator Mary's aunt.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Oh, and by the way...

Sharon Stone - if I ever wanted any more proof that Hollywood is so far removed from reality that it would take the gravitational force of a black hole to bring it back within range, your comments about Hillary Clinton are perfect.

Stone says, "I think Hillary Clinton is fantastic. But I think it is too soon for her to run. This may sound odd, but a woman should be past her sexuality when she runs. Hillary still has sexual power, and I don't think people will accept that. It's too threatening."

OK, all you gentle folks, scroll down to the next post if you can't handle strong language, because I'm gonna be rude, crude, and blunt. I ain't gonna be pleasant.




All you not-so-gentle types still here? Good.

We can prove that Hillary Clinton had sex one time, and one time only. Looking at Hillary, there's probably a good debate as to whether she actually had enjoyable sex or was simply inseminated like a farm animal, sort of like "Take one for the team, Hill!" However, I have a good theory that her leathery, acidic labia were sewn up right after Chelsea was born, and she hasn't put out one single bit of poon since then. Let's face it - Bill didn't get a hummer from a fat intern because he was satisfied with his love life, OK? The thought of Hillary having sex is rather repulsive, almost vomit inducing, like when I was 12 and realized that my parents still had sex. Nowadays I high five Dad and give him a little wink-wink-nudge-nudge you old dog you act, but at the age of 12 it was a rather disturbing revelation. My disgust with Hillary hasn't faded however, and I can't imagine anyone or anything cuddling up to that power-hungry model of Leftist values.

You've heard of Coyote Ugly? No, not the bar, the condition of finding yourself in bed with a woman resting her head on your arm who's so damn ugly you'd rather chew your arm off rather than pull away and wake her up. Hillary is beyond coyote ugly, folks. That hag stirs interest of only the most lunatic sort, as her tirades through the years and the people who respond to them have proven. I suppose if a shrill, bitter bitch with a pussy like week-old dead fish is your thing, then Hillary would fit your bill. But even if her championing of a failed ideology didn't turn me off straitaway, if her total lust for power at the detriment of everything else didn't set me off, the thought of cuddling up to that man-hating used up hag makes me want to approach her only after donning a full set of riot gear, complete with baton and riot shield.

Those waves you see coming off of Hillary Clinton isn't sex appeal, it's the stench of communism and the aroma of the complete lack of moral values, coupled with the need to enforce her will on everyone else, enhanced by elitism that even John Kerry could envy. The only thing that gives Hillary that 'ol funny feeling is the thought of America turned into her communist shithole dream state, with her on top directing us plebes on how to do her bidding.

She makes me vomit. Clinton has no sex appeal. Neither of them. A former coke-head buffoon more interested in blow jobs than national security, and a woman with a face like a two-month old lemon. Yeah, I can see how you could mistake that for "sex appeal".

Well no, no, I couldn't see that. Nevermind.

And Sharon Stone? Lessee here, a woman who's famous for her tits and flashing her pussy on the big screen. Yay. Here's a hint Sharon - there are women better looking than you, even with all that plastic surgery you've had. And there are women who's pussies haven't been rented out like a Singapore whore during fleet week. When I want political advice, I will not go to a woman who's only claim to fame is that she flashed her bearded clam during a scene in a bad movie. Somehow I think I put the opinions of actual educated people such as her or her or her or her well ahead of the opinions that spew forth from some slutty Hollywood cocktease.

Shut the hell up and act, Sharon. Thinking isn't your strong suit. Come to think of it, acting isn't your strong suit either, as anyone who's seen a recent movie of yours can attest to, but at least you're better at letting people put words in your mouth than coming up with your own.

Heading Home

The Raging Mrs. and I head back to Puerto Rico tomorrow. I'm kinda mixed on it. On one hand, I want to sleep in my own bed. I want to cook in my kitchen. I want to be able to sit down on my couch, watch CSI reruns on my TV and drink beer in my livingroom. I want my vehicle back. I want my dog back.

On the other hand, all of those things are still in Puerto Rico, when I would much rather have them somewhere back in the civilized world.

Look, don't get me wrong. Puerto Rico is beautiful. The beaches are great. The scenery is spectacular. The wildlife is pretty damn cool. But it's corrupt as hell. There are over 20 politicians from the past four administrations sitting in the federal jail. That's for an island of 4 million people measuring 100 miles by 35 miles. We're not exactly talking about Texas here. Hell, we're not even talking California. But it's corrupt to the bone.

Gun laws are outrageous. Just to own a pistol and take it to the range requires three different permits, all of which cost over one hundred dollars. Now I don't know about you, but I don't have $300+ just sitting around right now. And unless you know someone in the local police (also highly corrupt) you don't have a chance in hell of getting a concealed carry permit.

Crime is sky high. Murders occur at a rate that makes Washington D.C. look like Grand Forks, North Dakota. There are bars on every window. The only time I see a yard without a complete fence around it and a gate just to get into the driveway is in the remote mountain areas. I want to be some place where it doesn't look like one big jail cell of a neighborhood. Note that whenever gun laws are oppressive, crime is high. Maybe not as high as San Juan, but high nonetheless. Compton, anyone?

