Saturday, January 07, 2006

Men of Honor face off against Dishonored Men

A Viet Nam veteran and a soldier that recently returned from serving in Afghanistan lay into traitorous Democrat representatives Jim Moron and John Murtha.

Moron's lame ass come-back is hysterical: "That wasn't in the form of a question, it was in the form of a statement. But, uhh... let's go over here."

"Up yours, Trebeck!" /SNL Sean Conery

Friday, January 06, 2006

Read it all

Currently, in my opinion, including comments the best page on the Net


the moonbat base of the Democrat Party. It's... surreal. (Just keep scrolling. Check out the comments.)

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Compare and Contrast

Texas 41 USC 38

I've lived in California for a long time and would have liked to see USC win. But. I just can't help but notice the contrast between these two quotes:

From the Southern California Trojans' QB:
Said Leinart: "I still think we're a better football team. They just made the plays in the end."
From the Texas Longhorns' QB:
"The tears hit me last night when I got in from hanging out," Young said. "I laid in bed and I was listening to ESPN for a little bit. I mean, everybody was asleep and I kind of went on the balcony and just sat out there and had my little words with the man upstairs, and they basically came down. I'm just a real blessed guy to be in the position I am right now."
UPDATE: I didn't post these quotes because I agreed or disagreed with them, nor was it because I think the two quotes are connected in any way other than in seeming so unusual to me. First Matt Leinart, who has a Heisman Trophy, says something that is generally considered to be bad sportsmanship - that the other team won but we're a better team. (I wonder if Leinart is a Democrat.) Even if he thinks it's true it's still a conceited thing to say to a reporter. Then Young, who may have just positioned himself as the number one pick in the NFL draft, actually realizing how blessed he is. I've heard atheletes give thanks to God before, but for some reason, Vince Young's statement seemed noteworthy.

Source of Wire Tap Leak Was Fired from NSA - Russ Tice Suffers from Psychotic Paranoia

The highly classified NSA foreign collection program that targeted Al Qaeda is considered by the Ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee - Jane Harman (who was briefed on it since 2003) to be "essential to US national security" and that "its disclosure has damaged critical intelligence capabilities".

Scumbag journalist James Risen calls people like Russ Tice, who leaked information about the program, a "patriot" with "pure motives". Tice was fired from the NSA. A Defense Department psychologist concluded that he suffered from psychotic paranoia. Tice sent letters to both houses of Congress December 16, 2005, the same day the New York Times ran its explosive “eavesdropping” story, stating "I intend to report to Congress probable unlawful and unconstitutional acts conducted while I was an intelligence officer with the National Security Agency and with the Defense Intelligence Agency."

Gee....I wonder which party Russ is registered to, who he voted for in previous elections, and who he gives campaign donations to. Now he "wants to testify". I'm sure he'll get his chance. But if we are going to take what this mentally ill individual says seriously, we should also expect to hold him to account for any false statements he makes. Ya Lyin' Joe Wilson was when Louis "Whistleblower" Libby correctly pointed out that his wife was responsible for his tea-sipping trip to Niger rather than the Vice President as Lyin' Joe Wilson had claimed. Oh that's right, Democrats consider Lyin' Joe to be the "whistleblower" despite the fact that he lied about his own findings among many other things. We can't have the elected President of the United States having final say on matters of national security, right Mr. Risen?

I--I think that during a period from about 2000--from 9/11 through the beginning of the Gulf--the war in Iraq, I think what happened was you--we--the checks and balances that normally keep American foreign policy and national security policy towards the center kind of broke down. And you had more of a radicalization of American foreign policy in which the--the--the career professionals were not really given a chance to kind of forge a consensus within the administration. And so you had the--the--the principles--Rumsfeld, Cheney and Tenet and Rice and many others--who were meeting constantly, setting policy and really never allowed the people who understand--the experts who understand the region to have much of a say.

Why didn't evil Bush listen to that "pure" "patriotic" "expert" "psychotic paranoid" Russ Tice?! HE should be calling the shots! James Risen and his Democrat media comrades continue to shamelessly parade their naked double standards. Keep ignoring the Jane Harmans of your party, Democrats. It's only our nations security you're putting at risk. You've got to get "your power" back. There is nothing more important than that!

