Saturday, January 11, 2020

Going out today

Don't know when I'll be back.  We're going snowshoeing, then picking up some pork so we can make sausage.  It'll be a long day, but a good one.  But here's just a few random thoughts.

Trump has gotten the Democrats to defend Iran and terrorists.  As in actually carrying around pictures of a dead jihadi as they mourn his loss.  We all knew the Democrats are the enemies of America, but Trump has gotten them to proclaim it in the streets. 

The man's a genius.

Our media is total and complete garbage, but you knew that already.

Iran shot down that plane, but again, you knew that already.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Granny Rictus McBotox said Obama didn't need Congressional Authorization to drop bombs in Libya

But that's different from what Trump did because shut up.

I think half my joy of watching Trump do his thing is that he actually calls out these pathetic fucking liars.

But back when President Obama decided to bomb Libya in 2011, in response to zero Americans being killed, Pelosi defended Obama's decision at the time by saying the president did not need congressional authorization to launch such attacks nor to keep U.S. forces in Libya.

San Fran Nan is having a hard couple of years, what with being shoved into corner after corner by the people she's responsible for creating, and it couldn't happen to a more deserving person.  Every single day it seems her tremors grow just a wee bit worse, and her dentures come just a wee bit more loose.  I know that as a Christian I'm not supposed to root for someone to die, but I cannot wait for this evil hag to shuffle off this mortal coil.  I might actually make a trip into San FranFreakshow just to piss on her grave.

The Cult of Climate Change is a religion, and it's adherents will lie to proselytize

This is just brutal to the Climate Change Cult.  As it should be.  The Climate Change Cult is made up of grifters, evil liars, idiots, ignoramusii, and people who are too stupid to be allowed outside unless supervised.

Shit like this is why America is done for

New York is now signing non-citizens up to vote.  I don't want to hear one fucking word about the popular vote ever again from the anti-American fucking communists that run New fucking York and Kali-fucking-frutopia.

New York State Senate Democrats have advanced a plan that will automatically register to vote all residents who apply for a driver’s licenses — which now includes non-citizens and illegal aliens — unless they “opt-out.”

Democrats only win the elections that they steal.  This is in New York now.  Look for the Democrats to push it in states further west once they get the chance.  And once they can get the socialists that they import to vote for more socialists and more socialism, this country is finished.

Oh, and once Democrats have their vote slaves properly lined up, expect to see buses full of them flooding across the borders of any state where Democrats think they can swing an election.  It happened in Wisconsin - buses full of Democrat voters being taken from Illinois into Wisconsin so that they can vote in Wisconsin elections.  The only thing Democrats care about is power, and they have no morals when it comes to how they obtain it.

Yep, Democrats still hate you

And they want you to die.

A tragic hunting accident took the lives of father and daughter, Kim Drawdy, 30, and Lawren Drawdy, 9, on Friday. In a rare mishap, hunters mistook the two, who were also hunting, for deer — and shot and killed them. According to statistics, less than 75 people per year die in the United States and Canada from accidental shooting while hunting. 
The tragedy was compounded and thrown into the national spotlight when a "mean tweet" took the nation by suprise. A Seattle restaurant co-owner, Lana Kiossovski, took to Twitter and wrote, "1.5 less MAGAbilly's in the world. At least they died supporting their beloved 2nd amendment." The now-deleted tweet has been saved by multiple sources.

These are the people who want you disarmed so that they can shove you into railcars at their convenience.  Democrats hate you and they want you to die.  This Democrat ditz showed her ass on the internet, and now she's getting push-back from people all over the country.  But she's in Seattle, which means she's getting congratulated and applauded by all the people surrounding her in that socialist shithole.  Don't think for a moment that she's an outlier - every person this woman is in personal contact with thinks exactly the way she does.

Thursday, January 09, 2020

Make them bleed! More!

CNN has already settled with Nick Sandmann from the Covington Catholic High School.  Now the Covington kids are going after more of the Leftist mob that defamed them, slandered them, libeled them and threatened them.

One day after news broke that CNN settled a defamation lawsuit on behalf of Covington Catholic teen Nick Sandmann, Robert Barnes announced he had sued author, producer, and show host Reza Aslan for Aslan's tweet describing Sandmann's face as "punchable." The lawsuit, which Barnes provided to PJ Media, would slap Aslan with a minimum of $135,000 in damages.

More, please.  There are quite a few people named in the suit, and they all deserved to be sued into bankruptcy and abject poverty.  The Left is so evil and stupid that the only thing that will prevent them from ganging up on innocent kids is pain.  Lots and lots of pain, via the loss of millions of dollars to the kids that they defame and slander.  If these people had any standards, any morals, or anything resembling a soul, they would have actually watched the entire video of the event before calling the Covington Catholic High School kids racist on a nation-wide scale.  But CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and all the various national celebrities don't have standards, morals, or souls, so they attacked those kids relentlessly.  Make them pay.  Make them bleed.  Make them cry and whine and snivel and beg for mercy, and then make them bleed again.  Take their houses, take their fancy cars, take everything that they hold dear, turn them out into the street with only the clothes on their backs and send them packing.  Because then maybe, just maybe, they'll be an example for the next Leftist who wants to spew their shitty, uninformed opinion on the airwaves.

