Friday, October 31, 2003

The whole schmegeggie regarding the Springfield M1903A3.

Well, it looks like the wildly partisan pukes in Congress have once again held up a judicial nominee.

First Estrada dropped out, and who can blame him? He was literally HAMMERED from day one, and his life was suffering because of it. The Democrats used every vile, horrible tactic they had in order to stop Estrada's nomination. Now they'll do the same to Brown, Owens, and as indicated in the article above, Pickering.

What stuns me is that the man has the support of damn near everyone in his home state, including the NAACP, and yet the Donks call him "Extreme right wing" (meaning he actually follows the constitution), "divisive", and I've even heard "racist". It's bullshit. Flat out bullshit, and I hope to GOD that Bush weilds these blockades like a hammer when the election day comes.

In local news, Seattle is having record cold temps. But remember, global warming is going to kill us all, right? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

I'm spending today with the girlfriend, and tomorrow I'm heading to the range with the g/f's son, and Analog Kid from Random Nuclear Strikes. It'll be a good day. Hopefully I'll have some targets from the 30-06. I haven't fired it yet, so this will be the sighting in session.

For those who want to know, it's a M1903A3, made in 1942. Oh yeah, baby!
Ever heard of Tastykakes?
City Journal reports that Culture War is in full swing and despite getting a late start in media, our side is catching on and catching up.

The Left’s near monopoly over the institutions of opinion and information—which long allowed liberal opinion makers to sweep aside ideas and beliefs they disagreed with, as if they were beneath argument—is skidding to a startlingly swift halt. The transformation has gone far beyond the rise of conservative talk radio, that, ever since Rush Limbaugh’s debut 15 years ago, has chipped away at the power of the New York Times, the networks, and the rest of the elite media to set the terms of the nation’s political and cultural debate. Almost overnight, three huge changes in communications have injected conservative ideas right into the heart of that debate. Though commentators have noted each of these changes separately, they haven’t sufficiently grasped how, taken together, they add up to a revolution: no longer can the Left keep conservative views out of the mainstream or dismiss them with bromide instead of argument. Everything has changed.
City Journal Autumn 2003 | We’re Not Losing the Culture Wars Anymore by Brian C. Anderson
I was watching C-SPAN Sunday morning and heard a caller mention how ignorant Americans are and how she now is armed with facts because she gets satellite news from abroad and hasn't that made her oppose Bush even more.... I think maybe this is an example of what we morons are missing. It's news from Australia regarding how Cheney's cronies have hijacked the Presidency and Bush doesn't even know what is going on and remember that convoy into Syria from Iraq that was bombed by US forces? - that was Cheney telling Bush not to get too cozy with the next object of desire for Halliburton...

You know the routine.
The Happy Homeschooler has a little slice of opinion of young male wards of the State who wind up being neglected, abused, and otherwise maltreated.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

A Microsoft worker has lost his job after blog posting a picture of several Power Mac G5s being off-loaded outside of the MSCopy print facility.
Got twenty hours free for some reading? Peep The Palace Of Reason.
One for fun...

Drawing a dying breath

Looks like the "anti-war" movement is on its last legs.
Emerging from the Metro station onto the National Mall Saturday morning, I saw a beautiful movement to right a vast wrong. Protesters of every age, race, and nationality stood together as one. Their songs were full of joy and their steps punctuated with righteous indignation. They cheerfully exhorted passersby, who joined the cause, impassioned by the spectacle before them. In that moment it seemed a great evil could be vanquished, and truth prevail.

The seeds of Utopia took root. The sun shone down. Oh yeah, and a bunch of dirty hippies and black-masked anarchists were holding their own pow-wow across the way.
The American Spectator

Ralph Reiland rants about Eurosclerosis.

In its early stages, the chief symptom of the disease is a blockage of the entrepreneurial spirit, generally brought on by excessive doses of centralized planning and anti-capitalist trade unionism. By the end of the line, with the life squeezed out of the business sector by bloated government bureaucracies, high taxation and near-zero incentives for performance, the politicians try to pump some life back into the system through the magic of public subsidies for ever-expanding make-work projects.

