Saturday, December 14, 2019

National Socialist Democrat Worker's Party wants to use National Guard to enforce gun laws

Oh.  Yeah.  That'll work out real well for you, Skippy.

And it’s not like those red parts of Virginia haven’t seen this coming: According to the Washington Examiner, over 75 counties have declared themselves “Second Amendment sanctuaries,” meaning law enforcement there won’t enforce state laws deemed to violate the Second Amendment. 
Well, that puts everyone at quite a loggerheads, doesn’t it? This is something that could be handled delicately by the state government in Richmond; it could try to figure out how to enforce laws that aren’t universally popular in a state where there’s clearly a wide gulf when it comes to people’s opinions on guns. 
Or, you know, they could have state officials threaten to bring out the National Guard; that too. 
In statements to the Examiner that might have come out better if they had any filter between their brain and mouth, two state Democrats basically said, “Look at us: we’re the captains now.”
The first thing these fascists need to realize is that trying to use the Virginia National Guard to enforce their unconsitutional gun-grab is like trying to use deer hunters to enforce illegal anti-hunting laws.

Just who the hell do they think owns guns in Virginia?  Where the hell do those people live?  Do they really think that they'll be able to whistle up a bunch of goose-stepping thugs from the hinterlands of Prince George County to march down I-95 and enforce their will?  "Oh, look!  Richmond is a big city!  They've got National Guard centers all over, I bet they'll be FULL of people who want to do our bidding!"  Except for the fact that the people who fill those National Guard centers in Richmond on drill weekend don't all come from Richmond, they come from the counties and rural areas around Richmond.  And while Richmond might be Proggie central for Virginia, it's surrounded by counties where you couldn't find a Hillary Clinton sign in 2016.  You really think Jim from Powhatan is going to go door to door on the Governor's gun-grabbing plan?  You think he's going to go arrest the sheriff of Powhatan, when he voted for the guy?

Things are going to get real interesting here in the next few years as the Democrats continue to lose their minds.

Some things never change

Everywhere I've lived, there are drivers who you just learn to avoid.  You see them coming, you turn.  You make sure you have the right of way, because you know for certain these self-absorbed, narcissistic assholes don't give a shit about anything but themselves and whatever their phones are saying right at that moment.

In Seattle, it was BMW and Volvo drivers. 

In Los Angeles, it was white Mercedes (especially with a Mediterranean-looking woman behind the wheel), and, of course, BMW drivers.

In Richmond, it was any red vehicle being driven by a black woman (the larger the woman, the worse the driver).  And BMW drivers.

In Mississippi it was pretty much everybody, but the worst drivers were the ones driving late-model sedans with 22-inch rims.  And BMW drivers.

Now that I'm in Salt Lake City?  It's a whole slew of people, but the ones who stand out for their jaw-dropping moments of fuckwittery are Subaru drivers and BMW drivers.

Notice a trend?

What's the difference between a BMW and a porcupine?  With a porcupine, the prick is on the outside.

This post may or may not have anything to do with my current commute.  And yes, the moment I see you driving a BMW, I know you're a fucktard.

Friday, December 13, 2019

I wish I could vote for this man

Doug Collins of Georgia just dropped a grenade on Nadler the Hutt.


"They care more about getting on TV in the morning than doing their job tonight."


Of course, we all know that this Impeachment sham is a giant load of shit.  We all know it.  They know it.  It's pre-determined.  But they can't even keep their masks on while they do it.

By the way, the optics of Nadler the Hutt sitting next to Doug Collins on TV?  Collins looks fit and rested.  Nadler the Hutt looks like Eddie Munster was eaten by Slimer from Ghostbusters and morphed into a blob that sits on Congressional Committees. 

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Every day is another reason to not trust the government.

Forget jail.  People need to be tarred and feathered, instead of still working for the FBI after they willfully forged a document in an attempt to send an innocent man to jail.

So that's a big problem. If Carter Page is a CIA/NIS asset, then they can't use his contact with Russians as evidence for a FISA warrant against him. 
So what's the DOJ/FBI response? 
Well, a lawyer there -- Kevin Clinesmith -- deliberately changes the response of the organization from "Carter Page is a source" to "Carter Page is not a source," and sends this forged, fraudulent evidence along to the court as part of the FISA application. 
This is CRIMINAL. They were specifically told by the agency involved that Page was a source and therefore had a very good and legal reason to have contact with Russians, but this guy forged the email, altering it to say he was not a source and so reported to the court that Page had no good reason to talk to Russians. 
And here's the kicker: 
He still works for the FBI! 
Because of course he does. 
Because Christopher "Straight-Shooter" Wray.