"Nipples are the eyes of the chest"


Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Weak men chase away hard men

And nowhere is that more true than in Christianity.

At a recent pastor’s conference hosted by Clearnote Fellowship, I sat down with Tim Bayly, who made an interesting observation about rural life, animal husbandry, hunting and pastoral work.  
“Give me a man that knows how to take a life, who understands the seriousness of it, and can pull the trigger without sentimentality,” Tim said. “We need more of that from our pastors and in our churches.”  
A shepherd’s work, he pointed out, requires both the gentle arms of a man and fierceness toward the wolves in our midst. It’s bloody, messy, manly work. Completely unsentimental or pretty. Something many in our skinny jeans culture can’t stomach.
When I was stationed in Mississippi, we went over the river into Louisiana to go to church.  Not the greatest area, and it had a few folks who didn't have any compunction about just taking what they wanted, or hurting folks who got in their way.  My priest, who was Southern born and raised, carried a 9mm under his cassock, and he knew how to use it.

He didn't have soft hands.  He was educated, well traveled, well spoken, and fearless.  He's also wildly popular with his congregation.

What the church needs is hard men, men of principle who pursue their own godliness with a holy violence. Men who run into burning buildings when everyone else, like a Broward County sheriff’s deputy, is running out. What we especially need in the pastorate are men who act like it, who actively repent of their softness and embrace the kind of biblical hardness God has called us to. 
I've said it before, that men do not take teaching from lisping, effeminate queens in the pulpit.  The Methodist Church is finding this out right now, as congregations rebel against the ordination of open homosexuals in direct violation of the bible the church claims to read and follow.

Hey, somebody ask the Episcopals how that's working out for them.  If you can find a healthy church that is, what with all the Episcopal churches shutting down.  Just do an internet search for "Episcopal Church closure" and take a gander at the results.

Lest some think I'm only poking at rivals with a sharp stick, you can also take a gander at the Catholic numbers after Vatican II, when the seminaries were taken over by soft gay men, who produced soft gay priests, who were sent out into the flock like wolves to prey on the unwary, with predictable results.  Donald Wuerl, McCarrick, Cupich, all of them have driven legions of souls away from the pews.  And those three are just the most recent.  Reading about what Cardinal Bernadin did to Chicago will make any real man's stomach churn.

Christianity is not the soft, "Jesus is LOVE, man!" kind of bullshit that people preach when they want to avoid the hard truth like you see too often today.  Christianity is hard.  As in "Take up your cross and follow me" hard.  As in "I died for you, and I might request you do the same for me so get ready for some hard times" kind of hard.  As in "Yes this sucks for you in this world, no I'm not going to fix it for you because MY GRACE IS SUFFICIENT, so suck it up buttercup" kind of hard.

Christianity needs hard men.  If you're a Christian, think about that the next time you sit in the pews.

Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Let me post this now, so that later when I have money I can do something about it

Kim du Toit, one of the lions of the blogosphere (or would that be Cape Buffalo of the blogosphere?) is running a raffle.  He's going to use the money to purchase a gun.  A long-distance shooting rifle, to be exact.  He will then use said gun at Boomershoot, and then the winner of the raffle gets the gun to keep.

So - he gets to shoot at the premier long-distance shooting event and some lucky guy gets to keep the gun afterwards.  And knowing Mr. du Toit, it's going to be one hell of a gun.

Tickets are $40.  Only one ticket per person.  Other rules are at the link above.

And since we're discussing eco-freaks and their stupidity running rampant

Introducing an apex predator is never a good idea.

DENVER–The Rocky Mountain Wolf Action Fund submitted 211,093 petition signatures December 10 for a ballot measure mandating reintroduction of gray wolves to Colorado. Signature verification is ongoing by the Secretary of State’s office with 124,632 valid signatures required to put the initiative on the 2020 ballot. 
The prospect of wolves returning to Colorado alarms rural residents because of the certainty of wolf predation on livestock, big game and even pets. 
Wolf predation is a big problem in other states like Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Washington, California and Minnesota, home to more than 2,400 wolves, the largest population of wolves in the lower 48 states.
Idaho has had to issue hunting tags for wolves because the deer and elk populations are getting wiped out.  And that doesn't take into consideration the damage done to domestic animals.  There's a reason people hunted wolves to extinction, people.  Wolves are killing machines.  They'll kill anything they want to kill, because that's what they do.  Bring them back, and they'll just do what they do all over again.

