Saturday, July 01, 2017

Here are the actual numbers

Seattle's minimum wage BS has been a disaster, and the numbers back that up.  The number of hours worked fell.  Total salary fell.  Number of actual jobs?  Fell.

Forcing people who pay an arbitrary wage based on socialist pipedreams is a disaster.  Always has been, always will be.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Years of having their hysterical warnings proven false, "scientists" issue more warnings

Remember, according to "scientists", we should all be under water right now.  So keep that in mind when you read this bullshit.  (warning:  autoplay ad at the site)

The world has three years to start making significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions or face the prospect of dangerous global warmingexperts have warned in an article in the prestigious journal Nature. 

Calling for world leaders to be guided by the scientific evidence rather than “hide their heads in the sand”, they said “entire ecosystems” were already beginning to collapse, summer sea ice was disappearing in the Arctic and coral reefs were dying from the heat.
"Scientific Evidence".  Let me remind you that we are nowhere near the highs of the Medieval Warm Period, nor are we anywhere close to the lows of the Little Ice Age.  Al Gore, aka Pope Prius the First of the High Church of Global Warming, is still flying around on a private jet burning more fossil fuels in one month than I use in a year.  Leo DeCraprio is still flying his pals around the world in private jets to show them movies about global warming at a beach-front resort.  All the people telling us this is a crisis are acting in the complete opposite fashion.

This is on top of the fact that we KNOW the data has been manipulated.  The computer models they used were skewed in order to produce the results they wanted.  NONE of their predictions have come true,   And EVERY SINGLE MODEL showing catastrophe was destroyed by the simple fact that we haven't had a single bit of global warming for the past 17 years.  They call it "The Pause".  And if their models were correct, The Pause would not have happened.

So the only way this dire prediction would be useful is if you printed it out and used it as toilet paper.

I love Project Veritas

I really do...

Get in their faces.  Punch back twice as hard.  That was the advice from some former president, right?

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Kind of in my backyard

Up North, anyway.  In that nebulous land they call "NoVa".  Which is completely ironic when you consider the story.

In the aftermath of the brutal beating and death of a teenage Muslim girl in Virginia, liberal activists and some civil rights organizations rushed to frame the killing as a hate crime. 
Already teetering, the narrative collapsed completely Tuesday, when new details about Torres’ background emerged in media reports. As it turns out, Torres allegedly killed Hassanen not because he didn’t “accept” Muslim Americans, but because he is a suspected gang member with a history of violence toward women. 
A week before Torres was arrested for the murder, he allegedly beat and sexually assaulted a Loudoun County woman, according to a Child Protective Services report shared with the Washington Post. The woman told emergency room staff that a man punched and kicked her in the presence of a child, and that the assailant, whom she declined to identify by name, was a member of the violent MS-13 street gang. 
Authorities were able to identify Torres as the attacker in that incident, following his arrest for Hassanen’s murder. As the WaPo article noted, the CPS report confirms that Torres has previously committed violent acts “unrelated to a hate crime motivation.”

So to whit - a violent illegal alien hispanic criminal gang-member thug who should have never been in this country to begin with beats a woman to death, and the Left is still trying to somehow make it Whitey's fault.

Jerry Pournelle savages the GOP

And does it without a single explicative, which is why he makes a lot of money writing and I don't.  Well, that and the flaming fuckloads of talent.

The Senate is busily proving that Republicans can’t rule; they’re not even a Party. They’re a collection of losers whose jobs were safer when they were in the opposition and they could blame national misrule on someone else. They could say “We don’t control the House”. When they got that, they could say “We don’t have a majority in the Senate.” When that resulted in nothing much about slowing the train to national disaster, they could say “We don’t have the President.” When they nominated and elected a President, they could say “We don’t have enough of the Senate.” Clearly that is fudge, because the rumor is they can’t even muster a majority vote to obliterate Obamacare, a provable national disaster.  
What more do they want? But we have had this problem since Lyndon Johnson and even before. Country club Republicans were satisfied to be the loyal opposition. The Democrats slyly gave them perks for being a permanent minority, and many took the bait. The only thing likely to keep these “we can’t quite do it” scoundrels in office is the – admittedly terrifying prospect – of Nanny Pelosi returning as Speaker; they’re willing to do without most of the perks of a “majority party” – which they are not – for permanent jobs on Capitol Hill.

There's more than just him excoriating the GOP.  Read the whole thing.

So here we have it: the Democrats hold fewer national and state offices than ever before, but they continue to rule. And bringing them back will make things far worse; and a bloc of country club Republicans really want to become “loyal opposition with benefits” and be rid of the burden of ruling. And a business oriented unsophisticated but very rich President can’t even get confirmation of his own team with a House and Senate majority.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

What is it with Clair McCaskill and the Russians?

Rule #3 - SJW's always project.

In case you forgot, Clair McCaskill is one of the poo-flinging howler monkeys demanding Trump's head on a platter because of RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA, who also swore up and down that she never ever ever ever ever ever ever EVAR would meet with anyone from Russia.

Uh huh.

The only real question now is how deep McCaskill's corruption goes.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I like blacksmithing

It's something I can geek out on.  So I might just start posting random videos from these guys.

I'm currently drinking...

A coffee stout from Three Notch'd Brewing Company in Charlottesville, VA.

Virginia has some damn good micro breweries.  There's some other Dave in Virginia who was blogging about that long before me....

The Mrs. is making zucchini bread.  I might end up exploding tonight like Mr. Creosote.

Raising the minimum wage makes people poorer

Yep.  And there's no way the Leftists can hide it now that they've enforced it in multiple cities.

If you make it more expensive to hire and employ people, less people will be hired and employed.  The moment it's cheaper for a restaurant to buy a robot to do a person's job, they'll buy the robot.  Because in the end, if it's too expensive to have employees, you'll either completely automate or go out of business.

But most Leftists are so removed from economic reality that they cannot grasp this basic, fundamental fact.  But their Marxist professors in college said that raising the minimum wage is magic!  It makes jobs!  Out of thin air and unicorn farts!

The people who actually understand business, especially small businesses, knew that jacking up the minimum wage would be an economic disaster, especially for low-skilled labor.  But hey, now that people are losing their jobs and making less, the Left and once again turn and point and shriek about how evil those OTHER people are.

Project Veritas!

Project Veritas just laid out CNN's dick on a wooden table....  and chopped it off.

Chopped it all the way off, flushed it down a toilet and fed it to a shark.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Firefly dancing

One of my projects has been to clear out an area under the bigger trees in my property, so that we can use more than just a sliver of the property.  We've got an acre and a half out here, but we use maybe one-eighth of an acre just because all the rest is overgrown.  Step one was to take out a bunch of the small, damaged trees that are growing up under the canopy.  Then I cleared out as many of the branches, rocks and what have you that I could find.  Then I mowed the underbrush into mulch.

We now have one small area under the trees that's perfect for a table and chairs in the heat of the day. There will be more to come, but I'm not going to transform this place into a wonderland simply because it's a rental, and I'm not getting paid for this.  I just want to have some portion of the land usable.

The fireflies have discovered the open spaces, and they're currently using it for their mating dance.  Quite a nice light show.  Between the fireflies and the other wilderness out here, I can see why so many ghost stories sprang up.  Twinkling lights and raccoons crashing through the underbrush must have made quite a few imaginations go crazy.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Saw this at the Crip's place

Had to share it.

Just beautiful.  The control displayed at about 3:02 onward just made my jaw drop.