God Smites the Politically Incorrect

Remember when the NCAA was blustering about punishing schools with "insensitive" mascots?

Last week, the National Collegiate Athletic Association announced that it would ban the use of Native American team names and mascots in all NCAA-sponsored postseason tournaments. If a team turns up wearing uniforms with words like "Indians," "Braves" or similar nicknames the association deems "hostile and abusive," that team will be shown the locker-room door.
Well, I don't know how far the NCAA got, but God sure smited (smittified???) the evildoers in the past ten days or Bowl Games.

To wit:

The Arkansas St. Indians dropped New Orleans Bowl to the Golden Eagles of Southern Miss, 31-19.

The Red Raiders of Texas Tech lost to Alabama's Crimson Tide, 13-10, on a miracle late field goal.

The Florida State Seminoles lost to the Penn State Nittany Lions, 26-23, in overtime. FSU's field goals all mysteriously drifted wide.

The sole outlier were the Utes of Utah defeating Georgia Tech' Yellow Jackets, 38-10. Even God naps sometimes, apparently.

BONUS: Notre Dame's Fighting Irish fell to the Buckeyes of Ohio State, 34-20.

DOUBLE BONUS: The Trojans of Southern California took it on the chin from the Longhorns of Texas. Take that, Middle East insulters!!!

God smites the incorrect, as He often does. Or maybe it was Gaia. Whatever.

Those Factually Challenged Kos Kidz

Reader and commentor Rexbolious noticed that: "Kos (link intentionally broken) is on a tear today over our Presidents use of Recess Appointments being excessive, but as usual in the case of the left -- The facts get in the way of their truth and get completely ignored..

The actual numbers are in this report:

President Ronald W. Reagan made 240 recess appointments, of which 116 were to full-time positions.
President George H. W. Bush made 77 recess appointments, 18 were to full-time positions.
President William J. Clinton made 140 recess appointments during his eight years in office, 95 to full-time positions.
President George W. Bush made 110 recess appointments, of which 66 were to full-time positions.

Once again pointing out something meaningless, useless, and full of half the information required to really get the picture of the Presidents Job. Another childish attempt to make lead into gold. Bullshit is still bullshit, no matter how many chocolate sprinkles you pour over the top."

Right on, Rexbolious!

My first stab at Live Blogging

Conference call (all times Eastern):

1402: Call conference number, supply PIN, connected!

1403: "Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah."

1406: "Blah blah blah."

1408: "Blah blah blah blah."

1413: "Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah."

1420: "Blah blah blah blah blah." I once overheard my sister's daughter and three of her friends debate about what the best Hilary Duff song is. That conversation had more verve and topical content than this one, by a wide margin.

1425: CLOSING REMARKS! Whoohoo!

1428: Shit. Someone likes the sound of their own voice. It sounds something like this:

1429: "Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah."

1433: "Blah."

1441: "Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah."

1444: It occurs to me that the only thing that could possibly be more boring than this would be cataloguing Howard Dean's virtues. There is apparently no shortage of people who like the sound of their own voice.

1446: "Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah." These people are unbelievable. My Kingdom for a crosscontinental Taser.

1450: "Blah blah blah blah."

1453: Ooooooooooo! CONFLICT! Gauntlet toss mas grande!! Get'im, Girl!

1455: Oy. Gauntlet rebuffed. Cheryl needs a window office before she gets uppity.

1456: "Blah blah blah blah."

1457: My Kingdom for the fortitude required to inform these people that I've grown maximally weary of being the only prepared person on this vapid call every week.

1459: "Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah."

1501: This is why I have a flask of Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey in my desk.

1503: "Blah blah blah blah."

1506: OMG.

1509: This sucks.

1511: OMG!

1512: "Thanks everyone!"

1513: It's over.


Michelle Malkin: 60 DAYS FOR CHILD RAPE

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The one guarantee I got from the military..... that life wouldn't be boring. And I gotta say, they've lived up to that promise.

