Saturday, July 06, 2019

Unbelievably accurate

From The Sultan Knish blog:  A Nation of Free Men or Free Things

There is a big difference between a free country and a country of free things. You can have one or the other, but you can’t have both. A free country isn’t obsessed with free riders, only a country of free things obsesses with making everyone pay their fair share for the benefit of the people who want the free things. The rugged individualism of Colonial America has given way to stifling crowds, co-dependent on each other, lined shoulder to shoulder, clutching at each other’s wallets, crying, “Take from him and give to me.” 
We are a nation overflowing with the right to things paid for with other people’s money. A nation where the government gives you food, housing and education; while Walmart gives you cheap products made in China, that used to be made in America, back when people were able to afford health care, housing and food without having to pick each other’s pockets.

You can have one, or you can have the other.  I've remarked in the past that the Left fears freedom, because freedom also means RESPONSIBILITY, and they want none of that.  And so they cry to the government to take away their responsibilities.  Their obligations to their family and to themselves.  And with that, they give away their freedom right alongside the responsibilities that they distain.

And they demand that we free men do the same.

Taking a breather today

The Mrs. and I have been going like gangbusters on the house, and all told we've been running hard for quite a while.

So today is a breather day.

We're going to take a class on dutch oven cooking (outdoors), and then we're hitting up a local minor league baseball game tonight.

Y'all have fun.

Friday, July 05, 2019


It's been a while since I've actually been to a fireworks display.  Turns out, all I have to do in my new location is sit in the front yard of our house and face my chair towards the park about half a mile away.


The locals put on one hell of a display as well.  Apparently, Utah has loosened up a bunch of regulations, and we had a 360 degree fireworks show going on from about 1600 to 0-dark-30.

I actually quite enjoyed myself.  The neighbors invited us over for dinner, and insisted that not only do I have seconds, but thirds, fourths and any other helpings they could shove in my mouth.  I needed a wheelbarrow to haul my stomach out of their kitchen, and a good time was had by all. 

Now back to unpacking and hauling more stuff to the thrift shops.

News you can use

Google alternatives.  In other words, various email, browsers, apps and other tech tools that are not run by Google, and this do not track you and treat you like a cash cow.

Found here.

Democrats gonna Democrat

Democrats who control Flint, MI, withdraw contract from company who won lowest bid, award it to politically connected cronies who aren't even qualified to do the job.

For the second time, the city of Flint, Michigan, is poised to reject the results of its contract bidding process after an experienced local firm provided the lowest offer. 
“This is unethical, it is bid rigging, and I certainly won’t be a part of this,” city Councilwoman Eva Worthing said during a Tuesday meeting. “Does council and the city want to deal with a lawsuit over unfair bidding practices by this city? This is favoritism, cronyism … This is basically a sham, it’s unethical, and if council votes [to rescind this contract we signed], we’re in trouble.”

So the people of Flint are going to wait even longer to have their lead pipes replaced, and it won't be done right, meaning that there's going to be even more problems.

And the people of Flint keep voting for these assholes.

I'm at the point where I'm saying that the people of Flint deserve whatever happens to them.  If you're unwilling to vote out the fucktards that keep making everything worse at every turn, then maybe the boo-hooing can be ignored.  Some towns are shitholes because their filled with stupid people who keep voting for shitty people who impose shitty laws and shitty conditions.

Kinda like Los Angeles and San Francisco.

And Flint.

Thursday, July 04, 2019

Happy 4th of July, folks

And to the Left, who have become the anti-American party, I hope you choke on your soy-dogs and vegan chips.

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Him 'em where it hurts

It seems Catholics are tired of Jorge Bergolio using a fund for the needy to help the invasion of America.

Catholics are closing their wallets to the Peter's Pence collection set for the Masses this weekend, June 29–30. 
The main reason is Pope Francis' controversial gift of a half a million dollars last April, drawn from the Peter's Pence collection, to the illegal immigrant caravan marching over the southern border of the United States.
Let's go to the salient point, shall we?

