Saturday, September 25, 2004


Once again, Powerline is on the forfront of nailing the Mainstream Media to the wall.

It's not just CBS, folks. Never have we seen a media full-court press in support of a candidate comparable to what is now occurring on behalf of John Kerry. One of the worst offenders is the Associated Press; we've written about their outrageously biased reports before.

RTWT. And thanks to Cold Fury, who is also on a roll. From a post titled "Dan Rather Must Resign"

Not just for the memo fraud, but for the attempted cover-up as well. For stone-walling. For claiming an “unimpeachable source”, which turns out to be a crackpot, hyper-partisan Democrat. With no respect at all, Dan – answer the fucking questions : Who’s your real source ? Who’s the forger ? And this time you need to prove it, you lying sack of CBS. Your “word”, your “ethics”, your “good name” pretty much equate to the steaming pile the bull left in the field last week (the stench of your hypocrisy is still pretty fresh, though), so we’ll need that stuff called evidence. You know, like what we used to prove your lies.

Oh yeah!

Busy as hell

I've been busier than a one legged man at an ass kicking contest. But as always, there are plenty of people out there to pick up the slack. The boys at Random Nuclear Strikes have been kicking ass and taking names for the past few days, including this observation on John Kerry's brand of diplomacy. John Fonda Kerry is so desperate to prove that he's not Bush that he'll insult, belittle, demean, and denigrate our allies in an attempt to separate himself from the current administration's policy. However, when those who Kerry insults and demeans remember who helped them and who hurt them, they will not forget the Flipper's actions. As Puggs puts it: "He insults nations that do join us, and sucks up to those that do not,…. This is serious diplomacy? This is how coalitions are built?"

So hit the link and start scrolling.

Oh, and on the Kerry "diplomacy"..... The Kallini Bros. and Instapundit also chime in. Bottom line: Kerry screwed himself. And several people in his campaign need to get fired. But we already knew that.

Friday, September 24, 2004

The Council Has Spoken!

This weeks winners in the Watcher of Weasels Council are The Barrier to Defeating Terrorism by Terrorism Unveiled and The Fall of the Media Empire by Cavalier's Guardian WatchBlog. You can find all the results here.

On a related note (and I can't believe that I forgot this!) Bill of INDC Journal had to leave the council for personal reasons. His seat was taken by Grace of Conservative and Right. Welcome aboard, Grace!

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Democrats say the funniest things

You've heard Howard Dean's rants. You've heard Al Gore's bitter ravings. But I say to you, ladies and gentlemen of the internet, you have heard nothing until you hear West Virginia Democrat Supreme Court Justice Warren McGraw.

Imagine if Dean's "I have a scream" speech and Gore's "HE BETRAAAAAYEEEED THIS COUNTRY" rant had a bastard love child. Now imagine that bastard love child guzzling a fifth of whiskey, and you have this priceless rant for ages by Supreme Court Justice Mcgraw. This 4 MB download is well worth every bit.

Ain't free speech wonderful?

(The radio ad that the Republicans are running here is pretty good too. You can download it here.)

What is it with Democrats and these crazy rants anyways? Something that they put in the water at the Democratic National Convention?

More proof that we did the right thing

Here is more proof that George W. is taking the right path in Iraq: Jimmy Carter doesn't like it.

"A lot of political analysts have said that one of the main reasons the Bush-Cheney administration went into Iraq was to establish a permanent military base there," Carter said in an interview with The Associated Press. "I think this arouses a great deal of unnecessary opposition..."

"...The overwhelming issue in this country is the Iraqi war and the war against terrorism and who can address those problems more wisely and more honestly," Carter said. "I think that's the issue that Kerry has to pursue, because, in my opinion, President Bush has not been honest with the American people and has certainly failed in almost everything he professes to be doing in Iraq and in Afghanistan, unfortunately."

It is my opinion that to formulate a successful foreign policy strategy, President Bush could simply follow this three-step plan:

1. Fire his entire staff.
2. Call up Jimmy Carter and ask him what we should do.
3. Do the exact opposite.

Criticism from Jimmy Carter should be taken as a compliment. With each passing year, it becomes more of a mystery to me how the country could have elected this Soccer Mom as President. Jimmy Carter's "Drop-your-pants-and-bend-over" approach to foreign policy has never been anything but a disaster to everyone who isn't a totalitarian dictator.

