Saturday, December 23, 2017

Bundy case declared a mistrial

The body rots from the head down.

The judge listed six types of evidence that she said prosecutors deliberately withheld before trial, including information about the presence of an FBI surveillance camera on a hill overlooking the Bundy ranch and documents about U.S. Bureau of Land Management snipers outside the ranch. 
The others were maps, an FBI log with entries about snipers on standby, threat assessments that indicated the Bundys weren't violent and that the Bureau of Land Management was trying to provoke a conflict by antagonizing them and nearly 500 pages of internal affairs documents involving lead bureau special agent Dan Love, since fired from the agency. 

Emphasis mine.  Anyone else see shades of Ruby Ridge and Waco in this?  Why do Democrat regimes always use violence to achieve their political goals?

That was redundant, thankyouverymuch.

The information also would help refute the government's indictment that alleged the defendants used deceit to draw supporters by "falsely'' contending snipers were posted around the ranch. 
"The failure to turn over such evidence violates due process,'' the judge said.
At this point one must assume that the FBI is corrupted and converged at every level, and cannot be trusted in matters large or small.

The judge also found prosecutors withheld a March 3, 2015, FBI report that identified a Bureau of Land Management agent in tactical gear and carrying an AR-15 rifle outside the family ranch on April 5 and April 6, 2014.  
In addition, she cited an FBI log with entries that said "snipers were inserted'' and on standby outside the Bundy home. Three entries in the log mentioned snipers present, Navarro noted. Prosecutors claimed they were unaware of the log at first because it was kept on a thumb drive in a tactical vehicle. 
"The government is still responsible for information from the investigating agency. The FBI chose not to disclose it,'' Navarro said.

Do read it all.  The FBI has lost any and all respect it may have once had, and is now just a group of armed thugs and goons with government backing.

Friday, December 22, 2017

This is government healthcare

Hey, has anyone from the VA been fired for covering up the two-year waiting list?  What about the two criminals who defrauded the government out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, who were fired, but then had their termination reversed by some review panel?  Are they still kicking around?

It's almost as if allowing an unelected, unaccountable bureaucracy to run a health care system is a bad idea!  I know, right?  WHO WOULDA THUNK IT?

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Winter Solstice is tonight

I don't attach any kind of mystical or religious meaning to it.  What it means to me is that we get more daylight every day for 180 days. 

Why aren't these fuckers on trial yet?

Do you know what would happen to me if I authorized a project, signed off on it, placed my signature all over the paperwork and then told my bosses "Well, gosh, I just don't recall!"

Sources close to the investigation say that McCabe was a “friendly witness” to the Democrats in the room, who are said to have pressed the deputy director, without success, to help them build a case against President Trump for obstruction of justice in the Russia-collusion probe. “If he could have, he would have,” said one participant in the questioning. 
Investigators say McCabe recounted to the panel how hard the FBI had worked to verify the contents of the anti-Trump “dossier” and stood by its credibility. But when pressed to identify what in the salacious document the bureau had actually corroborated, the sources said, McCabe cited only the fact that Trump campaign adviser Carter Page had traveled to Moscow. Beyond that, investigators said, McCabe could not even say that the bureau had verified the dossier’s allegations about the specific meetings Page supposedly held in Moscow. 
The sources said that when asked when he learned that the dossier had been funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, McCabe claimed he could not recall – despite the reported existence of documents with McCabe’s own signature on them establishing his knowledge of the dossier’s financing and provenance. 

Toss that corrupt fucker into Club Fed and see how long it takes for him to actually tell the truth.  For the bullshit he's pulled, I'd already be in Ft. Leavenworth.  This corrupt fucker still has a job.  "Rule of Law".  If there is ANYTHING we've learned from this election, it's that there is no real Rule of Law in this country.  There's the laws that we the little people have to follow, and then there's the "laws" that our self-elected and self-annointed elitist shitbag "leaders" have to follow, and those two sets of laws look nothing alike.  We've also learned that the FBI leadership is hopelessly corrupt, SJW converged, Democrat Party operatives.

Fuck draining the swamp.  I'm all for blowing it the fuck apart, because that's about the only way we can shrink it enough for ordinary citizens to be able to live their lives in peace. 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Satanic Left, corrupting another institution

CNN Promotes Children's book showing Santa Clause married to another man.