Lena Skarninga, 33, is a practicing witch in Norway. The Associated Press reported that the Norwegian Industrial and Regional Development Fund awarded Ms. Skarninga a small-business grant of $7,453 to spread her magic to residents in the forest of Nord-Odal, a region about 100 miles north of Oslo.
Peep it!
Something happened on the way to Utopia

DANEgerus has some intriguing news about Oregon's Universal health care program.
Well, well, well. Even Scientific American can't hold back when it comes to editorializing. Wouldn't it be neat if there were just ONE publication that could report stuff without all the slant?
Feel good about your economy!

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Are there any more Democrat Debates scheduled? If so, visit here and get your bingo card, so you can play along!
Boy, I'd better get working

I can't let anyone out evil me!

This site is certified 69% GOOD by the Gematriculator

This site is certified 31% EVIL by the Gematriculator

You all know about the rocket attack in Baghdad, right? Paul Wolfowitz? Hotel getting blown up? Guess where the weapons came from? C'mon, take a guess. Take two! Maybe even three! Anybody?

Oh fine, I tell you.

That backstabbing, snot nosed, yellow bellied, boot licking, craven pit of everything BAD about humanity, France.

Yep, they were FRENCH made weapons! Can we just nuke Paris now?

Found via The Amazing Kallini Bros., who found it via DANEgerous.
More Liberal lies and smears

Slate has their "Bushisms" where they can laugh and yuk it up about what a maroon the President is. Today's Bushism is this:

"[A]s you know, these are open forums, you're able to come and listen to what I have to say."—Washington, D.C., Oct. 28, 2003

Most people would shake their head and move on. Not Eugene Volokh! No, Mr. Volokh actually finds the speech that it came from! There, we find out that Bush is discussing fundraising events with a couple of reporters, and his remarks suddenly make sense:

{begin transcript}
THE PRESIDENT: . . . Ed, and then Bob, and then I'm going to go eat lunch.

Q: Are we invited? (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: It depends on your question.

Q: Fair enough. Mr. President, you talked about politics. For weeks, if not months now, when questions have been posed to members of your team, those questions have been dismissed as politics, and a time will come later to address those questions. You, indeed, have said that, yourself. How can the public differentiate between reality and politics, when you and your campaign have raised over $80 million and you're saying that the season has not started?

THE PRESIDENT: You're not invited to lunch. (Laughter.)

Look, we are -- we're arming, raising money to wage a campaign. And there will be an appropriate time for me to engage politically; that is, in the public forum. Right now, I'm -- yes, no question, I'm going out to our friends and supporters and saying, would you mind contributing to the campaign for the year '04? To me, that's -- and that's a part of politics, no question about it. And as you know, these are open forums, you're able to come and listen to what I have to say.

To me, there's a difference between that and actually engaging potential opponents in a public discourse in a debate. And there will be ample time for that. There will be ample time to differentiate views and to defend records in the face of political criticism. And I know that the campaign has started for some, in terms of the public debate from a political perspective. It just hadn't for me yet.
{end transcript}

Now, this isn't a little slip of the tounge, this is a rag deliberately taking the president's remarks out of context, and spinning them to make the president look as bad as possible. Volokh nails it. And in my opinion, the smear campain is just starting up. Look for more lies, slander, and mud-slinging than you can ever imaging coming from the Left. Because the Left is ideologicly bankrupt, with nary any kind of plan, coherent thought, or idea for progress to be found in the whole damn Donk party. So, they're going to attempt to kill Bush with their lies and outright distortions.

Oh, THAT liberal media.
This is really kinda cool: The Gender Genie.
Time to find that REMF and air-drop him into Iraq

Preferably without a parachute.

For those who don't know, REMF is a derogatory term, meaning Rear Echelon Mother F***er. It's used to describe an idiot who sits in the rear with the gear, but thinks he can make decisions for those who are fighting up front. And I guaran-god-damned-tee that's what's going on here.

The Army has filed a criminal assault charge against an American officer who coerced an Iraqi into providing information that foiled a planned attack on U.S. soldiers.

