Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Let me tell you about James

 James was born the eldest of nine kids in a Irish Catholic family.  James' dad was in the Navy, and James just happened to be born in 1940, so his dad was gone quite a bit of the time trying to teach bad people the consequences of their actions.  James excelled at running, winning countless meets as a high schooler, and then holding state records in the one-mile an two-mile events when he attended college.  When there's nine kids in the family and your mom calls out "DINNER TIME!" you make sure you're the first one to the table, because that's a situation of "The Quick and The Hungry". 

After college, James decided that he wanted a vacation, so he joined Uncle Sam's Misguided Children, and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant.  Since being an officer in the USMC wasn't hard enough, he took up running marathons as a hobby.  That lasted until knee surgery in his 60's.  After that he took up bike riding and competed in several races, because those damn kids needed to be put in their place.

At one point while he was stationed in Norfolk, VA, he injured his ankle.  This is important because while swimming in a pool as part of his recovery, he was hit on by a female life guard who thought he looked cute.  They got married about three years later.  They had two boys, much to his great surprise.  James once told me that if he had known that sex led to kids, he would have just joined the priesthood and remained celibate.  I believed him when he said this.

James did two tours in Viet Nam.  It was not a fun time.  That's all that needs to be said about that.

After twenty two years of service, James figured it was time to be called "Mister", so he retired and went back to school.  He worked in the computer industry in a time when MS DOS was the king of operating systems.  Along the way he did his best to instill honor, work ethics and integrity into his two boys.  It stuck.  One went on to join the service, and the other ended up becoming the President of the company that he had started working for decades ago just to pay a few bills.

James was diagnosed with cancer around 2014.  He informed his family of this by titling his email "Well, damn".  He successfully fought it off twice.  But when the Covidiacy made the medical establishment lose its collective mind, things got a little out of hand, and cancer started winning.  James' two boys spent countless hours at the family home making sure that James and his wife were taken care of, and that James would be able to live life as he wanted to live it.  He spent the last part of his life on his property, looking out at the forest that he loved and surrounded by family that he loved and who loved him.  Have you heard the joke "An Introvert is someone who, when a pandemic happens, doesn't notice a change in their lifestyle"?  That was James.  All he needed was his wife, his sons, and a couple of his Marine Corps League buddies.

James lost his battle with cancer today.  He died with his wife of over fifty years by his side, and his younger son praying the rosary at his bedside every morning.

He taught me how to drive.  How to run a chainsaw and fell a tree.  He taught me the joy in laughing.  Jokes and practical jokes and how poking fun at a problem makes the problem easier to deal with.  He taught me that freedom and responsibility are both sides of the same coin.  He hammered a work ethic into me.  When I first enlisted, he was the officer who swore me in.  That picture remains in the dining room to this day, because that's how proud of me he was.  He raised me and mentored me and guided me, and as his health failed I did everything I could to return what he did for me in service to him, to make sure he didn't ever get put into a nursing home.  

He was a prickly perfectionist.  When I was a teen I got t-boned by a driver who had ran a red light.  He got pissed off at me for not looking both ways a fourth or fifth time.  I can say that a lot of my unhealthy mental habits come from him.  The perfectionism.  Taking the blame for things because if somehow, somewhere if I had done some thing that I wasn't aware of I could have made X or Y happen.

But he built the parts of me that are the best.  The integrity.  The ability to stand my ground when I'm right, and to acknowledge my mistakes when I'm wrong.  The ability to just get the job done, because dammit that's what a proper man does.  

I'm going to miss him.  And maybe if I live a good enough life, I'll get to see him again.

Posting is going to be rather light.  I'm sure you understand.

Kill the system


Tuesday, June 06, 2023


Day by Day is doing their annual fundraiser

 I've tossed in what clams I can afford, given the loss in income I have right now.  If you enjoy Chris' art, and I do, maybe help him get through another year.  

Monday, June 05, 2023

Somebody at Goolag doesn't like me

 They're going through my posts one by one and either deleting them or putting them behind "content warnings".

You know, at some people people reach their limit of bullshit.  And I've reached mine.  Mr. Porretto from Liberty's Torch has made multiple offers for me to post on his blog, and I'm taking him up on it.  I'm going to post on both blogs until close to the end of the month, and then I'm going to stop posting here and post over there.

