Saturday, September 08, 2007

Sorry bout the lack of posting

But things have been going to hell in a handbasket lately. And I've been busy trying to deal with it. Long story short, we have a bunch of troops who were supposed to be transfered to other units, and they weren't. So when drill time came around, we originally thought we only had four soldiers to deal with.

Uh uh. We had thirty. And no arrangements had been made to feed them, house them, or train them. MUCH BAD JUJU!

So that's what I'm doing all weekend. Trying to ensure that the troops are taken care of, and dealing with all the paperwork snafus that happened. Of course, all the problems happened way above my pay grade, but I'm the one who gets to deal with the repercussions. Yay.

So I might post again this weekend, but if I don't, well, I'll see you all on Monday.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


What disgusting vermin. Corrupt cockgoblins. Worthless assnuggets. Blood-sucking parasites on the ass of humanity.

Who? The Democrat American Communist Party politicians who are currently trying to do a smear job on General Petraeus before he gives his report in Congress.

I'm not even going to quote from the article. I'm too disgusted and I don't want to see any more words out of a communist's mouth on this blog today. THIS is why I will never vote for a single Democrat American Communist Party member. This is how I can prove that the Democrat American Communist Party hates the military.

I wouldn't piss on any of them if they were on fire.

Ragin' Dave's Quote of the Day

“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of ’liberalism,’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

Norman Thomas, former U.S. Socialist Presidential Candidate

Yep. Only now, having sucessfully implemented the evil cancer of socialism into the American way of life, the "liberals" of today are now pushing for communist ideals. Remember folks, socialism is nothing more than communism lite. The two may quibble about how much control the state will have, but their goals are exactly the same. Control over the Individual by the State. 1984 wasn't just a pipe-dream, it was a warning from someone who had experienced and at one point advocated for communism, until he saw the horrible results.

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I ran into this article from,,fs_Smiley_082207,00.html?

Mrs. Smiley makes some poignant observations about military nuptials that are near and dear to my heart!

The military reality, that is.

Uncle Sam is famous for causing fast nuptials when duty calls.

My point: Break-ups that seemingly occur "because of the military" have less to do with the rigors of military life than they do with the couple themselves. For all the stories of long, successful marriages that came out of WWII, there are surely just as many stories about ones that failed. All of which is on par with reality. Some people are meant to be, and some are not. Uncle Sam doesn't change that; he just tests it faster. There's nothing like the military to give "for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part" a run for its money before the bride's bouquet has dried out and lost its leaves. In fact, the whole idea of a "honeymoon" period is a joke for most military couples. But that's life.

Sure it's sad that a couple has parted ways, but if you're tempted to blame the military for the would-be Mr. and Mrs. Andy Baldwin's demise, there is no need for sympathy. Already, bloggers, some with an obsessive attraction to Andy and Tessa (named "Andessa" by cultish followers), have begun claiming that if it weren't for the mean, oppressive military, Andessa would "live forever!"


If you believe that, consider this: When a couple gets married and immediately uproots to a new location (compliments of Uncle Sam), all they have is each other. Literally. Then, if the servicemember is deployed, all they have is faith, love, and, hopefully, e-mail. It's been my experience that these conditions make relationships that are "meant to be" stronger, not weaker.

It is a fallacy, really, that the military lifestyle makes or breaks a marriage. The lifestyle simply separates the strong from the weak quicker than most. And for Andessa, that separation came quicker than — well, quicker than a deployment to Iraq.

© 2007 Sarah Smiley.

About the Author
Sarah Smiley's syndicated column, Shore Duty, appears weekly in newspapers and magazines across the country. She is the daughter and wife of two Navy pilots, and has 28 years of experience as a military dependent. Next year, Penguin/New American Library will release her memoirs. Check Out for more details and updates.

Sarah Smiley Article Archive


I really can't believe this, although I suppose I'm going to have to believe it in the end.

The Mexican day laborer jailed in Gwinnett County for refusing tuberculosis treatment could be released by the end of this week, health officials said Tuesday.

But even though Francisco Santos would no longer be contagious, the 17-year-old would still not be cured — and he would not be a completely free man.

Mexican day laborer? Oh, you mean an illegal immigrant. Or as I've started using thanks to Malkin, criminal alien.

Gwinnett health officials jailed Santos Aug. 24 after he refused treatment for an active, contagious case of tuberculosis and threatened to flee to his native Mexico. Santos, who lives in Duluth, quickly started treatment. The events brought to mind the recent case of Andrew Speaker, the Atlanta lawyer who traveled abroad with tuberculosis and was held in isolation when he returned.