Lt. Col. Allen B. West says he did not physically abuse the detainee, but used psychological pressure by twice firing his service weapon away from the Iraqi. After the shots were fired, the detainee, an Iraqi police officer, gave up the information on a planned attack around the northern Iraqi town of Saba al Boor.
An Army official at the Pentagon confirmed to The Washington Times yesterday that Col. West has been charged with one count of aggravated assault. A military source said an Article 32 hearing has been scheduled in Iraq that could lead to the Army court-martialing Col. West and sending him to prison for a maximum term of eight years.

This is insane. The Lt. Col. in all seriousness saved the lives of his men by getting this information. The same limp-dicked pisswads who whine about how many lives are being lost (even though these same limp-dicked pisswads have never served in the military, much less know anything about what you must do to stay alive) are now the people whining and sniveling about methods used in order to save American soldiers.

An informant reported that there was an assassination plot against Col. West, an artillery officer working with the local governing council in Saba al Boor. On Aug. 16, guerrillas attacked members of the colonel's unit who were on their way to Saba al Boor.
An informant told the soldiers that one person involved in the attack was a town policeman. Col. West sent two sergeants to detain the policeman, who was placed in a detention center near the Taji air base. The interrogators had no luck at first, so Col. West decided to take over the questioning.

So his unit had already suffered an attack, and he knew that one person involved was in a position of authority in the town? Do I really have to make clear why THIS IS A BAD THING?!?!?!?! Tell you what, let's get another opinion on this, shall we? Mr. du Toit, if you would?

This Iraqi Bastard was a policeman -- someone we put into a position of authority and trusted to uphold the law, and who repaid our trust by supporting terrorist scum. Fuck him, fuck his family, and fuck his entire village. Had this been me, the Iraqi Bastard would have a Pavlovian aversion to car batteries and jumper cables for the rest of his fucking life. Yes, that's how important it would be to me to keep my soldiers safe and alive.

Kim must be in a good mood. Because let me tell you what should happen to that fucker. Kill him slowly. Then hunt down his family and kill them. Burn his house to the ground, salt the earth, and spread pig guts over the smoking remains. And then hang this terrorist supporting filth's twisted, tortured body over the remains, and let the birds and dogs eat what's left of his worthless corpse. Once that is completed, climb to the top of an M1 Abrahms tank and take a good long healthy piss on anything that's left.

As for the Col., he saved the lives of his troops and outed a terrorist supporting policeman. That deserves a fucking medal, not a Chapter hearing! Whoever made that discision should be dumped into the Col.'s place, handed a rifle, and told "Here you go, you gutless piece of shit, walk your happy ass into the war zone and see what happens". The people who deride this officer have never been in his shoes, and wouldn't know what to do if they WERE in his shoes. You cannot play paddy-cake with terrorists, you idiotic twits! I'm so pissed off I'm shaking right now. This officer should be re-instated as soon as possible, preferably YESTERDAY!

Let me see if I can impress on you the importance of this, from a grunt's perspective. A soldier who's putting his life on the line has to take several things for granted. First and foremost is that his leaders are looking out for him. A soldier will do just about anything as long as he knows that he's not being put into harms way for no good reason. A soldier will also work his butt off for leadership that he feels is deserving of respect. When an officer goes through such lengths in order to prevent an attack on his troops, he gains the respect of those troops. I'll wager that his unit would have marched into hell for Lt. Col. West after what he did. When you punish West for his actions, actions which prevented his troops from DYING, what are you saying to those troops? Let me give you a hint:

"The US values the life of a terrorist supporting traitor more than the lives of American Soldiers."

You're not just saying that to the troops, you're practically shouting it in their faces! How many of those troops do you think will re-up now? Knowing that the USA would rather let a terrorist supporting traitor be happy and comfortable than American troops be alive? And knowing that it's some snot-nosed, limp-dicked, un-tested REAR ECHELON MOTHER FUCKER who's pressing charges makes me pissed off even more. Some slimey little puke who isn't fit to spit-shine Col. West's boots. Some maggot who's never been fired at. Worthless, horrible, miserable, ill-gotten vermin who will hurt West's unit in more ways than he can imagine. THIS is the legacy that Clinton left the military, folks. Horrid REMF bastards who care more about terrorists than Americans.