I was notified tonight that I was needed for a detail that was going out of country. I think my selection had less to do with me being a supertroop and more with me being one of the few people holding a valid passport. In any case, I should be back Sunday evening.

Until then, keep bashing liberals with facts. I love the sounds they make as they cringe away from the truth.

Jack Abramoff and the "Culture of Corruption"

The Dhimmocrats are currently having orgasms over the fact that some Republicans are tied in with Jack Abramoff, who just cut a plea bargain for a multitude of crimes, most of them having to do with bribing politicians with large amounts of money.

Now, of course you won't hear ANYTHING about how much money the Dhimmocrats managed to glean from this piece of filth, but that's OK, because DANEgerus is more than happy to step up and give you the information, listed by name and amount of money accepted.

For FREE! How is it that the New York Times, with millions of dollars in resources, plus people who supposedly went to school to learn reporting and journalism, get completely OUTCLASSED by someone who does this for free?

That's a rhetorical question, y'all.

And the grand total of bribes and monies taken by the Dhimmocrats? $1,541,673.

Now, I'm pretty damn fed up with the current crop of congresscritters, so I'll make a deal with any and all Leftists who want to have a bed-wetting temper tantrum on this issue. I will call for the resignation of any and all Republican members of congress who have taken money from Jack Abramoff, so long as a Democrat blogger makes the EXACT SAME CALL against Democrat congresscritters who are in the same position. We can work out the wording of everything so that all we have to do is change a name here and there. But the message will be posted in tandem, and call for the same thing:

Anyone who knowingly accepted money from Jack Abramoff should resign from his or her seat in Congress immediately, and call for other members of congress who have accepted money from Abramoff to do the same.

I'm not going to hold my breath for anyone to seriously take me up on that.

One Man's Whistleblower

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Where's you Kwanzaa spirit?

You say you've had enough Solstice Blessings, Yule Tidings, and Feliz Navidads? Happy New Year still ringing in your ears? Well hike up your suspenders, Bunkie, it's not over yet. We've been away for the holidays, trying to keep our grumpy mothers happy, well fed, and generously gifted. ((My intimate web correspondents call this type of disappearance, "pulling a Helen.")) So I've got a lot of griping to catch up on, and these freaking Moonbats won't let up for a minute.

Merry Perihelion

Now pay attention because a lot of this is going to come up again when we get into the deep eco-fraudulence of Global Warming.

Tomorrow morning, we are all going to be moving as quickly ever--Earth is at perihelion, which is the fastest part of its orbit. Of course you recall that Kepler first described our planetary motion as an ellipse. That means we have a near point to the Sun and a far point every year. Oddly enough for those of us up to our butts in slush and freezing our bits off, we are now 3 million miles closer to the Sun than in July. Just to make it crazy, sunlight falling on Earth is 7% more intense now than in Summer. The Sun even looks noticeably bigger, but just trust me on that.

Why doesn't this matter? Proximity is nothing, tilt is everything. Up here at the 45th parallel, the Sun is about as warm now as a compact fluorescent light bulb. To matters worse, land masses heat and cool much quicker than the oceans. Guess where most of the land is. When the Sun is pointed toward the southern hemisphere, it doesn't heat much land. So we get to scrape methane frost off our windshields, and my prayers for Global Warming go unanswered.

He wouldn't Join Today - But He'd Force Others To Join Whether They Wanted To Or Not

John Murtha was one of only 2 representatives to vote Yea on a Democrat sponsored bill to bring back the draft.

As DW pointed out below - Would Murtha join the military today? “No."

Democrats are allowing themselves to be lead around by a pack of incoherent losers. John Murtha is a perfect example.

The next time someone waxes poetic about Hugo Chavez...

...tell them about the "Christ-killers".

The Anti-Bush Coalition continues to grow and molt into an increasingly loathesome beast.

Microsoft takes down Chinese blogger

Person of the Year Bill Gates sure is busy...

RConversation: Microsoft takes down Chinese blogger

Assuming that he isn't completely nuts ...

Murtha has not yet found the courage to scream "Allahu Akbar" on camera.