So, this guy who's in the country illegally had an active, contagious case of tuberculosis. Gosh, why shouldn't we just open up the borders for everyone to come in, right? Yet another example of why we need a fence on our Southern border.

Gwinnett health officials say they have stressed to Santos and his mother that leaving the area and neglecting his treatment could injure him, his family and the public. He would become a fugitive and he could become contagious again.

Here's a thought - we have a criminal alien who's got a very contagious, potentially life-threatening disease. He was refusing treatment for that disease. He shouldn't even be in this country to begin with! DEPORT HIS LAW-BREAKING, CRIMINAL, INFECTIOUS ASS! AND KICK HIS FAMILY OUT WITH HIM!

Piling on:

A 3-year-old girl was found abused and bleeding Thursday night, and officials have arrested her uncle, an illegal alien, for child molestation.

Salvador Luna, 29, who was previously deported, was arrested on suspicion of sexual abuse of a child and was taken to the Victorville sheriff’s station where he underwent a physical examination, said Detective Ryan Collins.

Deport, deport, deport the criminal aliens. Every outrage like this is one step closer to an American finally walking down to the border with a scoped rifle and a sack lunch. If the government continues to refuse to do it's job, then Americans will start doing it, and the world will not like the results.

Linky Love

Yep, it's time for some more linky love from yours truly.

Captain's Quarters: Uncle Chuck's Goalpost Movers, Inc. Here's a post that gets my dander up, because Chucky the Schmuck Schumer has continued in the fine Democrat American Communist Party tradition of slandering and insulting the US Military. To quote -

And let me be clear, the violence in Anbar has gone down despite the surge, not because of the surge. The inability of American soldiers to protect these tribes from al Qaeda said to these tribes we have to fight al Qaeda ourselves. It wasn't that the surge brought peace here. It was that the warlords took peace here, created a temporary peace here. And that is because there was no one else there protecting.

Got that? The surge in progress, Al-Queada in Iraq being torn apart, Anbar Province returning to civilization, all had NOTHING to do with the hard work and sacrifice of those bumbling baby-killers in the US military! Gosh, it's all so simple!

What a revolting pile of fecal material. I guess when people aren't buying your surrender plan quickly enough, you just go back to doing what you've done for years - denigrate the troops. Does anyone truly question just how much the Left hates the US military? I sure don't.


Norman Hsu skips bail. Again. So the convicted fraud man who gave piles of money to the Democrat American Communist Party, especially to Hillary Clinton, skips bail and his whereabouts are unknown.

Gosh, that's a shockah right there! What kind of moron would even allow him to post bail, since he plead guilty to fraud FIFTEEN YEARS AGO, and then fled after admitting guilt?

So, we have a convicted criminal (a favorite voting block for the Democrat American Communist Party), who ran from the country after pleading guilty to fraud fifteen years ago, giving flaming assloads of money to the Democrat American Communist Party, and when he's nailed for a few more crimes some idiotic dipshit lets him post bail?

Some people really are too stupid to be allowed to breed. Of course, it happened in California! I know, I know, not all Californians are insane twitterpated morons. But it's that 90% of Californians who give the other 10% a bad name, right?


I feel so old.


Mrs. du Toit discusses a military fence in Iraq:

On a news program we watched last night there was a report on the border fence being built between Iraq and Iran, to control the flow of terrorists coming in and out of the country. The chaos of the open borders are allowing contraband and terrorists to get into Iraq.

The military who are managing the border are also wanting towers so they can see far into Iran to see what is happening further from the crossing. They anticipated that the border fencing and towers would be built/complete in the next 4 to 6 months.

Sure. THEY get a border fence.

(Not begrudging them the fence, but we’d like one, too, for all the same reasons… within the SAME time frame.)


And from the other half of the du Toit's comes this comment with regards to Larry Craig's resignation, and why Craig should resign even while the Democrat American Communist Party keeps paedofiles, perverts and sex criminals in Congress.

I am not interested in keeping Republican scoundrels in office simply because the Democrats are able to do that with theirs. At some point, we have to say “what’s right is right”—and keeping a pervert in office just because he votes the way we like, is wrong.

There are Republican politicians we can elect to office, politicians who are honorable and who will vote the way we like. All we have to do is identify them, and substitute them for the bad ones.

The Democrats can go to hell with their filthy criminals and amoral sleazeballs. We’re better than they are.