My Stalker, Cached

Heh. Here it is: Part of My Life.

Sometime life just makes one beam with pride, ey?

Funny stuff.

And then there is this: BlgoShares.

Dave, TVE - email me. We've never really gone over the Terms of Ownership here...

Chronology Of Character Assassination

The GOP has a few quotes from some donkeys regarding the memos they forged and attempted to use in a coordinated attack against the character of the President of the United States. It is nothing short of a MASSIVE collusion between the DNC/Kerry campaign (Joe Lockhart, Max Cleland, Ben Barnes), the Sauronic eye of CBS (especially anchor Dan Rather and producer Mary Mapes), and Bill (source of the forged documents) Burkett, again...among others. In CHRONOLOGY OF CHARACTER ASSASSINATION we find lovely nuggets of donkey crap like this:

9 HOURS BEFORE THE CBS REPORT: "Democratic Party chairman Terry McAuliffe said, 'George W. Bush's cover story on his National Guard service is rapidly unraveling. ... George W. Bush needs to answer why he regularly misled the American people about his time in the Guard and who applied political pressure on his behalf to have his performance reviews 'sugarcoated.'" (Terence Hunt, "Questions Raised About Bush Guard Service," The Associated Press, 9/9/04)

Hmmmmmmm.. "sugarcoated", Terry? Didn't the forger use that exact wording? "Operation Fortunate Son"?

Latest news on this gutsy attempt to smear Presdent Bush? Mary Mapes is still working on the story of Bush's service record. Dan Rather thinks the documents are real....still. Have you seen these pathetic forgeries? What's wrong, Dan? A little slow upstairs? Or are you just a trash pushing, lying democrat who abused his position as a "non partisan" reporter? Protecting a source, or trying to make silk purse out of a sow's ear? No need to answer this one, Dan. Consider your ass owned. Burkett is just another lunatic leftist. The only thing that set him apart from the rest was his powerful news media friends. Ben Barnes said he got Bush into the Texas ANG. He's said the exact opposite previously. His daughter calls him a liar in response to his recent statements. He is a big fund raiser for the Kerry campaign. Kitty Kelley makes accustaions that Bush used cocaine based on statements of W's brother's ex-wife, but she says Kelley lied. She didn't say it. They've all been busted......resoundingly.

Yesterday the John's (waiting to be flushed) charged the Bush administration with harboring super secret plans to reinstitute the draft. Don't look over there! If you did, you might notice that lefist donkeys like Fritz Hollings and Charles Rangel have sponsored twin bills in congress in order to bring about a draft.

Scum, the lot of them. Send these lying asses packin' this November!

CORRECTION - The Terry McAwful statement happened closer to the CBS report than was originally reported.

Late Night Talk Radio Scares Me

I don't listen to much talk radio at night. I'm normally in bed by the time most of the odd shows get on the air, so I don't get a chance to listen much to them. But I've been working odd hours as of late, and I got a chance to listen to some of the shows I hadn't really heard before.

Holy Hell.

Can you say "moonbats"? I knew you could.

Let's start with the local conservative talk radio channel, KVI 570. Coast to Coast AM. It's a nationwide show put on by Art Bell. I knew that there were some real loons out there, but this show seems to gather them all into one place. Over the past few months I've heard alien stories, conspiracy theories (Didja know that jet exhaust contains poison put in there by the government for population control? Neither did I, until I listened to Coast to Coast! Yeah, and Area 51 really has a flying saucer, and aliens are in control of the Pentagon, and if you spin around five times and hold your breath while counting backwards from 100, George Washington appears and bitchslaps the shit out of you for being a dumbass!) and some whacked out nutcases who think they recorded a ghost. I'm talking OUT THERE. Half the time I'm laughing at the people on the air, and half the time I'm shaking my head wondering what drugs they're on.

And then there's 710 KIRO. The only way I can describe it would be like this: Take one socialist hotbed such as Seattle. Find the people farthest to the left who manage to string together a coherent sentence 50% of the time. Put them on the air. That's 710 KIRO.

These idiots actually think that Karl Rove planted the fake memos where CBS could find them. They think it's all a Rove job.

