Saturday, June 28, 2003

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Sorry I've been gone for a bit. I had a few days off, and needed to take care of some work around the house. And some time to practice my 2nd Amendment Rights, of course. Which brings me to this days post.

Living in Seattle as I do, I get questioned quite a bit as to why I shoot, and why I support gun ownership. It took me a while to figure it out, because I hadn't given it much thought until a few years ago. It was just something you did. But why? So I did a little soul searching. And I was able to name why I believe so heavily in gun ownership. I have several reasons, but one part is this: I believe in being self-sufficient. More to the point, I hate being forced to depend on someone else. And this is what I'm going to touch on today.

I change my own oil in my vehicles. It saves me about $15-$20 per vehicle, and it saves me more for my motorcycle (damn bike shops are expensive!). More to the point, it puts me in control of what happens to those vehicles. I re-surfaced my living room table. It's amazing how much you can do with a sander, file, and a can of oil-stain. Need a tool chest? Forget buying one, I built one. Camp kitchen? Built it. Tent? Built it. Food? I have a garden outside. $1.00 for a head of lettuce, or $1.50 for a packet of seeds that will give me 100 heads of lettuce? Or carrots, peas, onions, cucumbers, squash, tomatos, you get the idea already. The point is, given the choice between purchasing a service or product, and doing it myself, I will do it myself at least half of the time, more often if I have the time to do it myself. It saves me money, and I feel it gives me more control over my life. I don't have to worry about what chemicals are on my produce. I don't have to worry about where my wood came from, or what kind of oil was put in my truck. These are all simple examples but the point is that through these simple things, I control what happens in my life.

Every time you ask someone else to do something for you, you give up a bit of control. This doesn't have to be a bad thing. I can put out a small fire, but there's no way I could put out a house fire. So I depend on the fire department to do it for me. Even though I change my own oil, I have no way to change a clutch plate. More importantly, I do not have the ability to do it myself. Through my lack of knowledge (and the increasing compexity of modern cars) I have become dependant on someone else to fix my car, much like I am dependant on the fire department to put out a housefire. And deep down, it's that dependancy that bugs me the most.

Now then, if I get upset about having to depend on someone to fix my car, how do you think I feel about depending on someone to protect my life?

If a mechanic can't fix my truck right away, it's an inconvienence. If it's sunny, I can ride the motorcycle (and I prefer to do so), but I can't go to the Home Depot and pick up lumber. Not a big hassle. If it rains, I have to carpool or take the bus. That's a bigger hassle, but still not serious. However, if I'm forced to depend on someone to protect my life and property, my life could end. Period. During my Army training, we learned that a man with a knife can cross 20 feet in about half a second. How long does it take to dial 9-1-1? If someone broke into your home tonight, would you rather clutch a phone to your ear, or point a gun at the intruder? And if someone tried to hurt you, do you think the Police would get there in time? I've been trained on the 9-1-1 system, and I've sat through many a call where the caller would ask "Are they on the way? Why aren't they here yet?". Cars can only go so fast, and the police cannot be at your door in seconds. That is a fact that you must accept. And I haven't even touched on the parts of the country where there is no 9-1-1. There are no police to protect you, not for twenty miles. There might not even be a phone to call for help. If you are dependant on other people to protect you, you're done. Pack it up. Shuffle off this mortal coil.

By ensuring that I can protect myself, I am taking control over that part of my life. And more importantly, I can make sure that my life and the life of people closest to me are protected, no matter what happens, or where I am. My life is not dependant on a phone, or someone else's whim. I am in control of what happens to me.

If Tim doesn't kick me off the blog for the length of this post, I'll go into Gun Control at a later date.

Friday, June 27, 2003

Tim has it exactly right. And now we have the goods on the Democratic base. The results of the online primary are in. Howard Dean won in a landslide. Anyone who hopes to see the Democratic Party marginalized by America for at least another 5 years can only hope he sustains this lead in the primaries. If anyone has any doubt that the base of the Democratic party is far left or that there is a strong anti-American component in the party, look at who came out in second place, Dennis Kucinich.

