Saturday, April 16, 2022

Here's two from 90 Miles



Can you remember any time, anywhere, when young athletes were being hit with cardiac problems and blood clots left and right?

I can't.

There's only one common thread, and people are refusing to see it or admit it.  In part, I think it's because they're scared.  A lot of the so-called "intelligent" people pushed for the jab, got the jab themselves, and if they were to admit that the jab is a toxin that destroys your body and immune system they'd have to start to face the reality that not only are they fucked, but they fucked other people with the jab.

They can't do that.  Their little brains would explode.  So they ignore it.  They hope it will go away.  

Bad news never gets better with time.


 I don't know what I've done, but I woke up with my trapezius muscles locked up tighter than a drum, which is causing a screaming headache.

Got some liniment on it now.  We'll see what happens.

One more small step

 The "Commission on Presidential Debates" can go fuck itself with a rusty pair of garden shears.

Years of presidential debates tainted by left-wing biases have finally prompted the Republican National Committee to take action. On Thursday, the RNC voted unanimously to withdraw from the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), the organization that hosts the general election presidential debates every four years.

Watching Democrats help fellow Democrats and attack the Republicans on the debate stage every four years does nothing but reinforce the knowledge that the media is a propaganda outlet for the DNC and nothing more.  I'm glad the RNC finally, FUCKING FINALLY told them to pound sand.

Friday, April 15, 2022

Yes, Publik Skoolz are grooming grounds

 And they have been for decades.

The most comprehensive report about sexual abuse in public schools, published by the Department of Education in 2004, estimates — on the basis of a 2000 survey, conducted by the American Association of University Women, of 2,065 students in grades eight through 11 — that nearly 10 percent of K–12 students have been victims of sexual misconduct by a public school employee. Assuming that figure is accurate, this would translate into an approximately 4.5 million children nationwide suffering sexual misconduct by public school employees, with an estimated 3 million suffering physical sexual abuse — a number, according to the author of the study, Hofstra University professor Charol Shakeshaft, more than 100 times greater than the physical abuse committed by Catholic priests, who, at the time the report was published, were undergoing a reckoning for the crimes within their ranks.

That was in 2000, more than TWO DECADES ago.  Do you think it's gotten any better?  Ever wonder why kids today seem so screwed up?  Because we as a society have put them into a meat grinder of Marxist indoctrination and sexual abuse.

The publik skool sistim needs to die.  In a fire.  And quite frankly, most of the so-called teachers need to be tossed on the pyre.  

Thursday, April 14, 2022



This ain't no shit right here.


We got three inches of snow on Tuesday.  Today it's going to be in the 50's.  Gonna be warm this weekend.

Go home, Winter.  You're drunk.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

It hurts because it's true...


I've had friends who admitted they were gay/bi because they were essentially raped as a kid.  They don't admit that shit in public though, which is kind of a problem for me.

If anyone around you is stupid enough to mumble the words "Putin Price Hike"

 Slap them.  Hard.

This is Biden and his puppet masters wrecking the economy the way they've always wanted to do.

Kids, Sex, and Public School

 Burn it with fire.  Burn it to ash.  And then pour gasoline on the ashes and burn it again.

School battles (particularly those involving elementary- and middle-school students) have been fought in recent years over issues such as bathroom and locker room policies, pronoun use, same-sex marriage, pedophilia, transgender ideology, LGBTQ+ clubs, pornographic books, boys in girls’ sports, grooming, and many other related topics. Judging by the newspaper headlines I see virtually every day on these and related topics, it would be a reasonable assumption to think that Critical Gender Theory and the LGBTQ+ agenda are just about the only things being taught in America’s schools. That is not entirely true, but, as we shall see, it’s not that far from the truth.

The battlefront comes down to two core questions: first, who shall determine the sexual mores taught to America’s young children—parents or government teachers, and, second, what sex- and gender-related values should be taught to children in America’s government schools?

The entire publik skool sistim needs to be burned to the ground.  The Federal Department of Education needs to be nuked.  And the pedos, creepers and perverts pushing this crap on our kids need to be thrown in a deep hole and left to rot.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Things I never expected to write

 The jabs can cause ulcers on a girl's genitals.  No, seriously.

Each of the girls received the first dose of the vaccine without complications. But all three, within the second day after they got the second dose, started experiencing pain in the genitals. All three children were brought to Mercy Children’s Hospital between June to September 2021 and were diagnosed with vulvar aphthous lesions.

Also known as Lipschutz ulcers, this condition is a very rare, non-sexually acquired condition that even the smartest gynecologists in the world know very little about. Its main symptom is large deep ulcers forming in female genitals. It also causes pain, malaise and fever.

I have nothing to add to that.  Really.  I don't know what to say at this point.

Are the Jesuits even Catholic? I say no.

 And one of the few bishops I would trust to tell me the truth seems to admit it.

Archbishop Viganò: If we were to limit ourselves to “hypothesizing” this correlation, we would show at least naivety and carelessness. The Society of Jesus, which was among the most important Orders in the Church, has been targeted by the action of the devil, who has corrupted its charism and has progressively diverted it well before Vatican II, and it is today the assault body, so to speak, with which the deep church demolishes what remains of the Catholic Church so as to replace it with an amorphous NGO that can act as a “container” of the Religion of Humanity desired by the Freemasons and the New World Order, consistent with the ideological foundations laid down by the Council.

Like every Jesuit, Bergoglio is first a Jesuit and then a Catholic. For this reason it is still forbidden for the Jesuits to ascend the ranks of the Hierarchy, which is why the Argentine had to ask the Pope for a dispensation to be consecrated Archbishop of Buenos Aires. If that dispensation had not been granted and instead the Rule of St. Ignatius had been respected, we would have been spared the disasters we have seen since 2013. It is evident that the Jesuits have played a prominent role not only in carrying out the conciliar revolution, but also in maneuvering to bring one of their own to the Throne of Peter. 

