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Two more posts about Milo

One from a brave women who I've linked to previously, Moira Greyland:

Milo has said openly what is done in secret: these relationships are very common, and usually the way a young men comes into the gay community is through a rape or another sexual experience which is forced on him. The boy then is in the position of admitting he was unmanned, admitting he was a victim, coping with prosecution and victim status, or shutting up and hoping it will go away. Worse, because bodies respond, the boy is in the appalling predicament of having not hated all the sensations. For many, the easiest conclusion is to decide one is really gay, rather than to decide one is a victim. 
Often the victim part is not figured out for years.
And another from a guest poster on a blog I hadn't read or seen before.  I found both of these at Vox Day, along with a vid from Stephan Molinew...  Molyniew...  That Stephan guy.  Anyway, the post, An Open Letter to Milo:

Four of those little boys are now dead. Three died very young, one older but still young. One a suicide, and the others in situations that were brought on or complicated by The Disease. None of them married. None of them had children. They left their mothers behind, questioning, grieving, inconsolable, loving. Think of it: five families were prevented from being formed.  
When I see you, and you are a wonderful human, I see the father and husband you could have been. What child would not love to be hoisted on your shoulders, and what woman would not blush from your attention?  
I understand that the abuse happened, and that there is a direct line from the abuse to your “chosen” lifestyle—did you choose it, or did you think there was no other way? Or did that man so long ago set the course for you?
Just think - we could have had an actual, honest to God conversation on a very unpleasant subject, and we could have had it while telling the SJWs to take their shrieking hysterics and blow them out their ass.  We could have advanced the cause of conservatives ahead by leaps and bounds.

Instead, thanks to the SJW howler monkeys and the NeverTrump backstabbing shitstains like Evan McMullin, we took that opportunity and threw it overboard, never to be seen again.

UPDATE:  OK, I can't seem to get off this kick regarding Milo and the so-called "conservatives" who attack him.  So here's John C. Wright's point of view:

A question for my fellow Catholics: when is the last time, on a nationally syndicated program of any kind, you heard a popular voice praising the Catholic Church, or saying she is right about everything? 
I can answer for myself: it was Milo, on Bill Maher, and in his speeches in colleges, freely available on the internet. 
And before that? I can name no one. I am not old enough to remember Fulton Sheen. 
Is he a shameful and terrible spokesman for our beautiful Church? Yes, indeed, I fear he is. When I get to heaven, I will certainly chide Saint Mary Magdalene the whore and St. Matthew the tax-gathering collaborator, wag my finger under their noses, and demand to know why persons of doubtful morals speak up for Christ, embarrassing the righteous and the just.
It is true that Milo jokes about homosex in a fashion that makes light of an abomination. But it is not for this that he is on the receiving end of the Two Minute Hate. 
It is because he will not bow to the violent and bloodthirsty idol called Political Correctness, who is a jealous goddess, and will have no other gods before her. 

And I will restate for the record that Milo has exposed three different pedophiles, which is three more than all of his critics and attackers have ever exposed in their lives.  Evan McMullin and his "Reagan Battalion"...

Hell, that right there pisses me the fuck off.  That backstabbing, Hillary-supporting, liberal shitstain claiming to be a conservative McMullin, calling his organization the REAGAN BATTALION?  Evan McMullin is so far to the Left of Ronald Reagan that even associating the two of them should be considered a crime.  Against honesty if nothing else.  A crime against accuracy in your vocabulary.

So Evan McMullin and his swarm of SJW howler monkeys and backstabbing traitors aren't bringing down Milo because he's a pedo.  That's just an excuse, and it's a pathetically weak excuse based on actual, y'know, FACTS.  They're bringing him down because he's a threat to their power.  They're taking out one of the most effective weapons against the Left because he threatens to upset the establishment apple cart.  Which once again highlights the fact that the 2016 election wasn't about Left vs. Right.  The GOP, huge parts of it including Evan McMullin, are effectively just another branch of the Democrat Party.  The election of Donald Trump was a rejection of that section of the GOP.  McMullin is now butt-hurt about it, and he's taking down as many of Trump's supporters as he can.

We can't rest on our laurels.  2018 calls.  And backstabbing, Hillary supporting, liberal shitstains like Evan McMullin will be constantly attacking the people who he perceives as taking away his goodies. We have to be punching back, twice as hard.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

CNN is a mentally diseased cabal of fucking retards

Hey, Chris Cuomo, what do you tell a 12 year old girl who doesn't want to see a penis in her locker room?


Chris Cuomo and CNN are shitstains on the underwear of America, and they desperately need to be removed and thrown in the trash.

Evan McMullin group is behind the Milo attack

Gosh, what a so-called "conservative"!