I heard a caller who started out by saying "I want to talk about the Karl Rove planted memos" and SHE WAS SERIOUS! This woman doesn't need talk radio, she needs massive doses of lithium! And the host was just as bad! They have a show from 7PM to 10PM, and another show EVEN WORSE from 10PM to 1AM. It's unreal. I have never heard such blather in my life, and I LIVE IN SEATTLE, FOR GOD'S SAKE!

You want to know why the Left is having problems? Because huge portions of the left ARE INSANE! Not a little insane, but straightjacket wearing, drug popping, giggle giggle while you chew your fingers off INSANE! And the shows I heard prove it!

I suppose there's a silver lining in all of this - every time I start to feel bad about the Right's headcases, I can just flip on to 710 and hear people who went off the deep end years ago and just kept swimming. Loons. Maniacs. Deeply disturbed people who belong in a mental hospital, not behind a radio mic.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Hey Tim, you got a stalker!

The great thing about Google is you can punch in anything and just see what comes up. What came up tonight was a link to this page.

Check it out. And then go re-read Tim's post, "Regarding September 11th".

It's word for word.

Now, Mr. Dave Sarawak changed Tim's Honda Accord to a Perdana V6, but other than that he just copied it from our site to his. He even left the text "But I’d like to not get started on that topic, and I think most readers at 4RWWs know the answer, anyway." on his webpage, which is what caught Google's eye.

Now, having sent snail mail to Tim, I can assure you that Mr. Dave Sarawak IS NOT TIM. So either this guy just cuts and pastes crap from various blogs, or he's ripping Tim off. And since Mr. Dave Sarawak has an Anti-Bush page, I have to assume that Mr. Sarawak isn't a big fan of ours.

I'm sorry, I'm just giggling like a madman here. Tim has a stalker! I'm wondering if this is one of our little lefty trolls, or just some careless kid. Hop on over to his site and then come hazard a guess in the comments.

UPDATE: He changed the webpage. Sorry, you missed it.

Another Reason to Bulldoze the UN

All emphasis is mine.

In the same November 2002 statement, Mr. Sevan reported that "acute malnutrition" was still rampant among young children in Iraq. Mr. Sevan explained that although malnutrition had been halved since Oil-for-Food began (all this was based on Saddam's statistics), it was still double the rate of 1991--a situation Mr. Sevan himself described as "far from satisfactory." But the solution prescribed by Mr. Annan was not to spot and stop the kickbacks. Rather, while lamenting what he described in Nov. 2002 as the "dire funding shortfall" of Oil-for-Food, Mr. Annan's solution again and again was to urge more oil sales by Saddam. Which meant, most likely, more resources earmarked to feed babies but diverted to the Baghdad regime (and, by extension, more commissions for the U.N.).

It would be interesting for someone with full access to the contract details -- meaning, I suppose, the UN's own investigation into itself -- to total the scores of Oil-for-Food contracts for baby formula, weaning cereal, milk and so on (much of it bought from Security Council member nations Russia and France), and employ some pricing experts to fill in the rest of the numbers.

But what we know already is that Mr. Annan, whose Secretariat turned a blind eye to Saddam's food pricing scams, has never apologized for presiding over the biggest fraud in the history of relief. He has not used the word "illegal." The closest he's come has been to admit this past March, after much stonewalling, that there may have been quite a lot of "wrong-doing"--before turning over the whole mess over to a U.N. investigation that has since smothered all details with its own blanket of secrecy.

Kofi Anus and his gang of thieves were in the thick of kickbacks, shady deals and corruption with Saddam Hussien, and are now trying to block any investigation into it. They were one of the prime reasons why Iraqi children were starving to death while Saddam build himself more palaces and the UN lined it's pockets with Saddam's blood soaked cash. And they're getting away with it.

Bulldoze the UN building, preferably with all the UN staff and diplomats inside. And then bomb it. Bomb it flat, bomb it until there's nothing left but rubble, and then bomb it to make the rubble bounce. Kill every single UN "diplomat", starting with Kofi Annan and hang them from lampposts in NYC. And then, once every last rat and parasite from that building is dead, erect a monument on the ashes, dedicated to all those who died due to UN corruptions and arrogance.

