Friday, July 17, 2015

The Navy seems pretty far gone

when it comes to liberal shibboleths and their application.  Let me break it down for you, so that all the pearl-clutching feminists can go about their business.

I don't want you getting pregnant in the military.  Period.  That's not your job.  That's not fair to the men in your unit who have to pick up your slack.  That's not fair to the unit who is unable to fill your position because you haven't left, you've just decided to have a baby and thus remove yourself from day-to-day operations.

If I were king for a day, all women in the military would be given the option - birth control or get out.  Too many women have gotten out of deployments by getting knocked up.  Too many women eat up valuable resources that could be put to much better use by employing an actual war-fighter rather than another government subsidized baby factory.

Is that harsh?  Bullshit.  Let me tell you what's harsh - when a unit has to go into a combat zone understrength because SPC Roundheels decided that having a baby was more important than her unit's mission.  Yanking troops from one unit to the next to cover vacancies that were opened up by women using their baby makers to get out of doing the jobs that they're getting paid to do.

So the Navy wants to give it's women 18 weeks of paid maternity leave.  I wouldn't give them a day.  They can make babies on THEIR dime, not on the military's time.  Who's going to cover her spot for the four and a half months she's gone?

A man.  A man who has no choice but to do both his job and the woman's job, because BABIES!  That's harsh.

Numbers don't lie

So much for that whole "sexism in publishing" thing.  Turns out that women DO prefer certain areas more than others.

This whole equality movement is a load of horse manure in a barrel.  Men and women are NOT equal.  The two genders have areas that they outperform the other.  The attempt to make the two genders "equal" does nothing but hurt women and feminize men.  You want to see a truly happy marriage?  Find the one where both the man and woman have their roles, their part to play in the marriage.

Jumping up and down and screaming "WE NEED MORE WIMMINZ IN X Y or Z!" makes no sense at all.  Why do we need more women in x, y, or z?  Because they're women?  Take physics.  Why do we need more women in physics?  Because they have a vagina?  Do breasts make you a better physicist?  Do we need more women writing Science Fiction because va-jay-jay?

Here's a novel idea - let people find out what they're good at, and then encourage them in that direction.  Base that whole "WE NEED MOAR OF PEEPULS!" on what people are actually good at doing, not on their genitalia.  I don't want my doctor to be a doctor because vagina, I want my doctor to be a doctor because they're good at practicing medicine and love what they do!

So, just by the numbers, women prefer to write romance and young adult books.  Men prefer to write science fiction, horror, and high fantasy.

Let them do it.  Don't demand more women in science fiction because of vagina.  That's just a stupid way to go about life.

It's all about who they're afraid of

"They're" in this case being the gutless, pathetic politicians who continue to keep military members unarmed and at the mercy of violent assholes.

With the recent threats by ISIS to target military personnel and their families, why are we pretending our military bases and stations are not military targets, ripe for exploitation by hidden terrorist assets or lone-wolf nut cases? For the love of God and country, allow our military members who pass standard background checks and have weapons training to carry personal sidearms in or out of uniform. The lives of military members and families alike–families just like mine–could depend on the courage of these armed and honorable individuals. 
The lives of four military members could have been saved today in Chattanooga by such a change in policy. May God comfort their families. I doubt, Mr. Obama, that you will. 
A Military Wife

Why should a politician care about the military?  They have their own armed guards protecting them, so they're safe.  Screw the little people, right?

Because I needed a laugh

Thursday, July 16, 2015

We have a steamer trunk

We use it to hold blankets.  I cracked my knee against it today.  My knee ain't happy with me.

So, ,just to make sure we're all clear on the fine points here...

Planned Parenthood murders babies, and sells their body parts for profit.

People with both a heart and a brain are outraged.

Democrats are outraged that other people are outraged about the murder of babies and sale of their body parts.

I don't know what you can call Planned Parenthood and their dead-baby-part-selling other than "evil".  Because if you can't call them evil, then the word "evil" has lost all meaning.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Obama does his best to cripple the military yet again

I guess women in combat isn't enough, now it's "men who have cut their penises off in order to call themselves women" in combat.

Yep.  "Transgender" in the military.

I can't wait for the first tranny to cry that they can't get deployed because they won't get their hormone treatments.

Fuck.  This country is going straight down the shitter.

On judging people or things

If I were to quote the parts of this post that were relevant to the Catholic Church today, I'd end up just copy-and-pasting the whole thing.  So go read it in total.

By the fruits of their works ye shall know them.

Monday, July 13, 2015


Yet another Jesuit university that can't seem to find it's Catholic teachings with both hands and a flashlight.

Jesuit Fordham University will apparently take no action regarding the gay marriage of Dr. Patrick Hornbeck, the chair of the school’s theology department. 
Dr. Hornbeck and his partner Patrick Bergquist, an Episcopalian youth minister, participated in a marriage ceremony on June 27th, the day after the U.S. Supreme Court’s controversial Obergfell decision.

So the gay Doctor teaches a course titled “Christianity and Sexual Diversity”.

Of course he does.  Here's a clue, folks - Christianity does not need sexual diversity.  Christianity needs devotion to Christ, and I don't recall Christ telling his apostles to get their rocks off in diverse ways.  Linking Christianity and Sexual Diversity together at a JESUIT university is yet another example of how corrupt and perverted the Jesuit universities in America have become.

And the gay doctor's fake husband is an Episcopalian "Youth" minister.

Of course he is.  Because putting someone who is sexually attracted to male bodies in charge of young boys did such wonderful things for the Catholic Alter Boys in the 70's and 80's.  And 90's.  And 00's.  Right?

There will be people who get upset over that last paragraph.  To them I ask, if it's OK to put gay men in charge of groups of young boys, why is it NOT ok to put straight men in charge of groups of young girls?  Why do the people who demand that gay men be Boy Scout leaders never ever demand that straight men be Girl Scout leaders?



Someone on the GOP side of the house gets their act together.

Republican White House hopeful and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry slammed President Obama and his administration for not cracking down on illegal immigrants in “sanctuary cities.”

He accused Obama of doing “absolutely nothing to prevent incidents like the murder of Kate Steinle,” a 32-year-old woman who was allegedly shot in San Francisco by a Mexican immigrant laborer who had been deported five times.

As long as Republicans run away from topics that might make Democrat American Communist Party members uncomfortable, they will lose.  As long as they attack the pro-Illegal alien, pro-criminal party like this, they will win.  It's that simple.