Friday, May 02, 2003

The liberal version of free speech on campus

Posted on Fri, May. 02, 2003

University of Miami blocks conservatives
Students say club application rejected
By Erik Schelzig

CORAL GABLES -Four University of Miami conservatives say the student government is blocking them from starting a club and say the college's president, former Clinton Cabinet member Donna Shalala, has refused to intervene.

The students say they were told by student leaders that since the university already has a College Republicans chapter, there was no need for another conservative group. Shalala, who was Clinton's Health and Human Services secretary, has ignored a letter asking for help, the four women and their supporters say.

They call the decision discriminatory, because along with a Democratic club, the school has several groups that they say represent liberal beliefs and causes, such as Amnesty International and Students for a Free Tibet.

The liberal double standard

According to SEAC [Student Environmental Action Coalition], CRA [College of Republican Alliance ] was told to leave because their literature did not directly support environmental issues.

But SEAC welcomed the presence of the Coalition for Alternatives to War in Iraq, a political organization that provided no literature in support of the environment.
My my, I just can't understand where those silly Conservatives keep getting those wacky "Liberal media!" ideas!

"Pro-Marxist Slant Pushed at ABC, Retired Correspondent Claims"

"Having kept quiet for 14 years, a former ABC News correspondent has gone public for the first time with allegations that network anchorman Peter Jennings manipulated news scripts during the 1980s in order to praise the Marxist-backed Sandinista government in Nicaragua..."

Maybe Peter Jennings can get a job at CNN, where covering up the attrocities committed by America's enemies is company policy.

Thursday, May 01, 2003

Political Correctness Continues to Spiral out of Control

The Onion or Hollywood couldn't have written it better. The latest "offensive" word is: "Brainstorming". That's right. "Brainstorming". Because it might offend somebody with epilepsy.

Click here for the story from The London Daily Telegraph

Political Correctness! It's double-plus good!
In a jolting and ghoulish reminder of the September 11 attacks, coffee cups and sandwich bags bearing the logo of a delicatessen once located on the World Trade Center concourse are now being used by street vendors and a Manhattan bakery.

The Smoking Gun: Archive

Columns: Language police use excessive force

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Loony Liberals Continue to Lose Their Grip on Reality

"We went to war just to boost the white male ego" writes Norman Mailer of the London Times Online. With their dominance in sport, at work and at home eroded, Bush thought white American men needed to know they were still good at something. That's where Iraq came in...