Let that monument stand as a reminder of the thugs, dictators, criminals and thieves that were allowed to prosper in the heart of the worlds greatest country.

Get your storm gear on.

Prepare yourself for a wave of screaming, crying, blubbering, moaning, griping, and all out asshattery from Michael Moore.

If that company goes under, it could get really ugly, really quick.

Found via this gimpy bastard.

What Liberal Media?

Big thanks to today for catching this one.

Read this story right here, which shows a picture of a Minnesota girl with her hair braided in the shape of a "W". The picture was taken during a Bush bus tour through Minnesota.

Now, right click on the picture of the girl. Select "properties". Then look at the URL for the picture.

Nope, no sign of bias there.

The Party of "Tolerance" Strikes Again.

Not content with making three year old girls cry, Leftists now feel the need to suckerpunch wounded soldiers in the back of the head and beat them when they're on the ground.

Foster Barton, 19, of Grove City, received a Purple Heart for his military service in Iraq. He almost lost his leg last month after a Humvee he was riding in ran over a landmine.

Barton said he was injured again Friday night in a crowded parking lot as he was leaving the Toby Keith concert at Germain Amphitheatre. The soldier was injured so badly that he can't go back to Iraq as scheduled.

"I don't remember getting hit at all, really," said Barton, a member of the 1st Calvary Division. "He hit me in the back of the head. I fell and hit the ground. I was knocked unconscious and he continued to punch and kick me on the ground."

Barton and his family said he was beat up because he was wearing an Iraqi freedom T-shirt.

Yep, that's the left. Make small girls cry while you rip up the signs they hold, suckerpunch wounded combat vets from behind and then stomp on them while they're on the ground, all in the name of tolerance.

In fact, I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad that these fucking worthless communist bastards are the party of "peace" and "tolerance", because otherwise we'd see things like dirty filthy hippies heckling the family of a dead soldier, or a memorial to September 11th vandalized by commies, or a Kerry supporter attacking a Bush supporter on a plane, or union thugs attacking Bush supporters. Yeah, gosh, the party of worthless fucking communist scumbuckets "Peace" and "Tolerance" are real peaceful and tolerant, aren't they! The party of cowardly fucks traitorous skanks worthless communist shits backstabbing thieves "Peace" and "Tolerance" use those words as ways to attempt to bullshit the rest of the world, but their actions cannot be hidden by the MSM anymore. They're exposed as the worthless, cowardly, parasitic, backstabbing, communist wastes of air that they really are.

Fuck the Donks. Fuck 'em all. I just want ONE DIRTY FUCKING COMMIE to try attacking a veteran around me. JUST. ONE. Believe you me, I could dump a lot of stress if I had five minutes of pounding the shit out of one worthless commie fuck. Just give me a damn reason. And I want to know why the people standing around this poor vet didn't grab that filthy hippy and BEAT HIS ASS INTO A PUDDLE! I guess Columbus, Ohio is so infected with liberalism that spines disappear and wrists go limp when real action is required.

Grrrrrrr..... Time for my run.

Thanks to Kim for pointing this out.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

CBS = Democrat Whores?

I've been staying away from the TV as of late. Part of it is my job, and part of it is the fact that I just don't like TV all that much. If a game isn't on, I'm not too interested. So I just found out that John Kerry was on the David Letterman Show Monday night.

John Kerry. Was on Letterman. Monday night.

Who airs the Letterman Show? CBS.

The very same network which whored out it's credibility with a forged memo smear job against President Bush just gave John Kerry yet another opportunity to attack President Bush on national television.

I'm rather speechless right now. The flat out gall of these partisan hacks is astounding. At this point the eye logo of CBS should just be replaced with "DNC" in big red letters across every microphone and letterhead, every graphic and visual. They've tossed aside any pretense of objectivity. CBS is nothing but a group of cheap whores for the DNC, and they're doing all this out in the open.

I'll be glad when this election is over.

More Public School Horror Stories

From Steve

The more you read, the more you understand that the public school system is damn near worthless.

Canada Honors Draft Dodgers with Monument

Most countries build national monuments to honor their own extraordinary citizens and accomplishments. Apparently, Canada has found other uses for them.

Canada Plans Draft-Dodger Monument
Tuesday, September 21, 2004

NELSON, British Columbia — After burning their draft cards during the Vietnam War, tens of thousands of Americans avoided jail by fleeing to Canada.