Above a chyron that read, “Children’s Holiday Book Explores Race, Homosexuality,” New Day co-anchor Christi Paul declared the book a “fresh, new twist” and then appeared to lament the fact that “there are some families though, tsk, not so happy about the book’s maybe not so hidden agenda.”

The Left will not be happy until it destroys every last vestige of civilization, upon which time it will triumphantly mount the pile of ashes where we used to live, and plant their flag proclaiming that we are now all equal.

Obama helped Hezbollah in order to kiss up to Iran

Tell me, please:  If Obama was a Muslim, or if he was just an Anti-American Marxist shitstain....  how could we tell the difference?

The Justice Department declined requests by Project Cassandra and other authorities to file criminal charges against major players such as Hezbollah’s high-profile envoy to Iran, a Lebanese bank that allegedly laundered billions in alleged drug profits, and a central player in a U.S.-based cell of the Iranian paramilitary Quds force. And the State Department rejected requests to lure high-value targets to countries where they could be arrested.
“This was a policy decision, it was a systematic decision,” said David AsherDavid AsherVeteran U.S. illicit finance expert sent from Pentagon to Project Cassandra to attack the alleged Hezbollah criminal enterprise., who helped establish and oversee Project Cassandra as a Defense Department illicit finance analyst. “They serially ripped apart this entire effort that was very well supported and resourced, and it was done from the top down.”

To just to recap:  The Obama administration shut down a program that was hunting drug-pushers, gun-runners and money-launderers, all of whom worked for Hezbollah (which is an Iran-sponsored terrorist organization), which funneled millions upon millions of dollars to Hezbollah (which is an Iran sponsored terrorist organization), in order to kiss up to the Mad Mullahs of Iran, who promptly bent over Obama and his stooge John Kerry during Obama's second term and fucked this country right up the ass with a sandpaper condom.  And when Iran gets nukes, as they will unless Trump does something to fix the mess Obama left behind, we'll have the largest terrorist-supporting state in the world with nukes and a willingness to use them.

Did I miss anything?

I've said it before, I'll say it again - there is no way we can repair the damage that Obama did to this country, and it'll be decades before we even discover the true extent of the carnage he wrought.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Started yesterday.  Continues today.  Will continue tomorrow.  It would have been a lot easier if the damn movers had gotten our furniture and shelves off the truck first.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Even dogs don't mess their den

One of the things that irritated me about my prior rental was that in the area where I lived, it seemed that all the prior residents had just thrown their trash out back.  The Mrs. and I picked up tons of trash; I lost count of the bags we took to the dump, and all of it was junk and rubbish from residents years gone by, that we had picked up out of our back acreage.  We weren't the only ones.  My immediate neighbor hauled tons of trash out of his acreage as well.  Our friends down the street took truckloads of trash to the dump.  All of it left by people with less sense than a stray dog.

Fast forward to now, and I'm in Mississippi.  The dog goes and does his business out in the woods near our house.  I go to clean it up.  And what do I spy?  Trash and rubbish.

So the Mrs. and I go forth with trashbags in hand.  We found pull-tab beer cans from the 70's, unopened bottles of Bud Light, oil filters, house-plant containers, soda bottles from the 1990's, and bunches of other crap.  All of it now bagged up in my trailer waiting to go to the dump.

What kind of slack-jawed fuckstick trashes his own back yard?  And why am I the one that always cleans it up?  This isn't some house out in the middle of nowhere - we've got houses pretty much everywhere, even though it's a rural setting.  What the hell, man?

Sunday, December 17, 2017

I have disturbed friends

They send me stuff like this.

I have no words.....

Perve-nado exposes yet another Leftist

Pissy Chrissy Matthews, aka "The Tingler", likes to harass women.

An MSNBC spokesman confirmed Saturday the company made a separation-related payment to one of Chris Matthews employees after the woman complained about sexual harassment. 
Two sources familiar with the situation told The Daily Caller that Matthews paid $40,000 to settle with an assistant producer on his show, “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” in 1999 after she accused him of harassment. An MSNBC spokesperson contested that claim to the Caller, saying the company instead paid significantly less as part of a severance package.

Well, I know who I believe....