So a guy who broke the law in an attempt to block the election of someone he didn't like is still working for the Federal Government.

You want to know how a whole lot of middle-class folks fighting to keep their jobs in this country feel about that?  Well, how's about the phrase "President Donald Trump"?  Trump got elected precisely because there are too many corrupt, anti-American assholes like this Kevin Clinesmith who shit all over this country and still get a paycheck from tax dollars.  We elected Trump to kick shitstains like Kevin Clinesmith out the door.  And that's why he'll get re-elected in 2020.  Because the anti-American shitstains are still there, still destroying this country, and being protected by Deep State Swamp Dwellers like IG Horowitz.  The fact that Horowitz can sit there and make the claim that only errors and mis-statements were made is a pathetic joke in and of itself, when every single one of us with a real job knows that if we had made those errors and mis-statements we'd be in jail.  Not maybe in jail  Jail-jail.  Breaking big rocks into little rocks for the rest of our lives, while shitty little ass-nuggets like Kevin Clinesmith sip wine in Washington D.C. and laugh about how they blatantly lied to a FISA court and are still enjoying the good life.

Only someone completely ignorant of life would call those errors or mis-statements instead of the blatant violations of the law that anyone with half a brain can see.  Since IG Horowitz is presumably not ignorant about life, I have to presume that he's just as corrupt as that shitty little fuckstain Kevin Clinesmith, who needs to spend the rest of his life getting ass-raped in a jail cell by Bubba until he can shit a bowling ball without even grunting.

Time Magazine gives WokeScold Greta the Swedish Aspie the "Person of the Year" award. Hong Kong protesters not available for comment.

Fuck you, Time Magazine

Seriously, you give a Marxist midget an award for skipping school and yelling at people far more intelligent than her?  While skipping over people who are literally being shot for standing up for freedom?

What, you couldn't stand the sight of US flags?

Piss off, you dipshits.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Stop making our troops sitting ducks

For the love of God, allow us to protect ourselves.

How is it that the Saudi terrorist attacker at the Pensacola Naval Air Station was shot dead by local Pensacola sheriff’s deputies, while not a single sailor – officer or enlisted – had any firearm to defend himself? Well, much as President Trump promised to shut down visas from countries like Saudi Arabia, he also promised to end the gun-free zone status for our soldiers on bases. The time has come for him to fulfill both promises.

One key lesson for a leader to learn is this:  You never give an order that you know will not be followed.  This is part of why allowing women in the military was such a bad idea.  You put men and women together in stressful situations, and then say "Now don't have sex, you young, fit, highly trained young adults!"

You think that order will be followed?  When I was a single troop back in the 90's, I got more action from the military than I ever got from civilians.  I have stories that even a pr0n producer would read and say "Nah, can't happen."  I know what happens when you mix men and women in the barracks, folks.

The current order that boggles the mind?  "Don't carry any kind of firearm to protect yourself, even if you're a concealed carry permit holder and can protect yourself anywhere outside a military base."

I'm pals with one of the people tasked with securing my tiny little post.  His new CG came in and wanted to do a weapons check on everyone coming on to the base.  "I want to see if anyone has weapons!" was his cry.  My pal looked him in the eye and said "If you do this, 50% of the people won't show up for work, and you will find weapons on just about everybody else."

The brass has given an order that will not be followed.  Period.  It boggles the mind that the military headshed thinks that people who are highly trained on firearms will just shrug their shoulders and say "Oh, gosh, I can't carry a gun now!  Oh well!"

Part of why the Ragin' Mrs. and I refuse to live on a military post is that we would have to register every single firearm we have.  We looked at that regulation, and we simply said "Nope.  Not happening."

If I have to be in public, I'm carrying.  That's why I have the carry permit.  It's that simple.  "Oh, but Dave, nothing is going to happen!  Why are you so paranoid?"  For the same reason I keep a fire extinguisher in my kitchen - because if you need it and you don't have it, your world burns down.  As our military brothers and sisters are finding out on a regular basis.

The FBI spied on Americans, Obama knew it, and the government did nothing

Corrupt from top to bottom.