Put West back in command, and kick this REMF out.
Looks to me like WesMania was more shortlived then an unogled set of C cups in the Clinton Oval Office, but there is something new at Wesley Watch.
Who are you who are so wise in the ways of science?

Technological breakthroughs get big press because they can give us new tools and toys. We feel technology's impact directly: wheels and gears, zippers and microchips--the list is endless. But where would technology be without scientific discovery?

Nowhere, I say. Technology marches on a highway laid down by those absent-minded geeks who merely figure out what's true. So what are the ten greatest scientific discoveries of all time?
MSN Learning & Research - 10 Great Scientific Discoveries

One year ago today: The Wellstone Death Rally.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Take a moment, if you please

France has Urban Wastelands?

There was a verdict last week.

At the vast housing project where the girls lived and where the rapes occurred, the grounds are clean, even landscaped. The population is multiracial and multiethnic, blending both French-born citizens and immigrants from places like North and sub-Saharan Africa, Turkey and the Caribbean. Nearby are a butcher selling halal meat, an oriental pastry shop and coffeehouse, a laundromat, a health club and a supermarket — as well as drug dealers openly selling hashish.

Prejudice against the girls lingers. "What were the girls doing in the afternoons down in the basements?" asked a woman who lives on the first floor of the building. "Why did their parents let them go there? They know what happens if they follow the boys. They know what happens if they go to the basement."

The neighborhood butcher, from Algeria, talked about the suburb as a world apart. "If a girl goes out, she's going to get into trouble, especially with Arabs and blacks, because they are not used to seeing girls outside," he said. "The boys have needs. Where I come from, it's not normal that a girl goes out at night. If I tell my sister not to go out, she obeys me. This world is not like France."
A Crime of the Young Stalks France's Urban Wastelands

"This world is not like France."

Errrr, yeah.

This is an interesting read: Right Wing News (Conservative News and Views)

Proof that stupid people are everywhere. Found over at AlphaPatriot. As usual, all emphasis is mine.

THE International Committee of the Red Cross is to begin pulling foreign staff out of Baghdad after a car bomb blew up at its office in the Iraqi capital last night, a senior official said.

In an interview on the internet website of Germany's ARD public television, Pierre Gassmann said the ICRC would continue to refuse military protection.

"We will begin tomorrow to fly out expatriate staff and then we'll see how we can continue our work with our Iraqi staff," he said.

Gassmann, head of the ICRC delegation in Baghdad, said the organisation had about 35 foreign staff in Iraq and 800 Iraqis.

"If we decide to ask for military protection, we will be exactly where the enemy is seen - at the side of the coalition troops," he said.

I want to puke. I don't know whether to laugh at this idiot or rip off his arm and beat him to death with it for the good of humanity. First of all, it's clear that he considers the United States as the enemy. Great. Time for me to find a different charity to send my money to, because any group who employs an asshat like this isn't getting a dime from me. But DAMMIT, why can't these slack-jawed drooling halfwitted morons LEARN FROM WHAT HAPPENS AROUND THEM????

Didn't the bombing at the UN building teach these cretins ANYTHING? TERRORISTS DON'T CARE WHO YOU ARE, BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT THEM! You can dance naked around the US Embassy flinging handfulls of your own feces at the guards, and the terrorists will STILL blow your mindless ass to kingdom come because you are still an INFIDEL!

So let me tell Mr. Gassmann what's going to happen. By the way, what the hell can you expect from a man named Pierre Gassmann, anyways? It's like he combines the worst of the French and Germans all into one package! Anyways, as I was saying, let me tell Gassbagg what's going to happen next. Gassbagg will draw back all his own people, leaving the Iraqis to fend for themselves. But Gassbagg will still not allow the Iraqis working at the Red Cross to have military protection. Thus the Iraqis working for the Red Cross will get blown up yet again. Because people like Gassbagg who suffer from rectal-cranial impaction refuse to learn. They remain willfully ignorant of reality. Unless you are either A) a Ba'athist, or B) a J.E.R.M., you are a target to both groups. In a perfect world, Gassbagg and the vermin like him would be out front of the building, saying "But, but, but..... We're not American!" while the splodydopes turn him into a pink-tinged mist that smells of gunpowder. However, we're not in a perfect world, so worthless walking piles of shit like Gassbagg get to run away and let other people face the consequences of their actions.