Good Leak / Bad Leak


Leaking Val Plame - FELONY!

Leaking NSA eavesdropping - WHISTLEBLOWING.


Would you join today?

That's what Rep. John "War-Hero" Murtha was asked in an interview Friday:
"Would you join (the military [again]) today?"
His response:
Rep. Murtha of Pennsylvania is the top Democrat on the House of Representatives subcommittee that oversees defense spending. I'm wondering if there are faeries and/or unicorns where he lives. Are bloggers allowed to observe neuroses in one or more of our leaders? It's too bad penalties for desertion aren't retroactive.

H/T: Darth Misha

P.S.: Speaking of Misha, this fisking is a thing of beauty. A taste:
So unless you happen to have a degree or, failing that, have attended the College Reject Full Employment Program also known as “Journo School”, you should shut up and let the “adults” do the talking?

How very generous of you. You’ll pardon us for issuing an Imperial “Impale Yourself on a Hard Salami!” in your general direction, we’re sure.
This is no joke. As demonstrated recently by the House of Representatives (see also Raging Dave's excellent New Year's Day post below), it is much worse than just having mainstream media attempt to discredit bloggers all the time, because the College Reject Full Employment Program is an elitist country club, and 182 House Representatives have been hired to watch the door to make sure that membership is kept exclusive even if that means sacrificing our right to freedom of speech.

Legalized theft has a new dimension for liberals to play with: our thoughts as expressed on the internet. Next, they'll extend campaign finance laws to the inside of my skull.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Democrats STILL hate Free Speech

For a group of people who howl like spoiled three year olds about how they want "Free Speech", the Democrats prove time and time again that what they really want is free speech only for them, and not for anyone else. A commenter named Pebble left this little link in the comments of the post below this one.

Democrats on Wednesday managed to defeat a bill aimed at amending U.S. election laws to immunize bloggers from hundreds of pages of federal regulations.

In an acrimonious debate that broke largely along party lines, more than three-quarters of congressional Democrats voted to oppose the reform bill, which had enjoyed wide support from online activists and Web commentators worried about having to comply with a tangled skein of rules.

The vote tally in the House of Representatives, 225 to 182, was not enough to send the Online Freedom of Speech Act to the Senate. Under the rules that House leaders adopted to accelerate the process, a two-thirds supermajority was required.

So, just to recap:

The Democrats, bought and paid for by George Soros and (and that's not a random snark, those are MoveOn.never's words), who used Professional Tool Markos Zuniga's blog for all it was worth, who use 527 groups like they're going out of style, refuse to acknowledge the fact that bloggers are citizens who's right to free speech should never be infringed upon.

The same people who want to give Constitutional Rights to foreign terrorists don't want US citizens to have free speech. The Left's hatred of the Constitution comes through loud and clear.

Rep. Marty Meehan, a Massachusetts Democrat who opposed the bill, said during the floor debate: "We don't allow child pornography on the Internet. We don't exempt it from consumer safety laws...We don't because we think those laws are important." Campaign finance regulations should be extended as well, he said.

Ah, well, that explains it! Free speech is like Kiddie Porn to Democrats!

But that doesn't make much sense, considering how much they used Scott Ritter in the 2004 election. You know, Scott Ritter, who was busted trying to get jiggy with a fourteen-year old girl. Yep, nothing quite says "We don't like child pornography" like making a celebrated hero out of a pedophile for political gain. But then, nothing that the Democrats do makes any sense, until you put it into this context:

The Democrats will do anything and say anything, no matter how foul and repulsive, in order to get their hands on power of any kind. Including shitting all over the First Amendment rights of Americans on the internet.

Rep. Lloyd Doggett, a Texas Democrat, said that if the bill were approved, the public would have "no idea whether Internet campaign ads are being financed by secret soft money." Soft money is a general term referring to funds not regulated by election laws.

You mean like the millions of dollars funneled by into the Democrat party, Representative? THAT soft money?

Gah. Just remember this when the Democrats whine and cry about people's rights. The Democrats don't care about your rights, and they never will.

They just want power.