Yep. Emphasis mine, by the way. And that entire quote explains in a nutshell why we're better than any Democrat American Communist Party member. They're perfectly happy being represented by a murdering drunk, a sick bastard who allowed a prostitution ring to be run from his government-paid-for apartment, various corrupt sleezeballs and the like. We, on the other hand, do our level best to kick any bastards like that out, because we DON'T want to be represented by them.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

And just because I think it's funny

NFL predictions, as they relate to Star Wars. But c'mon, they couldn't have come up with something better for Seattle? Sheesh.

Damn, it's a busy day

You know those chicken wings I didn't get to eat this weekend? I made 'em up tonight. My own sauce. My scalp is sweating right now. Literally. I have sweat rolling off my head and down my neck.

Oh god, that's good.

One of my troops came in to the office today, needed a little help. So I'm helping him out with a paperwork issue, and he starts talking about a rat he killed this week. Now, he lives in the hills, raises goats and rabbits, a tiny little farm, yada yada yada. So he's telling me about how this rat fell into a trashcan that was partially full of water. He doesn't want to just tip the can over, because rats are a big problem in Puerto Rico. But it was a big rat, and he doesn't want to stick his hand into the barrel because it might get shredded. So he grabs a broom and pushes the rat under the water.

I guess it was a tough son-of-a-bitch, because it took a while to stop kicking. And for anyone who reads this and goes "Oh, the poor rat!" well, just step back and rethink yourself. We're talking about disease spreading, thieving little vermin here. There's no chance of rats going extinct, OK?

So anyways, he kills this rat. And then, because the damn thing was so big, he decides to weigh the sumbitch and see how heavy it was.

Sixteen pounds.




If we ever stop raising cows, we can just raise damn rats until their sixteen fucking pounds and eat THEM bastards.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Welcome to the "Great Outdoors"

Camping is one of the great American traditions. You pack up just enough equipment to be civilized, drive to the campground of your choice, pitch your tent and enjoy nature.

Well, this last weekend I found a lot of things I expected, other campers, hikers, bicyclists, campfires and good food. I also found things that I consider unthinkable, TV's, generators (at 3 in the morning), lights that cause retina burn, stereos, people running through your campsite ATV's, and people that not only lack respect for nature, but for their fellow campers.

It took me a while to tie this all together, but it seems that there are people that like to go "camping?" while destroying the environment that everyone else wants. I was thinking it was the RVers, whom I always believed were just campers that had gotten to old to set up camp without injuring themselves. After talking with several people, it appears the issue is with the ATVers.

Said ATVers are loud, obnoxious, inconsiderate and act as if they alone own the place and nobody else exists.

Over the weekend we were subjected to their teenage children running through our campsite repeatedly. When we finally said something we were declared *"uptight"*. They rode their ATV's through our campsite. The generator ran at all hours of the night and day, despite quiet hours being from 10pm to 6 am. When the entire campground was dark and quiet they came and lit up the generator and their retina burn lights. When we made comments about this, within our own camp, they declared us *"tree-huggers"*. After three days of enduring all of this, and their excessive partying through out the night my brother in law reached a breaking point. When ever they got excessively loud, after 10 pm he would set off the car alarm for about 30 seconds. This technique, despite bothering the other campers, proved to be more effective than talking to the camp host. Long will live the phrase"I have the key fob".

Though our last vestige of showing our annoyance while making sure we were well supplied was chopping wood at 730 am before starting our camp fire with a road flare. This does not sound bad, it is normal for camping. Though our ATV neighbors showed early on that they were annoyed by this normal function of camping.

Society never ceases to amaze me, sometime for good, unfortunately usually for bad. This was no exception. One thing that I considered sacred has been tarnished by another sect of self-centered people who need to go buy 50 acres in the middle of nowhere and leave those of us who want to camp in peace!

That's some good fact-checking there!

Yep! Good fact checking indeed!

I'm not surprised. The MSM has been flat out making shit up for years.

The title of the forum post was "What a wanker"

And I'm forced to agree. You want to see the picture perfect definition of "entitlement"? Then go look (very quickly!) at this Huffing-gas Post, where someone is whining about not making enough money.

You see, I’m one of those workers you read about that busts his butt every day, but still can’t afford to pay rent. From 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. every night I clean the 9th and 10th floor of the Cincinnati Textile Building. Just as you are sitting down to eat dinner with your kids, I’m turning your messy office into a sparkling fresh work space. I get paid $6.85 per hour to clean more than 20 bathroom stalls, to take out and scrub over 200 trash cans, and to clean up the office spaces of guys making at least three times my wages. Even when my supervisor gives me overtime, I’m bringing in less than $30 a day. That’s less than $600 a month.