Rumor has it:
Joe Lieberman (1.92%) is looking for a recount.
Al Sharpton (0.53%) is blaming the Digital Divide and proposing the government install computers in every dwelling in America
John Kerry (15.73%) is blaming his poor performance on President Bush and was heard saying something about serving in Vietnam.
John Edwards (3.19%) blamed Big Tobacco and put a call into his mentor, Bill Clinton
Dick Gephardt (2.44%) was heard telling his campaign manager that if he becomes President he will sign an executive order mandating he wins all future online primaries.

Stay tuned for more entertainment and self-destruction from the boobs in the Democratic Party.
Democrat presidential hopefuls parrot Howard Dean. The liberal media has turned the other candidates into Stepford Democrats. To receive any coverage, they have had to ape Dean. This has skewed the Democrat presidential campaign to the far left. It is amusing to observe.

There is an eerie quality to the campaign. It is so predictable. Dean will fly off the handle and attack President Bush. A day or two later, John Kerry comes out with his version. Dick Gephardt will follow with something about how furious he is with the President. Even Joe Lieberman has been seen growing red faced over this or that.

Howard Dean and the Stepford Democrats

Thursday, June 26, 2003

It's way too hot here in northern California. Unable to sleep in this heat, I'll take this opportunity to lambaste a few deserving leftists....

Like effete spoiled brat Rep. Patrick Kennedy who makes the case with his own words that his sleazy and corrupt family fulfills the stereotype of the limousine liberal. In a rare paroxysm of honesty, Kennedy credentialized in front of a group of Young Democrats (momentarily torn away from the glass teat of MTV and Jerry Springer) with this beaut: "I don't need Bush's tax cut. I have never worked a [bleeping] day in my life."

I don't know what I like better, Pat's stunning honesty or the priceless delusion on display when the Young Democrats responded with jaw-dropped surprise. It seems the only people who have not figured out that the liberal elite are simply ne'er do wells getting fat on trust funds that someone with far less anti-capitalistic prerogatives earned vote for Democrats.

As my good buddy Dan likes to say: "Every spoiled rich trust-fund liberal has a conservative bread winner somewhere in their family tree."


I suggest that another condescending liberal, Bradford Delong, show the world that he is indeed the man he implores us all to be by asserting some leadership, showing his manhood, and giving up his position on the faculty at Berkeley to a member of one of his approved boutique minority groups.
You've heard the Dims rage about Job Loss as if it is G.W.'s fault.

SEN. JOHN KERRY (D-MA), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: 2.5 million jobs lost in the last two years, unemployment rate climbing.

Employment Data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates nothing short of historically average for current unemployment rates. I find that impressive considering the impact of 9/11 on our economy. It would be interesting to find out how John Kerry arrived at his 2.5 million claim. If he used the B.L.S. as I did, he would surely have realized that such an estimate was gathered by polling.

How long has the unemployment rate been increasing? It has been on the increase since before the 43rd President has implemented any economic policies and slightly before he even took office. Note point A on the chart I included. Also note point B indicates a curent trend of the unemployment rate leveling off. What will the future bring? I will not venture a guess at this time.

This guy is harshly Conservative.

"The ignorant classes are the dangerous classes, reminded H. W. Beecher, the great Congregationalist preacher (and brother of Harriet Beecher Stowe), in 'Proverbs from Plymouth Pulpit' in 1870. 'Ignorance is the womb of monsters,' he said.
And, oh, to what monsters our society has given birth. Several generations of Americans so little understand the meaning of freedom and liberty that they regularly shill for 'solutions' they are convinced will bolster both, never mind they are antithetical to the heartbeat of a democratic republic.
Take John Kerry, for instance. Monday last in Manchester, N.H., the Democrat presidential hopeful chided President Bush for promising to 'rally the armies of compassion' but leaving 'them high and dry without the resources to wage their battles ... .'
The implication is clear: the only acceptable 'armies of compassion' are those underwritten by the federal government and your tax dollars. God forbid that a president would stand and encourage a return to the kind of robust private charity that government 'beneficence' long ago destroyed. " - The rise of the ignorami
This is a good place for Conservatives to be heard. I just stopped by and posted this:

Aaron is correct about a number of things but none more so than this:

Every time a Republican tries to reform welfare, Liberals cry racism. Yet every time Democrats discuss welfare, suddenly the majority of recipients become white. Hoo doggie.

