Friday, December 17, 2004

One More Post

When one is attempting to vilify a successfull military commander, one might do well to check their facts and ensure that they have all the information. Because when one goes out and attempts to verbally attack said successfull military commander without all the facts, one shows their ass.

That ass promptly gets handed to them by others who actually know what's going on. Such as Wrechard, who takes Andrew Sullivan to task for his smear against General Tommy Franks.

Here's some advice, Sully. Have a Coke and a smile and shut the fuck up. You have NO knowledge of the military, and it shows. Go back to whimpering about how George Bush is going to string gays up on lampposts, or whatever half-baked theory you have presently is.

Found via who else?


Ah, the joys of a laptop and an internet cafe. As of right now I'm slurping down coffee at the Firetower Coffee House in Helena, Montana. If you ever pass by this way, make sure to stop in. It's a great little place, with some DAMN good coffee. Hell, it's 1915 hrs right now, and I'm on my third cup. I don't know if it's just the atmosphere, or the fact that I've been drinking the swill the Army calls coffee for three weeks and I'll stay up all night if I can just have a good cup of joe.

I see that you've all met my wife. That's right guys, she's hot, sexy, intelligent, and a wildcat in the bedroom... AND SHE'S AAAAAAAAAAAAALL MINE!

However, on the topic that she was raging on, go have a look at this, found over at RNS. If you ever had a doubt that the Democrats are the filthiest, slimiest pieces of shit on the face of America, maybe this will finally convince you.

Two developments have clinched the need to hit the reset button. The first is the revelation this morning that KC does not know the whereabouts of an additional 162 absentee ballots. Again, these are rejected ballots which had no signature on file, yet Dean Logan is insisting these be canvassed and counted. They believe these are locked in a cage somewhere, or in Paul Berendt's trunk.

We don't know where they are right now, but... uh.... they voted for our girl! Yeah, that's the ticket!

The other development was reported this morning on talk station 570 KVI. Kirby Wilbur reported that KC council woman Kathy Lambert has said that a ballot written in for "Christine Rossi", hereafter known as "Ballot 81," was sent to the canvassing board earlier this week. This is astonishing in itself, since there is no such candidate and this is obviously a joke. But what is more shocking is that the canvassing board didn't throw it out, they cast this ballot for Christine Gregoire. This is absolutely beyond the pale. Does anyone doubt that this is typical for KC?

King County, Moonbat Central. Berkeley North. The seat of all Democrat Party power in Washington State. And they're pulling all their dirty, cheating tricks out of their hat in an effort to steal this election. They've exposed themselves as the worthless fucking parasites they are YET AGAIN.

I hope the lying cheating bastards can feel the heat of my anger from two states away. If you are writing a letter, and you can't think of an adjective foul enough to properly describe what you want, just type in "democrat". There's nothing lower than that.

Now then, you might be thinking "Dave, what in the name of all that is holy does that have to do with me? I don't live there!"

Here's the deal, folks. If they get away with it in one place, they'll do their damnedest to get away with it everywhere else. Take that one to the bank. I'll bet that the Donks from Seattle were looking up the Daley's "Chicago" playbook when they started fucking with ballots. "Hey, Daley got the DEAD to vote! How the hell can we get that started here?"

Fuck 'em all. I'm out of that city, and my wife will be soon. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

In any case, if I get more time I'll post again. Otherwise, I'm flying out of here on the 23rd and then the Raging Mrs. and I will be heading over to my parent's house for Christmas. If I don't see anyone till then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Help make America a better place

A Liberal is offering on ebay to leave the country if you will subsidize her application fee to Canada.

hello, the money from this auction will go into a fund to pay for citizenship applications and moving fees to send a dirty liberal out of America. This is your chance to rid America of a free thinking, pro choice, non-religious, kerry voter. The winning bidder will recieve six handmade stickers, as displayed in the picture. THIS AUCTION IS NOT A JOKE.

Why she wants to leave....

I desire to live somewhere where i will be able to afford health insurance,to live somewhere being gay isnt worse than war, be able to see worthwhile architecture versus suburban sprawl, i want to live somewhere i can bicycle and not nearly be killed every five minutes by an monstrous suv, somewhere that has effecient transportation (here in orlando, its pitiful). i want to live somewhere housewives dont drive hummers. i dont want to live somewhere i am forced to live by other's religious morals,...

Help a Lib out!

TV Theme Songs

If you have an hour at the computer and like to listen while your work or surf, I suggest listening to John Burlingame's appearance on Radio Times. Burlingame has written a book about TV Theme Songs. It's a great hour.

Thursday 12/16/2004: Hour Two

Thursday, December 16, 2004


Referrer of the Week: Google Search: Michael J Fox Circumcised

Holy Jumpin' Moonbats!

Okay, well I need the hundred grand so I started clicking. Here's what I've found:

The Towers didn't collapse, they exploded.

Flight 175 had a mysterious pod on its fuselage.

Michael Moore is in on the hoax!

WTC Building 7 was felled by a controlled demolition (this one actually looks compelling to me).

A cruise missile hit the Pentagon, it is said.

It's all a quite intriguing tale.