Many settled in the small town of Nelson, British Columbia (search), just across the Washington state border. Now, 30 years later, the mayor of Nelson and some other Canadians are planning to honor the draft dodgers with a two-day festival and a larger-than-life monument depicting a Canadian helping two scared American men.

Though the festival and statue unveiling are still two years away, the war of words is just beginning.

Veterans of Foreign Wars (search) leaders are outraged by the monument, as are others in the United States who see the plan as a slap in the face. Some have written to Nelson officials to say they’ll never visit the town again.

The Canadian government did nothing to discourage Americans from heading north of the border so many years ago. In fact, then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (search) rolled out the red carpet, saying the draft dodgers had his complete sympathy.

Think about it. America has a gigantic wall honoring Americans who fought and died in Vietnam. Canada will soon have a monument honoring Americans who fled the country. How big of an inferiority complex do you have to have to build a national monument that doesn't honor your own citizens, but jeers at a neighboring country instead? How fucking sick is this?

Have you paid your global tax today?

Jacques Chirac has proposed $50 Biliion in global taxes to pay for an International "War on Poverty". No, seriously. This is not a joke. I'm sure that Jimmy Carter would have no problem with this.

One more reason to close up and bulldoze the UN. As if you needed any more reason. This, ladies and gentlemen, is why it's so important for Convservative media and the blogosphere to expose the corruption and ineptitude of the UN "Oil for Food" program.

Too busy to post

Which is a drag, since there's so much going on. Like the debate about whether CBS was a) incompetent, or b) dishonest in using those memos. As I listen to the ongoing debate, I have to remember:

Freepers and Bloggers exposed the forgeries in 48 hours. Heck, within a day
and a half, there were people on the Yahoo! Typewriters group explaining the
procedure for changing the font ball on an IBM Selectric. I asked the question about superscripted "th", and they responded. We're not talking carbon dating here.


Blogs unveiled the memos in two days.

To me that says that CBS obviously either didn't examine the documents at all or did and knew they were inauthentic, but went with them anyway, thinking that no one was paying attention. I think that's a big part of this story. The face of media is changing. Can't just slide this kind of sludge by The People anymore, because now media is Of The People.

I was watching CNN and they showed a timeline of this documents thing. No bloggers were mentioned. In their timeline, the documents just magically got debunked. Ah, well.

Maybe next lie.

Then there was John Madden last night, wondering aloud why every time the Minnesota Vikings got down into the "red zone", they suddenly started committing illegal procedure penalties, jumping before the snap. Hey, John! Hey, ya big blabbering oaf! Errrrr, crowd noise, fool.

The Eagles will be difficult to defeat this year, but they are woefully thin at running back and the guy they have is small. He'll take a lumping and then it will be All Air, All the Time.

Did you'all watch Monday Night Football? Did you see Randy Moss mailing in his routes in the fourth quarter? What a mutt.

That's all I've got.

A Picture Is Worth....

Fair and Balanced my ass

"the only bush I trust is my own"

My favorite catchy phrase this election cycle:

"Lose one with the Flipper"

I bet we don't see that one in the window of many See BS news trucks.



Monday, September 20, 2004

On The Run Again

No, not because I'm in trouble. I need to get back into shape, and today I started running for the first time in over four years.

When I got out of the Army in 2000, I told myself that I was only going to run if someone was screaming for me or shooting at me. I had to go to a doctor in 2002 due to knee problems (anterior ligament) and the doctor told me that I had compressed the cartiledge in my knees. Years of running in formation will do that to them. By the time I ETS'ed, I was hobbling after every run. I would literally limp home after PT sessions. The doctor said that time and TLC would eventually get my knees back to health, and I've been taking it easy on them for the past couple of years, not wanting to aggrivate anything. I was somewhat hesitant to start running again, but since I re-enlisted, it was necissary. So this morning after my push-ups and sit-ups, I put on my running shoes and headed out.

No pain.

Hallelujia, I could run and it didn't hurt! I didn't time myself, since I'm so out of shape that I would cry if I saw my time, but I ran for over two miles with no pain. By the time I hit Texas, I'm going to be smoking the run route.