As for Democrats not being out of touch with Americans, two things:

- Firstly, Democrats are like the "Reality TV" programs of politics: everyone knows the show ain't real but they tune in and play along when it's time after a long day at work to succumb to logicless drivel. Once true reality sets back it, though, most recognizes the folly they just witnessed. The Progressive utopia of a gunless and poverty-free society with universal health care is not more real than The Real World, Joe Millionaire, and American Idol.

- Secondly, for one to gauge Progressive Democrats' commitment to American citizens, all one need do is take a look at the once-great American cities that have descended into cesspools under thirty years of Democrat control. Where does one find the most violent crime, illiteracy, domestic abuse, drug abuse, homelessness, and general despair in....

...Pennsylvania? Philly.

...Michigan? Detroit.

...Illinois? Chicago.

...Maryland? Baltimore.

...the United States? Washington, DC.

Surf a bit and find out who's been running those cities for the past three decades. Or don't, and take my word for it: Democrats have.

Liberals have promised cities safe streets, jobs, affordable housing, and good schools for thirty years.

They have failed to deliver.

Were they lying? Or are they just incompetent?

Take your pick, and then recognize that an argument about whether Liberal promises are in or out of touch with Americans is immaterial, because Democrats don't deliver on their promises.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

I think we need a little more information before we once again see the egg on the face of the anti-Bush anti-war pro-hysterical timorous leftists in the establishment press and democratic party, but the news that an Iraqi scientist has led officials to components for a uranium enrichment system stashed in his backyard could be only the beginning of a slow unraveling of the NBC situation in Iraq.

I have no problem with the dog burying a bone out in the yard; dogs will be dogs. I draw the line, though, somewhere before someone in the 'nuclear mujahadeen' comes by looking for a place to stash his gas centrifuge. The implications are obvious: If Saddam had nothing to worry about, why were they hiding components in backyards?

I love the caption, "Pentagon officials stressed that none of the material constituted the 'smoking gun' they were looking for." As if only a smoking gun justifies the war. The only reason this find is not a 'smoking gun' is because Saddam and the Baathists are no longer around to pull the trigger.
Might I suggest that you go wish Lee good day?

Well then...

Good morning everybody! It looks like it's shaping up into another fine day here in Seattle. We've had sunshine for (gasp) two days in a row! If this goes on all week, there's a good chance that the end of the world is near.

Now then, what new outrages can I find... not much, but then again, I haven't had a newspaper in hand yet. So we'll go with this:

Howard Dean is showing once again how out of touch he is with the American Public. As I have stated, this is a good thing. The more these people show how far left they are, the more swing votes GWB will get. We just have to bring the Democratic idiocy to light more often. Not an easy thing, when most of the media is turning a blind eye to anything which might counter their views.

A mother who was pulled over and cited for breast-feeding her child at 65mph thinks she's done nothing wrong. Now, I'm not a parent, but even I know that having a child on your lap, while you're driving along at 65, is a bad thing. Driving while distracted is a bad thing. And this ignorant bint thinks that nursing her child while she's hauling ass down the turnpike isn't going to effect how she's driving? Ummmmm... Clue to bint, this is your wake up call. Thank god you didn't get a wake up in the form of a wrecked car and a dead child. I could go on for days about his, but I'll leave it at that.

There's a new study that says Teen's brains are hard-wired for quick thrills. I'm going to start a study to figure out how much money is wasted on studies that say nothing we don't already know.

