Wednesday, April 16, 2003

I envy the Left for the stranglehold that it has on America's education system.

UCLA faculty votes 180 to 7 to condemn the war in Iraq

A groundbreaking but controversial resolution condemning the war in Iraq was passed 180 to 7 by UCLA faculty Monday, but not before a fiery debate about whether they could even take a valid vote...

180 to 7. That's 96%, in case you were wondering. Contrast that with the 70% of America that approves of the war (last I checked), and you have an idea as to how much these loonies are out of touch with the world, and with the American mainstream. I wish that I could laugh, but I can't, because these are the people teaching Social Studies (amongst other subjects, of course) to the next generation. The power that Liberals have wielded by being in position to write History and Economics textbooks is simply frightening. For a demonstration, get your hands on a high school American History textbook. See if you can find any material about the horrors of Stalinism, or about the incredible suffering of the Cambodian people at the hands of the mass murdering Khmer Rouge. You won't. That's because a lot of loony American Leftists were Stalinists. What would you expect them to do, badmouth their favorite totalitarian hero? You have to read a book like Mona Charen's brilliant work "Useful Idiots" to get an accurate account of Communist attrocities, the Cold War, and Jimmy Carter's spectacular foreign policy failures. America's moral superiority in the Cold War has been erased from the textbooks, and that is why America's moral superiority in a fight against al Queda or Saddam Hussein is such a tough sell to the American public.

What will American History books say 25 years from now? That Ronald Reagan was just lucky to win the Cold War? Probably, since Liberals have already revised history in their distorted minds to believe it now. When you write history, you can say anything you want. In 20 years, you can lie and say that the Berlin Wall was built to keep people out, not in, and nobody under the age of 35 will know that it's a lie. What will the textbooks say about the two Persian Gulf Wars, and September 11 after Liberal revisionists have gotten their hands on them? I don't even want to think about it.

Michelle Malkin occasionally writes columns that touch on this unfortunate subject. She has a very good one today about the anti-war indoctrination of kindergarten students.

Then get out of the classroom, dear, and let the kids have a teacher (calling Jessica Lynch!) who can lead the ABCs without raising her fist and turning it into a brainwashing session on Anti-imperialism, Blood for oil, and Conflict resolution.
Charity begins at home and if we’re going to attend to our priorities we should take care of America first and American children first.”

- Former Sen. Carol Moseley-Braun of Illinois

What a knucklehead. Charity means GIVING Carol.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Economically speaking, France is decaying, full speed. Unemployment is officially around ten per cent. If you add the people who have never worked and so are not counted for the statistics, and also add the students who study nothing useful, the right number would be way above fifteen per cent. Growth rate is now officially around one per cent, and it includes government activities: if the government component was not included, it would be easy to see that France is in depression. Her population is growing old, and no money is available to take care of the large number of senior citizens in the years to come. The greater part of young people are Muslim, not integrated with French society, and almost illiterate.

France is Almost Finished
Intriguing summary of the war in Iraq:

The Secret War#survey#survey#survey#survey

Monday, April 14, 2003

More about Rachel Corrie:

Corrie did her part to incite anti-Americanism in the Gaza Strip, 70 percent of whose residents support suicide bombings according to a recent poll by the Gaza-based Palestinian Society for Culture, Science and Development. At a February 15 rally with schoolchildren, Rachel Corrie burned a paper version of the American flag.


Did you know?

The only North American politician with a personal stake in any of this is not Bush, Cheney or any of their Texan oilpatch pals, but the Prime Minister of Canada, whose daughter is married to TotalFinaElf's biggest shareholder.

Oh, ja. Monsieur Chretien has a personal stake in keeping Saddam's contracts with the crooked French Petroleum giant in place.

Errrr, had a personal stake.

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