Saturday, September 28, 2019

Have you ever...

Started a hike thinking "Oh, I got this!" and ended a hike with "I think my kneecap might be missing..."


I have pictures.  Once they're downloaded, you see it too.

Here's my post for the day

Hopefully by the time you listen to this, the Ragin' Mrs and I will be somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Stupid loser aide to pathetic loser exposes just what losers the GOP are.

This is why I can't bring myself to join the Republican Party.  Because they're a group of two-faced, mealy-mouthed, back-stabbing traitorous pieces of shit.

Mike Murphy, a former adviser to Mitt Romney's losing 2012 presidential campaign, told NBC's Andrea Mitchell that a Republican senator told him that there were 30 GOP Senators who would vote to convict Donald Trump in a Senate trial if it were a secret vote.

All I can say is thank god Mitt Romney didn't win.  Between him and Paul Ryan I can't imagine who would have been the first to run over and suck Nancy Pelosi's flop-sweat off of her ass.  America would have been much worse off, and Trump might not have ever decided to run and expose the whole corrupt charade.

And the Republicans who are NOT back-stabbing two-faced shitbags are too weak to do anything about the ones who are.  Remember when they tried to oust John Boehner?  A few stalwart Representatives actually trying to do what their voters wanted them to do instead of kissing Democrat ass, and what happened?

A big fat nada, and the actual conservative representatives got shoved into a hole until Boehner left.  The GOP had a chance to show that they both heard and understood what their voters wanted, and they planted knives in our back while making sure that Nancy Pelosi got everything she wanted.

When the civil war comes, you can blame the GOP right along with the Democrats.  With some exceptions, they're pretty much the same thing.  The only thing that keeps the Stupid Party in power is the fact that while there's a 50/50 chance that the Stupid Party will destroy America, there's a 100% chance that the Democrats will do so.  So I'm not voting for the Stupid Party, I'm voting against the Democrats.  I've read my Heinlein, dammit.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

OK, bear with me here

Guy has a sign on national TV asking for beer money, has his Venmo account on the sign.  People see sign, and start sending him beer money.  Dude starts racking up serious coin.  Over a $1 million, to be exact.  Dude looks at his newfound riches, and says "Hmmmm....  I think I shall donate this to charity!"  And then he does.  Iowa Children's Hospital, where little kids with cancer go to be treated.  Feel good story, right?

Until the hot mess of flaming garbage known as the Des Moines Register got involved.

Apparently, beer money guy, Carson King, had some tweets from seven years ago that were inappropriate.  Shit happens.  But the DM Register dug them up and were about to expose them to the world, which caused the companies who had suddenly partnered with Carson King (to raise more money for charity) to drop those partnerships.

And then the internet got involved.....

And that would have been the end of it right there – another feel-good internet story ruined by social media history.  But Aaron Calvin forgot one very important part of Twitter: the “routine social media checks” go both ways. 
And GUESS what @AaronPCalvin had in the archives?

I know that people are blaming the internet for the death of newspapers.  But if the media was more than just the Democrat Party propaganda mill, maybe more people would buy newspapers?    The Des Moines Register is a flaming dumpster fire in the middle of a cess pool from a toxic waste dump, and their decision to attack a guy based on tweets from when he was sixteen has pissed off a whole lot of people, considering that the guy was donating all the money he got to a children's hospital.

You praise that, because you want to see more of that.  You highlight the good, because you want to encourage people to be good.  You do not dig through the past to bring up some unrelated garbage in an effort to cash in on "cancel culture" and revel in filth and degeneracy.

So, Aaron P. Calvin, you feckless cunt, I hope you get fired, because thanks to your bullshit, a lot more money that could have been raised for children with cancer will not be raised.  I hope that Aaron P. Calvin has to spend the rest of his life cleaning out pig stys in the Iowa farmland just to make ends meet.  Because the shit he'll be shoveling out of those pig stys will still be better smelling and contain more substance than the shit he's shoveling at the Des Moines Register.

Our garbage media

At this point, they're just flat out lying in their efforts to get Trump impeached.