And, lastly, there's this:

Watch carefully what happens as the plane approaches and crashes into the tower...Immediately before the plane strikes it fires a missile that blows a hole in the building's fa├žade. This is the cause of that brief flash. The plane then begins to disappear neatly into this hole, leaving no wing impressions. Just before it disappears however it fires two more missiles from somewhere near its tail. One goes to the left, one to the right (and up a bit) and it is the blast holes from these three separate missiles that form the great gash across the building.
There's more. Keep an eye on the adjacent east side of the building, which is also visible. See how, a few frames into the explosion, a white jet of smoke erupts out of the east side at the same level as the plane. The jet comes straight out of the wall at right angles to it, not angled in accordance with the trajectory of the plane. Also it's just white smoke and dust, no orange flames or anything like that. It is clearly a bomb going off, creating the gash that appears on the east wall.
The plane that hit the North Tower was not American Airlines Flight 11. It was not a Boeing 767. It was a custom-built military plane carrying three missiles that created the impression of a plane crash without leaving any wreckage. In order for it precisely to strike the correct part of the tower (in line with the bomb already planted in the east wall) it must have been flown remotely using cruise navigation. I believe a similar plane was used to strike the Pentagon.

The 'Conspiracy Theorists' have got it dead right this time. The true Flights 11, 175, 77 and 93 were indeed substituted with other planes when the transponders were switched off. Someone hijacked the hijackers to make sure the job was done properly.

If you have a half hour to kill, there are some good reads above, whether you choose to open your mind and embrace the absurd or just want a couple head-shaking giggles.

Attention Engineers

Can you prove that 9/11 wasn't an inside job? If so, $100,000 is yours for the takin'.

San Francisco set to ban guns

Ixnay on the oPray OiceChay.

Five supervisors on Tuesday submitted the proposed ban directly to the Department of Elections, one more than the minimum needed to get the measure on the ballot without signatures from registered voters. The next election is scheduled for November 2005, although Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has talked about calling a special election before then.

Besides Daly, the sponsors include Supervisors Michela Alioto-Pier, Tom Ammiano, Bevan Dufty and Matt Gonzalez, the outgoing president of the 11-member Board of Supervisors. Consisting of four Democrats and a Green Party member, the group is nonetheless considered "ideologically diverse" by San Francisco standards, Barnes said.


C-------- Word Banned at High School

Hand out all the condoms you wish, just don't mention, well, you know.

Students decorated a door for a contest, but when they wanted to use Dr. Seuss in their design, a teacher recommended the phrase, "Don't be the Grinch that stole the winter wonderland," instead of Christmas.

Happy Holidays from Wuzzadem....

...and the asylum escapees at Democratic Underpants.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Sullying Our World

Fricking Bush!

Classic Images....

...on a light posting day.



Rich guy:


Two tools:

Two fools:

And this last one requires no comment:

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Readership has been falling....

...since Dave moved on, so: boobies.

Loverly Linkies

A couple good ones this morning, gleaned from Instapundit:

This one describes life in academia, in the South even.

And here's a good piece regarding the coming revolutionary insurrection on the proverbial "Arab Street". The United States is seeking, and may succeed in in seeking, to create massive upheaval among the world's Muslim population. I remember a Liberal friend of mine (a few months ago) stating: "Bush is causing destabilization in the Middle East!" A Conservative friend then proceeded to enumerate the ills of life in the Middle East and cornered our Liberal friend with this: "How can someone like you who is so committed to human rights and equal rights and civil rights possibly be simultaneously committed to the status quo in the Arab world?"

The Liberal's reply contained the words "Bush" and "Hitler".

Ah well.

Anyway, those above are two fine, fine reads.

Lastly, and sadly, the Oford English Dictionary gets ghetto.


Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Leader of British National Party...

...arrested for "incitement to commit racial hatred."


He should be arrested for weirding me out with his googlie eyes.

Know what a BLEVE is?

Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion.

Can create some events that can be considered "cool":

Can also produce events that can be considered horrifying.

Wonderbras Recalled

They keep popping open. Questionably safe for work.

Underpants Watch

The kind folks at DU are all a'titter at the rumor that President Bush will tap Senator Lieberman for Homeland Security Secretary.

Aviator's Slang

Check out this compendium at

Record shark caught in Nova Scotia

Big mutha.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Geminids 2004

Meteor shower tonight. Peak is 0130-0230 Eastern. Just saw five in five minutes.

Look who's coming to dinner

Marc Rich.

In January 2001, in the final hours his presidency, Clinton bypassed law-enforcement and intelligence agencies to wipe the books clean for Rich after being subjected to intense lobbying from former Israel Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Rich's jet-setting ex-wife, Denise, who donated more than $1 million to Democratic campaigns — including Sen. Hillary Rodham's first Senate race — along with an additional $450,000 to Clinton's library fund.

Investigators still do not know how recipients of the vouchers led to Rich, but say his relationship with Saddam goes back more than a decade.

A report by the House Government Reform Committee on Rich's clemency deal established that it was well known to the CIA and other U.S. law-enforcement agencies at the time of the pardon that Rich had been dealing with Saddam since the early 1990s — after the Persian Gulf War when Iraq was the subject of an international embargo.
New York Post

Nice. And while we're at it, via Instapundit you can find quotes of the week at Mudville Gazette.