If I were an Iraqi, I'd be dropping the Red Cross like a bad habit. Hell, I think I'm going to do that now anyways. My money is better spent on a group who can actually use their brains.
I know you dial up people are cursing the proliferation of images here but I just had to post his one.

The Ventura Country Star has published some reader-snapped pictures of the California wildfires. Here's one that caught my eye:

I guess my question is this:

If you saw what's depicted above, would you be:

a) whipping out your camera for a couple grab shots, or

b) hightailing your ass in the other direction with your heart trying to thump its way through your ribs and a look on your face like Satan is two steps behind you sporting a red hot curling iron destined for one of your more sensitive orifiae?
Here's another site with some hilarious (albeit extremely tasteless) motivational posters.

(warning: prepare to be offended)

Porphy asks: Where Have All the Flower Children Gone?

American Digest features quick little piece on how Dem Dopey Dem Presidential candidates are merging into one Bush Hating Mesomorph by induling their overarching hatred of George W. Bush.
What needs to be asked is exactly what Democrats are fighting over. Unless the current trends in Iraq and the Economy suffer catastrophic reversals, the Presidency in 2004 will remain with the person who currently holds the job. The only way Iraq and the Economy can be turned around at this point would be if the United States were to suffer a second terrorist attack at or beyond the level sustained on September 11. In that case, the Presidency becomes a full-court war Presidency and remains beyond the reach of the Democratic Party for the rest of the decade.

The prediction here is that they will melt away into hideous skeletons much like that Gestapo guy in the Indiana Jones movie.

American Digest
John Hawkins has collected a list of books that changed the thinking of right wing bloggers. The lkist can be found here. My list included Sun Tzu's The Art of War, which made the list, and three that didn't:

Will (G. Gordon Liddy)

Night Shift (Stephen King)

Ball Four (Jim Bouton)

Monday, October 27, 2003

This is hilarious. I suggest you check out the calendars and click the Customer Disservice link.

Despair, Inc.
This is important: Michael J. Totten: The New Skinheads

Warning: The following may disturb you, and even make you wonder what the hell I'm drinking.

"I hate conservatives, but I really fucking hate liberals" Matt Stone, co-creater, South Park

I think that sums it up rather nicely. I'd like to say that I'm conservative, and I'll admit that I make some of my conservative pals go "Dave, what the hell are you thinking?" because I'm farther to the right than they are. But I'll be damned if I want to get lumped in with Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell. Hell, I'll be damned if I want to get lumped in with my dad. We've had several debates over drug use, and he always responds with "When do you draw the line? Why not just give up (on the drug war)?" My response is "Dad, America already has."

My conservatism has to do more with personal responsibility than what other people think is right. I'm far from anti-gay. Hell, my favorite aunt is gay, my girlfriend is bi, and my favorite drinking buddy is a guy who gets whipped and fucked by another guy on a monthly basis. I don't give a shit about your sexuality as long as it doesn't effect me, OK? You like whips, chains, BDSM, go for it. AS LONG AS IT DOES NOT EFFECT ME. Same with your drug use. I hate drugs. I can't stand to be around someone who's high, stoned, tweaking, whatever. But as long as your drug use doesn't effect me, go for it. I'll be at your funeral when you're 35 and the dope has eaten away what's left of your liver, and I'll be sad, but IT'S YOUR CHOICE! You want to jab a needle into your arm, so be it. What pisses me off isn't the fact that you're getting high, it's the fact that once you've done more drugs than a Thai hooker, you take your broken down, worthless ass to the hospital, where my tax dollars pay for you to get healthy, to the tune of millions of dollars. THAT bugs me. You've just imposed on me, either directly or indirectly, due to YOUR LIFE'S CHOICES.

