Saturday, August 24, 2013

Went to the mall today

That's where my shoe store is.  The Ragin' Mrs. and I needed new exercise shoes (I've been running the hell out of my shoes lately), so we wandered on down to the running store and got ourselves what we needed.  That was pretty uneventful.

However, walking around the mall, I have never seen such a plethora of women with bodies to die for, and faces that would kill a hard-on in three seconds flat.  I saw ONE girl there that I would have chased in my younger years.  Even the young ones had faces that screamed "Expensive, high maintenence bitch", and they weren't all that great to start with.  Most of them had on warpaint-style foundation that looked to be applied with a cement trowel.  Not just no but hell no.

I'm so glad I married the woman I did.

Friday, August 23, 2013

To add to yesterday's post

A few things struck me about how many ways the photographer's rights (the one I mentioned in yesterday's post) are being violated:

1st Amendment: right to religious freedom, right to freely associate, and the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances (unelected bureaucrats making the law say what it clearly does not, with no chance of appeal except to the Federal unelected bureaucrats).

13th Amendment: barring "involuntary servitude" (being forced to work for someone against your will, whether paid or not).

14th Amendment: guaranteeing Equal Treatment under the Laws (show of hands for those who think that the judge would similarly force the lesbian couple to pay for and erect a sign in their front yard condemning homosexuality).

Look, tolerance isn't a one-way ratchet. It has to work both ways. This photographer was not actively campaigning to prevent the lesbian couple from going through their ceremony, she was just choosing not to profit from endorsing it. "Live and let live", right?

Except that isn't good enough for the anti-American Americans out there who want to shatter the very society that has given them the rights they only recognize as clubs, useful only to batter unwilling people into compliance with their whims.

They claim to have the right to get married (even though the State they reside in doesn't recognize such marriages as valid or legal)? Fine. The rest of us have the right to not attend, and not to provide any material support in the furtherance of their goals. And as long as none of us violate any laws, we even have the right to protest against the ceremony, should we choose.

But to force someone to do something that violates their personal beliefs violates the compact between Citizen and State. This must not stand. This cannot stand.

This shall not stand.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

First they came for Freedom of Speech

and I said nothing, because I would have gotten thrown in jail.

Then they came for Freedom of Religion, and I say "Fuck this." If this is allowed to stand, then the First Amendment is shattered, because there is absolutely NO overriding State interest in whether a lesbian couple uses a particular photographer, when many other options are available.

ESPECIALLY over that photographer's specific religious beliefs and any citizen's right to refuse service.

Now, if there was a photographic franchise that the photographer works for, and the company's policy went one way while the camera-snapper's beliefs went another, the only option for the one focusing the camera is to find another job, but for ANYONE working for themselves as an Independent Contractor, they have the ultimate authority to say "No, thanks, I'd rather not work for you" for any reason at all, knowing that they might end up losing business from others with similar requests in the future.

I'm betting that this Christian photographer is willing to sacrifice the ultra-microscopic slice of the pie they might lose for refusing what is probably the only lesbian wedding in the State that year (since same-sex marriage is illegal in New Mexico), because the alternative is to violate closely-held beliefs that are specifically guaranteed in the Constitution. And in New Mexico's Constitution, too.

Freedom of Religion
Every man shall be free to worship God according to the dictates of his own conscience, and no person shall ever be molested or denied any civil or political right or privilege on account of his religious opinion or mode of religious worship. No person shall be required to attend any place of worship or support any religious sect or denomination; nor shall any preference be given by law to any religious denomination or mode of worship.

When the Government forgets the First Amendment, it is time for the People to remember the Second.

Instead of male or female

how about we use a gender-neutral pronoun to express my thoughts to this story?

Fuck You, You Traitor.

As Stan Lee says, 'Nuff Said.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fast food workers call for their replacements

Well, not in so many words....

Emboldened by an outpouring of support on social media, low-wage fast-food and retail workers from eight cities who have staged walkouts this year are calling for a national day of strikes Aug. 29.

The workers — who are backed by local community groups and national unions and have held one-day walkouts in cities such as New York, St. Louis and Detroit — say they have received pledges of support from workers in dozens of cities across the country.

Hey there, Skippy:  You know how much effort it takes to do your job?  Just a little above none.  You know how much training and education it takes to do your job?  Again, just a little above none.  As long as someone can understand English (which in California is getting more rare) or can read (again, more rare in the big cities), then any slack-jawed dopehead fuckwit can make fries.  Any knuckle-dragging asswipe can flip burgers. 

The workers are calling for a wage of $15 an hour and the right to form a union. Organizers of the walkout say cashiers, cooks and crew members at fast-food restaurants are paid a median wage of $8.94 an hour.
Which is more than a lot of them are worth, let me tell you.

Look, I've worked fast food jobs.  IN HIGH SCHOOL.  They take little training, little intelligence, and only a little motivation to do.  You don't get paid $15 an hour for a reason:  THE JOB IS NOT WORTH THAT MUCH!  Any fast food worker can be replaced by the next untrained idiot off the road.

"blahblah blah blah blahblahblah" said Terrance Wise, 34, a father of three who earns $9.30 an hour at Burger King in Kansas City, Mo., where he has worked for eight years.
 I'm sorry, I'm having a hard time accurately translating the socialist bullshit of an Obama voter regurgitating class-warfare agitprop.
He has a second job at Pizza Hut that pays him $7.47 an hour.
Oh, so he's already gotten raises at his Burger King job?  He's already getting paid over minimum wage for flipping burgers?  And he's COMPLAINING?