And now for some news that I'm actually happy to read! The USA is working with Pakistan to deliver economic aid to that country. Now, say what you will about Musharraf, but without substantial help from Pakistan the US efforts in the Middle East would have been severely hampered. I don't know of any national leader who rose to power in a military coup and then improved that country from the inside out. Due to Musharraf's political dealings, Pakistan has been able to get out from the economic hell-hole they were stuck in, and now their economy is growing at a rather decent rate. Between our boys and theirs, we've been able to nab some high level terrorists, including the #3 man in the Al-Queda network. All of this needs to be encouraged, and working with Musharref is going to advance that aim. Are things perfect and lovey-dovey? Not by a long shot. But our relations with Pakistan are lightyears ahead of where they were four years ago. We need to keep improving. If Pakistan can transform inself into a vibrant functioning society, there's hope for the rest of the Middle East.

And to end on a lighter note, as well as hop on the Harry Potter Bandwagon, I've discovered that the Sorting Hat as placed me in Gryffindor. Yay!

I'm from Gryffindor!

Hogwart's Sorting Hat Quiz

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Ali Marri: Enemy Combatant

Am I the only one who looked at this guy and thought, Yanni?


Tuesday, June 24, 2003

I cannot help but say a little something about the country I know best, aside from the USA of course, Zimbabwe. Colin Powell is right to make the disintegration of the country under Mugabe's solipsistic tyranny an issue. Not because Zimbabwe is vital to our national interests, it's not, but because the continent of Africa is important. While the world moves forward into the 21st century at various speeds, including the emerging Asia, Africa remains the "Heart of Darkness" for most Westerners. Corruption, instability, post-colonial strife, and AIDS have ravaged a beautiful continent filled with ambitious bright minds, eager laborers, immense natural resources, and desires no different than ours. Zimbabwe is important because it serves as a litmus test for the civility and words of the rest of the continent. Its decay and human rights catastrophe will exist only so long as its neighbors allow it to.

It's time for the once-estimable Nelson Mandela to stop lecturing Bush & Blair and end his creepy coziness with dictators. Mugabe is cut from a cloth not that different than Saddam and Mandela has made excuses for both. If Mandela rejuvenated his former moral influence and galvanized southern Africa to support human rights and apply pressure to Mugabe, he would do the people of Zimbabwe a huge favor. I suspect, unfortunately, that Mandela will continue to castigate anyone who criticizes Mugabe as a neo-colonialist and continue to bizarrely erode his once powerful moral authority.

More news to piss you off

Yet another Bush judicial nominee is being filibustered.

Judge Carolyn B. Kuhl (Hey, how kuhl a name is that?) will be fillibustered, alone with Washington lawyer Miguel Estrada, nominated to the D.C. Circuit, and Texas Supreme Court Justice Priscilla Owen, nominated to the 5th Circuit. Estrada and Owen have been stalled by the Donks for a long time, and now another one is going to be in Limbo while the Donks do their merry dance.

Now, I know that a lot of people will shake their heads and say "Business as usual". However, the CongressCritters going against Judge Kuhl are none other than Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer. Why would this piss me off, you ask? Well, let me give you a few quotes, as wonderfully provided by the Washington Times:

"I am pleased that we will be voting," Mrs. Boxer said during a January 1998 floor debate on a nominee. "I think, whether the delays are on the Republican side or the Democratic side, let these names come up, let us have debate, let us vote."
Similarly, Mrs. Feinstein said during a September 1999 floor debate: "A nominee is entitled to a vote. Vote them up; vote them down. ... It is our job to confirm these judges. If we don't like them, we can vote against them. That is the honest thing to do."

Ya smell that? It's hypocrisy.


While doing the rounds today, I saw that the masterfull minds of Cox & Forkum have once again hit the ball out of the park.

Why people haven't made these guys rich, I don't know.
Got a deck?

This is a nice machine.
Lee over at Right-Thinking posted something about Whiteness Studies a week or so ago.

As a follow up, the dilapidated and delusional Eric Alterman sez:

"Are white-boy conservatives the whiniest people on the planet or is there a special subset of white-boy conservatives named 'Goldberg' who manage, somehow, to set an even higher standard?"