It wasn't just the FBI investigation he knew about - it was also the 'unmaskings' that followed from the FBI bid to pin something on Trump - the timelines show that around the time of that Coomey briefing, the "unmaskings" of Americans caught up in intelligence dragnets, looking to see if any of them were Trump officials, were stepped up, ending only when Obama administration officials packed up and left the White House. 
It's apparently a whole slew of things he did to spy on and undercut his rivals. Had he used that formidable energy on America's actual enemies, he might not have been such a failure as president. For now, Obama stands exposed.
The anti-American pieces of shit who did this are still mostly employed, except for the few who have retired and taken a nice fat pension for the acts of destroying what used to be a government that actually respected it's citizens.

There is not one part of the government that can be trusted.  Not.  A.  Single.  One.

In so concluding, Inspector General Michael Horowitz rejected the charge that those “mistakes,” including silence about the known falsehood of the supporting evidence and the omission of exculpatory evidence, had been intentional, and hence a fraud on the court. Horowitz stated that looking at these officials’ intentions—i.e., noticing the variance between their claim and the facts behind it—was not his job.
Given that such scrutiny is quintessentially the inspector general’s job, his retreat into what we must now call the Comey-Clinton crouch—detail the misdeeds, relabel them, and decline to do anything about them—means that the deep state has closed ranks.

This government is a group of stupid thugs who have been handed power and will punish anyone who tries to take that power away.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Democrats hate you

And that is really what their impeachment push is all about.

No, impeachment isn’t about impeaching Donald Trump…it is about impeaching the American voter. It’s a punishment. The Democrats and the ideological Left have been angry at the rest of the country for three years now, and it is their intention to make us pay for daring to buck their rules.

I've said it before - Donald Trump was the impolite, yet still civil, response to a government that is governing without the consent of the governed.  The Tea Party was the first civil and polite response.  When the Tea Party was abused away by both parties, the Tea Party members didn't just go home and accept the corrupt oligarchy's rule.  They acted when they had that chance, and that chance was Donald Trump.  This time it worked.

And the corrupt oligarchy, the bi-factional ruling party, has never forgiven the voters for what they did.

No, it is the American people whom the Democrats wish to punish. They are impeaching our decisions and our passions. They are telling us that our votes are mistakes that need to be corrected. The better alternative to this whole charade is to let the American people decide if Trump is worthy of another term in less than 12 months. To carry on with this impeachment circus is to send a direct message – we don’t trust you to do it right.

To quote Kurt Schlichter - Democrats hate you and want you to die.  Why do you think they're so desperate to take away your guns?  Because they plan on doing things that will get them shot if you still retain the means to defend yourself.

They've already corrupted the federal law enforcement agencies into nothing but armed goons with badges doing the Democrat Party's bidding.  Now imagine what they would do if we Normal Americans didn't possess firearms.

Monday, December 09, 2019

Rural Virginia is getting set to tell the Democrats to pound sand on gun control

The Virginia GOP may have beclowned themselves, but the folks in rural Virginia haven't.

The American St. Nicholas

The Victory Girls have a blog post up about the modern origin of St. Nick in Germany.

In 1944, the 28th Infantry Division, 112th Regiment of the Pennsylvania National Guard had taken casualties and were exhausted from the Battle of Huertgen Forest on the Western Front in Germany. The GIs were sent to Wiltz, Luxembourg for rest and recuperation. There the story of the American Saint Nicholas played out.

Go read it all.  What caught my eye is the unit.  My Great-Uncle, whom I just recently learned about this year, was assigned to the 28th Infantry Division, 112th Infantry Regiment.  He died a little less than two months prior to the unit being sent to Luxembourg.

They were suffering the privations of war, missing the comforts of home, and in foreign countries. Their loneliness and fear had to be overwhelming. Yet, the GI’s of the 112th Regiment, PNG gave what they had to let children have a Christmas for the first time in years. 
The story of the GIs and the American Saint Nicholas is a story that every one of us should know and treasure.
This is what American troops do.  This is who we truly are.

Sunday, December 08, 2019

Isn't it amazing how much you can learn if you're actually looking?

For instance, this interview with the former Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

Hat tip to Instapundit, of course.  But it shouldn't come as a shock that ABCNBCCNNCBSMSNBCNYT et al haven't bothered to actually investigate this, as they consider it their duty to protect the Democrat Party and their Lord, God, King and Messiah Obama.

Second Sunday of Advent

I told you to be on the watch for Advent music...