Saturday, December 05, 2015

Political appointee does what political appointees do

At least, it's what they do when they're appointed by Obama, and are nothing but dumb-assed political hacks who care more about their ideology than reality.

In a historic shift in policy, the Pentagon will open all combat jobs to women, Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced Thursday. 
“Our force of the future must continue to benefit from the best America has to offer,” Carter told reporters during a Pentagon press conference. “This includes women.” 
Women will now be able to help fill some of the 220,000 roles that are currently only open to their male counterparts — positions that include some special operations units and infantry — among other roles. 
The policy change will take effect in 30 days, Carter said.

This will lead to lives being lost on the combat field.  Combat is a physical activity.  Ignoring that fact in the name of political correctness will bite us in the ass.  On average, women cannot perform the physical tasks that men can.  It's not even close.

Oh, and by the by, this is a direct affect of allowing gays to serve openly.  Once the big push for political correctness was made, it was only a matter of time before this happened.  Allowing gays to serve openly in the military does not and will not improve combat effectiveness, but once people all nodded and applauded the social justice push of gays in the military, women in combat was the next logical step.

I'm glad I'm on the downhill slope to retirement.

A little a cappella

For a Saturday.

I first heard this song in a friend's car in Seattle.  Damn near laughed myself out the window.  I was easily amused in my 20's I guess.

Still a fun song.

Friday, December 04, 2015

The Liberal's Conservative

The only reason David Brooks is still a thing is because he's the "conservative" that liberals love.  As he expounds about why Donald Trump won't win in the NYT (link goes to Vox Popoli, I refuse to link to the NYT), I think it's the responsibility of every real conservative to point and laugh at this pathetic little nebbish.

David Brooks wouldn't know what conservatism was if it jumped up and slapped him in the face.  While he was furiously masturbating over the crease in Obama's jeans in 2008, real conservatives were being shunted to the side by John McCain and the GOP establishment.  The same GOP establishment who cannot understand why Donald Trump is getting the ratings he is, and why their favorite nominee Jeb is polling in single digits.  David Brooks is the product of the GOP establishment, and it shows in how totally and utterly clueless he is about anything other than the GOP establishment's mantra.

Look, I don't know if Donald Trump will win the nomination.  At this point, my money is on Ted Cruz.  Rubio still has a shot, despite his "Gang of 8" travesty.  But what I do know is that David Brooks is so full of shit that if he told me the sky was blue I would go outside to check.  So when the Obama-voting turd starts talking about why Donald Trump won't win, you can be sure that he is absolutely wrong about it.

Scott Weiland is dead

Aged 48.  Don't do drugs, m'kay kids?

This is my favorite STP song.  They've got the bass cranked up to the same volume as the guitar, and it's a melodic bass line that pushes the song forward, not just some plodding one-note one-rythem groove.

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Looks like the Jihad has come to California

Syed Farook.  And Tashfeen Malik.

This is what they do in their countries, and this is what they'll do in ours.

Oh, and I'd like to express the joy I felt as I sat a few hours away from a planned assault going down, and knowing that thanks to multiple laws created by brainless, cowardly fuckwits, I was nowhere near a gun that I could use to defend myself if my facility were attacked.

Oh, and racking up yet another "fail" for the media, can someone tell me what "assault-style clothing" is?

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Sandy Berger died?

So the worthless, corrupt shitheel who helped Clinton cover up his crimes by stealing national security documents has kicked the bucket.

God only knows what other crimes he committed while he was in the government with Slick Willy and the rest of the criminals.  But I'm pretty sure he's roasting in hell right now.

I know I shouldn't celebrate anyone being sent to hell.  So I'll simply say that I'm happy he can no longer damage this country in any way.

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Get off your *&^%!@$# phone!

I don't own a smart phone.  I have one from my job, and it's convinced me that I don't want one.  I still use a flip phone.  A ruggedized one, which has been dropped in the pool once and still works.

If you want to talk to me, call me.  I own an actual phone, not a computer that makes phone calls.

Yes, both the Mrs. and I have screamed at people who almost hit us on the road "GET OFF YOUR *&^%!@#$ PHONE!"  I used to assume that people driving like they'd been lobotomized were either drunk on or drugs.  Now I assume they're on their phone.  And I'm right 95% of the time.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Let's play a game

Let's assume that members of the Catholic Church decided that gays were not only sinners, but they needed to be executed.

Let's assume that these same members of the Catholic faith decreed that women who had abortions were fornicators and murderers, and needed to be stoned to death.

Let's also assume that these same members of the Catholic Church agreed that any and all countries who didn't bow to the Vatican five times a day were infidels and needed to be converted by the sword.

And now let's assume that they actually went out and started doing what they said they were going to do.

What do you assume that I would do in response?  Do you think I would shrug my shoulders, say "Welp, Deus Vult y'all!" and start throwing rocks at women who had been buried up to their shoulders after they were seized coming out of a Planned Parenthood clinic?

Or do you think that I'd be gathering up every single man-jack around me and saying to those people: "This shit ends, and it ends today!  Otherwise, you end today.  Your choice."

I know that the readership of this blog is self-selecting.  Most people who come here do so because they are in agreement with most of what I post.  We're of the same mindset.  Therefore, I can assume that most of you would be standing side by side with me, weapons in hand, telling these people bent on slaughter, subjugation and forced conversion to step the hell off, right the hell now, before we turn their heads into canoes.  And if the Pope himself came down and told me that I needed to convert people by the sword, murder homosexuals and stone women to death, I would tell him that he had perverted the scriptures for his own Earthly gain, and he was not only going to roast in Hell for all of eternity but that I was more than willing to send him there.

But then, I'm a Catholic, not a Muslim.

I know that there are moderate Muslims out there.  I've met them.  I've worked side by side with them.  But as the previous post makes clear, the "Peaceful Majority" is irrelevant.  If they want to be relevant, they need to take up arms, turn to the people of their faith who are killing, raping, and subjugating others, and say "This shit ends, and it ends today.  Or, you end today.  Your choice."  I really think we've come to that point.  If Muslims did not act the way they do, would there be any problem with bringing refugees into this country?

Let me frame it this way:  What if instead of hundreds of thousands of Muslims, it were hundreds of thousands of Copts?  Do you think the reaction would be the same?

You bet your sweet ass it wouldn't.  Because the Copts don't go around raping and murdering people. Not the Peaceful Majority, not even the disgruntled minority.  They.  Don't.  Do.  That.

If the Muslims don't clean their own house, then there will come a point where certain parts of the Middle East acquire a glow that reflects nicely over the flat pane of glass that sits where their cities used to be.  Because the multi-culturalists won't be in power forever.  Nothing lasts forever, and there will come a point where people, frightened, decent people will simply tell those in power "Make it stop!"  And then they'll elect the people who will make it stop.  This is how dictators come to power, and a dictator with a mandate causes horrible things to happen.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Myth of the "Tiny Radical Muslim Minority"

Because that's what it is.  A myth.  They might not be attacking us, they might not be strapping bombs onto themselves and detonating, but they support those who do.

Which goes straight back to this answer:  The "Peaceful Majority" is irrelevant.