What a load of crap. What a sniveling piss-ant excuse for a human being. What a pathetic oxygen thief.

From 5:00 to 9:00 PM, he's busting his butt. That works out to four hours a day....


Dear g-d, save us from idiots, morons, and the Democrat American Communist Party. Oh, wait, they're all ONE AND THE SAME!

Here's what someone needs to say to this whiny little bitch - "Hey asshole, why don't you get a second job? You know, like a job that will give you forty hours a week? Ya think? Then you could pay your rent!" No, he's got to post in Huffing-gas about his po' widdle self, cleaning toilets four hours a day, TOILETS, OH THE HUMANITY, and not making any money.

Improving himself so that he could get a better job? Nope, doesn't cross his mind. He'd much rather whine about how he can't make any money, and then demand that everyone else pay his bills. "MINIMUM WAGE SHOULD BE ENOUGH TO LIVE ON!" It might be enough, IF YOU ACTUALLY FUCKING WORKED FOR A LIVING, YOU SNIVELING SHITTY JACKASS! But not only does this sorry waste of protoplasm have a minimum wage job, HE DOES NOT EVEN WORK A FULL DAY!

You want to know why it's a minimum wage job? Because by and large, a minimum wage job is work that anyone with half a brain and no experience can do. You want to get paid more? Either get a second job, or actually improve yourself so that you can get a higher paying job! It really is that simple! Or find a job that will give you more hours!

I started out washing dishes in restaurant kitchens. Then, during slow times, I would turn to the chef and ask him to teach me how to make a dish. "Hey, can you show me how to do that?" Or the chef would ask "Hey Dave, can you peel these prawns for me?" and I say "Sure, if you show me what you're going to do with them."

Make enough food quickly enough, you stop washing dishes and start cooking. Why? Because any trained monkey can wash dishes. It's the people who can cook that get paid more. Go into any restaurant and ask around - the cooks make more than the dishwashers do. Therefore, I wanted to learn how to cook, so that I could get paid more!

This idiot, this shit-for-brains, this petulant maggot would rather scrub toilets four hours a day for the rest of his life and whine about not getting paid enough.

Either this idiot is a lying sack of shit, which since he's a Leftist wouldn't surprise me, or he really is that dumb and useless. He's an example of a person who shouldn't breed.

This blood-pressure spike brought to you by the Forum.

Pulling no punches

Mrs du Toit lets 'er rip in a new essay about equality. If you're offended by straight speech and a lack of political correctness, don't even bother reading it because it's about as straight and non-PC as you can get.

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? was an expression that was supposed to be sexist. So maybe it is sexist. That doesn’t make it untrue. Now that over half the country is unmarried and women are on the bottom of the socio-economic ladder as unmarrieds, they want the government to do something about wages and the cost of healthcare. What about the government doing something like printing placards that say, Work harder and earn more money to afford those things on your own! or Go to school to learn a more financially rewarding career? Women wanted equal opportunity. They got it and they don’t like it.

Equal opportunity also came with equal hard work. Now unmarried women want the government to make it unequal, and force married couples and successful men to support them through taxation, or “Do something about wages!” There’s never an explanation of what, exactly, the government is supposed to do about wages. Married women aren’t having issues with wages and they’re employed in the workforce, same as their unmarried peers. Sucks to be treated equally, eh?

If men planned and plotted to get everything they wanted from women, without having any accountability or responsibility to get it, they couldn’t have dreamed up something better than 1970s feminism.

This has been a common theme in many of Mrs. du Toit's essays. She will be one of the first people to admit that men and women are different. Well, a lot of people might admit that, albeit behind closed doors. The difference with Mrs. du Toit, who shares this opinion with my wife, is that they're damned happy that men and women are different. More to the point, they don't want to be treated like a man, they want to be treated like a woman.

Anyways, go read. It's worth the time.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Note to congresscritters

We know who you are, we know what you've done, and we know what you've said.

The sheets of paper seemed to be everywhere the lawmakers went in the Green Zone, distributed to Iraqi officials, U.S. officials and uniformed military of no particular rank. So when Rep. James P. Moran Jr. (D-Va.) asked a soldier last weekend just what he was holding, the congressman was taken aback to find out.

