Saturday, May 01, 2021

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 I enjoy being able to wipe out the little gamma trolls ranting and lies with two clicks.  It gives me great joy to think off all his time and effort that he put in, triple-chins wobbling in fury, cheetos dust encrusted around his mouth, keyboard sticky from his nights spent browsing Only Fans, and I get to brush him off with less effort than I'm giving this post.

Masks don't work, and other basic truths that people refuse to accept.

 Via Market Ticker.  Some harsh truth in there.

There is a reason science is a process and until you understand something you should keep your ******ned mouth shut.

Especially when all you have against 40+ years of hard science is computer models.

Massssskss was one of them.  I warned early on that physics said masks could not work if the virus was in aerosols or transmitted in feces, no matter whether the feces were manually spread or through aerosols.  We knew this was virtually certain when a mass-spread event happened twice in Wuhan and Hong Kong in apartments on the same vertical drain stack where there were no P-traps; the people infected did not know each other and thus any other form of transmission other than through fecal aerosol was wildly improbable.  That was ignored.  We then had the German meatpacking plant where everyone was wearing masks and yet a huge outbreak took place across tens of feet, a claimed impossibility.  Yet it happened and was proved by RNA sequencing; the researchers were able to identify the index and daughter cases and thus conclusively prove that the infections happened in that plant via that route, despite masks.

Now MIT has weighed in and said the same thing. They try to sidestep the mask issue in their "research" but fail; nothing less than an N95, which is not a mask but rather a respirator, stops aerosols, and source control does not work even with N95s because when you exhale the positive pressure escapes around the edges and for aerosols goes right through the gaps.  Workplaces and airlines have banned N95s with exhaust valves which preserve the seal on your face and thus are the only ones that will provide protection for you against inhaling said aerosol.  Non-valved respirators repeatedly break said seal and thus render it ineffective within minutes.  Don't believe me?  Put on an N95 without a valve and do some sanding where there's lots of dust, when you take it off let me know what you find around the edges where the respirator used to be.  This is why you want the ones with a valve and why the ones I have for such work have a valve.

All the people screaming about how "MASKS SAVE LIVES!" are either ignorant, or lying to you.  Masks are worthless in a viral pandemic.  If masks worked, the flu would have been wiped out decades ago.  And then there's the actual data on the virus:

Let me be clear: The entire premise of all of the "mitigations" and demand for mass-vaccination relied on a lie; that this was a "novel" virus to which nobody had existing resistance.  We now know that's false; 81% of the population in fact does have existing immunity and further, that immunity is strengthened, materially so, by natural infection.  In short if you have said partial resistance you want to get the disease as the odds of you being seriously harmed are statistically zero yet you will perfect your immunity and from a public health perspective you want those people who are not going to be seriously harmed to get it naturally, not take a ******ned shot because it is that perfection of immunity that stops the disease from being of harm to the public on a durable basis.

Just go read the whole thing.

Friday, April 30, 2021

Getting what they voted for, good and hard

 Of course, only idiots think that the drooling Chinese hand-puppet actually won a damn thing, but that didn't stop the big cities from going for Biden in a big way.  And I want them to suffer for it.  Enjoy the higher prices, assholes!

Americans spent a lot of money on groceries over the past year—and it isn’t just because they were eating more meals at home. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, food prices jumped 3.9 percent in 2020, nearly triple the rate of inflation.

Unfortunately, this trend seems poised to continue. The US Department of Agriculture estimates grocery bills could increase by another 3 percent in 2021, while some experts are betting on even longer-term problems.

If I have to suffer, I want them to suffer more.  If I'm paying a dollar more for gas, I want them to pay twice that.  If I have to pay more for food, I want them to go bankrupt trying to put food on the table.  They voted for that fucking drooling dipshit, and I want them to feel the pain of that.  I can go to the famers pretty directly where I live.  They can't.  So fuck 'em, and let them starve.  

The mostest votes EVAH!


The FBI refused to take Hunter Biden's hard drive

It was sitting out when the FBI raided Giuliani's place.

When federal agents raided Rudy Giuliani’s Manhattan home early Wednesday, they found a surprisingly cooperative target.

The former New York City mayor quickly brought the agents into his study and began sharing his electronic devices with them, helping them fulfill their search warrant mission.

A source close to Giuliani tells Newsmax that one of the agents pointed to a computer hard drive on the former mayor’s desk, asking about it.

Giuliani responded, “Oh that’s Hunter Biden’s hard drive.”

Giuliani offered to give the hard drive to the agents, telling them “it has evidence of President Biden committing multiple crimes with his son Hunter.”

Surprised, the agents reportedly not only rebuffed the evidence, they didn’t even bother to check what was on the hard drive.

The FBI is nothing but goons and thugs, in the service of the DNC.  

Thursday, April 29, 2021

I didn't not watch the drooling Chinese hand-puppet's speech last night

 But here's five takeaways from it.  Let's be honest, does anyone think that he was ever going to be anything more than a caricature of a Marxist dipshit?  Why the hell waste the time listening to that pervert mumble and drool though a speech written by America-hating commies?  There are people out there who get paid to do that.  I'm just reading the transcription, and if I'm being honest, I'm skipping over most of it because there's nothing really there.  It's not like the drooling Chinese hand-puppet can handle any kind of big concepts, or big words.  

Short short version?  Of the anti-American Democrats get what they want, we're fucked more than a ten-dollar whore in a Navy port on payday.

The DNC's good squad is back at it again.

I can't even all them the Fucking Bureau of Incompetence, because this isn't incompetence.  This is the FedGov taking out it's political opponents.  