I've got a couple more years left, assuming that my unit is even activated, which at this point may or may not happen. We don't have people, we don't have equipment, and our activation date keeps getting pushed back because of those two facts. Right now I'm not even working at my company, because not only do they not have any equipment for me to work on, they don't even have a motorpool that I could be busy in.

For a year, I've been telling myself that Puerto Rico wasn't all that bad. And then the Mrs. and I come to San Antonio, and it's a huge culture shock. People are polite! HOLY HELL, PEOPLE ARE POLITE! Cars stop for us as I wheel my wife's wheelchair across the road! Hell, cars stop for us just so that I can wheel my wife across the road! I don't have to play some insane game of chicken just to go from one street corner to the next! In San Juan, I feel like I'm playing Frogger, but instead of a little green pixilated blob on a TV screen, I'm the one out there dodging trucks and cars, going "Slow, slow, slow, slow, SHITFASTFASTFAST!"

Doors are opened, and when I thank the person they smile and say "No problem"! That doesn't happen much around San Juan, folks. I've held doors open for people and they thank me! They don't give me the evil eye and mutter in Spanish!

Traffic isn't a "Deathrace 2000" remake featuring live cars and live people. The drivers here in San Antonio know how to merge. They know how to use their turn signals. They stop at red lights and stop signs. They know what to do at a yield sign. All of these important functions of driving are either forgotten or simply unlearned in Puerto Rico. The one lesson that Puerto Rico seems to have learned is to always talk on your cell phone while making a left turn without looking first. Oh, and either drive 25 in a 50mph zone, or drive 50 in a 25mph zone. And that part of the road that we in American like to call "the shoulder"? You know, that area beyond the white line that disabled cars pull off to? Don't even think about it in Puerto Rico. They consider that to be just another lane for their driving pleasure. If I ever got a flat tire in Puerto Rico, I would just drive home. I don't care if my rim dies and I have to pay to get it replaced, that's better than trying to change a tire and having some dope-smoking asshole with a cellphone grafted to his ear wizzing along the shoulder at 75mph+ turn me into road pizza.

And the medical....... Don't even get me started on the conditions of medicine in Puerto Rico. My wife's primary care physician is good, but he's a general practice doctor in one of the most advanced clinics in Puerto Rico. The rest of the medical on the economy is a crap shoot between some voodoo witch doctor or some guy who acts like he got his degree out of a cracker-jack box. If the medical services in Puerto Rico were halfway adequate, my wife and I wouldn't be sitting in San Antonio right now.

So, I guess that we head back to Puerto Rico and pray for the next two years that neither my wife or I get seriously ill. And if we do, I'll put my wife on the first plane back home as fast as I can send her. The thought of a Puerto Rican doctor cutting my wife's back open scared the shit out of me. The thought of more medical down there isn't any better.

Now, I will admit that I've met some good people in Puerto Rico. And I would even recommend that people go there for vacation. Spend a week, get out and about, experience the Caribbean. Just don't live there. Like I have to.

Who would have thought one year ago when I happily took the position in PR that I would be saying all this? Not me. Hell, I thought it was going to be like Hawaii, with less people.

Boy, was I wrong.

Monday, March 27, 2006

The Illegal Marches

So, there were marches all over America by illegal immigrents this weekend. Yay for illegal immigration. I'm sure you've all seen the pictures of masses of people crowding the streets and waving flags.

Mexican flags.

Here's my question - if you're in America, and you want to stay in America, and you want to prove that you're just as American as people who actually did the paperwork to come here WITHOUT breaking the law, well then....


I mean, think about it! What kind of message did all those flag-waving non-english-sign waving people send to America? Did they send a message that said "Hey, we like America, we want to stay in America, and we want to become Americans!"

Or did they say "Screw you, we're Mexicans, just shut the hell up and give us our welfare and free medical services! Gimme your tax dollars you greedy gringos!"

Here's my advice to all those illegal immigrants who are demanding the benifits of being an American citizen without doing a damn thing to BECOME a citizen - if you want the majority of Americans to welcome you into this country, there are a few things you can do:


2) Barring that, when you get there, don't hold huge rallies with Mexican flags and signs written in Spanish. Try learning English. Try appreciating the country that you broke the law to get into, rather than demanding that WE, the country you've just illegally entered, cater to your illegal ass.

3) If you want to stay here, then join OUR culture. Don't come in and sneer at us gringos and demand that we do the hat dance for you. We gringos live in and make this country such a wonderful place. And if you don't think that this country is wonderful, why are you here? If you don't like America, LEAVE! We won't punish you if you decide that you want to live somewhere else!

Gah. At this point, I say build the damn wall. Lock the border down hard. And then start deporting anyone who broke the law while entering this country.

Let them get back in the legal way. And make sure they have a tax registration number when they come back in.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Afghan Christian freed

Milestone in societal evolution or did Condi just make Karzai crap his pants?

This is just a test.

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter was inserted into orbit on March 10, and has returned its first test images. Apparently, it's working--resolution is 8 feet per pixel. But wait, there's more! After 6 months of aerbraking, and descent to its science orbit, resolution will drill down to 11 inches. That gives us ample capability to spot any pesky Martians who might be tampering with our stuff or endangering future human exploration of the planet. ((That's what this program is really all about.))

click for huge magnification