Saturday, October 13, 2007


So a Lieutenant General gives a speech. During that speech, he aims his rhetorical guns at just about everybody, to include the President for his handling of the invasion of Iraq, and the Mainstream Media, for their biased, dishonest coverage of the war. When the press reports this, what headline do they use?

Former Iraq Commander Faults Bush.

The Media lies. The Media distorts the truth. The Media pushes a political agenda, acting as mouthpieces and whores for the Democrat American Communist Party.

Plain and simple.

Friday, October 12, 2007

OK, so....

Algore was given the Nobel Peace Prize? For a complete load of bullshit?

Sheesh. There's no reason to believe that the Nobel selection committee are anything other than a group of idiots, morons and lickspittles who's only goal is to try to fling poo at America. Seriously. If you want to win a Nobel Peace Prize, it seems to have to suck up to tyrannical dictators and insult America as much as possible. Think I'm kidding?

2002 - Jimmah "the Peanut" Carter, who's accomplishments in life include running the USA into an economic hellhole, kissing the ass of any communist he comes across, and recently stating that there was no genocide going on in Darfur.

Uh huh. And the selection committee admitted when they gave him the award it was to poke America in the eye and insult President Bush.

1994 - Yassir Arafat. A lifelong terrorist who did more to commit terrorism and kill jews than almost anyone else on earth. Bravo, Peace Prize Winner!

2001 - Kofi Annan and the UN. A corrupt shithole of dictators, theocrats, thugs, murderers, a collection of the world's worst people, led by a greedy parasite who's only interest was filling his pockets with other people's money. The UN did nothing when genocide was occurring in Bosnia. The UN did nothing in Rwanda. The UN is doing nothing in Darfur. Anywhere UN troops that do not include NATO members go, drug running, weapons smuggling and child prostitution soon follow. Only in the UN can China, Sudan and Cuba sit on the Human Rights Council. Only in the UN could Saddam-controlled Iraq be next in line to head the Disarmament committee. The UN is the biggest impediment to world peace that exists today, and they got a PEACE PRIZE?

2005 - Mohammad ElBaradei. The man responsible for keeping nations from getting nuclear weapons did nothing while North Korea worked on a nuke. ElBaradei did nothing to prevent Saddam from working on getting weapons of mass destruction. He laughingly stated that Iran was not working on a nuclear weapon. When ElBaradei stated that "x" country did not have "y" weapons program, it was a safe bet that "x" country did indeed have "y" weapons program, and quite possibly was ready to use it! But he gets a peace prize.

So let me be clear - if someone comes up to me and says "I'm a Nobel Peace Prize winner!", they immediately identify themselves as someone who, by virtue of their selection and the company they keep, I want nothing to do with. In fact, by winning a Nobel Peace Prize, they've identified themselves as someone who is an anti-American, dictator coddling piece of filth.

Maybe one day the Nobel Peace Prize will be worth something again. But for that to happen, they have to first give it to people who have actually done something to promote peace in the world.

Oh dear......

It seems that Ann Coulter has the Left in a screaming fit once again. Not like it's that hard for her. All she has to do is continue breathing and various Leftists go into screaming fits.

Anyways, Coulter made the statement that she believes that Christians are "perfected Jews" and that she wants people to convert to Christianity.

OK. And? As Mr. Poretto states so eloquently:

It's in the nature of religious conviction that one believes one's selected faith to be preferable to all the alternatives. Of course Christians believe Christianity is superior to Judaism -- and therefore, by implication too obvious to require further development, that the world would be a better place if everyone were a sincerely believing Christian. A religious Jew would believe precisely the opposite. A Buddhist would say both of them had lost the Way, and a Muslim would be sharpening his box cutter scimitar. To take offense at the obvious is the mark of one who is either too clueless to cross the street unassisted or eager to find a pretext for slander.

What really astounds me is that Leftists who find Christianity so horrible have no problem shilling for Islam at every opportunity. I guess it's because a Christian tries to convert you with words. A Muslim will convert you at the end of a sword.

Seven Years

Since the USS Cole was attacked.

Then-President Clinton's response? A lot of talk, and no action. Which emboldened al Qaeda even further.

Just so you remember.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Holy Hell

Do not.... I repeat do NOT, piss off Michelle Malkin off.

Not if you want to have your linguistic ass handed to you on a silver platter.

Seriously, I'm not a big fan of Malkin's TV debating style, but give her five minutes on a keyboard?


Picture Time

OK, so last Monday I told y'all that the Ragin' Mrs. and I were going to be tourists for a day. We went to a few places in Old San Juan that we hadn't been to before. On the way back to the vehicle, we stopped at a place who's name translates to "Park of the Pigeons".

Guess what's there?

