Saturday, March 19, 2022

The the right is a lethal dose of heroin

On the right is a lethal dose of fentanyl 

Found this over at Peter Grant's place.  But this is something that I think should be shared far and wide.  Along with the fact that the Mexican drug cartels are running THOUSANDS of pounds of fentanyl over our southern border every single day while the illegitimate Biden junta does nothing to stop it.

Take a good hard look. Have your kids take a good hard look.  You fuck around with this stuff and you could end up quite dead.  

Question, asked.


Friday, March 18, 2022

I still can't embed a video from Rumble

They've got the code, but the blog doesn't like it.  I don't know.  I'm not a tech guy.

But watching these news-readers from Australia take apart the Cackling Whore of San Franfreakshow is worth the time.

If America actually survives till 2024 I would be amazed.  We have two of the dumbest, most incompetent idiots in the White House being controlled by puppet masters who hate this country.  

Thursday, March 17, 2022

And about those hard times a'comin...

 Get ready for them.

A final note: my brother tells me that his conversations with other truckers indicate that, should diesel passe the five-dollar/gallon mark, a large number of his fellow independents and owner/operators intend to shut ’em down. They’ll do it too; they’ll have to, they won’t have any choice in the matter. My brother his own self is near that point already; he told me the other day that his every-other-day fillup, formerly around 250 to 300 dollars, cost him well over eight hundred bucks last time. No business can go on hemorrhaging that kind of money for very long before quickly bleeding out. Think the huge truck-driver shortage, a genuinely dangerous situation, couldn’t possibly get much worse than it already is? Think the price of every good, every commodity, can’t keep rising so insanely? Think this is a crisis we’re in now? Just you wait until thousands more trucks, the lifeblood of our economy, have been taken off the road for good.

Go read it all from top to bottom.  You think diesel is going to stay around $5 a gallon?  It's going to keep going up.  And up.  And up.  Along with the prices on everything else, because everything gets delivered to your store by a TRUCK that's burning DIESEL.  This is just the beginning of those hard times, folks.  It's only going to get worse from here.  And all of this, ever single bit of it, is being done on purpose by the Left.  This is not an accident.  This is not some oopsie.  This is an assault on America by the people inside America who hate this country and everything it stands for.

Buckle up.  Start washing your tin foil.  Get ready to grow some food.  Hell, learn how to re-use anything in your house.  The stupid people are going to find out why so many of their grandparents never threw out a damn thing.

I listened to this interview

 And I almost punched out the windshield of my car.  You want to know why I know the 2020 election was stolen through fraud?  Just listen to this interview.  This unbelievably stupid woman is the VP of the USA?  I cannot believe that Americans are that stupid.

"Russia’s invasion threatens not just Ukraine’s democracy, it threatens democracy and security across Europe," Harris said. "So I will say what I know we all say, and I will say over and over again: The United States stands firmly with the Ukrainian people in defense of the NATO alliance."


This is what happens when you elevate a woman who's only achievement in life was being a whore and a mistress for married politicians to a position of power.  She's incompetent on a level that makes Al Gore look like a braniac.  

And she's next in line when Drooling Joe the Chinese Hand Puppet goes down.  Of course, before he finally dies and spends eternity burning in hell, he wanders around giving speeches like this.  His handlers are slipping.

This country is fucked.

Oh, and third in line?  This drunken bitch, who apparently took waaaaaaay too many uppers for that particular interview.  At this point the only American Communist Party leadership who can speak in complete sentences (mostly) is Schmucky Schumer, and let's face it, he's not exactly the brightest bulb in the box either.  He's a slimy, corrupt NYFC rat, not an actual intelligent American.

Buy more ammo.  And food.  Good, non-perishable food.  Hard times a'comin, folks.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Yes, these people are in charge of the Catholic Church right now

 If you want to know why the Vatican II church is dying, with parishes being closed left and right, fewer people in the pews, and less people bothering to listen, maybe it's because of crap like this.

German Cardinal Reinhard Marx celebrated a Mass Sunday to commemorate “20 years of queer worship and pastoral care” in Munich, Germany.

“I desire an inclusive Church, a Church that includes all who want to walk the way of Jesus,” said Cardinal Marx, the archbishop of Munich and an adviser to Pope Francis.

Of course he's an advisor to the anti-Pope Jorge Bergoglio.  Of course he is.

