Saturday, September 04, 2010

Sea-Tac Airport

Still sucks.  Although I would like to thank American Airlines for getting my luggage to me as quickly as they did, considering that the TSA at SeaTac left it sitting in their screening area after a power outage shut down their screening equipment.

Crap like this is why people stop flying.  Unfortunately for me I don't have a choice.  But I now drive everywhere I can, just to avoid the stupid crap with the TSA and various other agencies.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Best line I heard yesterday

I think it was Mark Levin on the radio - "Doesn't anyone else notice that whatever Obama touches turns to crap?"

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


I think that August was a completely crappy month for everyone I know personally.  Between family drama, medical emergencies, life just seemed to take a crap on my friends and family last month.

Anyone else out there happy that August is over?


Whereupon I cram myself into a long metal tube and allow someone else to rocket me through the skies, while I try to get comfortable in a small, hard seat that I must sit in for hours.

You know, I used to enjoy this stuff.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1 in 6 Americans on the dole

I'm sure you've all seen this report, showing 18% of our population living off of government funds.  There are going to be plenty of people talking about it, discussing it, analyzing it, yada yada yada.  My only comment is this - do you really think those people are going to vote for smaller government?

No, they are not.  Which is the whole point.  Those people are consistently going to vote Democrat, because that's the party that prefers government-owned slaves to free, independent citizens.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Paris Hilton arrested for cocaine

Is anyone surprised?  Anyone?  That skanked out, herpes-encrusted crack whore has shoved more powder up her nose than Keith Richards.  She's a picture perfect example of what happens when gobs of money meet the absence of responsibility.

Simple Answers to Complex Questions

Every now and then I see a blog title that asks a question, and my brain launches forth a snarky answer before I even read the post.  That doesn't stop me from reading said post, but it does make for some interesting inter-cranial dialogue.  Today's post title comes from Gay Patriot - Why isn't Sarah Palin a feminist icon?  My answer:  Because Palin denounces the "OH PLEASE NANNY GOVERNMENT TAKE CARE OF ME BECAUSE I CAN'T DO IT MYSELF" mentality that liberal feminism demands.  She stands on her own two feet and expects others to do the same.

And the liberals can't stand that.

Saturday Night

I'd seen a burger/sammich somewhere on the intartubes, probably at Curmudgeonly & Skeptical, and just had to try it.  So I brought the idea up to the Ragin' Mrs., we spoke with some friends, and we came up with dinner for Saturday night.

That, my friends, is a bacon cheeseburger (with home-made bacon!) between two grilled cheese sammiches.  With home made bread.

And yes, it was DAMN good.

I won't even get into what we had for dessert.  I will just say that I think I gained fifty pounds this weekend, and now have to run my ass off.

Range time

Sighted in my Mossberg 30-06 yesterday.  First ten rounds felt fine.  Rounds 11-15 hurt a bit.  Rounds 16-20 flat out stung.  I'd forgotten just how much kick a 30-06 had.  I got the scope dialed in, so I can tag Bambi when the time comes.  But the last round I fired I flinched.  Gotta work on that.  Also, the trigger is stiff.  If finances allow, I'll take it to a gunsmith and have it lightened up a bit.  If not, well, I'm not taking any deer past 100 yards anyways, not in the Wisconsin woods.  Hell, I might not take any shots past fifty yards depending on where I hunt.

The shoulder is still a bit sore this morning.  But there's nothing like the satisfaction of watching a clay pidgeon explode at 100 yards.

Also, need a good hunting stick to shoot from.  I'll see what the wood lot here in town has for staves, and put a "V" top on it.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gutless Surrender Monkey Claims Credit for Victory

The fact that this stuttering Marxist jackass is even claiming ANY kind of credit for our operations in Iraq, which he repeatedly opposed, makes me want to vomit.  Had Obama had his way, Iraq would be lost and millions of people would be murdered under Saddam.  Had Obama had his way, we would have surrendered the battlefield and walked away like a conquered country.  Had Obama had his way, our mission in Iraq would have been a complete and total failure.  But now he wants to claim credit for victory?

That narcissistic anti-American traitor can go take a flying fuck at a rolling donut.  The office of Commander in Chief has been contaminated by his presence, the Oval Office has been forever tainted by his occupation, and any success the military has is despite his presence, not because of it.  Obama has successfully turned this country into a global laughingstock, and now he wants to sit back and take the credit won by his predecessor.

Gah.  Obama isn't fit to carry GWB's jock strap, and I wasn't all that big a Bush fan to begin with.  The fact that the Marxist Messiah managed to lie his way into office is proof that this country is fucking sunk.  The only question is what it will look like afterwards.

Why I shouldn't read blogs on a Sunday

Because I see the legacy media coverage of the Restore Honor Rally yesterday....

And I see how they try to spin it....

And I start thinking of ways to tar and feather every worthless hack who calls himself or herself a journalist, just for the good of the country.  And that would take a lot of tar and feathers, although somehow I'm certain that if I put out a call and explained why I needed tons of tar and bales of feathers, I'd get more than enough donations.

The Washington Post needs to die.  Just die.  Go to hell and die.  They are not a news organization, they're just another propaganda organ for the Democrat American Communist Party, and they are fully acting as such.

Dave turns into a hippy?

Under the "No, did he really?" category, one of the things that's happened recently is that I've joined an artist's co-op.  You know those photos that I throw up occasionally?  I've got quite a few of them, and many of them my mother has asked "Dave, why don't you sell these?"  Well, I didn't sell them because I never had time to set up shop.  But now I do in a small way - or more to the point, there are quite a few of us who will be setting up shop together, and I won't have to spend eighty hours a week making it work.

Look, I've been around "art" it all it's various forms for quite a while.  Art doesn't pay very much, m'kay?  Even my brother, who has more music talent in his left nostril than most folks have in their entire bodies, has to hold down a full time job in order to play his music on the weekends.  I know I'm not going to make it rich.

But an extra c-note or two every month wouldn't suck.  And that's what I'm hoping for here.  Which means that I'm going to have to really be careful about what photos I toss up, because I don't want to give away anything that I'm selling down at the shop.

Meh.  Anyways, that's just the brain droppings for this morning.