And THAT is what pisses me off. You should be free to stick a syringe into your vein, but it should not me MY responsibility to pull that needle out. "Oh, I was high and I got knocked up, and now I'm popping out a kid and going on welfare." SCREW YOU! YOU made the choice to get high. YOU made the choice to screw some loser you didn't know. And you YOU should bear the cost. NOT me, my girlfriend, my pals, my co-workers, NOBODY BUT YOU! Is that harsh? God, I hope so. This country could use a bit of harshness. Harshing the Moonbat's mellow is what I'm all about, Baby. You tell me what's more effective: Telling your kids "Oh, don't use drugs, drugs are bad", or explaining to your kids "The reason that man is lying in the gutter covered in his own shit and puke is because he wanted to get high on heroin." We have spent so much time and money protecting people from the consequences of their own actions that we've raised a generation who CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

Do I sound like Jack? Do I? Good. Because if you got past that crappy liberal feel-good BULLSHIT in "A Few Good Men" you'd see that Jack was right. We DO need men on that wall. We DO need harsh methods to weed the good from the bad. If you had to be protected from a mugger by someone else, do you want some liberal dipshit who's going to say "Oh, wait, we need to understand where the mugger is coming from, we need to feel his pain" or do you want someone like ME who's going to pull out his pistol and say "Fuck you asshole, you picked the wrong person to fuck with tonight"???? IF YOUR LIFE IS ON THE LINE, who would you want next to you? A liberal or a conservative? I'll give you 10-1 odds on who's better armed.

But on the other hand, I have no problem if YOU want to help someone else out. I give to the Red Cross. I give to United Way from every one of my paychecks. I give to the Salvation Army. But I CHOSE TO DO THAT. NOT you, NOT the government, NOT Mr. Smith down the street. ME. And I do it because I WANT to! I've taken bums to lunch, because they said they were hungry. I've put people up in my house for months on end until they got a job and could support themselves. I've helped people get those jobs. Not because some nanny-state fuckwit said I should, not because some liberal twit came up with a plan, but because it was the right thing for me to do. THAT is conservatism to me.

The bottom line is this: There is no place for me in the modern definition of conservatism. But because I'm damn near antithetical to the modern definition of Liberalism, guess where I get lumped in? We need to make another discription, because the only one I go for is "RIGHT".

By the way: The article I linked to is worth reading for more than just the quote. It's worth reading once, and then getting a glass of scotch and reading again.

Just who the hell are you rooting for, anyways?

All emphasis mine:

The differing theories about who was behind the bombings underscored the confusion generated by two days of bold, stunning attacks, beginning with a rocket barrage on a U.S. headquarters hotel Sunday that killed a U.S. colonel, wounded 15 other people and sent Americans scurrying to safety, including the visiting deputy defense secretary, Paul Wolfowitz.

Silent Running has the AP storyline for next week. No, I'm not posting it, you'll have to go read it. But it's worth it, trust me.
More thought than you can shake a stick at

By Donald Sensing. Well worth the time to go read it.
The line was crossed

Disgusting. Truly disgusting.

It's things like this why I call it the Seattle Post Intelligencer Commie Apologiser. Let's ignore the fact that we were attacked. Let's ignore the fact that we have a group of people calling for our deaths. Let's ignore EVERY SINGLE FACT THAT THERE IS in order to smear, insult, and defame a good majority of Americans.

Ignorant, worthless, scum-sucking puke. There aren't enough words in the English Language to tell you how I truly feel about David Horsey.
Jogging my memory

Tim's post about the protesters jogged my memory. When I was stationed in Korea, (2ID! Second to NONE!) I had the good fortune to observe the protests from a ways off. One thing that caught my eye were the Korean riot police. Now, most American Moonbats can recognise a riot shield, employed by police during those times when the Left shows it's idiocy in violent fashion. But the Korean police, instead of clear shields, had black kevlar shields, with a plate-glass slit to look through and some wierd round thing dead center on the front.

