Friday, November 24, 2006

Didya have a good Thanksgiving?

I have no idea how much food I ate, but I know how much was cooked, and I know how little of it we have left. We also managed to drop off dinners for the dozen people who were manning the gates here on post. I've been in their shoes before, and it's always nice to get some good food and a reminder that people are thinking about you.

I don't have anything real to blog about, because except for ESPN, I haven't been watching a single bit of news. And I'm doing that purposely, folks. I don't want to ruin my family's stay with bad news. Top that off with the fact that Fox News has been replaced by BBC World News (ugh!) by my local cable provider, and I'm thinking about dropping cable all together. I got cable for two reasons: Fox News, and Football. Once football season is over, what reason do I have to keep the cable?

Decisions, decisions.

Anyways, enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend. I'll once again be too damn busy to post much, but I should be back to normal sometime next week. Toodles!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Light Blogging Notice

I've got family flying in tonight for Thanksgiving. I'm going to be rather busy doing other things than sitting in front of a computer.

So if I don't blog til then, have a Happy Thanksgiving!