Who woulda thunk that the guy doing his best to ensure that Hillary Clinton got elected president would be behind the attack on one of Trump's most prominent supporters?  You want to know why Trump got elected?  Because the GOP voting base were sick and tired of backstabbing, traitorous shitweasels like Evan McMullin being in charge.  The Trump presidency is one big giant middle finger to the anti-conservative parasites like McMullin, and now the apparatchiks and establishment elitists are doing their most to destroy Trump and anyone who publicly supported him.

Evan McMullin is upset because he couldn't push the uni-party status quo any more, and he's going to attack anyone who dares to actually get conservative things done in Washington D.C.

Evan McMullin is prime example number one why I refuse to register as a Republican.  I don't need to be part of a political party that hates me, thinks I'm stupid because I don't live in the Beltway or a major media market, and just wants me to shut up and follow orders.

Fuck Evan McMullin.

This is my shocked face

The "angry crowds" popping up at town hall meetings are nothing more than paid protesters.

Jimmy Dahman, a former field organizer for the Clinton campaign in Iowa, founded the Town Hall Project. Dahman claimed on CNN that the town hall events are "all organic and happening at the grassroots level." 
Dahman's group is closely involved with, a major progressive activist group that recently launched a website, called, to encourage activists to attend town hall events. 
The Town Hall Project's parent company is The Action Network, which was involved in demonstrations against Walmart and the protests in Ferguson. 
The Action Network's board of directors includes Mark Fleischman, a former vice president of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU); Brian Young, who worked on campaigns for Howard Dean and John Kerry; Jeffrey Dugas, who worked for John Podesta's Center for American Progress and Elizabeth Warren's 2012 Senate campaign; and Rich Clayton, who worked for the SEIU and the shareholder activism arm of Change to Win, a labor group that describes itself as a "strategic organizing center."
The Action Network is located at the same Washington, D.C., address as United We Dream, the "largest immigrant youth-led organization in the nation." United We Dream has received funding from liberal billionaire George Soros. It began organizing "sanctuary campus" anti-Trump protests shortly after the election.

I know, I know.  Shocking.  Shocking that people screaming at Republicans would be nothing more than George Soros-paid shills.  That's never happened before.  At all.  Nope.

I swear, there's not one single organic moment in the Democrat Party.  It's like the entire party is made up of either the sneering dictators or mindless, blithering retards being led around by the nose.  There's no-one in between those who sides.  And they're incestuous as all hell.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Pathetic, disgusting hypocrites do what they do

Here's seven opponents of Betsy DeVos who send their kids to private schools.

Or in other words, there are seven bought-and-paid-for shills and bitches for the Teachers Unions.

Fuck them with a baseball bat wrapped in rusty barbed wire.

Milo resigns from Breitbart

And the Left claims another scalp, which wouldn't have happened without the help and support of so-called "conservatives".  I'll get into that more later today.  But for right now, this guy is saying what I want to say.

But let’s be crystal clear, because I suspect even my readers are divided on this issue: you have done or said something that can be used to assassinate your character. 
Again, for clarity: you have said things that the press could assassinate your character with. I guarantee it. Every single person reading this right now has said something which the press could twist into a knife and plunge into your gut. All of you. 
You don’t need to like Milo, or approve of his behavior. In fact, I don’t approve of some of the outlandish things he’s done. The bathing in pig blood stunt was just weird. 
Rather, what you need to realize is that the press is striking back against Donald Trump right now. It’s another Alinsky tactic. 
I've been watching supposed conservatives laugh and howl and gibber about Milo getting cut down, and I'm flat out disgusted.  Milo has done more to push back the fascist Left than his current crop of detractors have ever done.  He hasn't just moved the Overton Window to the right, he's yanked that sucker right off the rails and made the fascist Left dance to his tune.  This current outrage isn't about anything Milo has done; it's about the fascist Left extracting their revenge against him, and the so-called conservatives are helping them do it!

Once again, Milo has exposed more pedophiles than all of the people who are accusing him of promoting pedophilia combined.  Let that fact just sit back and stew in your brain.

UPDATE: Milo has resigned from Breitbart. They got their scalp. They’ll be emboldened, now. I certainly hope that next time, we will fight instead of cave in. 
In case anyone thinks this isn’t premeditated, note that Salon deleted their pro-pedo material before attacking Milo. It was a cynical, calculated political move. The tweet is still up, but it goes nowhere.

Yeah, he hopes that next time they won't cave.  Right.  Just look at how the so-called conservatives folded like a cheap suit when one of their strongest fighters got challenged.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Why Conservatives Lose

Ace of Spades has a good take on the Milo kerfluffle.  He and I are of like minds right now...

The way this works is that the Outrage Mob gins up its hatred quickly, giving no one a chance to actually think slowly and carefully about these things -- and they should be thought slowly and carefully about, because what's being engineered here is possibly an irrevocable negative hit on someone -- and then people feel pressure to react instantly precisely the way the mob wants because God Forbid we stand up to the mob and say, "Stop your baying, and give adult men and women of rational mind and good spirit a chance to actually think," then maybe they'll turn on us next. 
Proud anger travels twice around the world before cool reflection has even slipped on its first sock.