Yes, that's a pigeon on my head, and pigeons eating out of my hands. OK, so they're technically "Rock Doves", also known as "squab" for those culinary folks, but it was cool all the same.

I've got tons more pictures, but I'm not going to bore you right now. Plus, most of the pictures I've taken were on film and they're not developed yet. The Ragin' Mrs. snapped this shot.

I got nuthin

Folks, I'm so damn busy that I don't even have time to breathe. Sorry for the lack of posting.

Since Tim and TVE seem to be taking an extended break, and Tim was silly enough to give me admin privileges, is there any one of my readers who would like to blog part time? I know that I have a few commenters who don't have a blog listed on their comments. Here's your chance, risk free. Lemme know if there's anyone out there who would like the job.

As to why I've been so busy, well, it's a long damn story. Suffice to say that I've been doing about ten different jobs at once, and I don't see that slowing down one bit in the next year. So unless I win the lottery somehow, I'll be taking several extended breaks in the near future. Hey, I'm Army. We're kinda busy at the moment, ya know?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sometimes it sucks to be right.

Go check out the sheer amount of insanity and vitriol being directed at Michelle Malkin for daring to show how the Frost family is being used by the Democrat American Communist Party.


To which I say to the idiots on the Left side of the political sphere, YOU SICK BASTARDS! HOW CAN YOU USE A CHILD TO HIDE BEHIND LIKE THAT?!

The bill that Bush vetoed needed to be vetoed, and it damn well better stay dead. This country doesn't need tax rates to go up, although that's exactly what the Democrat American Communist Party wants. This country doesn't need to use tax dollars to pay for health care. Hey, here's a clue - if health care is too damn expensive in this country, why don't we take a look at WHY IT IS SO DAMN EXPENSIVE, rather than throw more money at it? I know I've talked about this before - the solution is to reduce the cost of health care, NOT put health care under government control. Because lemmee tell ya, if you think health care is expensive now, just wait until the government gets their greedy claws on it. Why don't we start talking about Medicare and Medicaid, two programs that cannot provide health care as well as the free market can. Why? Because it's under governmental control, which means that some bean counter is telling people what surgery they can or cannot have rather than a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional. Let's talk about how Medicare cannot even pay doctors and medical clinics for the treatment rendered, thus causing many medical centers to refuse to take any more medicare patients. As one person told me, "I'd take more Medicare, but there's only so much money I can lose."

Let's talk about how lawsuits are constantly driving up the cost of health care. Just who do you think ends up paying for the $150,000 a year malpractice insurance? The patient does. And when juries are paying out $50 million in "pain and suffering" judgements, you get every half-brained, greedy shitheel suing a doctor trying to get rich. The problem for the doctors is that even when they win a lawsuit against them, they still have to pay for the lawyers to defend them. If a doctor gets sued 100 times in a decade, and only loses one case, the insurance companies still have to pay for a law firm ONE HUNDRED TIMES. That gets damned expensive. Malpractice insurance goes up. And medical fees go up with them, because no person in his right mind is going to take a pay cut for doing his job.

But do you really think the politicians are going to do anything about insane malpractice lawsuits? Hmmmmmm? Especially when trial lawyers donate MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLIONS to the Democrat American Communist Party?

Nope, I didn't think so either.

So the Left hides behind a child. A child who was given a speech written by the socialists and communists in Washington. A child who read that pre-written speech. So that when people pointed out just how absurd the whole issue is, the Left can then screech "YOU CHILD-ATTACKING BASTARD!"

Disgusting, revolting, slimy, parasitic pond scum, who want to force socialized medicine down our throats. It's about money, it's about power, and it's about control. It's about being held accountable for your own choices, something the Democrat American Communist Party wants to avoid as much as possible. It's about the encroaching nanny-state government, which is being pushed by unscrupulous politicians and people who want more government handouts for themselves.

In the end, it's really not about health care. That's just a shield to hide behind, much like the child that the Left is hiding behind now.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Shield of "Moral Authority"

The Democrat American Communist Party loves their "Moral Authority". Cindy Sheehan using the grave of her dead son to push the Left's agenda. They loved it. Because if you dared point out that Sheehan was wrong, Saddam needed to be removed, then the Left could smear you by claiming that you attacked a "grieving" mother.

I truly do believe that Cindy Sheehan grieved. And then she stopped grieving and used her dead son's body to claim her 15 minutes of fame, pushing an anti-war agenda hand-written by the Democrat American Communist Party.

