Saturday, December 26, 2020

If Intellectual Elites Can't Find a Crisis They'll Make One to Get the P...

Lockdowns don't stop the virus

 Part oh who the hell knows.

The question is whether lockdowns worked to control the virus in a way that is scientifically verifiable. Based on the following studies, the answer is no and for a variety of reasons: bad data, no correlations, no causal demonstration, anomalous exceptions, and so on. There is no relationship between lockdowns (or whatever else people want to call them to mask their true nature) and virus control. 

Perhaps this is a shocking revelation, given that universal social and economic controls are becoming the new orthodoxy. In a saner world, the burden of proof really should belong to the lockdowners, since it is they who overthrew 100 years of public-health wisdom and replaced it with an untested, top-down imposition on freedom and human rights. They never accepted that burden. 

The lockdowns are bullshit.  The mask mandates are bullshit.  It is all bullshit, being used to control you by psychopathic "elites" who demand total and utter control of your life for their gain.

Well, it IS the Feast of St. Stephen

In the Bleak Midwinter - Darke

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Maybe you've all seen this before

 I stole this from Peter Grant.  It's a good reminder.

The lockdowns are not about health, they are not about safety.  They are about CONTROL, and nothing more.  The mask mandates are the same.  They don't stop the spread, the exacerbate the problem.  The masks are about CONTROL, and nothing more.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Good-bye, Birx, you hack. Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.

 Whine, whine, whine, you stupid moron.  You're the one who got caught being a flaming hypocrite while you helped destroy this country.  I couldn't care less how much abuse you've taken online, or through phone calls, or however people are expressing their rage to you.  It still isn't one-hundredth of the abuse people have taken because of your actions in shutting down this country, shutting down their businesses, shutting down their families, while the politically-connected "elites" like you make a mockery of the rules you've used to ruin the non-politically-connected people's lives.

Public humiliation is the least that these people need to suffer.  Birx is gone, good riddance to bad rubbish.  That fucking clown Fauci needs to be next.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

The Covid "relief" bill is a massive "FUCK YOU!" to the American people.

 OK, let's do the math again, shall we?

Covid "Relief" Bill: $900,000,000,000
US Population: 331,987,381
Dollars per person: $2,711.35
How much are you getting? $600.

Where's the rest of the money going? Well, to people and places it should not be going. And the list makes me see red. I can't read all the particulars without going off into apoplectic rage. Horse racing? Climate Advisory Councils? (not just no, but fuck you and die screaming you statist pieces of shit) Gender training in Pakistan? WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK?

This bill is a prime example of why I hate the government so much, and why they can never be trusted. Ever.

Monday, December 21, 2020

The mask mandates are bullshit. Stop buying the bullshit

 Masks make things worse, not better.

So there you have it, incontrovertible data evidence that mask mandates do little to nothing to stop or even slightly curb the spread of COVID-19. If masks were the answer, wouldn’t you expect to see a drop in cases not long after mask mandates are implemented? At the very least, wouldn’t you expect to see cases level off and STAY leveled off? What you would NOT expect would be what has actually happened, for cases to spike as they have done since November seemingly all across the country, regardless of whether or not a mandatory masking policy was in place.

The people pushing the mask bullshit might as well be members of the cult of "BELIEVE IN SCIENCE".  Their behaviors fall more in line with a religious cult of slaves and morons than any actual scientific method.

And here's something to piss you off

 Congress blowing more money that your grand-children will have to repay.

This generational theft is going to destroy this country if the Democrat's coup doesn't do it first.

Heading out early today

 Helping a friend drag an elk off a mountain.  That's if there's any left.  He shot it last night but couldn't pull it out himself.  The temperatures are below freezing, so he field dressed it and left it, and we're going back up to see what we can do.  But, this being the wild wild West, I wouldn't be surprised if we get up there and find that coyotes have taken some or all of the carcass.  Only way to find out is to get there, so....  off we go!  Toodles!

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Music for a Sunday

I remember listening to an interview with a country music artist, where he said he went to Nashville to try to play bluegrass music, and switched to country and western.  The interviewer asked him why he switched, and he said "Because bluegrass music is hard as hell to play, and even harder to write!"

Have I mentioned that I do love me some bluegrass?