So the Left has found something to be ANGRY about, just like it finds something to be ANGRY about every single day of the week.  And rather than actually push back or fight against the howling baboons of the Left, so-called "conservatives" curl up, suck their thumbs, whimper and squeal "MAKE THE BAD MAN STOP!  I'LL DO WHATEVER THEY WANT!"

Yeah.  So they're doing their best to throw Milo to the wolves.  Milo, one of the best weapons we have against the Left in the current day and age.  Milo, who's been doing the heavy lifting (along with Ben Shapiro) on college campuses.  Milo, who has personally outed more pedophiles than all the people currently looking to hang him out to dry for "pedophilia".

Did Milo say some things that went over the top?  Yes.  Did he say things I didn't agree with?  Yes.

But we on the right had an opportunity to have an actual, honest to God conversation about it.  We had an opportunity to say "This isn't right, and here's why I think that." and then have an actually battle of ideas that would have improved us as a group.  Instead?  Howling Hate Mob, and the most sickening part about it is the Howling Hate Mob is made up of supposed "conservatives", who are being egged on by the worst elements of the Left.  When Nathan Nyberg, who goes by "Sarah Nyberg" on Twitter, who is a mentally ill man who wants to have sex with pre-pubescent girls, is gloating and boasting about the purging of Milo, then you have well and truly fucked up.

Oh, and just so you know, Nathan Nyburg is one of the pedos that Milo outed.  You know, the guy you're trying to draw and quarter for pedophilia?  Yeah.  Let me quote Ace again here, because he's spot on:

All that said, I do have an interest, and that interest is less about Milo than this same sick game of Pick the Day's Hate Object and Destroy It. 
Is it my scalp they'll be coming for next week?  
Who knows -- maybe this very post you're reading right now will be cited as the reason Ace Must Now Be Purged to Maintain the Purity of the Body of the Church of Twitter.

This is why "conservatives" haven't managed to conserve a single damn thing.  They're far too willing to murder each other, over fake outrage pushed by a liberal lynch mob, than to stand up and defend one of their own.  They're far too willing to leap off of a cliff at a Liberal's urging than spend five fucking minutes to look over the edge and see what's below before they get a running start.

Stop allowing yourself to be manipulated by fake moral outrage pushed by hypocritical assholes who privately celebrate the very behavior they expect you to condemn!

There may be a good reason to dump Milo.  But watching so called "conservatives" run around under the Left's control is making me realize that conservatives in this country are part of the problem.  It's so-called "conservatives", the Never-Trumpers, who were willing to elect Hillary Clinton rather than let Trump win.  And it's so-called "conservatives" who abandon our allies at the drop of a hat rather than stand up to the Liberal Hate Mob.

So why should I want to stand shoulder to shoulder with them?  Standing too close to them means that they can stab you in the back that much easier.  I'd rather throw my lot in with the Alt-Right.  At least they won't allow themselves to be manipulated so easily.

These people think they're better than you

NBC's Katy Tur doesn't remember when Obama told Medvedev "After this election I have more flexibility".

So the very same people who are lying their asses off and saying that "RUSSIA HACKED OUR ELECTIONS!" with zero fucking proof, can't remember when their Lord, God, King and Socialist Savior specifically told the Russians that he'd be more flexible for them after his election.

These people think they're smart.  These people think they're the elites in this country.  They look down on you.  They sneer at you as a bunch of bible-thumping, sister-humping, one-toothed,  moonshine-making, low-sloping-forehead retarded Jesus Freaks from flyover country.  And they can't even remember their Communist Christ essentially telling Russia that he would personally bend over and offer up his lubed anus for Putin's pleasure, while they create more #FakeNews in an attempt to damage Trump in any way possible.

Fuck Katy Tur with a running chainsaw.  And fuck NBC.  The entire organization.  Fuck them up a tree sideways.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Riding through Virginia

Had a day off today.  What to do, what to do....

It's sunny and kinda warm-ish.  MOTORCYCLE RIDE!

If you ride a motorcycle in Virginia and you haven't ridden the Blue Ridge Parkway, you're missing out.  Hell, the ride there and the ride back were just as fun.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Ragin' Dave's Quote of the Day, too much government Edition

From a post detailing why Americans refrigerate their eggs, while Europeans don't.

I further submit that government has proven more generally dangerous to public life than any disease that an egg might give us. Salmonella is curable; government, not so much.

It's Sunday.  Can I get an AMEN?!?!?!?!

Getting his life back together (bumped)

Kim du Toit is forced to move on without his wife, and he's asking for a tad bit of help.  There's a gofundme page to help him out.

If there ever was a guy who deserves good karma, Kim is it.