These people don't believe in God.  They certainly hate the Catholic Church and its teaching.  And right now, they're in charge of an institution they hate and are actively trying to destroy.  THIS is why they're trying to tear down the Traditional Latin Mass.  Because the TLM is observed by people who actually believe in God.  People who actually follow God's teachings, unlike Jorge Bergoglio and his advisors.

"But Dave, Jesus ate dinner with prostitutes!"  Yep.  And he forgave them.  And then he commanded them to GO AND SIN NO MORE.  He didn't tell them that living in sin was OK, and he didn't condone their behavior.  He didn't give them excuses to keep sinning.

I went to MLC with a guy from the 160th

Straight up bad-ass mother fucker, too.  Calm, kind, always happy, nice, helpful, and capable of killing you fifteen different ways before you could blink.  I was glad I was on his side.  


Tuesday, March 15, 2022


 The fucking jab is KILLING PEOPLE.

While data shows that “most reported adverse events were mild and short in duration,” according to the study, which was published in the UK-based medical journal The Lancet, 6.6% of all side effects were categorized as “serious,” and resulted in “inpatient hospitalisation, prolongation of hospitalisation, permanent disability, life-threatening illness, congenital anomaly or birth defect.”

Deaths represented a stunning 1.3% of side effects reports.


And the government is still pushing this crap!  You think they don't know the end results?  Of course they do!

Well, there's another "conspiracy theory" that's coming true

 Four shots, baby!  Line up for four shots!

Because the third one didn't kill you.  And Pfizer stock needs a boost.

These people are going to continue until someone finally stops them.  And you can be damn sure that they're already pouring money into the Democrat political machine, because if an America-first guy gets in, they're fucked.  And they know it.

Wait, what?

 White.  Nationalist.  Hispanics?

Remember when George Zimmerman was called a White Hispanic because he defended his life against a thug who happened to be black?

I can't imagine the level of ideological indoctrination required to start calling Hispanics "White Nationalists".  What's next?  Black "White Nationalists"?  Don't laugh!  If the Left needs to call Hispanics "White Nationalists" in order to keep them scared on the Democrat plantation, it won't be long before they do the same to any other ethnic group the Left owns.

Monday, March 14, 2022

You throw a stone into a pack of dogs

 And the hit dog always yelps.

You can always tell how insular a person has become in their politics when a term that has been used regularly regarding a topic that has been in the news for years strikes them as something "new."

In this case, what the media-bubble-dweller has missed is the fact that people who talk to five-year-olds about sex are called "groomers".

Yeah.  So the Florida bill that currently has the left in shrieking fits, the one they say is the "Don't say Gay" bill?  Doesn't mention the word "gay" once.  Not once.  What it would do is ensure parental rights don't get squished by the Marxist cabal running the public education system.  But that means that teachers can't sexually groom five year old children in secret.

And that has the Left upset.  Because of course it does.

If you want to read the bill, and it's all of seven pages, it's right here.  Control+F brings back zero results for the word "gay".  Control+F for "parent" brings up 39.  

You see why the Left hates this bill?  If the parents are involved in their child's education, it gets much much harder to groom them and push the Marxist ideology that the publik skool sistim has been drilling into kids' heads.  No wonder the Leftist media hates it.



Sunday, March 13, 2022

It's gonna get worse.

I don't know how many times I've said that, but it's the truth still.

The damage caused from these jabs, the not-vax, is still building.  By the time all is said and done, every single one of us will know someone who was killed or seriously injured by the jabs.

The reporting to VAERS is very disturbing because the trend line of vaccination, especially for the younger people more prone to this heart inflammation, has halted to a trickle in recent weeks. So why are there so many more reports this year? There are likely two possible explanations. Either more people and doctors know about VAERS and know to look for myocarditis, or there is a time bomb with many more people now realizing they have heart problems months later. Either way, this means that the initial estimates of case prevalence were just the tip of the iceberg, and we are likely to see young hearts damaged for years to come.

And it's still mandatory for the military.  Yeah.  Lloyd Austin needs to be hanging from a gallows right next to Anthony Fauci for his crimes against this country.


When I see people wearing masks these days, I feel a sense of pity mixed with disgust.  They were so brainwashed that it's hard not to feel the pity, but I know just how many people jumped into the lockdown bandwagon.  I know how many people mindlessly bought into all the bullshit spewed by the government. without thinking, and that's where the disgust comes from. 

Soon enough.

I got some two-wheeled wind therapy in my future and it can't come soon enough.