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Friday, June 30, 2017

Years of having their hysterical warnings proven false, "scientists" issue more warnings

Remember, according to "scientists", we should all be under water right now.  So keep that in mind when you read this bullshit.  (warning:  autoplay ad at the site)

The world has three years to start making significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions or face the prospect of dangerous global warmingexperts have warned in an article in the prestigious journal Nature. 

Calling for world leaders to be guided by the scientific evidence rather than “hide their heads in the sand”, they said “entire ecosystems” were already beginning to collapse, summer sea ice was disappearing in the Arctic and coral reefs were dying from the heat.
"Scientific Evidence".  Let me remind you that we are nowhere near the highs of the Medieval Warm Period, nor are we anywhere close to the lows of the Little Ice Age.  Al Gore, aka Pope Prius the First of the High Church of Global Warming, is still flying around on a private jet burning more fossil fuels in one month than I use in a year.  Leo DeCraprio is still flying his pals around the world in private jets to show them movies about global warming at a beach-front resort.  All the people telling us this is a crisis are acting in the complete opposite fashion.

This is on top of the fact that we KNOW the data has been manipulated.  The computer models they used were skewed in order to produce the results they wanted.  NONE of their predictions have come true,   And EVERY SINGLE MODEL showing catastrophe was destroyed by the simple fact that we haven't had a single bit of global warming for the past 17 years.  They call it "The Pause".  And if their models were correct, The Pause would not have happened.

So the only way this dire prediction would be useful is if you printed it out and used it as toilet paper.


Rivrdog said...

As always with the Left: first lie fails to convince, tell it again and again until it does...

Deserttrek said...

learned many years ago in my, now retired, industry and in all endeavors, an expert is just some a-hole who doesn't have a real job. they are a dime a dozen
the smart guys and gals never had to show off and always took something new back with them. its a learning process from start to end