The Democrat American Communist Party's cry of "BUT IT'S FOR THE CHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILDRENNNNNNNNNNN!" has become a cliche of galactic proportions. They'll push some kid out in front of a TV camera to push their agenda, and when you point out that their agenda won't do a damn thing but transfer more money and power to the State, they'll go into hysterics. "HOW DARE YOU ATTACK A CHILD!" they cry. Well, if the Left would stop using children as shield to push their anti-American agenda, there'd be no need for a child to even be in the field of fire, would there?

Case in point: Michelle Malkin is now being attacked for pointing out that the people who the Democrat American Communist Party brought forth to push their health-care agenda are not exactly people who need to be on the government dole. He owns his own business. He literally owns the physical building it resides in. He's got a nice house. Two of his kids to go a $20k a year private academy.

And yet he wants you and I to pay for his children's health care. I don't own a nice house. I don't own a personal business. I own ten acres of undeveloped land in Idaho, and that's it. Financially I have several thousands of dollars in investments for when I retire, but I certainly don't have anywhere near $100,000 in assets anywhere.

But the government wants to pull money out of my paycheck to pay for this family's healthcare? I don't think so.

However, point out that it's not the public's job to pay for other people's healthcare, and the response from the Left is "YOU JUST WANT KIDS TO DIE, YOU GREEDY BASTARD!" Pure emotionalism, no rationality. Perfect hallmarks of the political Left, period.

Point out that people making good money should pay for their own healthcare, or perhaps get insurance, and you have people putting up your home address and telephone number so that your enemies can find where to fire-bomb.

Her address has now been removed by that website, by the way. Not because they have any morals, but because someone else is getting ready to do a "hit piece" on Malkin, and they don't want Michelle to be able to play the "victim" card.

Yeah. Real ethical. What a schmuck. But that's the Left today - morally rotten to the core. Let's be clear: PUTTING YOUR SCRIPT INTO A CHILD'S HANDS IS THE SICKEST THING YOU CAN DO. HIDING BEHIND CHILDREN IS THE ACT OF A WEAK, COWARDLY, DESPICABLE, MENTALLY DEFICIENT GROUP. The arguments for government run health care, government mandated health insurance, or anything else that involves the words "government" and "health" are so weak that they simply cannot stand up to real scrutiny. Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can see just what happens once the government gets it's hands on health care. So rather than debate their intentions, they use children to hide behind, and then shriek like a scalded cat when it's pointed out that their arguments don't hold water. "HOW DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU! HE'S A CHILD!" Yes, but he's a child that the Democrat American Communist Party has put forth as their standard-bearer. The Democrat American Communist Party has put forth this child as their front man.

On the right, we have millions of people who have observed the failures of socialized medicine around the world, and have stated "We do not want that here." On the left, you have unhinged loons shrieking "YOU HATE THE CHILDREN! YOU HATE THE CHILDREN!"

I support lower taxes for families with children. I support lower taxes for small businesses. I support ending the death tax. I support allowing families to make their own decisions regarding their health care, their health insurance or the lack thereof. I cannot and will not support taking money from everyone to pay for health care for someone else. If you take money from me via threat of imprisonment, and then give it to someone else to pay for dental work, surgery, or any other medical procedure, IT IS STILL THEFT. And worse yet, we now have some government bean-counter deciding who gets what surgery! You think it can't happen? You haven't been paying attention. Scroll down to the fourth blurb. "Smokers denied NHS treatment" When the government pays for health care, the government gets to decide who gets treated.

No thank you. Not if I have anything to say about it.

But bring that up in response to the Left's attempt at "Moral Authority", and you get labeled as Satan, ready to eat babies alive.

The Democrat American Communist Party is bankrupt morally and intellectually. This is just more proof.

You need a dog.

A really, really BIG, protective dog. Kim du Toit had another goblin creeping around his house. Motion-sensor lights don't do squat. Hell, alarms might not do squat if the goblin knows his negative wire from his positive wire. While I doubt that any goblin stupid enough to break into his house wouldn't leave on a coroner's cart, protecting the outside of the house needs to be done. Let the dog sleep in the garage. Anyone stupid enough to sneak into the garage gets what they deserve.

Lord, I'm busy

I know my posting has been somewhat spotty lately, but I gotta work, don't I?

Monday, October 08, 2007

Two Things

about Israel's strike on Syria last month. From

f you want to see the recap of what’s been going on with Syria this year, click here. That’s the last 30 or so posts including a Syria tag. All of the military analysis is predicated on the fact that the Syrians would use conventional weapons, as well as possibly chemical and biological agents. In the meantime, Syria is working with North Korea (doubtless funded by Iran) to hopscotch over the little details of developing scientific knowledge yourself—which takes decades—to simply buy instant Israeli destruction. Thanks so much, effing Pakistan, and France, for helping spread nuclear technology beyond the original five nations. Now Russia is working with Iran to do the same, and Iran is working on an ICBM that can reach the U.S. Europe is already within reach.