Goolag can kiss my ass.

Mark Milley needs to spend the rest of his life at Ft. Leavenworth

 Stripped of rank to Private E1, forfeiture of all pay and benefits, and confined to the disciplinary barracks.

[Trump’s former chief of staff Mark] Meadows’ autobiography includes an account of what appears to be the same meeting, during which Trump “recalls a four-page report typed up by (Trump’s former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) Mark Milley himself. It contained the general’s own plan to attack Iran, deploying massive numbers of troops, something he urged President Trump to do more than once during his presidency.

Mark Milley has presided over the woke-ification of the US Military, the degrading of standards when it comes to actual combat training, the abandonment of American citizens allies in Afghanistan, the abandonment of billions of dollars of weapons and equipment to the Taliban (which is why we now see AT-4s popping up at the Southern Border), and of course, the disastrous jab mandate.  And now we find out he was pushing Donald Trump to attack Iran.  Trump obviously said No Thanks, but what the fuck was this god-damned clown doing pushing for a full-fledged war?  

That was a rhetorical question.  We all know he was trying to get more money for the military-industrial complex.  After all, his seven-figure job at Lockheed or Rayethon or whoever ain't gonna just pay for itself.

Mark Milley is a traitor to his country, a back-stabbing traitor to his Soldiers, and a complete and total Clown World neo-con who only cares about himself.  He should be put in solitary and left to rot.

We all have dreams


Sunday, June 04, 2023

I might just have to root for the Rangers

 They're the one MLB team that doesn't put on a Pride Night.

June is Pride Month for the LGBTQ+ community. As a result, many Major League Baseball teams across the country are planning to host Pride Night celebrations at their ballparks – or similar promotions that celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. But one team has made it clear that they will not hold such a celebration: the Texas Rangers.

While every other team across Major League Baseball has held a Pride Night or similar promotional event, the Dallas Morning News reports that Texas Rangers have not hosted a promotion to welcome and celebrate the LGBTQ+ in over two decades. Back in 2003, the team did invite several LGBTQ+ groups to the ballpark, according to The Advocate, but it was not officially marketed as any specific promotion and was met with anti-gay protests. The team has not hosted a similar event since.

Good on 'em.  The more you feed into this woke bullshit, the more the woke crowd will expect you to participate.  Until you end up like Bud Light and Target, losing your customers and wondering why your stock price keeps dropping.

You want to know how badly Bud Light hates their own customers?  That VP of marketing still hasn't been fired yet.  How many billions of dollars do you have to lose your company before they fire you?  If any of us had performed an action that lost our company a quarter of their sales, would we still have a job?  You know we wouldn't.  But that Heinersheid woman (apologies for the mis-spelling, but I didn't bother to look up her last name) tanked A-B stock, lost at least a quarter of sales for Bud Light that her competitors happily gobbled up, and she's still employed.

Because the over-credentialed Ivy League trash running A-B hate you.  And they don't think she was wrong.

Anyways...  I'm betting Bud Light sales at Ranger games is down as well.  

Lloyd Austin is a worthless piece of shit, and everybody knows it

 Especially the Chinese.

Australian Defence Minister Richard Marles met his Chinese counterpart, Li Shangfu, on the sidelines of the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore after Li refused to meet U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

Marles confirmed the meeting on Twitter, calling the meeting another “important step” towards stablising the relationship between the two countries.

Why should China meet with Lloyd "I fuck over the troops as much as possible" Austin?  China owns his boss.  China has nothing to fear from the blithering fuckstain who introduced trannys and pronounds into the military.  Lloyd Austin is a worthless racist piece of political shit who is destroying the US military as fast has he can, and as such Lloyd Austin is already doing what China wants him to do.

Why does China need a meeting with their puppet by proxy?

China also knows there's no danger of snubbing Lloyd Austin, since Lloyd Austin would have to grow a spine to mount a response.  And the only people that Lloyd Austin is interested in attacking is the military troops who don't bow to his bullshit.

Bah.  If I were in China's shoes, I wouldn't meet with him either.  The stench of his incompetence and idiocy would take weeks to clear the air.