Catholics are also boycotting because they have noted who Francis did not see as deserving of a half a million dollar donation: 
  • Christians in Iraq, Egypt and Nigeria who have been persecuted, displaced from their homes and killed by Islamic jihadists
  • Underground Catholics in China experiencing massive persecution at the hands of Communists bent on destroying the Church
  • Victims of the suicide bombings on Easter Sunday 2019 in Sri Lanka by Islamic terrorists
  • Christians in the Middle East and Africa terrorized, raped and killed by Boko Haram operatives.
Jorge Bergolio is nothing more than a perverted Marxist, complete with the longing for a world government.  If he actually gave a damn about the women and children being trafficked, the drugs that kill thousands, or the victims of the drug cartels, he wouldn't be giving money to the people who aid, abet and profit from trafficking women and children, drugs, or other things for the drug cartels.

But then Jorge Bergolio isn't really the Pope.  He's the anti-Pope.  And it shows.

Household Goods show up today

So we're going to be unpacking like crazy people.  Please, amuse yourselves with a selection from the blogroll.

Chances are, we're going to spend the whole weekend unpacking and putting stuff away, or finding people to give it to.  I think the Mrs. and I will be making sizable donations to a couple of thrift shops.

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Andy Ngo was beaten, Leftist Orcs applaud.

My first thought is that the Antifa shit-swizzlers who attacked journalist Andy Ngo should be taken out into the street and shot int he back of the head.  But in retrospect, that wouldn't be slow enough.

Public flogging should do the trick.

However, the blue-checkmark mafia on Twitter who are excusing or justifying this attack should be taken out into the street and shot in the back of the head.

Think that's too harsh?

The Antifa nazis have been violent for years now, and every time it's ratcheted up, the same Leftist fuckwits keep making excuses for it.  The mayor of Portland tells his cops to stand down and let it happen.  Given that the consequences for violent battery, theft and vandalism amounts to a slap on the wrist, IF THAT, how long will it take before someone dies?  We already have Ngo in the hospital with bleeding in his head.  IN HIS HEAD.  Who's been arrested for it?  So far, nobody.

How long until someone who's being attacked by the Antifa nazis, rightly fearing for their lives, pulls out a gun and decides that the Antifa nazis will be taking the ambulance instead?

You want a powder keg?  There's your powder keg, all the way to Civil War II, and the bloodshed will be far more than if we just take the people cheering on the Antifa nazis and shoot them.

Or better yet, why not just arrest the Antifa nazis and charge them with battery and attempted murder?  Because the leftist shitbag mayor of a leftist shithole city refuses to do so.

Yes, Portland is a shithole.  Sad, really.  It used to be a beautiful city, and now the Marxist cuntflaps have ruined it.  Par for the course whenever Leftists gain control.  The last time I was in Pioneer Courthouse Square, it reeked of piss and garbage.  That's a decent enough analogy for what Portland has become.  Piss and garbage.

Monday, July 01, 2019

Sorry to keep harping on a theme, but... well....

Tell me again about how the Left and the homosexual culture doesn't want to sexualize kids?

Two concerned mothers who attended a recent “Teen Pride” celebration at a public library in Renton, Washington, told The College Fix that they have now been doxxed for their efforts to expose the event, which included a graphic dance by a drag queen and the distribution of other adult sex and gender materials.

"Teen Pride"?  That can't be all bad, can it?

In their main video, parents, teenagers, tweens, children and even kids in strollers can be seen at the library event. Footage showed the distribution of lube, dental dams, and flavored condoms. One pamphlet stated: “Abuse is not S/M [sadism and masochism].” Pictures also showed sex pamphlets in the shape of male genitalia. 
Saleem Juma, an independent journalist, obtained a close-up of the freebies handed out at the event. One of them is in the shape of a penis and reads in part: “Reducing sexual risks is the easiest way to prevent your Moby-Dick from exhibiting 50 Shades of Grey … We want you to be the Lord of unzipping Flies, but don’t let an STI catch you by surprise!”
"We want you to be the Lord of unzipping Flies".