So I lean over to my Katusa (Korean Augmentation To the United States Army, for those who don't know), and asked "Hey Lim, what's that on the shield?" I pointed out the round thing, and Lim scratched his chin. He gave the Korean name for it, scratched his chin again, and pulled out his Korean/American dictionary. Flipped through the pages, grunted, and told me:


Yes folks, if you got too close to the police line, they smacked you with their sheld, which carried about 40,000-50,000 volts in order to shock your ass onto the ground. Korean police DO NOT MESS AROUND! It was in Korea that I learned what true police brutality is. Most Americans are told "Don't fuck with the KNP's!" (Korean National Police). Those that are stupid enough to try, get smacked down. Hard. If you assaulted a KNP, you wound up in the hospital, and then in jail. Protests in Seoul involved Moltov cocktails and lead pipes. Don't even get my started on what the RIOTS were like.

Anywho, I was just thinking about that, and wondering if we could ship the protesters from the USA over to Korea. I'd love to see what would happen......

"I'm having a (fill in the blank here)-in, and you can't stop me!"

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! ****CRUNCH**** thud....

"Ne, sugohaseo"
Protestors Galore

There are two things that amaze me more than all else in this world:

a) when Philadelphians, faced with job loss, street crime, and failed public education, flock to the polls to elect another Democrat, and

b) protestors.

I was looking for some pics from the "anti-war" protest in DC so I went to Yahoo! Photos and searched for "protest".

Lo and behold: 797 pictures were found.

797 pictures of protest. Protestors, protestors, protestors. I have never seen so many protestors in all my natural born days. So many protestors.

In Hong Kong, they're protesting cuts of social programs due to budgetary shortfalls.

In London, it's students opposing "top up" fees on tuition. I presume that means a tax on students.

In Indonesia, it's about "sending female workers overseas". What does that mean?

In Pakistan, they are protesting Indian rule in Kashmir. And vice versa.

Also in London, they're protesting South Africa's inaction regarding human right abuses in Zimbabwe.

And in New Dehli, Indians protest that China abuses Tibet.

In Australia, they're protesting the shipment of nuclear waste to France. (( This, personally, I celebrate. ))

In Teheran, they're pissed that Iran is caving to the UN's calls for inspections.

In Chile? Higher wages.

In Turkey? Government control of universities.

In Belgrade? A Serbian police general has been indicted for war crimes.

In Rome? Pension reform.

Lima? Housing for the poor.

Managua? University funding.

Gaza? Take a wild guess.

Philly? "Ghettopoly" should be banned.

All of this angst at my desktop just because I took the simple step of searching for picutres of American anti-war protests. I never knew there was so much displeasure in the world.

As for the DC protests, well, I found some of those pictures, too, and what's notable about them is just how doggone unfocused American protestors are. In these other places the protests seem focused, singular in nature. But in America there seemingly exists this coalition of professional protestors who just travel around glomming off each other's causes.

You see pro-Palestine banners at anti-war gatherings, Save Sea Turtle posters at WTO protests, Impeach Bush! signs at NOW gatherings. It just all gets so jumbled here in the USA. It's all disjointed, like one big BitchFest, a big ole fishbowl with all manner of whiner in it.

At those foreign protests, they seem to be able to pick a theme and stick to it. I now admire that.

Yahoo! News are wacky, no? This picture's caption reads: "Thousands of students..." but look at the banners!
They say that cofee can help fight colon cancer.
For our readers in King County, here's a handy Rap Dictionary.
Blogger let me in!

For some reason, Blogger didn't want to let me in today. But it seems like the problem passed. Good.

For those who don't know, the terrorists are ramping up their attacks in Bahgdad. The Red Cross and several police stations were attacked. As usual, all emphasis is mine.

Witnesses said a homicide bomber drove an explosives-packed ambulance up to the ICRC building's security barriers around 8:30 a.m. and detonated it, blowing down the front wall, devastating the interior and blowing shrapnel and debris over a wide area.

That's right, folks. The same tactics that the "palestinians" like to employ. And you wonder why I call them animals?

Officers stopped a fifth would-be homicide bomber at another police station in central Baghdad before he detonated his Land Cruiser. "He was shouting, 'Death to the Iraqi police! You're collaborators!"' said police Sgt. Ahmed Abdel Sattar

Time to take off the gloves, Mr. Bush. Time to hunt these people down.

"Of course we don't understand why somebody would attack the Red Cross," Doumani said. "The Red Cross has operated in this country since 1980, and we have not been involved in politics."

