Friday, January 04, 2019

This is what happens when you define deviancy down

How did America become a nation of slobs?

Go to any public arena—a sports event, a shopping mall, Wal-Mart, you name it—and you realize the standard of dress for men and women, adults and children, has reached a low point in American history. Blue jeans are de rigueur; t-shirts with slogans, some of them billboards of obscenity, assault the eyes; pajama bottoms are worn to the grocery store; restaurant patrons appear at lunch looking as if they had just rolled out of the sack; grown men wear baseball caps while eating steaks at Outback.

I started noticing this at Church.  Now, even if you're not religious, you can understand that for someone who IS religious, when we go into the house of God we should show respect.  Hell, I wear nice clothing whenever we have dinner with my father in law, and my wife can't stand him.  So if I can show a man my wife cannot stand a little respect by dressing decently, how much more respect should I show God in his own house?

Sadly, I'm typically the best dressed man at church.  And I'm not wearing black tie and tails here.  I typically wear an oxford shirt with a tie, and a sports coat, along with a pair of dress pants.  During the summer, when it's hot and humid enough to melt the windows from your car, I wear a polo shirt and nice pants.  And I'm still the best dressed.

Take a gander at this video.  Skip to 1:45 to take a look at the stands of the 1968 World Series game.

What do you see?  Men wearing shirts with collars.  Many of them wearing ties.  Men dressed to go out to a GAME.  And they dressed well.

When did we become such slobs?  When did we lose the respect for ourselves?

My wife has several chef's coats for when she does events and people are helping her out in the kitchen.  Even in the middle of working their asses off, we want people who we serve to know that they are being served by PROFESSIONALS.  A lot of the uniform regulations that made me scratch my head as a 20 year old make sense if you understand that Soldiers are supposed to be PROFESSIONALS.

Howsabout this for a New Year's resolution?  Dress better.


My Aunt used to own a bed and breakfast in Santa Barbara.  This was back in the 80's.  She died in the 80's, which was why my family found itself on a train going down the coast to her B&B before she died.  Long story, but if you want to know a small part of why I'm opposed to drug use, this is part of it.  My aunt was a hard-core drug user in her youth, and it came back to bite her in her 40's.  She died before she ever saw 50.

In any case, my parents gave me a radio and earphones in order to keep me occupied on the train ride.  I had a cassette tape of the Beach Boys Pet Sounds, and I was enthralled.  So much to the point where I was singing along with the music at every opportunity I had, which was rather irritating to the rest of the passengers on the train.  But I made sure I knew every vocal part to the song.  Two days on a train, and my parents were probably ready to kill me. 

Anyways, this is what brought that memory on.

Good Lord in Heaven, that's beautiful.  And talented.  Can you think of any Grammy winner this year or last year, or the year before, who could come up with something like this?  I can't.

US Intel Agencies had exculpatory evidence on LTG Mike Flynn, and kept it hidden.

The Democrats KNEW about the evidence, and knew that Flynn wasn't a traitor, but they kept lying about him anyways.

For nearly two years now, the intelligence community has kept secret evidence in the Russia collusion case that directly undercuts the portrayal of retired Army general and former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn as a Russian stooge. 
That silence was maintained even when former acting Attorney General Sally Yates publicly claimed Flynn was possibly “compromised” by Moscow. 
And when a Democratic senator, Al Franken of Minnesota, suggested the former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) chief posed a “danger to this republic.” 
And even when some media outlets opined about whether Flynn’s contacts with Russia were treasonous. 

Every accusation against LTG Mike Flynn has been a lie.  Not a small lie, but an outrageous, blatant huge lie.

Motherfuckers in D.C. need to go to jail for the way they've gone after Flynn, and how they lied and lied and lied in order to push a political narrative instead of the truth.

Thursday, January 03, 2019

The Cost of Illegal Aliens in the USA

Would pay for the wall, and then some.  And continue paying dividends in the future.

What is the cost of illegal immigration? According to the Center for Immigration Studies it is $338.3 billion.         The center breaks it down as follows: $22 billion on social services; $2.2 billion on food assistance; $2.5 billion on Medicaid, $29 billion on education ($12 billion on primary and secondary education for children here illegally who cannot speak English; $17 billion for children born here by illegal parents); $3 million per day to incarcerate illegal immigrants (30 percent of all federal prison inmates are illegal immigrants); $90 billion on illegal aliens for welfare. Lastly $200 billion in suppressed American wages. 
Add to this the cost of deportation at $46 billion annually.

Can anyone defending illegal aliens explain to me why the USA needs these people here?

Best Headline so far this year

Romney unintentionally reminds everyone why Trump was elected in the first place

Well....  yeah. 

