Saturday, April 08, 2023

I think I have a "TALK TO ME" sign floating over my head

 Went to the bar last night to belt out some karaoke.  Yeah, I do that.  It's about the only way to get the musical kicks these days.  I spent about two and a half hours talking to two dudes who apparently saw me and thought I made a great psychologist.  Both Army vets.  Both dealing with some serious shit from their tours overseas.

And what am I going to say?  "Nah bro, piss off"?  I don't think so.

It's a good thing I brought cigars.  I went through three of them just sitting there talking with these guys, letting them air out whatever demons they've got in their heads.

Woke up way late today, but still got out on the bike.  The weather is warming up.  Took a couple of times before she turned over, but damn it was good to have some two-wheeled therapy of my own.

Friday, April 07, 2023

Another loony lefty tranny arrested, this time for planning a school shooting

 Mental illness + leftist narratives = violence against children.

Law enforcement officials in Colorado have arrested a transgender individual with a communist manifesto for allegedly planning mass shootings at schools and churches in the area.

Expect more of this.  The Left has been feeding mentally ill people a bunch of batshit crazy narratives that don't even come close to the truth, and they've been doing it for years.  Add in the fact that mentally ill people such as the tranny crowd are often on a whole pharmacy of drugs that screw with your nugget, and you WILL have people who actually believe the "trans genocide" bullshit and they WILL act on it.

There have been trends showing in the school shootings in this country.  There are markers that show up time and time again.

Lack of a father in the home.

Use of anti-depressants or SSRI drugs.

Leftist indoctrination.  The number of "Communist Manifesto" books uncovered at the shooters homes is a giveaway.

Sexual deviancy/confusion.  The last four mass shooters have been trans/non-binary.  I remember the kid in California who killed a couple of people who was gay or bi or something and pissed off that he couldn't get laid.

None of the shooters that I know of came from a traditional, conservative, two-parent religious home.  Imagine that.

Liberalism is a mental disorder.  And the more it's normalized, the more we see actions like mass shootings.  I think that's part of the reason why they haven't released the Nashville Tranny Shooter's manifesto.  They don't want to hurt their narrative.  They don't want to prove people on the right to be correct when we say transgenderism is a mental illness.

But it is.  And mental illness left untreated always worsens.

The more you trust the media the less informed you are

 And that's proven by science!  Well....  yeah.

The most accurate group was conservatives, with very conservative being the best, and very liberal being the worst. It’s not even close. Liberals have no idea what the truth is, and they believe the very worst to be the case.

Yesterday the organization released more data from their study, in order to explain why that is the case. Their findings were equally interesting because they give a very strong clue regarding what is driving that disparity.

And it’s exactly what you think: the greater the education you have and the higher the trust in the news media the less likely you are to have a grasp of reality.

Education + Trust in MSM=ignorance.

Having to deal with my socialist relatives, I can absolutely agree with the findings.  And having had to deal with college educated people for decades now, I can say with absolute certainty that having an education doesn't make you smarter, wiser, or more intelligent.  It just makes you credentialed.  



Thursday, April 06, 2023

I'd ask what the actual fuck is wrong with Nike, but I'm pretty sure we all know

 And now they're using a man to sell sports bras.

Nike Women decided to have Mulvaney, a biological male, as a spokesman for the company’s new activewear, including sports bras.

This is probably my biggest disappointment because it concerns products made for a biologically female body. Mulvaney had plastic surgery, but how do you expect me to believe your product will support me when I exercise when all I see is a man with small and fake breasts? Let’s have a biological male with extremely skinny legs and no butt model yoga leggings. It’s worse than having the skinniest female model advertise this stuff. At least she’s shaped like a female!

I haven't bought any Nike products for decades.  The last Nike shoe I purchased was the Pegasus Air and they discontinued those around 1996, so that gives you some idea.  They used to have good running shoes decades ago, but they went more to the flash and bullshit, cheap Chinesium crap and I moved on to better running shoes.

I'd still buy some shirts or what have you, but never their shoes.  And then the whole Kapernick thing happened.  Yeah, I might have miss-spelled his name.  I don't give a shit, that racist fucking piece of garbage.  After that I refused to touch any Nike products with a ten foot pole.

I have a feeling that more women are going to feel the way I do, than are going to be inspired to buy a sports bra being shilled by a over-the-top melodramatic gay man.

We knew this, didn't we? Yes, yes we did.

 It was created in a lab, Fauci the mini-Mengele paid for it, and everything about it was covered up.

The actual testimony of Redfield was explosive. Yet none of these headlines belie the gravity of Redfield’s testimony. Redfield directly linked gain-of-function research and the creation of SARS-CoV-WIV to Fauci, and to the U.S. government—including the Department of Defense (DOD). He absolutely believes and gives sworn testimony to the effect that Fauci and Jeremy Farrar, director of the Wellcome Trust and soon be the chief scientist at the World Health Organization, covered up the lab leak information. Redfield himself was excluded from the meetings when the processes, strategy, and tactics for covering up the lab leak were developed.