At an event with teenagers and tweens.

Let me go back to the quote from Moira Greyland:

What sets gay culture apart from straight culture is the belief that early sex is good and beneficial, and the sure knowledge (don’t think for a second that they DON’T know) that the only way to produce another homosexual is to provide a boy with sexual experiences BEFORE he can be “ruined” by attraction to a girl.
Sure, parade your kids around a Pride event.  Just don't be shocked when they've picked up an STD in middle school, or have an abortion before they've even fully grown breasts.

And if you really want to see depravity, go take a look at the video of the drag queen dancing.  For kids.  In fishnet stockings.

Oh, and the women who brought this to light have been doxxed by the Democrat shock troops, Antifa.  Go figure.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Well, that's kind of aggravating

I had a bunch of things to get done Saturday; clear the grass from the edge of the patio, plant lavender, cover the bare dirt with weedblock, pound in edging, cover with mulch, then change the oil on the motorcycle, then change the front brake pads on the motorcycle, all while smoking a ten-and-a-half pound picnic ham for dinner with friends.

The clearing and planting and digging and weed-blocking and mulching took the most time.  Got started early before the heat of the day caught up to us.  Then it was in the garage for the oil change.  Munched my index finger being silly while loosening up the drain plug, but other than that things went well.  Spun the oil filter off, used my new oil drain pan (and when I carp about how Harley Davidson gear is over-priced, let me just say right here and now that the HD drain pan is the best one you can get on the market and worth every penny if you change your own motorcycle oil), and once the bike was all drained, put the plug back in, and grabbed my new gee-whiz oil filter.

Which didn't fit.  What the what?

Grrrrr.  Growl.  Did I get the wrong one?  Did the shop ship me the wrong one by accident?  Who knows?  Luckily I had an additional, although inferior oil filter that I knew would fit.  Went a grabbed that one, and spun it on.  Well, tried to spin it on anyways, as it got to the same point as the other oil filter and stopped. 

Dammit, this is not a hard task!  I've done this plenty of times!  What the ^%$@#(*! is going on here?

Compared oil filters.  Not much difference, but just one slight little difference, maybe a millimeter of size difference between old and new.  Did I just screw up on picking the filters?  So I hop in the Ragin' Car, drive to the shop, get a filter that specifically matches my bike.  Drive home, spin it on.  It's difficult, but it goes.  I shine a light behind the filter to see if I notice any gaps, because I'm just not feeling good about the way it felt going on.  No light.  OK.  Time to fill 'er up.  Amsoil, baby.  Only the best for the vehicle that takes me to and fro.  Filled up, ignition on, wait...  slide the oil pan under the filter juuuuuuust in case something went wrong.  OK.  Ignition on, hit the start button, and the engine starts up like a champ.

Then "hissssSQUIRT"  Oil comes shooting out of the space between filter and engine.  I have edited my actual statement that I made right then from "GAAAAAHWHATTHEHELL %^&$#@(&*!@##$%!!" to something more civil, like "Oh my, I think something has gone horribly wrong!"

Get back down, cursing a blue streak.  Grab the filter, spin it off.  Set it down in the oil drain pan, grab a rag to wipe down the now dripping engine, and as I swipe it over the spot where the filter meets the engine, the old, dead seal from the old oil filter comes peeling off where it's been hiding and lands in the drain pan.

(rage-induced cursing streak deleted)

Grab the Wix filter I'd purchased as my primary, spun it on.  Fits like a glove. 

So I said all that to say that I never got around to replacing the brake pads, because when I include driving to and from the shop, I spent about two hours doing a fifteen minute job.  Oh well.  I'll get to the brakes right before I mow the lawn, after church.

On second thought, I should mow the lawn first, juuuuuuust in case something goes wrong....