Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Problem with Romney

Can be summed up in two simple points.  Oh, there's more problems with him that just these two points, but if you want to boil everything down, these two points are it:

1)  RomneyCare, or as Pawlenty put it so well before he refused to fight, "ObamneyCare".  Romney refuses to admit that RomneyCare is a bad idea.  He refuses to admit that socialized medicine is a bad idea.  And if he won't do that, then we don't need him in the Oval Office.  What happens if we finally get the votes to repeal Obamacare, and President Romney vetos the repeal?

2)  He won't fight.  He's trying to be Mr. Nice Guy.  Remember what happened to the last Mr. Nice Guy?  We're not just fighting Obama, we're fighting the Media, who is desperate to keep their God-King enthroned.  If you're not going to fight, and if you're too fucking stupid to see that the Media is going to throw everything they have against you, then you will.  Not.  Win.  It's that simple.

Is Gingrich the ideal candidate?  Hell no.  But at least he swings at the Media when they take shots at him, and he's put more than a few of the pompous fucking jackasses in their place, which is more than Romney can say.  If Romney isn't willing to fight both the media and Obama, he's going to lose. 

And you know it.

Busy. Working.

There's going to be a lot of that up through the New Year, by the way.

Uncle Sam Ain't Released Me Yet.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Rule of Law vs. Rule of Man

When the Rule of Law no longer protects the citizen, but represses him while rewarding the criminals in society, why should the citizen bother to follow the law?

Also, why should I ever go to New Yawk City, given that they prefer filthy, communist criminal scum over law abiding citizens?

The Lost Art of Homebrewing

Via Instapundit, Megan Fox talks about homebrewing.  The Ragin' Mrs. and I make our own wines and ciders.  I enjoy making beer, but it's a much longer process, and I find that doing the wine and cider takes up enough time as it is.  Plus, I'm in Wisconsin.  I can find any beer that I want up here, with multiple microbreweries within an hour drive.  Wines and ciders?  With the Ragin' Mrs. allergies to sulfites, which are added to wine and cider, the only wine we can buy is expensive and limited in both quality and quantity.

Anyways, it's a good read.  If you've ever wanted to take up a "hobby", this would be it.  And I put quotation marks around hobby because once you start homebrewing, it be comes less of a hobby and more of a lifestyle.  When you invest that much time and patience into anything, it's not a hobby.

Actually work?  Maybe, maybe not.  Time and patience?  Lots.  DON'T OPEN THAT BOTTLE YET!  IT'S NOT READY!

Monday, December 05, 2011

Oh, and by the way

Piling on with last nights post about how the BCS is crap, let me add that if Kellen Moore doesn't win the Heisman trophy this year, you may as well toss that award onto the scrap heap of history, along with the NCAA's credibility, or what's left of it.

Name one one QB that's done what Kellen Moore has done over the past four years.  Anyone?  Yeah.  Thought so.

So even though the Heisman has become nothing more than the "Let's give a QB from a famous school some award" trophy, here's a chance to actually give the award to the best collage player.  Which would be Kellen Moore, as evidenced by his four year domination of teams he's played against.  Oh, what, you don't think the Heisman is a popularity contest?  Can you name the Heisman awardees from the past decade who are actually playing in the NFL?  Here, I'll give you one:  Cam Newton, he who got paid to play collage football.  Oh, wait, right, it was his DAD who got paid, and 'ol Cam knew NOTHING about it.  School paid out six figures?  Here Cam, have a trophy!

So, out of the past ten years, you've had half of the Heisman trophy winners, the supposedly BEST PLAYERS IN COLLEGE EVAH for that year, make it to the next level and succeed.  Four who were pretty much laughed out of training camp, and one who crashed and burned, who is now starting only because of a broken foot in the starting QB.  Ooops, wait, now he's out with an injury after one game.

That's 50%.  That ain't good, folks.

So here's the Heisman voter's chance.  Prove that the trophy still means something more than a popularity contest.  Kellen Moore for the win!

Sunday, December 04, 2011

BSC "Championship"

LSU vs. Alabama?


As if we didn't have enough evidence that the BCS is a flaming crock of bullshit, this is just the fecal frosting on top of the crap cake.  I'm not going to watch that game.  I have absolutely no interest in that game. Hell, I'm not going to watch many of the bowl games, as by this time they're nothing more than a "Fill-in-the-blank-Sponsor" scheme to make money, and most of them really aren't that good.

Does anyone from outside the SEC really think that LSU and Alabama are the two best teams in the country?  Hell, we've already seen this game, a snooze-fest that I didn't watch, and after seeing the re-caps I'm GLAD I didn't watch it.

Sorry folks, but hell no.  We need a play-off system, and we need it now.