Saturday, June 13, 2009

Putting it bluntly why I like Og so much, even though I've never met the guy.

The issue of marriage, in case you’ve been living under a rock, is about this and this alone: Militant gays want to damage the church because the church will never accept their lifestyle. If you don’t get this, you probably never will.

Through history, if you see a group of people whining to be allowed to join an institution, like a country club, or an all-male military academy, or a basically religeous institution like marriage, their aim is not to be inclusive, but to destroy that institution. Plain and simple. The moment there is nationwide “Gay Marriage” there will be a call to force the churches to allow gay marriage, or be put out of business. This is that road. Want to go down it? I sure as hell don’t.

The phrase "Gentleman's Club" actually use to refer to a place where Gentlemen went to socialize. Now it's used to refer to strip clubs. Want to guess why?

Because a few women demanded entry. And now there are very few Gentleman's Clubs.

Which is just what the Gay, Lesbian, Transexual, Trianything, BDS&M, getmyfreakon community wants to happen to the various churches in America.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Wife is Packing

God and the Army have a sense of humor. You want to know how I know this? Because I finally have a few weeks at home, and the Army sends my wife away on a mission.

Yes, you read that correctly. She's heading off to an AFAP conference for a week.

Ah, the military life. I swear, once I retire and I'm home full time, the Mrs. and I won't know what to do with each other.

Free Association FU

Every now and then someone else writes something that reminds me what a piker I am when it comes to a good rant:

Well played UAW, well played. You shit on your own plate, and rejoiced when you were served seconds. You couldn’t have fucked yourselves any better if you had handcuffed yourselves to a radiator bent over, spread, and pre-lubed in a San Fran sex offender halfway house.

Fuck you!


Speaking of beer and (cough) “music”, I stopped after work at the pub for some fish and chips last Friday with Contagion. Beer. Fish. Friend. Malt Vinegar! Good! Band…. band BAD. Oh… oh god Band REALLY BAD! Band make Grau want to jam fists into transparent battle maces (AKA Bass pint glasses) and bludgeon the guy singing some kind of fucking dirge to accordion music and some kind of pseudo-steel guitar into paste! AIIGHHHH make it STOP make it STOP!!! Grau SMASH!

Seriously, it was like “What if we took classic rock tunes and sung them off key to someone who actually manages to play accordion like they spent their formative years huffing paint while listening to the Cure”

It’s an Oompah-GothTard tribute band.

One of the bartenders there is pregnant. I implored her to either allow me to mercy kill the band, or vacate the area before she ended up birthing a Democrat Sea Monkey Yeti ThingThatShouldNotBe. Alas, the damage may have already been done.

That part had me laughing so hard I almost fell off the couch! To the blogroll with you!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Remember, Only Whites Can Be Racist

The White House was quick to respond to the shooting at the Holocaust Museum yesterday by a deranged kook who has made his mark spouting anti-semitic remarks. In the words of Pres. Obama:

“This outrageous act reminds us that we must remain vigilant against
anti-Semitism and prejudice in all its forms.”
One must pause to wonder if the White House will be coming out with any statements condemning THIS deranged kook who has made his mark spouting anti-semitic remarks:
Them Jews aren’t going to let him talk to me. I told my baby daughter,
that he’ll talk to me in five years when he’s a lame duck, or in eight years
when he’s out of office.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The new name for the MSM

is going to be "The Obama Propaganda Corps". One William McGurn makes the claim that "You would think that any self-respecting White House press corps would show some of the same skepticism toward President Obama's jobs claims that they did toward President Bush's tax cuts." But showing skepticism is not the MSM Obama Propaganda Corps job, Mr. McGurn. Their job is to protect their Lord and Messiah, to promote his agenda, and to attack his critics. They don't report the news any more. They haven't done any actual, simple reporting in decades.

I look forward to the MSM Obama Propaganda Corps breathless announcement of a new Five Year Plan any day now.

Found at Big Dick's Place.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Brain dead

The more I see of Liberalism, the more I'm convinced that it's a mental disorder.

In November 2008 a Dutch journalist, Joanie de Rijke, was abducted by Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. She was held captive, raped repeatedly, and released after six days for a ransom of 100,000 euros ($137,000). After her ordeal, she acknowledged that her captors “did horrible things to me,” but added in several media interviews “They also respected me,” and emphasized “They are not monsters.”
So, you go to meet these guys to do a sympathetic interview, as in an interview designed to make these guys look as good as possible, and they take you hostage and repeatedly rape you.

And yet they're not monsters? You actually think they RESPECT YOU?!?!?!?!