Two buildings away, the explosion devastated the interior of the Al-Nawal private polyclinic operated by Dr. Jamal F. Massa, 53, who had been planning to open it as a full-fledged hospital next month.

"This only hurts guards and other Iraqis," Massa said.

Note to Iraqis: These bombers, these terrorists, they don't care about you. They don't care about your life. They don't care about your country or your wife, or your children. They only care about putting you under their heel. You have just escaped from the tyranny of Saddam, and they want to put you under THEIR control. They don't want you to be happy. They don't want you to be free. They don't want you to live a productive life, where you can watch your family grow and prosper, THEY WANT YOU TO BE THEIR SLAVES.

Their actions prove it. Their words say it. And you must fight it. Or else every bit of freedom that you have gained will be lost in an instant.
Do anti-war Lefties on the coasts like to sleep late?

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Sunday, October 26, 2003

Just too good

Well, it looks like someone was brave enough to walk through the crap that constituted the Anti-war rally in Washington D.C., and even better, she took pictures!

Pardon me whilst I laugh my ass off for a while.

Oh, and for those who think that these people aren't un-American, look for the yellow sign that reads: "Running Zionist-American Imperialist Dog: What Right do you think you have NOT to be afraid?"

I mean, is that a threat? Can I get my gun now? And the sign right above it reads "The destruction of the USA is a necessary condition for peace...." Really? That sounds like anti-americanism to me!

Go look for yourself. Take time to check out people shilling "The Militant" or communist propaganda, right next to the table selling bottled water. Ah, the irony!
And just for fun

We have yet another post that exposes just how idiotic, stupid, drone-like, worthess, drug-addled, and all around ignorant the Left truly is.

I'd love to post a reply in his comments, but dear Billmon has banned my IP, as well as Tim's. You see, when cowardly, craven, mentally deficient pukes hurl their insults, they don't like it when other people (such as myself and Tim) expose them as the frauds they truly are. Hence, they don't allow you to speak.

Typical of the Left, I would say. Anyone feel like posting a few messages? I'm sure you can get one or two posts before they're deleted and your IP banned.

Riddle me this, all you out there. You have a high profile coach. A star running back. Good recievers. And you brought in a defensive co-ordinater to ramp up your defense. You're five and one. You've defeated everyone in your division.


Seattle sports fans = masochists. We enjoy being beaten, abused, and humiliated by our teams. There's no other explination.

Ah well, as much as this town sucks like a ten-dollar whore on payday, it only makes sense that our teams suck as well.
Ripping apart the "quagmire" lie

From one of the best reads on the Net. Mrs. du Toit shreds the comparison to Viet Nam, and then goes on to explain why Viet Nam turned out so horribly.

As for me, my father did two tours in Nam, and only spoke of it to me when I joined the military myself. A lot of his stories aren't too happy, but what really got to him was when he came back home, and protesters threw red paint on him, spit on him, and called him a baby killer.

You wonder why I hate protesters? Because I can never imagine anyone so repugnant as to blame a soldier for the sins of the government. Viet Nam was a war fought from the White House. There were 98 military targets in Viet Nam. 98. There were over 2000 in Iraq. You do the math.

And what makes me REALLY shudder is the fact that these same loons and fools calling Iraq a "quagmire" and "another Viet Nam" are the ones screaming that the UN should be put in charge. Excuse me? How long has the UN been in Bosina now? Don't bother looking, I'll tell you. SEVEN YEARS. SEVEN YEARS in a country smaller than Iraq, and yet Bosnia is in the same shape it was in when the UN took over. Our troops have been in Bosnia for SEVEN DAMN YEARS because we put the UN in charge, and you want to allow them to stick their fingers in Iraq? No, no thank you. Because in case you haven't figured it out, when people speak of "UN Peacekeepers", they're speaking of US service men and women, who take off their green helmet and put on a blue beret. Setting the UN loose on Iraq means that our troops are there for YEARS longer than they need to be. You want to see a quagmire? Just look at any country that the UN administers or has a hand in.

Keep the UN the HELL out of Iraq, and there won't be any quagmire. Let them in, and you can count on our troops stuck there for years.