Every time you think the media has sunk to a new low, they demonstrate they can go lower.


While I do love how vituperative my fellow Americans can be, I don't think anybody can give a good dressing down like a Brit.

Just go watch the video.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

When it doubt, assume the Feds are lying

Feds shut down a school that trained veterans, and for two years has sat on everything involved.

Now, I don't like the way this story smells.  The primordial cop in me says there's a hell of a lot going on that isn't being reported, and that there might not be anybody trustworthy here.  But if the Fed had enough evidence to seize this school and shut it down, then they need to show it.  They don't get to sit there for two years and do nothing, hoping the story will go away.  That's tyranny.  So while I might not trust everybody involved, I really REALLY don't trust the people who have repeatedly lied to the American people year after year, and who refuse to show their work.

Anybody remember Ted Stevens?  Senator from Alaska?  Got brought up on charges right around 2008 election time, and after a couple of years, a judge threw the entire case out and berated the persecution for their abuse of the law.

Remember the Bundy case?  Ranchers out of Nevada?  One of them was actually shot and killed by the feds.  Whole thing went to court.  Feds marching around, law and order, blah blah blah.  Judge threw that case out as well, with prejudice, for the prosecutorial abuse that happened.  The Feds had abused the law, in some cases just making shit up, that the judge tossed the case out and made sure it couldn't be brought back in.

So when I see the Feds sitting on a case for two years?  I might not trust everybody, but I really don't trust the Feds, and sitting on a case for two years, not moving, not allowing anything to happen, not releasing evidence....  well.....  That means the Feds know they haven't got a damn thing except for brute force, and they're using the brute force.

I hope they get taken to the cleaners.  In a just world, the people who do this kind of shit would end up in jail for the rest of their lives.

I do not know how I missed this

Greta Thunberg has Asperger's Syndrome.

Holy crap, what her parents have done to her is child abuse of the highest order.  And what the Left has done in canonizing her is to tie their ship to a rock that's going to sink beneath the waves when the sea rises. Metaphorically speaking.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Trump trolls the Scandi girl who made a big deal about sailing across the Atlantic to lecture us

Lecture us about what?  The environment, of course.  which is why her crew all flew back on evil jet planes instead of sailing back in their zero-emission boat.  And that means another crew will have to fly from Europe to New York to sail the boat back.  Five people fly East, and five people fly West, all so that this ill-tempered brat can lecture us about how we're killing the planet using fossil fuels.

What.  The.  Actual.  Fuck.

That's ten flights across the ocean so this foul-tempered brat can be used like a meat puppet by the Left in their attempts to kill our economy.

So anyway, Trump did what Trump does, only with a bit softer touch because this petulant brat is still a kid.  And as the writer of the article points out at the end:

Thunberg did not endorse nuclear power — a zero-emissions technology — or any other solutions.

Or ANY OTHER SOLUTIONS.  That's because she has none.  She might be a smart talented kid, but she's still a kid, and she's no Albert Einstein.  She doesn't know what she doesn't know.  She's just something to be used by the Left.  The Left is big on using children as shields for their crusades, actually.  Remember the kids from Parkland?  They were on the news every single damn night talking about gun control, and if anyone responded to them the usual suspects of the left would be screaming "HOW DARE YOU ATTACK CHILDREN!"  Because the Left's ideas are so pathetic and weak that they can't actually defend them, and so they have to find other ways to negate your response.  And the best way to negate you response is to make sure you don't actually respond my presenting your little meat puppet as a po' widdle child and how DARE you say anything back to the toxic Leftist politics pouring out of its mouth!

Oh, and the Useless Nations are now allowing themselves to be lectured by a child, and they're clapping and begging for more.  Bravo, you pathetic sacks of crap.  You're even more of a drain on society than you were five minutes ago.  Trust me, the last thing the US wants to do is take advice from a group of countries who couldn't even built the very technology they use in their attempt to tear down America.  When I see that pack of trained monkeys clapping and hooting, the only thing I can think of is "Just what the hell have you done for the world lately, other than make it worse?"  Bah.  Had I the power, I would tell the UN that they have fifteen minutes to un-ass the building before I blew the demo charges, and all diplomatic immunity for any UN staff is hereby revoked.  Then I would blast that building down to rubble, and LEAVE IT AS RUBBLE with a couple of plaques around to remind people passing by that we used to host an assortment of criminals, thugs, perverts, slugs, leeches, parasites and other scum, but that we finally woke up and kicked them the hell out.

