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Monday, December 18, 2017

Even dogs don't mess their den

One of the things that irritated me about my prior rental was that in the area where I lived, it seemed that all the prior residents had just thrown their trash out back.  The Mrs. and I picked up tons of trash; I lost count of the bags we took to the dump, and all of it was junk and rubbish from residents years gone by, that we had picked up out of our back acreage.  We weren't the only ones.  My immediate neighbor hauled tons of trash out of his acreage as well.  Our friends down the street took truckloads of trash to the dump.  All of it left by people with less sense than a stray dog.

Fast forward to now, and I'm in Mississippi.  The dog goes and does his business out in the woods near our house.  I go to clean it up.  And what do I spy?  Trash and rubbish.

So the Mrs. and I go forth with trashbags in hand.  We found pull-tab beer cans from the 70's, unopened bottles of Bud Light, oil filters, house-plant containers, soda bottles from the 1990's, and bunches of other crap.  All of it now bagged up in my trailer waiting to go to the dump.

What kind of slack-jawed fuckstick trashes his own back yard?  And why am I the one that always cleans it up?  This isn't some house out in the middle of nowhere - we've got houses pretty much everywhere, even though it's a rural setting.  What the hell, man?

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scottW said...

yes, that is the mentality around here. Grew up around it, hated it, but then again almost everywhere I have lived has some of the same rednecks, except for one place..that was Idaho...