Rudy Giuliani’s apartment in NYC was raided by zealous federal agents on Wednesday as part of a “criminal probe” related to Giuliani’s alleged dealings in Ukraine. I feel like we’ve heard this story before. When the left is in power, they love to weaponize federal agencies against their political enemies. Agents confiscated all of Giuliani’s electronic devices including his computer and phone. They will now dig furiously for anything with which to smear and humiliate him by leaking non-crime personal details to the press (guaranteed).

Let's remember that the FBI had copies of Hunter Biden's laptop, which contained ACTUAL EVIDENCE OF WIDESPREAD CRIMINAL ACTIVITY, and did nothing.  They sat on it to protect their political masters.  

Let's not forget that the FBI had information on multiple shooters that they sat on.  "Persons known to the FBI", as it were.  The Parkland shooter?  The FBI was warned about him.  The Colorado shooters?  Yeah, both of them were known.  The San Bernardino shooters?  The FBI knew about them as well.  The FBI was given information about the Boston Marathon bombers too and they were too busy trying to take down conservatives to bother with a trifling little thing like that.

But now Rudy Giuliani has to be punished, and so the DNC calls out their favorite thugs and goons, the FBI.  

This isn't America any more, it's the USSR.  We just speak a different language.  

Portland is a stinking commie shithole. The rest of Oregon is relatively sane.

 And the further you get from Portland, the more sane it gets.

In the small-ish burg of Baker City, way out in Eastern Oregon, far away from the capital city, a proposal among business leaders has ignited a movement. Now, the mayor says other towns across Oregon are looking to her city as a model to fight back against an out-of-control governor.

The short-short version is that Baker City is essentially telling Portland's governor (she sure as hell ain't the governor for the whole state!) that they are done with her stupidity, and she and the rest of the commies from Multnomah county can pound sand.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Mixed feelings

 So California lost a congressional seat because of all the people leaving.

Normally this is a good thing.  The less influence that a Marxist shithole like Kalifornia has, the better off the country will be.  But all those Kalifornians leaving aren't going to some black hole, and the actual good Californians who aren't living in those Marxist shithole areas ain't leaving.  So what we end up getting is indoctrinated Marxists flooding into an area and turning it into a recreation of the Marxist shitholes they just left.  Look at Denver and Colorado.  The entire Puget Sound area.  Salt Lake City, Utah.  Houston, Texas.  The average price of a home in the SLC area went up about $100,000 last year.  That's not a typo.  You can't sniff a house in Coeur d'Alene for under $450,000.  And that's for a two bed, one bath.  Prices only go up from there.  

Now, I will admit that not all of the people fleeing Kalifornia are indoctrinated Marxists, but enough of them are that they change the entire culture of the places where they move.  Is that worth Kalifornia losing a seat in the House of Representatives?

Am I just dumping on Kalifornia?  Yes, in so much as Kalifornia is a red state controlled by the two giant blue tumors of Lost Angeles and San Fransicko.  People in the Central Valley of California hate Lost Angeles just as much as I do.  But the people in the Central Valley aren't flooding into SLC and trying to turn it into the copy of Silicon Valley.

Apparently, they did the Oscars again

And I give less than two shits about it.  One and a half shits, shall we say.  The only reason I pay attention to Hollywood and any of the crap it produces is because I enjoy seeing their decline.  And boy, is it in decline, much to my delight.

I haven't watched a movie in the theaters for....  um....  when did the first Avengers come out?  Because that was the movie.

I haven't watched an actual movie on my computer in about a year, maybe more.  I don't watch TV shows.  Fuck the fucking fuckers.  

I hope Hollywood dies.  And I want them to hurt the entire time.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Open secrets time - I don't own at AR-15

 I didn't like the M-16 I was issued back as a yoot, and I don't like the M-4 I'm forced to use now.  I never got into the whole AR-15 thing, because it's not a rifle I particularly like.  I don't like the gas-operation, I don't like the caliber.  It's just not a thing that I wanted to own.

But watching what's going on, I'm actually thinking of getting one.  Lots of reasons why, most of end with "Because FUCK YOU that's why!"

Of course, now they've hit nosebleed prices, and good luck finding any 223 ammo, because there's a lot of people who feel the same why I do.  Chances are I'll pick up another shotgun, this one with a much shorter barrel than my bird gun.

John Kerry doesn't need a perp-walk

 In a just and sane society, John Kerry would be hung from the neck until dead, as befitting spies and traitors.  Alas, we no longer live in a just and sane society, we live in a Marxist oligarchy where John Kerry is going to continue to walk around free until he finally dies and spends eternity in hell.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry, now President Joe Biden’s climate envoy, briefed Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on hundreds of Israel’s covert attacks on Iranian interests in Syria, according to leaked audio reported by The New York Times on Sunday. This revelation echoes reports that Obama officials saved the life of terrorist and Quds Force leader Qasem Soleimani by notifying Iran about an Israeli plot to assassinate him in 2015.

John F'n Kerry has been an anti-American sack of shit for his entire life.  He hasn't stopped just because he was out of the public eye.  Qasem Soleimani was responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans, and the Obama administration (with John F'n Kerry as Secretary of State) saved his life?  Not a shock, really, when you understand that what anti-American Marxists like Kerry want is NOT in the best interests of America.  

Well, the stupid-long time is over, and the normal-long time is back

 Took the trash to the curb a day early because I forgot what day it was.  When you pull a bunch of days in a row, you start skipping different days because they're all the same.  One of my co-workers thought the shoppette was close yesterday.  "It's Sunday, man.  They're closed on Sunday."  Um, it's Monday.  *blank stare*

Anyways, I might actually get some sleep this weekend.  We can hope.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Sunday Morning Gospel Jubilee

I had to check to make sure it was Sunday.  When you don't get days off, everything just kinda blends together.  Anyways, enjoy the music today.  A little different from the usual latin hymns I've put up.