The times, they are a changing. And I have one less thing to worry about. I can still run.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Burn down the schools!

Check this story out.

Dave Maier has retired as Skyview High's head wrestling coach.

He was recently suspended for four days without pay. Because it is a personnel matter, school officials would not comment on the suspension Friday.

In his 22nd year as a teacher in the district, Maier also retired as assistant softball coach, but will continue in his role as math teacher.

Also at Skyview, physical education teacher Paulette Gershmel has resigned as assistant girl's basketball and assistant track coach.

She will continue as a teacher, district officials said.

Suspended without pay, and it's a "personnel matter", so no talking to the press about WHY they were suspened. However, Og has the lowdown on these two coaches.

These two fuckheads are being allowed to stay in the school and continue to teach after a 14 year old freshman student caught them having sex in the lounge area in the gym. They were given minor suspensions and then allowed to come back to fucking work. Why they're not hanging from lamp posts at this very moment is beyond me. Read the story, come back, leave a comment, write someone, raise hell.

The male coach has an invalid wife, which he uses to justify his trysts with the female coach, and they have continued this activity for years, according to other students and parents in the know.

Folks, the public school system is, by and large, WORTHLESS. I wouldn't send my worst enemy's kid to public school. In fact, today's schools are worse than worthless, they've been completely taken over by the Left. Mr. Poretto (who led me to Og's story) expounds upon that thought much better than I can. But ask yourself this question - if you were caught boinking a co-worker in the broom closet at work by a fourteen year old girl who just happened to be one of your customers, would you still have a job? I wouldn't. I'd be fired on the spot. Hell, I've seen people fired on the spot for less than that!

But if you're a school teacher, you can obviously do whatever you want and get away with it. Those two teachers are still employed, and were only suspended for FOUR DAYS!

Oh yeah - that fourteen year old student who caught the two teachers playing "Hide-the-Salami"? That would be Og's niece.

The Council Has Spoken!

This weeks winners in the Watcher of Weasle's council vote are NPR and Media Matters Can't Tell Time by Patterico's Pontifications and Are the CBS National Guard Documents Fake? by INDC Journal. You can find all the results here.

More proof that CBS isn't worth a bucket of warm spit

You've seen the forged memos. Now look at the forgery vs. the real thing, side by side.

At this point, the only conclusion is that CBS and Dan Rather knew that the memos they had were fakes, and still pushed the story. Because it's either that, or CBS is so incompetant and worthless that they couldn't do five minutes worth of investigation to find out of the memos were real or not.

As far as I'm concerned, CBS committed a criminal act. They pushed known forgeries on the public and presented them as real. Dan Rather needs to be fired. Hell, entire sections of CBS need to be fired. That entire worthless, gutless, corrupt section of "news" reporting needs to be fired. The fact that NOBODY has been fired yet proves that CBS is nothing more than a group of partisan hacks who care more about Democratic power than objective journalism.

In fact, instead of pink slips for Dan Rather and the Democratic whores with him, it's people who critisize Rather who get fired.

SEATTLE - A radio talk-show host said Saturday he has been fired for criticizing CBS newsman Dan Rather's handling of challenges to the authenticity of memos about President Bush (news - web sites)'s National Guard service.

"On the talk show that I host, or hosted, I said I felt Rather should either retire or be forced out over this," said Brian Maloney, whose weekly "The Brian Maloney Show" aired for three years on KIRO-AM Radio, a CBS affiliate here.

Maloney says he made that statement on his Sept. 12 program. He was fired Friday, he said.

"What they have expressed is essentially that my show went in a direction they're not comfortable with," Maloney said.

The Democrats are only concerned with grabbing power through any means possible. Lying is fine with them. Using national news shows as attack platforms against President Bush is OK with them. Kitty Kelly for three days straight on NBC? That's fine with them, as long as those Swift Vets don't get any airtime, right? The same people crowing about Kerry's war record are the same people dismissing those vets as bitter drunks, psycotic wacked out vets. They've been saying the same thing for THIRTY DAMN YEARS! You want to know why the Left considers Viet Nam Vets to be crazy drug addled, PTSD zonked savages, but they love John Kerry? BECAUSE KERRY SIDED WITH THE COMMUNISTS THIRTY YEARS AGO, AND NEVER SWITCHED SIDES AFTER THAT! Attacking a three year old girl is perfectly acceptable, as long as you're a Democrat! BUT DON'T YOU DARE QUESTION DAN RATHER!

