Saturday, July 25, 2020

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Democrats, shooting Democrats, in a Democrat controlled city, with a Democrat mayor, and Democrat aldermen, and Democrat DA.

So in military parlance, it's Red on Red.  Leave it alone and just let it happen.

A funeral for a shooting victim killed last week on the streets of Chicago had dozens of mourners paying their last respects to the deceased. 
As the crowd was leaving the funeral home, a car sped by pouring automatic weapons fire into the mourners. Some of them returned fire. When the smoke cleared, at least 15 people lay on the ground calling for help.

Ladies and gents, this is what they have voted for.  This is what they want.  This is how they have chosen to live, and this is what is going to happen in Democrat controlled cities all over the country.

And there's really not a damn thing that you or I can do about it. 

Well, Google does what China wants it to do, so why do you think it cares about actual freedom?

Google is blacklisting conservative websites.

Well, here we are today. Nine out of ten people on the planet who use Internet search use Google — and today, these people can’t find this blog or other conservative blogs and websites using Google. This is a foreshadowing of the cancelling to come. If you are on the Left, but take a position contrary to the kind of techno-progressivism and globalism favored by Google and others in Silicon Valley, you’re going to be next. We on the Right — especially religious people — have to prepare ourselves for life as dissidents under soft totalitarianism.

SOFT totalitarianism?  Only at first, Rod.  And it'll get real hard real quick.  That's what the Left does.

Stole this from Insty

They don't want to go to work?  That's fine.  This isn't the USSR (yet), and if they don't want to work they shouldn't be forced to work. 

But then they shouldn't get paid, either.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

And now Major League Baseball can go fuck itself

Fuck you, you pampered, overpaid group of bitches, pussies and other various assorted fucking shitstains.

With all the talk of athletics going political, one might think the league itself would stay out of the hubbub. 
But MLB jumped in and told people what it’s all about:

If there's one thing the panic pandemic has shown people, it's that they don't need sports to live.  I haven't been bothered with a lack of sports, and I really don't give a shit if it never comes back.  So if MLB wants to fly it's Proggie flag, they can go ahead.  Fuck the MLB.  I quit watching the Thugball league years ago.  I quit watching the NFL in 2017, and I haven't missed it.  I'll drop baseball like a bad habit, and I won't be back.

Fuck MLB, and fuck every little spoiled cunt who kneels during the anthem.

If you had told me last year

That I would be spending $360 for a thousand rounds of steel-cased 9mm ammo, I would have called you nuts.


The Mrs. looks at the bare shelves and is essentially screaming at me to order whatever bulk ammo I can find online.  Which, at this current junction, is Russian steel-cased stuff.  We have an old mil-surp ammo box from the 80's.  It held 7.62 rounds, and it'll hold about four to five thousand rounds of 9mm.  It ain't full yet.  The Mrs. wants it full.  It will get filled.

And then we'll be stacking it where ever we can find space. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Mario Cuomo is an arrogant moron who killed thousands of people with his executive order

The Kung Flu isn't as bad as people are screaming.  Not even close.

The media has praised Cuomo to the high heavens. He made the most disastrous single decision of any politician in the 21st century when it comes to loss of life when he sent all of his patients back to nursing homes. 
It is an indefensible decision that is now being exposed after comparing the death rate between the states. 
It’s not just in the United States either.  New York and New Jersey have double the death of any other country in the entire world. 
If New York had handled things like Texas and Florida did, it would basically be a flu outbreak.

Sorry about the weird quote margins.  Blogger is being stupid.  Go read.

Monday, July 20, 2020

This is how the shooting war will start

Gutless pathetic fucking Democrat shitbags refuse to enforce the law and allow the Pantifa shitbags to assault people with weapons.

Come at my wife with a weapon, I'm dropping you.  I will put a bullet in your fucking brain and walk away smiling.

Come at any of my family with a weapon and I will end your life.  Come at me with a weapon, and I will take it from you and use it to slam your teeth down your throat.  If there are more of you than I can handle with my fists?  I will simply kill all of you.  I will drop you like the feral animals you are, and once again, I will sleep perfectly well at night.

I don't care what pathetic fucking excuse the Democrat party has.  Allowing Pantifa to assault and beat peaceful protesters while the police stand right next to the action and do nothing?  That's how a motherfucking communist get shot.  And once the shooting starts, it won't stop for a while.  Once that switch gets flipped, it's on.

Well, actually..... yeah.

Image may contain: 1 person, meme and beard, text that says 'KILLED FEWER NEW YORKERS THAN ANDREW CUOMO'

I'm tired of the media giving Nipples Cuomo a tongue bath every night on TV when that fucking bastard is directly responsible for the massive amount of deaths in NY nursing homes.  The entire Cuomo family is nothing but a bunch of two-bit moronic thugs, and if they didn't have a mob-boss for a daddy they'd be shilling crack in back alleys and shaking down businesses in Brooklyn rather than being Governor or CNN host.

It was a beautiful day for a ride

And we weren't the only ones that thought so.

We pulled in to a gas station in Heber to stretch our legs and get something to drink.  About thirty seconds after we parked our bikes, a huge group of sport bikes pulled in for the same reason.  Here we are all parked at the curb.  My bike is the one on the far right. 

It was an almost-perfect day for riding.  We got hit with a crosswind on the way back, but it was manageable.  I got a little sunburnt despite the sunscreen.  But the day was wonderful, the Mrs loved the ride, and being on the road with friends beats doing just about anything else.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Dr. Fauci is a hack and a political animal. Not a medical practitioner.

He's been wrong far, far more than he's been right.

This is the same guy who told the country not to wear masks, but then later said we should all wear masks.  This is the guy who in February was saying the Kung Flu was no big deal, and in March was saying we were all gonna die.  This is the guy who would destroy the economy in order to "save" a country. 

At this point, almost ever action he's taken needs to be looked at as a political action against Trump.  Because even if that's not true, and he actually thinks he was doing the right thing, how could you tell the difference?