In the soldier's hand was a thumbnail biography, distributed before each of the congressmen's meetings in Baghdad, which let meeting participants such as that soldier know where each of the lawmakers stands on the war. "Moran on Iraq policy," read one section, going on to cite some the congressman's most incendiary statements, such as, "This has been the worst foreign policy fiasco in American history."

The bio of Rep. Ellen O. Tauscher (D-Calif.) - "TAU (rhymes with 'now')-sher," the bio helpfully relates - was no less pointed, even if she once supported the war and has taken heat from liberal Bay Area constituents who remain wary of her position. "Our forces are caught in the middle of an escalating sectarian conflict in Iraq, with no end in sight," the bio quotes.

"This is beyond parsing. This is being slimed in the Green Zone," Tauscher said of her bio.

See, the troops remember the way our congressional weasels think about them. The troops learned from the last war that the Democrat American Communist Party retreated and surrendered from. The surrender monkeys, slimeballs and various other assorted traitors that populate the Democrat American Communist Party can no longer count on their mouthpieces and whores in the MSM to cover for them, because those mouthpieces and whores no longer control all the flow of information.

We know what's being said. We know who's stabbing us in the back. And we're damn sure not going to let some worthless shithead get a photo op with "the troops!" when they've been sitting in Washington D.C. doing their best to ensure that the sacrifices the troops are making are all for naught.

If you don't want the troops to vomit every time they see your face, then perhaps you should try supporting them instead of their enemies.

Just a thought, that.

Found via Cold Fury.

Perhaps it's time to restate a few things

One - if your only purpose in commenting is to insult anyone here, I'm going to edit the comment. Or just delete it outright if I don't think you're worth the effort of editing.

Two - if I have to edit or delete your comment, I'm going to ban your IP.

Three - If you don't like this blog, piss off. No, seriously, piss off. While I find it funny as hell that some half-brained idiot feels the need to leave a nastygram in the comments section, it only proves that you have no life, no intelligence, and no reason to continue living. Do yourself a favor, go back to eating your Cheetos in mommy's basement, and stop proving to the rest of the world that you're an idiot.

My weekend

Let me set the scene. I'm in the kitchen, preparing ingredients for chicken wings. The TV is set to ESPN, and I'm listening to come commentator blather on about all the football that's coming up this weekend. I have a beer in my hand, and it's not even noon yet. Oh yes, I'm ready for some (college) football.

Got it? Good. Because here's how my weekend went after that.

PHONE: Ring! Ring!

ME: %$#@&^!

PHONE: Ring! Ring!

ME: (Checking to see who it is - it's friends of the Raging Mrs. and I, who will henceforth be referred to as John and Jane. And as far as I know, John isn't into college football like I am.)

PHONE: Ring! Ring!

ME: (answering phone) Hey Jane, what's going on?

JANE: (with trepidation, because she knows what my plans are) Hey Dave... um..... are you busy?

ME: Um.... football... chickenwings... beeeeeeer.

JANE: Because you know that AC evaporator that John needs to replace?

ME: Um.... football? Chickenwings? BEER!

JANE: The thing is, he's got the dashboard off, but he's at the point where he needs some help, and he's starting to cuss in the garage...

ME: (whimpering) Football..... beer.... hotwings. Beer.

JANE: ....and I didn't know who else to call, and if this thing doesn't get done I won't have a vehicle, because there's parts all over the garage.....

ME: (crying) See you in half and hour.

Now, let's move to John and Jane's garage, where John and I are just now finding out where the damn bolts are situated for the AC/Heater core -

DAVE / JOHN: %$#@&^!

So yeah. Saturday? Under the hood. Sunday? Same 'ol, same 'ol. Two days, and I swear to god that if one more thing had gone wrong with that vehicle I would have towed it behind my truck and dumped it into San Juan Bay. It's a damn good thing that John has mad skillz yo, because at one point we had to haul out the welding cart and re-weld nuts back into place. Well, OK, John did the welding while I stood back and held a flashlight. After all, it's HIS damn vehicle we were working on. I also found out that there's nothing like Fast Orange to find every last little nick, scratch and cut on your hands when you're cleaning up. I did get some tasty dinners out of it all. But still......

I didn't watch a single damn bit of football either Saturday or Sunday. And hotwings? Hell no, those are still sitting in my freezer. Beer? Still sitting in my pantry, waiting for the cool kiss of ice to chill them to perfection. Which won't be today.

John and Jane owe me. Oh, they owe me big, and that tab will be around for a good loooooooooooooooong time.