What a dweeb.
"As a farmer and a National Weather Service spotter, Dale Obermeier has spent more than 25 years pondering nature's fury.

"A 1991 hail storm destroyed his entire corn crop. A tornado nearly took his mother in 1936; she held onto a tree while the twister uprooted trees and buildings around her.

"Never had he seen anything like what fell from the sky onto his yard Sunday.

"'I looked outside, and it was raining volleyballs,' he said. "


Racism, and the various definitions ofit.

I'm going to be quick on this post, because you folks have said more than I could ever hope to about it.

It is incomprehensable to me that learned men and women find the treatment of people due to skin color anything but racism.

David brought up the case of Asian minorities, and it's a damn good point. Why aren't Asians, as a minority, treated with the same privledges that blacks are? Aren't they a minority as well? Or are they the wrong minority for those race-baiters?

I think that the so called "black leadership" in this country has made victimhood the mantra of the black community. I think they make a living off of it. And I think that until these people wake up and realise that they don't need the dead weight of AA or people like Jesse Jackson, the situation will keep perpetuating itself.

Tim, my comment seems to have wiped itself from that thread. I'll try to repost it, or at least put in an entry. David, I've changed my handle to Raging_Dave in order to keep us a bit more separate in names. More later.
A little more on the Bollinger cases:

In Justice Thomas' dissent to the Grutter decision, he begins with this priceless quote from Frederick Douglass:

"What I ask for the negro is not benevolence, not pity, not sympathy, but simply justice. The American people have always been anxious to know what they shall do with us... . I have had but one answer from the beginning. Do nothing with us! Your doing with us has already played the mischief with us. Do nothing with us! If the apples will not remain on the tree of their own strength, if they are worm-eaten at the core, if they are early ripe and disposed to fall, let them fall! ... And if the negro cannot stand on his own legs, let him fall also. All I ask is, give him a chance to stand on his own legs! Let him alone! ... [Y]our interference is doing him positive injury."

Unfortunately, this great man never lived to see the 20th century. But can we not all agree that his words are sorely needed in the 21st?

The legal issues aside, it seems abhorrent to me that political and intellectual elites can socially engineer favored races in this country. Note that Asians, a minority for sure, were not beneficiaries of the racial spoils system in Ann Arbor. So are we to believe that blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, etc are discriminated against because of the color of their skin, but somehow Asians have escaped this discrimination? Or, are they discriminated against like the rest, but have figured out some way of succeeding in the face of it? The implications of either of these are many. Part of me calls for an articulate leader in the Asian-American community to speak out on the affirmative action ruling and their second-class status as an unfavored minority. But isn't that the real problem? Maybe the reason Asians succeed and do not require government jerryrig to attend top Universities is because they do not present the noxious notion that race equals ideology. There is no large Asian-American lobby group. I know of no Asian equivalent to the racial brigand Jesse Jackson. Could it be that Asians succeed because they are not vested to the notion that the white world is out to get them? When is the last time you heard an Asian blame their conducting a crime on whites or the system, etc?

It seems like the Asian-American community understand the words of Frederick Douglass. Unfortunately, some on the Supreme Court do not.

And the there were FOUR!


I'd like to say hello to Clint and David, (Hi guys!) and I look forward to contributing with you.

Well, it's another day, so let's see what outrage we can dig up this time, shall we?

First off, we have the "Windshield Death" trial going on in Texas. For those who have been paying attention elsewhere, this is a woman who was on not one, not two, but THREE different intoxicants, driving home from a party, when she hit a homeless man with her car. Now, any normal person would stop, if for no other reason than to pull the man out of their windshield where he had been lodged, but apparently Ms. Mallard felt the need for speed. So she drives home, parks the car in her garage, and then apologises to the man while he's bleeding to death. I really don't have much to say, because the sickening feeling I have in my gut after reading this just takes any and all words away.

Can you imagine yourself in that man's position? Bleeding, sticking out of shattered glass, begging for help, while some stoned bint sits there and says "Oh, I'm so sorry!"? The pain he must have gone through boggles the mind. Personally, I think she needs to get life in prison. That's just my opinion.