Willietta Dukes, 39, of Durham, N.C., a mother of two, said she plans to walk off her job at Burger King that day. She said she has little choice. After 15 years of working behind the counters, griddles and deep fryers of fast-food restaurants, she still earns a poverty-level wage. She said her highest salary has been $8.65 an hour, and she rarely is scheduled for a 40-hour week.

 FIFTEEN YEARS AT BURGER KING?  Yep, there's another proud Obama voter right there.  She probably believes that money grows on trees, and couldn't figure out how much it would cost the company each year to give her a 25 cent, 50 cent or one dollar raise.

After I graduated high school, I worked a minimum wage job for about a year.  And then?

I figured out that if I wanted to get paid, I'd better learn some skills.  And I learned some skills at the job I was working at the time.  And I got promoted.  And I stopped making minimum wage.

And then I joined the Army.  Other people go to school.  Some to go college, some go to vocational school.  Some people join apprenticeship programs, be they formal or informal.  But I guarantee you, the people making a living wage today NEVER ONCE IN THEIR LIFE ever said "Gee, I think I'll work at this Burger King for fifteen years!  What a great way to raise a family!"

 Let me finish by quoting Larry Corriea again.
If you are stuck in a minimum wage job for ten years, the problem is you. If you are trying to support a family for any extended period of time on a minimum wage job, the problem is you. If you don't think the problem is you, the problem is you. If you dont' have the skills to get promoted or hired somewhere else, the problem is you. If there aren't any jobs in you area, friggin' move, but I'm betting the problem is still you.
 Stay off drugs.  Finish school.  Don't have kids until you're married.  And you'll have good odds that you won't be flipping burgers for 15 years. 

I can't believe that even needs to be said in this country.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Burn it down. Salt the earth where it stood.

Anyone who has been paying attention to the news knows that people are dying in the streets in Egypt. Dave mentioned it earlier. And they have started parading Coptic Christian nuns through the streets as "prisoners of war". Their term, not mine.

"Prisoners of war". If they are invoking the terms of the Geneva Conventions by using that phrase, they are alleging that their captured enemy had been identified solely because of a device or insignia worn or attached to their clothing and distinguishable from a distance. Link.

However, that ignores the other requirements that they be: 1) commanded by a person responsible for their behavior; 2) carrying arms openly; and, 3) conducting their own operations in accordance with the laws of war.

Problem is that the ones doing the parading are ignoring the obvious. Link 2. "Members of the medical personnel and chaplains while retained by the Detaining Power with a view to assisting prisoners of war, shall not be considered as prisoners of war."

Given their treatment of non-Muslims captured in the past, I expect these nuns will not make it until the end of the week with their heads still attached, never mind the probability of rape and other desecrations.

But here in the US, the main news involving our nation's chief executive is not how he is manfully standing up to these sub-barbaric monsters, but that Obama got a new PUPPY!!!!!  SQUEEE!

Is it any more possible for me to hold this once-great nation in such disdain? The nation I put my life on the line for?


Burn it down. Salt the earth where it once stood. Try again from scratch. (Omaha would make a good capitol. Or Pueblo, CO.)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Egypt Mess

And I call it a mess because the sheer incompetence and idiocy on display by Obama the witless douchenozzle and his crony, John F'in Kerry, have turned it into an even bigger goat-screw than it would have been if they had just left things alone.

Rivrdog gives a nice summation of the whole situation over at his blog.  But the point I want to impress on people is this:

Egypt's Islamists are targeting Christian churches and businesses as the country increased security at the Supreme Constitutional Court in Cairo ahead of planned mass protests by Morsi supporters.

Since security forces cleared two sit-in camps filled with supporters of former President Mohammed Morsi on Wednesday, Islamists have attacked dozens of Coptic churches, along with homes and businesses owned by the Christian minority. The campaign of intimidation appears to be a warning to Christians outside Cairo to stand down from political activism.

The military in Egypt is bearing down on the terrorist organization known as the Muslim Brotherhood, and in response, the terrorists are bearing down on..... 


So guys who are getting chased by tanks are in turn chasing down Copts and other Christians, burning churches, and doing their best to slaughter them wholesale.  And our government is up in arms because of what the Egyptian military is doing?

If this doesn't reinforce just how anti-christian Obama the Nazi is, nothing will.  And I think it's a perfect highlight of Obama the Nazi's foreign policy:  kick out the guy who was there, support a terrorist organization, and then blast the adults in the room for actually protecting the country from the terrorist organization that Obama the Nazi supported.  This is why Egyptians are dancing in the streets calling Obama a fascist (which he is) and a terrorist supporter (which he is).  In fact, the average Egyptian citizen has a better understanding of the Black Jesus than the Media in this country does, which to be honest shouldn't be too hard, given the comparatively low intelligence of the average media person in America.

To the people of Egypt:  I'm sorry that this President is such a witless fuckhead.  I'm sorry that this President is such a spineless douchenozzle.  I'm sorry that this President is such an incompetent fucking idiot.  I did not vote for him.  I have never voted for him.  And despite what the Leftist idiots of America might try to claim, he is not my President. When it comes to Obama the Nazi, I consider myself a sede-vacantist; I don't believe that the person occupying the seat is truly the President, and I don't consider anything coming from the pResident to be valid.

Besides - given what a total and completely incompetent idiot Obama is, and his complete and total lack of anything close to leadership ability, the seat may as well be vacant.  It would be better for us if it were; there'd be less damage to deal with.