Showing a particular out-of-touchedness that highlighted his failed run for president in 2012, Romney cited public opinion polls — in Germany, the UK, France, Canada and Sweden — opposed to Trump as evidence of his shortcomings. Since when is pursuing U.S. interests contingent upon appealing to foreign populations? If going to Iraq had been a global referendum, we would have never gone in. 
What Trump has done, which is long overdue, is emphatically state that the U.S. will act, on foreign trade and relations, in a manner that benefits the U.S. first. No more one-sided trade deals designed to redistribute American wealth overseas. No more free lunches for the NATO alliance, either. These are measured responses to bankrupt policies that were bankrupting the nation with open-ended military engagements, open borders and the outsourcing of millions of jobs.
Romney would have been a horrible president.  Maybe better than Obama, sure, but that's a low bar to set.  Trump has been the 2nd most conservative president of my lifetime, and certainly the most Libertarian president.  Regulations are going DOWN.  Taxes went DOWN.  Troops being pulled from areas where there's no declaration of war. 

Romney's attack on Trump was short-sighted and wrong, and it did indeed highlight why he was such a loser in 2012.  He'll be just another RINO in Congress that we'll have to deal with for six years.  Thanks, Utah.

Stealing that quote of the Day

From Kim du Toit.

Who took it from Taki.  Just so there's a chain of custody on this thing.

“The media in America has become like the E.U.:  an enemy of the people, unelected and answering to no one.”

Yep.  There's a reason Donald Trump's support goes up when he attacks the media.  Because we Normal Americans are sick and tired of a bunch of pampered, know-nothing, bubble-dwelling, sneering retards who cannot begin to describe the country that lays between I-5 and I-95, attempting to tell us what to think and how to behave.  We have waited decades for someone to treat the media with the disrespect that it deserves, and Trump is that guy.

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

A detailed sketch of corruption in the US Government

But of course, the Weekly Standard didn't want any part of it.  Maybe that's why they're gone now, and this report is now seeing the light of day.

A trove of recently released documents sheds further light on the scope and logistics of the information operation designed to sabotage an American election. Players include the press, political operatives from both parties, and law enforcement and intelligence officials. Their instrument was the Steele dossier, first introduced to the American public two years ago.

Read it all.  And understand that the GOP is not your friend.  They're just one wing of the bi-factional ruling party.

But credit Comey for underscoring, and maybe not accidentally, a larger truth—the operation that sought to defraud the American voter had bipartisan support all along. Court documents released in December show that Steele gave his final report to Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger and House Speaker Paul Ryan’s chief of staff, Jonathan Burks.

Paul Ryan didn't leave soon enough, and the damage that he did, continuing on the damage of John F'n Boehner, will never be undone.

What is it about the rain

That causes people to turn into drooling half-wits when they get behind the wheel?

This afternoon it seemed like every other car was being driven by a crackhead on quaaludes.  It's rain, people.  In MISSISSIPPI, where large amounts of rain is the norm, not the exception.  Oh, and put down your phone, you slack-jawed fucking retard.

BRB. Working

Will post later.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year

Sitting outside, smoking a cigar, drinking a Manhattan, listening to the fireworks, and then...


It sounded like a live-fire range at Ft. Riley.  I couldn't count the number of people that were outside shooting guns into the air.

I wanted a concrete roof at that point.  Holy moly, folks.  What goes up, must come down! 

I'm kind of at the point where I'm more than ready to leave this town.

Good Question

Why, exactly, does the IRS have fully-automatic assault weapons?

Because they want to use them.  On you.

The GAO looked at how 20 federal agencies spent money on firearms and ammunition, and how those agencies, including the Department of Health and Human Services,  Environmental Protection Agency and the IRS, practiced “inventory control” for their guns and ammunition. But another question raised by the GAO analysis is not answered. Some of those agencies, such as ICE, FBI, US Marshal Service, Secret Service, etc. need to be well armed on the roles of protecting the public. Other agencies such as the IRS and the NIH seem to be over-weaponized, a frightening concept for a government that is supposed to serve the people, not vice versa.

Federal Marshals?  Obviously need guns.  Border Patrol?  I'd give them fully armored vehicles with M2's mounted on a turret to take care of the Coyotes and the cartels.  But the National Institute of Health?

The IRS?  Excuse the hell out of me, but the IRS has already shown it cannot be trusted with any kind of power.  Why the hell does the IRS have fully automatic assault weapons?

Note to grabbers, unlike your false claims about semi-automatic weapons such as AR-15s, what the IRS has are automatic weapons, that’s fifteen machine guns with 56,000 rounds. Who do you think they will be using them on?

This is just another part of the reason why I will never ever ever ever ever give up my guns.  I will not register them.  They all got lost in the Great Canoeing Accident of 2015, so I don't even have them anymore.

The government is force.  Apparently, they want more force.  Just who do you think they'll be applying that force TO?