And watch: From the left and from the Israel-haters, they will insist that Israel’s intelligence was cooked. This, in spite of North Korea’s reaction, and in spite of the fact that Syria has had nothing to say, and has not demanded a UN investigation, or a Security Council or General Assembly resolution condemning the raid.

That silence speaks volumes.

It was nukes.

Yep. Nukes. In a terrorist-sponsor nation, who itself is supported by THE number one state sponsor of terrorism, Iran.

The world should be worried. Hell, the world should be shitting it's pants right now. The fact that America was clueless about the whole deal should be scaring the ever-living daylights out of the country. We would have had no idea what was coming until the mushroom clouds rose.

And America told Israel to hold off on the attack? Ugh.

You know, when Israel is willing to do the job that America is now too gutless, weak and cowardly to do, perhaps we could at least get out of their way? Unless this current government WANTS to see a nuclear war in the Middle East?

And yes, I meant that last paragraph, sad as it is. Congress is unwilling to do anything other than blame other people for their mistakes, take partisan pot-shots, piss and moan, and wet themselves at the mere thought of another military action, even if the end result of their inaction is a irradiated Israel and a flattened Arabian Peninsula.

While the Democrat American Communist Party is trying to achieve "Peace in our time", our enemies are still working on killing as many infidels as possible. If we allow the Left to dictate our foreign policy, we won't have to worry about New York or DC for very much longer. Because they'll be gone.

Day Off

The Ragin' Mrs. and I are heading out to San Juan Antigua today for a little sight-seeing, eating, drinking, and just plain enjoying. Y'all have fun while I'm out.

Must Read

Kim du Toit and Mrs. du Toit have written several essays over the years regarding the Battle of the Sexes. Kim just penned (typed) another one. You can go read it at your leisure.

Men and women are different, folks. And that is NOT a bad thing. It's a good thing, and something that we need to embrace and accept rather than fight, because in the end fighting the differences between the sexes only causes a whole lot of strife.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

And by the way

What the hell happened to the Phillies, anyways? I mean, they make one hell of a run to beat the Mets out for the AL East Pennant, and then....


Plop as in the sound your face makes when you trip over your own feet and go nose-first into a concrete sidewalk. Plop as in the noise made by everyone's jaw hitting the ground at Philly's collapse. Plop as in the sound made by a ten-pound turd hitting the blue water in a Port-o-John.

Which, not coincidently, is the perfect analogy for the Phillies' playoff performance.

Any Philly fans want to answer me that? What the hell happened? Oh, and the Cubs? Yeah, you ain't got no Steve Bartman to blame for your completely inability to get to the big one. Boo-Hoo.

Why I consider Puerto Rico to be a shithole.

I'm finally able to watch my Seahawks on a televised game. Seattle-Pittsburgh, playing right now. But I guess halfway through the first fucking quarter there were a few "technical difficulties", because it cut to a "FOX Caribbean" logo, and then nothing but commercials for the last ten minutes.

I swear to god, if I knew where the studio was I'd be going down there with a machete and a case of the screaming fits. As it is, I think I'll watch the race at Talladega and have a beer.


UPDATE: The game blinked back on about two minutes before halftime. I then got to see my Seahawks get their asses wiped by the Steelers.


Pay Rod

Alex Rodriguez is oh-fer-what now in the playoffs?

I remember when he left Seattle. "Oh, I love Seattle. I want to play in Seattle. I don't want to go anywhere else." And then the Texas Rangers said "We'll pay you flaming assloads of cash." And Rodriguez said "See ya later suckers, I'm going to Texas! YEEE HAW!" At least Ken Griffy Jr. had the balls to say "I want to go home. I'm leaving, and it don't care how much money you throw at me." And then he backed it up. If I recall correctly, Jr. took a pay cut to go play for the Reds.

The only thing Pay-Rod cares about is the cash. Which means he's not going to win a World Series, because he doesn't care about that. I remember watching the Mariners lose a playoff series back in Ninety-something, and when the last out was called, and the season was over, Joey Cora was crying. Jr. was down in the dumps. Pay-Rod? Meh. He had a look on his face like "Oh well, let's go home." He sure was smiling when he got all that cash in 2000, but he wasn't too broken up about losing a playoff series with the Mariners.

Ever notice how a team with Alex Rodriguez on it has never won the World Series? Yeah. The year after Pay-Rod left the Mariners, they won 116 games. Coincidence? I don't theenk so, Lucy. As far as I'm concerned, the Yankees can go ahead and keep Pay-Rod on their roster. It'll just guarantee that they won't win the big one until he's retired. Any post-season wins are despite the presence of Pay-Rod, not because of it.