There's plenty other information there relating to the anti-pope Jorge Bergoglio.  Were I pope for a day, the very first thing I would do is disband the Jesuits and excommunicate them all en masse.  If there is one order of so-called priests who are actively and deliberately trying to destroy the church, it's the Jesuits.   

BuT tHe VaX wIlL sAvE yOu! part wtf

 Every single shitwit at the recent Democrat/Media circlejerk who caught the Kung Flu was "vaccinated".  

The elites of journalism and politics — 630 of them! — gathered just over a week ago for the 137th annual Gridiron Club and Foundation dinner. The New York Times describes the fête as “an annual white-tie roast between journalists and presidential administrations.” The dinner was held at the Renaissance Washington Hotel.

But all was not champagne and caviar — as of this writing, 73 of the glitterati who attended the bash have tested positive for the dread disease, COVID-19.

The not-vax doesn't stop infection and it doesn't stop transmission.  What it does is cause blood clots that will eventually do you in.  That's assuming that it hasn't weakened your immune system to the point where other infections get you first, or cancer that spread rapidly because your immune system is no longer producing the type of cells it uses to kill the cancer before it spreads.

Every single commie and Marxist who went to that circlejerk was "vaccinated".  And I put that word in quotes because it's not a vaccine.  It's a toxin that uses your own body to produce the damaging agents.  And it's still being pushed by the government, despite the fact that it doesn't work and that it's been shown to be harmful.

The people responsible for pushing this deserve to swing from a lamp post.

I just vomited in my mouth a little

 Burn it with fire.  Cleanse the entire area.  Then bomb it until there's no rubble to bounce.

In a TikTok video recently posted to Twitter, a teacher who identifies as a polyamorous and genderfluid "witch" bragged about teaching preschool-aged students about sexuality and gender identity.

And she looks just the way you think a mentally ill leftist should look.

This is the publik skool sistim, folks.  There's no saving it.  There's no redeeming it.  It can only be destroyed for the good of the children and civilization.

Monday, April 11, 2022

Fucking Bastards of Ignominy have their pee-pees whacked

 But not fucking hard enough for my liking.

The Justice Department and FBI have lots of explaining to do—so, too, does Andrew Birge. Hundreds of hours of secret recordings and thousands of texts fail to prove what Birge said in his initial press conference: there was no evidence to support his claim that the defendants wanted to “kidnap” Whitmer before Election Day. After all, if no kidnapping conspiracy or legitimate threat existed, no deadline existed, either.

The only people pushing to do something big before Election Day resided in the J. Edgar Hoover Building in Washington, D.C..

The FBI is nothing more than a DNC goon squad, and the people are starting to figure it out.  The fact that the goons couldn't get a single guilty verdict out of a jury in Michigan is a good sign for normal Americans who actually care about the law and the Constitution.  This is just your reminder that the FBI is the DNC's goon squad, they're NEVER up to any good, and they cannot be trusted.  Period.

The Fredo-Cons and cuckservatives are in an uproar, so it must be good for normal people

 Call 'em what they are.

Then the perv-progs try to neutralize the attack by distracting and getting you to engage on some peripheral issue. “The Qanon people are behind the child abuse conspiracy theory!” We’re supposed to respond “But we don’t like Q” and “This is not a conspiracy theory.” Except the smartest among us will not engage, except to mock. That’s why when they try this pivot, instead of observing that the last time anyone heard of Q gas was under $6 a gallon, hardcore cons just respond “OK, groomer.”

There's no good reason for any adult to talk to a kindergarten student about sex.  None.  Sorry, nope, ain't buying any excuses.  There's no good reason for a first-grade teacher to talk to their students about their sex lives, or who they have sex with, or why they should cut off their penis.  The fact that the Left is reacting to the Florida bill like a vampire reacts to sunlight is all you should need to know about what these perverts, pedos and groomers want to do with your kids.

And yes, by all means, call them groomers.  IT IS WHAT THEY ARE.  Accuracy matters, ya know.

BuT tHe VaX wIlL sAvE yOu! part whatever

 Nothing to see here, it's totally normal for world-class athletes to drop dead of cardiac issues.

“These are just two of more than 769 athletes who have collapsed during a game on the field over the last year. From March of 2021 to March of this year. The average age of the players suffering cardiac arrest is just 23-years-old.

23 year olds have heart attacks all the time!  Just like it's totally normal for pre-pubescent kids to have strokes!  And we've always been at war with Eastasia!  Yeah.

Or maybe that fucking jab should never have been stuck in people's arms.

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Jorge Bergoglio is not showing weakness

 He's destroying the Church from the inside.  It might look like weakness at times, but it's deliberate action.

Organizers canceled the crucifix from the papal podium because Pope Francis did not want to offend illegal Muslim migrants during the climax of his Malta trip.

Instead, recycled plastic bottles with red blobs were used to design the backdrop for the pope's address to migrants at the John XXIII Peace Lab in Ħal-Far on Saturday, a voluntary organization run by leftist Franciscan friar Fr. Dionysius Mintoff. 


[Artistic director Carlos] Schembri, who was commissioned to design the key backdrops for the papal visit to Malta, insisted he was being faithful to Francis' primary reason for visiting the island — to defend migrants and the ecology.

It's Palm Sunday.  I have another 12 hour day ahead of me.  I can't even muster up the energy to be outraged right now.  But Jorge Bergoglio, the anti-Pope, the Marxist heretic, is a very stupid man.  But this was not an act of stupidity, much like his other attacks against the church were not acts of stupidity.  They were acts of hatred.

Pray.  Do penance.  Oh, and buy more ammo.