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Sunday, October 26, 2003

Ripping apart the "quagmire" lie

From one of the best reads on the Net. Mrs. du Toit shreds the comparison to Viet Nam, and then goes on to explain why Viet Nam turned out so horribly.

As for me, my father did two tours in Nam, and only spoke of it to me when I joined the military myself. A lot of his stories aren't too happy, but what really got to him was when he came back home, and protesters threw red paint on him, spit on him, and called him a baby killer.

You wonder why I hate protesters? Because I can never imagine anyone so repugnant as to blame a soldier for the sins of the government. Viet Nam was a war fought from the White House. There were 98 military targets in Viet Nam. 98. There were over 2000 in Iraq. You do the math.

And what makes me REALLY shudder is the fact that these same loons and fools calling Iraq a "quagmire" and "another Viet Nam" are the ones screaming that the UN should be put in charge. Excuse me? How long has the UN been in Bosina now? Don't bother looking, I'll tell you. SEVEN YEARS. SEVEN YEARS in a country smaller than Iraq, and yet Bosnia is in the same shape it was in when the UN took over. Our troops have been in Bosnia for SEVEN DAMN YEARS because we put the UN in charge, and you want to allow them to stick their fingers in Iraq? No, no thank you. Because in case you haven't figured it out, when people speak of "UN Peacekeepers", they're speaking of US service men and women, who take off their green helmet and put on a blue beret. Setting the UN loose on Iraq means that our troops are there for YEARS longer than they need to be. You want to see a quagmire? Just look at any country that the UN administers or has a hand in.

Keep the UN the HELL out of Iraq, and there won't be any quagmire. Let them in, and you can count on our troops stuck there for years.

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