That's my dream, anyway.

So back to the little Scandi girl and her speech.  She's being taught the most toxic ideology, and she's being trained to use it as a weapon.  She did nothing but blame everyone else for her supposed problems.  Hey, guess what all those Scandinavian countries use in order to provide their citizens with a 1st-world living?

Oil.  Black Gold, baby.  Thunberg is from Sweden, which exports OIL in order to make money.  So little Scandi Girl sailed across the ocean from a country that sells a shit-ton of oil to lecture the USA on using oil, all while using even more oil to fly crews back and forth from Sweden in order to make her virtue-signaling trip in a sailboat possible.

She wants to be treated seriously, like an adult?  The best response would be for an actual grown-up to tell her to shut up, learn something before she lectures us, and go the fuck back home.  Given how Sweden is turning into the rape capitol of the world, thanks to their unchecked influx of musloid migrants, there's a whole host of problems she can solve back home before she tries to solve anything over on this side of the pond.

Gah. Busy. Need coffee

Here's another offering from my latest musical crush.

Monday, September 23, 2019

He died from smoking weed

He was just a kid.  Yes, a stupid kid.  But his mother was beyond stupid, passing into idiotic.

The doctors told Regina Denney and her son Brian Smith Jr. what was causing his severe vomiting and abdominal pain. 
Neither the teenager nor his mother believed what they said: smoking weed. 
Smoking marijuana, the two knew, was recommended to cancer patients to spur the appetite. How could it lead to Brian's condition?  
As the months went by and the pounds slipped off Brian’s once healthy frame, it was clear that whatever was causing his stomach troubles had just the opposite effect. 
Brian kept smoking. The symptoms continued on and off. 
Last October, after another severe bout of vomiting, the teenager died. He was 17 years old.  

So this kid is taken to the hospital BY HIS MOTHER, and they are told that his problems are due to SMOKING MARIJUANA, and his mother doesn't try to beat the stupid out of that boy?

Denney didn’t like the fact that her teen son started smoking at 13, but she figured the situation could be worse. Brian and she had a strong relationship, and he always had been honest with her about his use of marijuana.

 Nope, nope, nope.  Folks, if your kid starts smoking weed at the age of 13, YOU DO YOUR DAMNED BEST TO PUT A STOP TO IT!  Holy hell!

This kid is dead because his parents failed to do their job.  They didn't even try to do their job.  They wanted a "good relationship", which probably would have been a hell of a lot better if Daddy Dearest were still in the picture, but that's a tangent I'm not willing to follow right now.

This kid didn't have to die.  All it might have taken is one adult in his life to put their foot down.  But that didn't happen.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Oh, for pete's sake....

I'm re-assembling the fender of my bike.  Checked all the wires.  Got rescue tape for any bare wire (splices and other joinings)  All I need now is some shrink wrap to put around the wires so I can put everything back together.

Except that nobody around here sells shrink wrap in anything more than two or three inch pieces.  Which is fine if you just want to cover a splice, but doesn't do a damn thing for me and my three feet of wiring that has to be run along-side the support strut of the fender.

I found one roll of shrink wrap that was an actual length, not just a snippet.  I brought it home, hoping against hope that it was wide enough for three wires to fit through.  It was not.

I found a small piece of flex tubing, much as you would see in your car, in a four foot length.  Ran the wires through it.  Tried to re-assemble the fender, but the flex tubing was too thick for the fender strut to lay against the fender, and therefore, threw the whole assembly off.

And so now I'm off for another TDY, which means that bike is going to remain unassembled until the shrink wrap I order online and I both get to the house in the same time frame.  Dammit, I'm missing good riding weather.  Grrrrrrrr......