Saturday, September 05, 2015

Light jog

Was able to go on a run this morning.  Nothing too heavy, but after the past few days of having crud in my chest, the ability to go for a run is a joyful thing for me.  The dogs were ecstatic.

The solution? Just walk away

Take a gander at these muslim "migrants" throwing away food and water that people are trying to give them.

I want you to think about the diseased, perverted mind that would take a gift, a life-sustaining gift, and throw it away.

You know what you do with those people?  You let them stay on the train.  And you walk away.

Just walk away.  That's it.  You cannot help these people.  You can go home and pray for them, but other than that, there's nothing else you can do.

Let them sit there, with no food and no water.  It would be a darn shame for all those young, military-aged men to not be able to invade whatever country is offering them hope.

Friday, September 04, 2015

Still got some crud in my chest

I'm better, I have a bit more energy, but I'm not healthy.  This is getting annoying.

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Recognizing that guy

You know, you're browsing the interwebz, checking out posts, and you come across a photo of someone you've dealt with before, and you're all "What?  What did he do now?"

Defending pedophilia, that's what.

Phil Sandifer is one of the lead CHORFs:  Cliquish, Holier-Than-Thou, Obnoxious, Reactionary Fanatics.  They're the people who burned down the Hugo Awards rather than let a wrongfan win one of them.  He's one of the people re-writing the rules to make sure that wrongfans never get heard again.

He's also a proud progressive Marxist.  Who defends a pedo.  Go figure.

Seriously, I'm wondering just how screwed up a guy can get, and Sandifer keeps digging deeper and deeper into crazy-land.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015


Woke up this morning tired, sore, and feeling like crap.  We'll see how I do through the day.  Coffee seemed to help.

On a side note, if you're tired of watching the Left win in the culture wars, to buy SJWs Always Lie and learn how to fight back.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

A tale of two post headlines

Option A:  Mentally Ill Lesbian hates "totally useless" fathers

Option B:  How Nature Says Do Not Touch.

You can find the link at that hyperlink I posted.  The bottom line is that you should never, ever EVER try to procreate with a feminist.  You're male, and feminists hate males, period.

Yet another mangina opens their pie-hole and spews....

Well, I'll let you figure out what a mangina spews out.  This ought to help you with your deliberations.


Hello, douche-bag idiots?  It's a BASEBALL GAME!  Things fly at a game!  Tiny, leather-wrapped balls fly at 90+ towards someone holding a piece of hardwood who tries to hit that ball.  Physics being what they are, at some point, one thing or another is going to fly into the stands.

If you don't want to take the risk of being hit by one of those flying objects, then DO NOT PURCHASE THE MOST EXPENSIVE SEATS IN THE STADIUM!  YOU WORTHLESS, JOY-DESTROYING MORONS!

"Oh, but someone fell from some high place and now all high places must be banned or covered in padding!"

No, this is called evolution.  The strong survive.  The "strong", in this case, being the people who did NOT lean over a railing that protects them from falling multiple stories to their death.

Call me heartless if you wish.  But if you die or get injured at a baseball game you didn't deserve to be there in the first place.  Plain and simple.  The chances of you dying at a baseball game are probably lower than the chances of you being raped by a shark while getting struck by lightning.  Stop demanding that everyone else be inconvenienced just because you're too stupid to breath without constant instruction.

Now see, this right here

Is what makes me not spend money on some folk's books.

George Rape Rape Martin can kiss my ass.  And all the people who schmooze with him?  Well, they can kiss my ass as well.

I don't give money to my enemies.

Monday, August 31, 2015

How Donald Trump is beating the GOP like a drum

He's using illegal immigration, the one topic that the GOP is running away from like their lives depended on it.  Which is one of the stupidest things they've done recently.  And that's saying something, given how stupid the GOP acts on a regular basis.

Victor Davis Hanson lays out how illegal aliens have finally turned off the American Public.  Living in LA county, I'm kind of in the thick of illegal aliens, although there's enough infrastructure here that the strain of millions of illegal criminals gets spread out.  In the more rural areas of California the strain is higher.

Nationally, I think this is gaining steam because illegal aliens from Mexico are now all over the USA, not just confined to the border states.  When I lived in Wisconsin there was a meat-packing plant that was shut down because they were using illegals.  I remember lots of local folks being rather upset about that - those were good paying jobs, but they were getting undercut by illegal aliens who had snuck up from Mexico.  Or they'd been snuck up by people who wanted to pay half the wages they normally paid.  I lived in a small town; you could pick out the illegal alien houses by the amount of trash in the yard and by the dis-repair the houses fell into.

Houses in Wisconsin die if you don't do upkeep every year.  Apparently this was not a lesson anyone had taught them.

I think the biggest problem people have with illegal aliens is the fact that we're told if we don't accept them, that somehow we're the bad guys.  We have to accept the fact that they broke the law.  We have to accept the fact that they bring their culture here and demand that we adjust to their way of life, when they're the ones breaking the law to be here.

What laws do I get to break?  Can I pick and choose, or is there a set list of laws that anyone can just break without consequence?  Ah, there's the catch, see......  I have white-ish skin and I speak English, so I don't get to break any laws.  Only other people get to break the law so that they can have free medical care and free housing and all the other benefits that they give the poor widdle illegals.

One standard for me, and one standard for them.  THAT is what people are sick of.  We're sick of law-abiding citizens being told that we're racists for wanting people to follow the law.

Donald Trump got that.  He's using that.  And when the topic came up, the GOP did what they do best; they ran away, hid under the bed, sucked their thumb and cried.  Trump did the opposite.  He came out swinging, he didn't apologize, and he punched back.

Folks, when he threw that loud-mouthed asshole Jorge Ramos out of his press conference, he probably gained ten points of support.  Do you think the GOP learned any lessons from that?  Nope.  No they did not.

I hear Jeb has lost three of his campaign guys.  He was supposed to be coronated at the GOP convention, now he's just an also-ran to Trump.  Nothing gives me greater joy than to see the Donor Class get their ass handed to them by someone they hate.  And they do hate Trump right about now.  The GOP went and did their best to rig the game so Jeb would win the nomination, and now he might not even come in THIRD.  He wouldn't have had a chance nationally, BTW.  He may have won Florida, but if he managed to secure the nomination he was going to lose to anyone the Democrats put up.  He would lose because A) The GOP base, or as it's rapidly becoming, the former GOP base, is tired of giving their votes to a bunch of big-government assholes who promise to be conservative but turn around and kiss Democrat ass the moment they get to Washington D.C.  John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have given Obama everything he ever wanted, and in doing so they have damaged the GOP far beyond was Obama dared to hope for.  There are huge excuse me YUUUUUUUUUGE swathes of Trump supporters who support him not for any real policy he's put forth, but because they can use him as a wrecking ball to demolish what's left of the GOP.  They have been betrayed year after year after year after year, and they're finally just going to blow up the party that keeps betraying them.

Oh, and B) Jeb would lose because nobody wants another Bush in office, except for the Donor Class who want to keep the gravy train rolling for themselves.

And C) The Democrats have their vote plantation, and they'll get 40% of the national vote no matter who they throw up there.  The fact that there is still national support for Hillary Clinton right now shows that there's nothing the Left won't vote for.  Satan could run on the Donk ticket and he'd get 40% of the vote guaranteed.  James Carville and Paul Begala would be on CNN talking about his upsides vis a vis the GOP nominee.  "I don't see how the GOP can honestly object to sacrificing babies to the Father of Lies!  Do they want a woman to be punished with a baby?  What kind of heartless jerks refuse to give reproductive choice to a rape victim!"

Anyway, I need more coffee.  Blah.