Thursday, April 12, 2012


You want sausage?  Email me.

There might just be a delivery in it for ya.

I'm all about the Clooney Rule

From PowerLine, who suggests a few rules Republicans could offer to amend the Buffet rule:

Or Republicans could offer an amendment incorporating the Clooney Rule, based on the fact that actors and actresses are such advocates of higher taxes: a new, 80% tax rate on all income in excess of $1 million earned by acting in any film or theatrical production.

Yep!  Sounds great to me!

Damn Skippy

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


OH HELL YES!  It's about damn time that someone from the Catholic Church finally remembered what the hell they're all about!

Cardinal Burke: “This is correct. It is not only a matter of what we call “material cooperation” in the sense that the employer by giving this insurance benefit is materially providing for the contraception but it is also “formal cooperation” because he is knowingly and deliberately doing this, making this available to people. There is no way to justify it. It is simply wrong.”

More, please!

When every choice you make is wrong

Then you may want to re-think your strategy.

Former General Services Administration administrator Martha Johnson missed a lavish Las Vegas conference for government employees because she was already committed to meetings in California at  Solyndra, according to testimony in an official government investigation.
Solyndra is the now-bankrupt green energy company that the Obama administration had provided with a $535 million loan through the stimulus.
The development, if true, dovetails together two embarrassing but otherwise unrelated episodes for the Obama administration.

According to the testimony transcript, in response to a question about Johnson,  Neely explained the need for  extra audio/visual expenses because Johnson couldn’t attend the conference.
“Martha was actually coming to the West Coast and we had invited her to participate, but the events that she was coming to the West Coast for; one was a meeting with Salindra [sic], who is down to the San Jose area,” Neely answered, although the transcript incorrectly spelled the Fremont, Calif.-based business.
GSA ended up forking over $3500 for the four assistant administrators to participate in a video-teleconference, according to Neely in the IG interview transcript.
ABC News was able to view a copy of the transcript, but it is not currently publicly available.
 Wow.  Talk about being made of Fail.  Too bad the Obama regime is so invested in their ideology that changing strategies isn't in the cards, eh?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Monday, April 09, 2012

Cute nekkid chicks

And bacon.



Got to hear a nice little argument that the neighbors were having on Saturday, the gist of which was "Fuck fuck fuck fucking fuck fucker fuck fuck fuck".  Or at least I think that was the gist, as that was the most common word screamed by the overweight woman in the red tank top who was smoking a cigarette, screaming at a guy and mowing the lawn simultaneously.  Ah, multi-tasking!  Ain't it great!

I don't know too many things that would classify someone as "redneck", but I'm pretty sure a profanity laced screaming fit outside while a Marlboro is dangling from your lips would do the trick.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

More from Handel's Messiah

Most everyone has heard the Hallelujah Chorus, but how many folks out there have heard the entire Messiah?  If you can plug into speakers or headphones for the next three tunes, do so.

He is risen!

He is truly risen!

More from the Messiah