More news. Israel is rounding up Palestinians who have connections to Hamas. This is sure to have the normal suspects howling about how Israel is wrecking the "Roadmap to Peace". (a.k.a. the Road to Hell) However, several things have made me believe that the only way Israel can survive is by doing what they are doing.

First of all, there's the whole question of whether or not Arafat can even control Hamas. According to the BBC, Arafat doesn't even control the militants directly under his command. Of course, there are some people who believe that Arafat doesn't WANT to control the terrorist factions, and there are some facts to back that viewpoint up. And in 2001, Iran was so confident of the Gaza Strip falling under Hamas control that the mullahs were actively funding that group.

So which is it? Does Arafat control Hamas? If so, he's done absolutely nothing to stop the terror bombings which occur. And if Arafat cannot control the terrorist groups within the PLO, then at best he's incompetant, and at worst aiding and abetting murder. What choice does that leave Israel?

You're seeing it. And wonder of wonders, how many busses have been blowing up lately? It's kind of hard to plan out a terror attack when your head honchos have been turned into a fine red mist, or captured and taken away.

I'll have my opinion on the Affermative Action ruling later. Tim, my response to the Locke post is in that post's comments.

Monday, June 23, 2003

Yeah! What David said. And.....

I am a firm believer in the constitution of our individual intangible qualities being essential to the creation and implementation of the rules that govern our society. Anyone unfamiliar with the Supreme Court's decision today on the issue of affirmative action can read about it here:

High Court Has Split Decision on Affirmative Action

It is important that we recognize that this decision put an end to the University of Michigan's practice of adding points (20 or 1/5 of those) needed to earn admission into the institution to an individual's score if they were considered to be belonging to a racial minority. It is also important to note that they saw fit to allow the practice of giving significant consideration to a student's racial identity during the admissions process.

The spirit of this ideology seems to originate from a belief that the circumstances for each individual vary significantly based upon their racial identity, and an unfair advantage exists for non-minority applicants. It is as if parts of our society (specifically it's highest court) has learned nothing from the Jason Blair debacle, and see fit to perpetuate a perception of victimization among certain individuals. Do you remember learning of an individual or group being attacked for a belief that one group of people is somehow inferior to another group based solely on the color of their skin?

From Webster's:

Main Entry: rac·ism
Pronunciation: 'rA-"si-z&m also -"shi-
Function: noun
Date: 1936
1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
2 : racial prejudice or discrimination

If you had a list of groups who perpetuated systematic racism in mind, you might want to ad the proponents of affirmative action to the list. What disappoints me more than the decisions are some of the individuals who supported them. This "Right Wing Wacko" sees a few high profile advocates of a dogma similar to my own abandoning fundamental principles by endorsing today's Supreme Court decisions.

Diversity is the often cited goal of those perpetuating race-based legislation like affirmative action. Diversity is indeed desirable. But once again, we become focused (almost solely) on each individual's skin pigmentation in order decide whether our educational institutions are "diversified".

I find it interesting that there are criteria associated with the physical traits of an individual being used to determine admission into an institution created to enrich the mind.

I'd like to thank Tim for adding me to his crew, and I hope you've enjoyed my first submission to Four Right Wing Wackos.

The Valiant Elephant
Add another Dave to the list. You might as well call me David since Dave II sounds like a sleep-inducing sequel. It seems we have the west coast covered. Dave is up in Seattle and I am in the Bay Area of California. To make things more interesting, I went to college in Berkeley, finished law school, and am soon finished a Masters in Business. So believe it or not I am a Berkeley educated conservative attorney. I know of no other.