How about this for an idea - this woman is so brain damaged that she can no longer understand such simple concepts as "Good" and "Evil". She cannot discern the difference between "Right" and "Wrong". Whether it's massive amounts of drug use in her teen-age years, or the indoctrination common among leftist conclaves, this woman is exactly why Leftists cannot be trusted with any power. They do not have the ability to use logic, rational thinking, or plain common sense.

This woman is a good example of why evil men can do so much in this world.

Guess who's back?


That's why I don't quit blogging, despite how badly I'm sucking at it these days. Because if I ever did quit, two weeks later I'd be posting again, probably in a raging, profanity-laced rant.

Just a reminder

When dealing with the IVAW, you're dealing with the scum of the earth. This Ain't Hell has one of the best run-downs I've ever seen on the IVAW assclowns, and I just thought it was so damn good that I needed to post a link to it.

Now I'm off to work.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Batten down the hatches

I know, it seems to be Dave is Depressed Day here at 4RWWS, but let me pile on a little bit.


Yep, boys and girls, the economy is getting worse. We may not have Leno around anymore to tell his daily "the economy is bad, really bad" jokes, but the recession only gets deeper, even as the Dow Jones has added 2,000 points of "irrational exuberance" since it hit "bottom" earlier in the year.

Looking for bargains in the real estate market? Have CASH to buy them? Be my guest, you probably won't lose more than 10-15% before the market REALLY bottoms out. Looking to make a killing in the stock market? Grab a mirror, my fine chump. That busted fool whose image you see is YOU.

Come out of this recession depression in Q3 or Q4 of THIS year?

Sure, we will, and this bridge-buyer's contract is just BEGGING for your signature, Mr. & Mrs. Gullible.

And just in case you weren't depressed enough! (via The Smallest Minority)

Might I suggest stocking up on non-perishable foodstuffs and survival gear? Ladies and Gentlemen, we're about to find out what happens when the Left is in control. It's going to make the Great Depression look like a small hiccup.

Quote of the Day

From David at Random Nuclear Strikes:

It’s been sad for me to realize as I’ve aged that the ideal of human universality taught in my youth was a myth. Culture matters.

He and I must have had the same teachers in school. But I had the ideal of human universality beaten out of my head at an early age.


I used to have a bumper sticker that read "Democrats/Republicans = Same Shit, Different Piles"

Yep. That about sums it up.

If you assume that spending limits are the equivalent of cuts, which they aren't, we are talking about a $63 billion a year out of a $3,500 billion budget. I guess it's a start, but it won't get us anywhere if they don't come up with a better plan.
Are you friggin' KIDDING ME? If there was ever a sign that the Republican Stupid Party was out of touch and unable to separate itself from the Democrat American Communist Party., this is it. With a chance to oppose the Marxist take-over of our country, the GOP offers up....


Good bye 2010. The GOP hasn't learned a damn thing. It's full of Beltway insiders who continue to spit and shit all over the very people it needs to vote for them. The Communists have won, the GOP has sided with them, and this country is going straight to hell. I'm loading up on ammo.

Dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit.

And since I'm posting about the death of America, let's talk about Minnesota, which is about to be represented by a demented fucking retard who got elected through the votes of dead people.

Over 2,800 individuals who voted in the 2008 general election were flagged as being “deceased” prior to the election. Minnesota Majority then selected a sample of a dozen records for additional investigation. A representative drove to addresses listed on voter registration records. Interviews conducted with residents or neighbors confirmed that at least 5 individuals from the sample were deceased, the latest having died in March 2007.

And the punchline:

Deputy Secretary of State Jim Gelbmann said that the records of the 5 dead voters were erroneously updated with a vote history by election workers and were not examples of fraud.

I don't know what world you live in, but in MY world, DEAD PEOPLE VOTING IS FRAUD! Now maybe he's trying to say that the zombie voters being left on the voting roles isn't fraud. But they still voted. This, my friends, is cause enough to bring out the barrels of tar and bags of feathers. But I'm willing to bet ten dollars, right here right now, to any takers, that Franken the Demented Fucking Retard will "win" the election, get sent to D.C., and the spineless, worthless, ridiculous joke that is the Republican Stupid Party will just roll over and take it right up the tailpipe.

I did mention that I'm stockpiling ammo, didn't I? Good.

Woke up in time to go running

But we've got a thunderstorm going through right now. Ten bucks says it'll be gone by the time I head for work. Gah. No run for me this morning.

And I'm sorry about the lack of posting yesterday, but I put lighting up in my office, put the last coat of plaster on the guest room closet, and painted my filing cabinets. I had a bit to do. I've been gone so darn much lately that I have to finish all the to-do list when I have the chance. Like yesterday.

By the way, the Sand Creek Brewing Company rocks, and I strongly recommend their beers. Just so you know.