The more I see of the Democratic Party, the sicker I get.

Avast, ye mangy cur!

Ye best be talkin' like a pirate today!

Now pass that rum before I have ya dance from the yardarm and keelhauled!


OK, you folks remember the child who was assaulted by Leftist losers for daring to have a "Bush/Cheney" sign in her hands, right? Nothing says Democrat like assaulting a three year old girl, lemme tell ya!

It gets better.

Steve H. of Hog On Ice is laying down some of the most savage beatings I've seen on the web. First of all, one of his more idiotic commenters actually blames the father for what happened.

That so-called "father" should be locked up for using his child in an act of provacation. Bringing her into that environment was nothing less than reckless endangerment of a child. There are better ways to express his first amendment right than to abuse his child in that manner. He could have started a riot and the child could have gotten seriously injured. What a loser he is.

Steve for you to mischaracterize the Edwards supporters as the villains while ignoring the culpability of the so-called "father" is grade A BS!

Steve, of course, responds in a way that leaves nothing to the imagination.

It's absolutely true that the father was foolish to trust liberals to behave like human beings. These are the same people who beat up a young boy for waving a "Sore Loserman" sign back in 2000. The same people who dragged a New York cop off his motorcycle during the RNC and put him in the hospital with severe facial trauma.


If, as Totsie's comment necessarily implies, liberals are so stupid and violent we can count on them to behave this way, then it IS the father's fault, just as it would be his fault if he went to the zoo and lowered her into the monkey pit. But here in America, our Constitution is supposed to protect our right to do exactly what Sophia was doing, and liberals always lie that that right is more precious to them than to us. So what are liberals, Totsie? Animals or hypocrites? I say "both."

No wonder they put them in cages at the Democrat National Convention.

Think about it - A liberal just admitted that Democrats and Kerry Supporters cannot be trusted to behave as civilized human beings. A liberal just admitted that assaulting a three year old girl is perfectly acceptable behavior, if you're a Democrat. Here, let me restate that for you.

A liberal just admitted that assaulting and screaming at three year old girls is acceptable behavior, if you're a Democrat. In fact, it should be expected.

Steve also rips apart the hysterical liberal claim that Parlock (the father of that three year old girl) is a fake, because he's been assaulted before.

In 1996 and 2000, Phil Parlock made the West Virginia papers by being attacked by Clinton and Gore supporters. Ergo, the conspiracy nuts say, the attack on his daughter was staged. And the liberal blogger who brought out the 1996 and 2000 stories even suggests that the goon in the photo of Parlock and his daughter is actually Parlock's son.

Okay, let's accept the conspiracy-nut premise. That's Parlock's son. He got himself a Kerry T-shirt and tore the sign out of his sister's hands. That means the sister is in on it. Phil Parlock somehow managed to train a three-year-old to cry convincingly on cue, and to behave as if her own brother terrified her. Or Parlock's son is such an evil son of a bitch, he deliberately scared the hell out of his own baby sister, on camera.

Now, what about the liberals in the background, who appear to be cheering the sign-ripper on? I guess that black lady is also Phil's daughter.

And since he happened to be on the scene with his camera ready, AP photographer Randy Snyder must be a Parlock, too. Maybe Randy is a woman, and Snyder is her married name.

If Parlock is really that prolific, he could get Bush elected just by telling all his children to vote for him.

So Parlock has been assaulted before for his political beliefs? That only proves that Democrats are against free speech. That only proves that Democrats are against the right to assemble. That only proves that Democrats are easily the greatest danger to America that we've seen in a long time.

Fine, Parlock goes to events packed with Democrats, and he waves Republican signs, and then he complains to the press when the Democrats attack. What exactly is he doing that is wrong or deceptive? Is he hypnotizing liberals and forcing them to attack? Do liberals have a right to beat him up and attack his children, just because he's a repeat protester? Does the fact that he has been attacked before mean he's not allowed to talk to the press about it any more?

Explain the logic.

Sorry Steve, there's no logic where the Left is concerned.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin has a list of links detailing just how low the Left will sink.