Rick Enstrom, former Colorado State Wildlife Commissioner from 2000 to 2008 and Chairman for three years is an expert on wolves in Colorado. Enstrom also served on the first wolf working group that developed the wolf plan for Colorado in 2004.  He warned against the reintroduction measure in an interview with Complete Colorado on Thursday. 
“You only have to look at what happened to the Wyoming elk population,” Enstrom said. “Their herds have been knocked back to 10 percent of what it was.”
A big chunk of money that the states use for wildlife management comes from hunting licenses and the various fees associated with getting a tag for whatever animal you're hunting.  Take away the animals (by reintroducing wolves and letting them go to town on the herds) and you won't have people buying tags, because there will be nothing to hunt.  So bye-bye wildlife management funding.  And that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the problems that the wolves will bring.

Naturally, the usual suspects (that would be the eco-freaks living in cities who never have to deal with the consequences of their actions) are up in arms and shrieking like the hysterical bullshit artists they are.

Savor the irony of the Sierra Club’s website boasting, “For the first time, Coloradans – not politicians, not bureaucrats – We, The People, may decide whether to reintroduce gray wolves to Colorado.” 
In other words, one of the harshest groups that insists politics has no place in wildlife management, now dismisses wildlife professionals as nothing more than “bureaucrats,” whose flawed judgment must be overruled by the political process. Now, who is declaring war on scientists? 
Apparently to these activists, scientists are only useful if they adhere to the “correct” political view, but can easily be discarded if they deviate.

Same as it ever was, and since Colorado has been completely Kalifornicated, I expect to see whatever ballot measure pass.  And as usual, the rural folks will take the brunt of the damage while the smug, elitist shitbags living in the urban areas who voted for this crap get to rest on their smug sense of moral superiority which they have completely failed to actually earn.

I had wondered about the cause of the fires in Austrailia

And I knew, just as here in America, that the cause wasn't "climate change".  Anyone who blames fires on climate change is an indoctrinated moron unfit to speak on the subject.  You think that's a harsh assessment?  The other option is they KNOW they're spreading lies but they're doing it anyway in an attempt to gain more power, which is simply evil.

Man-made culprit #1: all the firebugs who have been deliberately starting fires in New South Wales, Queensland, and elsewhere. You won’t be surprised that their involvement has had very little coverage in the left-liberal MSM.

People who set fires during the dry season that end up killing humans, thousands of domesticated animal,s and millions of wild animals are the reason that the death penalty exists.  Houses burned to the ground.  Millions if not billions of dollars in property damage.  Death and carnage everywhere, all so some little demonic shit can have a giggle. 

Here's my thought - death by firing squad, and raffle off the spots on that squad.  You'll have so many people buying a raffle ticket that you can help rebuild many of the victims of the arsonists.

Man-made culprit #2: well-meaning idiots who don’t understand that unless you manage forested areas with controlled burns, you’re going to end up with out-of-control wildfires.

Just like in America, the eco-freaks have imposed their idiotic mindset on forest management, with the same predictable results.  Only the Aussies got it worse, because their government is more o the Left than ours, which means it's got more lunatic bullshit artists who cave to the eco-freaks moronic demands.

Man-made culprit #3: Greens
The people most to blame for the Australian bush fires are the greens. Just like in California, their tree-hugging Gaia worship blinded them to the reality that forests need regular clearance and maintenance if they are not to become a major fire hazard.
America's National Forests are pretty much tinder boxes right now due to the eco-freaks and their lawsuits which shut down any logging or forest management.  Years ago I wrote up an essay that went into the details of the eco-freaks and their bullshit.  Things haven't changed.  In fact, they've only gotten worse, as new diseases started hitting the Douglas Fir population in Northern Idaho and the surrounding areas.  All of the devastation is preventable, but the eco-freaks won't let forest management and logging occur.  Australia is apparently even worse.

I think the eco-freaks need to be shackled and force-marched through the burned areas while the residents who's homes have been destroyed get to throw their burnt possessions at the procession.  Let's make their stupidity painful to the eco-freaks, rather than just the average Joe who suffers under their stupidity and repression.

Monday, January 06, 2020

If I had any young kids, they'd never work for Disney. Ever.

As Vox Day calls them, the Devil Mouse.  A den of pedophiles, perverts, and corrupted, amoral criminals.

This was a Disney party, after a Disney concert, filled with underage Disney stars, being plied with alcohol, openly. Where child molestation was going on, openly. Brazenly. All under the watchful, knowing eye of Disney employees. And none of it seemed to be a problem, as no consequences resulted. No one, it seems, was looking out for or concerned about the safety and well-being of the kids in the slightest way.

Every time you flip over a Disney rock, evil slime crawls out.

Random amusements

Got in my car the other day, and saw the mileage was all 4's.  I don't know why I get amused by such things, but I do.

I've got more thoughts and more posts all jumbled up in my head, and if I actually have some time at home I might just post them.