Emphasis mine.  Fauci is pure evil.  The jabs that he pushed are pure evil.  Making a virus like the King Flu in a Chinese lab is pure evil.  There's not a single thing about this that doesn't have some connection to Satan, and people like Fauci are his willing minions.

Yeah, he's not just a narcissistic sociopath, he's evil.  You do not do what he has done if you're a good person.  Period.  

And Fauci's evil is magnified by what the government did in the wake of of the release of Fauci's creation.  The lockdowns.  The fearmongering and panic porn.  The forced injections of experimental, non-approved shots that do nothing to stop the spread of the Kung Flu.

This was all done on purpose.

This is evil.

End of the Circle

Wednesday, April 05, 2023

Demonic Possession and Oppression

I first heard about demonic oppression years ago from Ann Barnhardt.  Simply, it is a human being that is in cooperation with a demon rather than being possessed against the person's will.  It's far more common that demonic possession.  In any case, I think it could explain quite a bit of the behavior coming out of Washington D.C..  And of the Vatican.  And there's at least on psychiatrist that agrees with me.

In a book he says is aimed at the well-educated with an interest in the subject, accomplished psychiatrist and professor, Dr. Richard Gallagher, delivers compelling findings from his decadeslong career to make a compelling case that demons and demonic possession are real phenomena.

For many Christians, Gallagher’s findings presented in his 272-page book, Demonic Foes: My Twenty-Five Years as a Psychiatrist Investigating Possessions, Diabolic Attacks, and the Paranormalfirst published in the fall of 2020, could simply be treated as an acknowledgment of what the Bible has been telling them for centuries.

“In my experience, the idea of demonic possession is so controversial and so often misunderstood that I want at the outset to establish some scholarly plausibility to the notion along with my bona fides,” the board-certified psychiatrist, who serves as professor of psychiatry at New York Medical and a psychoanalyst on the faculty of Columbia University, begins in the introduction of his book.

To me, the fact of demonic existence is one of both faith and logic.  The faith question is this:  Do you believe in God?  Yes, I do.  Do you believe in angels?  Well, scripture describes them quite clearly, so if I believe in God, then I must also believe in angels.  

The logical portion comes in here.  If I believe in God and his angels, then I must also believe in Satan and his demons, because both of them are clearly described in scripture.  And if God and his angels are working on earth through people, as I believe they are and as the Catholic church recognizes in the saints, then Satan and his demons are also here on earth working through people.  And even if you don't go with the whole "saints" thing in your religion, you still have to admit that God and his angels, as well as Satan and his demons, are both described in scripture and are both real.  Jesus was casting out demons from people as he walked around.  One of the things the Apostles did after Jesus ascended to heaven and the Holy Spirit came to the Apostles, was cast out evil spirts from people.

So, if on a personal level you believe in God and his angels, then at some level you must also believe in Satan and his demons.  And if they exist, that means that they're doing what scriptures say they do, which is possess and oppress people.

God exists.  And so does the enemy.  Angels work among us.  So do demons.  Tell me, why else would you have so many people shrieking for the murder of innocent babies in the womb if it weren't for demons working towards that goal?

Why else would so many people in the government demand that you get the clot shot?

I'm not saying they're possessed.  Even Gallagher admits that possession is extremely rare.  But oppression?  Working with a demon of your own free will?  What else would someone who's working with a demon do?

Have sex with little kids?

Smoke crack and get his dick sucked by a Chinese teenage hooker?

Sell out his country for money?  That might just be greed, but greed is one of the seven deadly sins for a reason.

Constantly push for murdering babies in the womb while your husband is getting high and banging gay prostitutes?

At some point the depth of human evil reaches rock bottom, yet people still keep going further.  And I believe there are supernatural reason for that.

The Long Slow Slide

Tuesday, April 04, 2023

The Chinese Spy Balloon wasn't blocked from transmitting information

 Because of course it wasn't.  That would have made Drooling Joe's puppet masters angry, and Drooling Joe doesn't want the Chinese angry.

The Chinese spy balloon that was allowed to spend a week flying over the U.S. was able to transmit secret intelligence to Beijing about several military bases “in real time,” according to a Monday morning news report.

Three unnamed officials told NBC News that Communist China was able to “gather intelligence from several sensitive American military sites.”

The intel China gathered “was mostly from electronic signals,” according to NBC, “which can be picked up from weapons systems or include communications from base personnel, rather than images, the officials said.”

If there's one thing I can be certain of in this whole shit show, it's that Joe Biden isn't in charge of jack shit.  He's not in charge of his own bowel movements, much less anything that happens in this country.  He's a figurehead with senile dementia.

It's quite possible that China already had intel on the bases they surveilled.  But what they accomplished was letting America know that they were in charge, not Joe Biden.  Biden is nothing but a puppet, and he dances when China pulls on his strings.

Back home

 It was a good funeral.  Then I spent a couple of days with family before I came back here.  I didn't turn on a radio, I didn't turn on a TV, I didn't get online and watch anything.  I just retreated.  It was necessary.