Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Oh, for fuck's sake!

Mitch McConnell is showing every day why the GOP is old, failed, and busted.  He's clueless.  He's a walking advertisement for the Democrats.  Mitch McConnell has done more damage to the Republican Party than Obama could ever dream of doing.

The GOP is going to continue to be complete and total failure so long as that worthless, Obama-fellating fuckstick holds any position of authority.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ouch, bro.

The Ragin' Mrs. and I were trying to do some sort of fun thing yesterday, and we decided to drive through one of the canyons to get to that fun thing.

Yeah, that didn't work out so well.  We got stuck in traffic, major delays, and the Mrs. had her magic talking elf-box out, and there were traffic accidents in front of us and behind us, leaving us locked in place.  After sitting in a line of cars on a two-lane canyon road for way too long, we saw a wrecker headed in the opposite direction with a car loaded up on it.  A newer Ford Mustang, white and red, with the front end absolutely crunched.

About five minutes later, here comes another wrecker with the other car.  Some white luxury sedan, (I think it was Audi) again with the front end absolutely crunched.  It had been a head-on collision.  Both cars, straight in the kisser.  Kapow.

I don't know the exact amount of damage, but I'm guessing that was six figures of pain on those two wreckers.

Ouch, bro.

We got word that the Highway Patrol had shut the road down to clean off all the oil and fluids that had been spilled, so we turned around and headed back out.  Didn't see any accident on the other side, so perhaps that was a false alarm.

Side note - the Mrs. stated that she needed to find a restroom, so we pull over at this little hippy place that serves coffee and hummus and other organic stuff like that.  As we're walking in, we see a sign saying they need some help.  The Mrs. has been looking to pick up some extra cash, so she inquires.  She now has a job.

My conservative wife is going to be making hippy food.  Part time.  I must find a way to turn this to my advantage.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

On my old computer...

I have some photos of yours truly carrying a flag-draped coffin to a Soldier's final rest.

That's on the old computer.  I'll pull them out later.

But for now, this older Cox and Forkum piece was a gut punch for me.

Way back when, I was part of a funeral team that included a member of the fallen Soldier's unit.  It was an airborne unit from Vicenza, Italy.  As the flag team was preparing to march, having folded the flag and handed it to the OIC, the Soldier from the unit turned to the fallen Soldier's young brother.  Kid was probably about 5 or 6.  This Soldier knelt in front of that kid, pulled his jump wings from his uniform and pinned them on the kid, explaining that his brother had earned these wings himself, and he would want his little brother to have them as well.  That little kid clutched those jump wings and bawled his eyes out.  The Mother was holding that folded up flag to her chest and weeping, while the father held his wife and tried his best to be stoic.  And failing...

I'm man enough to admit that once we marched away from the group of people around the coffin, we all cried. Every single one of us.

This is Memorial Day.  To remember that Soldier; a medic who was shot while tending to a wounded brother.  To the very first Soldier who's funeral I was a part of; a helicopter pilot who went down with his aircraft, who's coffin was only half the weight of a normal casket, and we never, ever opened it.  We had been warned.

And that little kid, holding on to a set of jump wings and bawling his eyes out.  This day is for them as well, because the reason for this day is also the reason for their pain and grief and suffering and wondering about what could have been.

Remember them all.