I have never written on a blog before. Thank you Tim for inviting me. I should add an interesting perspective as I understand liberalism quite well. I was inundated with Marxism and Foucault at Berkeley and can state that at least 85% of the legal industry, in California at least, is well left of center. The Federalist Society chapter at my law school attracted about 15 students; we could not convince any of the faculty members to sponsor us (they all had mouths to feed and wanted their job), and I was called a bigot for just going to a meeting. If you want to see the face of intolerance, just find some of those sheltered liberals who have never done anything other than read Rolling Stone, watch MTV, and satisfy their suburban parents by getting good grades in school. These myopic fools still do not fully understand that a group of atavistic madmen want to slit our throats, convert our children to Islam and torch our country. To them, this is all a Bush conspiracy.

My thought for the day is a no-brainer: The Bollinger Affirmative Action Cases. I have not yet gotten the chance to read the cases and I will do so soon, I hope. But from what I have read and heard so far, it sounds like a judicial blow most conservatives/libertarians did not expect. It seems that the US government has not yet understood that the Constitution demands it judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Unfortunately, it appears that SCOTUS today has institutionalized what leftists call "benign racism" for a generation. While some may say that the decision is a victory because it shot down the quantified racial spoils system of giving chosen boutique minority groups 20 points in the admission scale, it is hardly a victory. SCOTUS held that viewing race as an advantage in the admission process is ok so long as it is but a component in a process that looks at each individual rather than uses a mathematical scheme. This signals a boom time for unemployed college admissions agents as Universities across the country will be pouring resources into their offices in order to personalize the process so that they can retain affirmative action and be consistent with the law. Instead of using objective formulas that account for race and weed out the unacceptable, Universities will now go through applications one by one to dole out racial preferences. Anyone who thinks they will not take the time or spend the resources does not fully understand the religious zeal behind the left's love for affirmative action.

It took Mrs. Clinton TWO YEARS to "find" a stack of papers in the White House. Yet today her supporters are wailing that there have been found no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, a country the size of California, in ALMOST EIGHTY DAYS OF SEARCHING. Golly jeepers!

"The mysterious appearance of the billing records, which had been the specific subject of various investigative subpoenas for two years, sparked intense interest about how they surfaced and where they had been. Shortly after the discovery of the records, Hillary Clinton made history -- she became the only First Lady ever called to testify before a Grand Jury inquiry. "

frontline: once upon a time in arkansas: Rose Law Firm Billing Records

Perhaps Dave will be kind enough to chime in on the folly of all two faced spineless mealymouthed suirming worm follies: Governer Locke's tax breaks for Big Airplane.

Locke is a solid Liberal but when faced with job losses what does the guy do? He ponies up some corporate welfare, errrrr, tax cuts, for Boeing.

What a hoot.

"Gov. Gary Locke on Monday launched an 11th-hour bid for a major tax break for The Boeing Co., the state's largest private employer, if it agrees to build its next-generation jetliner here.
The tax package, available only if Boeing assembles the new 7E7 here, would be worth an estimated $2.4 billion over 20 years. It includes a 40 percent cut in business taxes, research and development tax credits and lower property taxes. "

Locke Unveils Boeing 7E7 Tax Cut Wish List


Wow. Me on a blog. Who woulda thunk it? I'd like to thank Tim for inviting me, and I promise that I won't bore too many people out there.

As for who I am, that's simple. I'm a former Army boy, a gun-owning, motorcycle riding conservative living in Seattle, of all places. This is the first time I've put any kind of record or log online. I know basic HTML, so I should be able to make it through without causing the screen to blink and fade to the "Blue Screen of Death", although if your computer starts to smoke.. just remember, Tim brought me here. It's his fault.

So then.... the outrage du jour. I see we have H. Dean's son covered, as well as the BBC poll.... what else.... How about the speech by Dick Gephardt, where he shows his true intentions? It seems that Tricky Dick v. 2.0 thinks that all he needs to do is be elected and wave his magic pen! Perhaps Dick should look over the constitution a bit more.

Then again, maybe these nut-jobs should just keep talking. I mean, we have Tricky Dicky blabbing away, retired Gen. "Taxes" Clark spouting parts of the communist manifesto on public TV, and every other democratic candidate making complete and utter fools out of themselves. As long as this keeps up, Bush is a shoo-in for the 2004 elections.