Friday, March 19, 2004

Quagmire Update

Yahoo! News - Kosovo Death Toll Rises to 31, NATO Warns Albanians

Good Economic News...

...collected and summarized by AlphaPatriot.

Meeting in the sewer

Late fall 2001: A British officer I met during an Army reserve tour was scanning a column of mine from August 2001. The column examined Irish Republican Army (IRA) connections to South American drug cartels and guerrillas, in particular the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). The column included this sentence: "... Spanish and British sources connected both the FARC and the IRA with the Basque terrorist ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna)."
Al Qaeda, Sewer Rats, and the "Reconquista" - On Point Commentary by Austin Bay

How odd is the Free World?

(NSFW - a single bared breast)

There are actually circles of humanity where Courtney Love is considered attractive. And witty, too.

More Corruption in Major Media

Seven weeks into an examination of former USA TODAY reporter Jack Kelley’s work, a team of journalists has found strong evidence that Kelley fabricated substantial portions of at least eight major stories, lifted nearly two dozen quotes or other material from competing publications, lied in speeches he gave for the newspaper and conspired to mislead those investigating his work.
Perhaps Kelley’s most egregious misdeed occurred in 2000, when he used a snapshot he took of a Cuban hotel worker to authenticate a story he made up about a woman who died fleeing Cuba by boat. The woman in the photo neither fled by boat nor died, and a USA TODAY reporter located her this month. If Cuban authorities had learned she was the woman in the picture, she says, she could have lost her job and her chance to emigrate. - Ex-USA TODAY reporter faked major stories


Speaking of corrupt media, The New York Times has far fewer Pulitzer nominees than usual this year. Meanwhile, it is being reported that NYT first-quarter profit and revenues could fall far below Wall Street expectations


What can I do to help?

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Trips and Road Trips

Kim du Toit just got back from a trip to Europe (to finish the Client Project From Hell). He's got some observations that you might like to read. I'm leaving on my road trip for the weekend.

I'll see you Monday.

Quagmire Update

NATO Adds Troops in Kosovo After Clashes

Making me scratch my head

So a Methodist Minister comes out and says she's gay.

The Methodists say "Well, OK, you can't be a minister anymore. You know, that whole Bible thing, sinning, all that." The Methodists hold a church trial to determine whether or not she should have her ministry removed.

Protests abound.

Now, Let me pose a scenario for you. Let's say that I joined the "Young Democrats". I know I know, stop laughing. This is hypothetical. So I join the Young Democrats, and I manage to work my way up in the leadership. Once I'm in a leadership position, I suddenly announce "I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT, AND IT IS REPUBLICAN! ALL HAIL THE GOP!"

How fast do you think I'd be kicked out?

Let's keep in mind that the ministry is not something that you're forced to do. It's something that you choose to do. And by choosing of your own volition to do it, you also choose to place yourself UNDER THAT GROUP'S RULES. You decided to play their game, so you have to play by their rules. Got it?

If this woman wants to be gay and proud, more power to her. But she does not have the right to change an entire religion just to suit her needs. And demanding that a church accept a practicing gay minister is a fundamental change. In my mind, this woman just needs to be kicked out on her ass, and leave it at that.

And of course, this happened around the People's Republic of Seattle.

(editor's note = violation, volition, they could both work, although one would detail much more interesting story lines! Thanks, Jason)

It worked

Spain to Al Qaeda: Terrorism works.

So tell me again...

About the worst economy since Hoover?

Well, of COURSE the Democrats are lying! That's what they do! But I don't know if they've ever been this blatant about it before.

Gee, the UN is SOOOOO great at "Peacekeeping"

Aren't they?

PRISTINA, Serbia-Montenegro — NATO sent reinforcements to Kosovo on Thursday after 22 people were killed and hundreds injured in fighting between Serbs and ethnic Albanians in the worst violence since the province's 1998-99 war.

Lest anyone forget, we went into that country in 1995. We bombed the shit out of Milosevek in 1999. The UN has been in control of this entire fiasco for years, and none of the countries involved ARE ANY CLOSER TO THE END OF THIS WAR than they were FIVE F**CKING YEARS AGO!

Is that who you want in charge of Iraq? A group of corrupt thugs, brutal dictators, and genocidal theocrats? Over half of the countries in the UN aren't democratic at all! They keep freedom from their own people, what makes you think they'll give freedom to anyone else?

And to top it off, just who do you think the UN would use for troops? THE FOOKIN' USA! Our troops would STILL be there in ten years, they'd just be wearing blue helmets instead of green! And if you need proof, TAKE A GOOD FUCKING LOOK AT BOSNIA!

Letting the UN get control of Iraq would doom that country.

OUt of Town

I'll be heading out of Seattle this afternoon for a little mini-family reunion. Family comes before blogging, so don't expect any posts from me this weekend. I'll probably have some pictures when I return, though. I'll be taking my guns, and I'll be blasting away on Saturday, hopefully teaching my relatives to shoot. Other than that, I'm going to enjoy myself, relax, and just get away from Seattle.

So I'll probably put up a few posts after this on, and then it's "Toodles" until Monday.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Lemme tell you 'bout my hairdresser.

His name is Richard. He has three fetishes; power tools, BDSM, and hair. The latter is what makes him so damn good at his job. I could come in looking like a shit sandwich, and he could make me look good. He's bi, heavy into the S&M scene, currently dating some vegan freak from Olympia, and throws some damn good parties.

Last Saturday, someone tried to kill him.

It was a man that he had helped out in the past. Room and board, get back on their feet, that sort of thing. They hadn't seen each other in a few years, and they met accidentally in passing on Saturday. So, they have coffee. They're sipping lattes when this guy freaks out. Not a little "OhmywhatamIdoinghere" kind of freak out, but "GeeithinkI'llwhipoutmyknifeandkillyou" kind of freak out. Richard suddenly found himself facing a seriously demented asswipe off his pills and waving a pocket knife around. He sustained lacerations to the front of his neck (narrowly missing his jugular), the back of his neck, his ear, and his hands. By the grace of god, it was all superficial. Nothing major damaged, no horrible disfiguring wounds, but the attack itself was traumatic as all hell.

I bring this up for one reason - this entire attack could have been stopped with one well placed bullet. As soon as Richard's hand heals, I'm going to try to convince him to go to the range with me. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY should have to go through what he went through. His attacker is in jail, and if he's smart, he'll stay there. Richard has quite a few friends, many of whom are built like a brick shithouse and have knife fetishes. These friends are now in a "I think this guy looks quite good with his testicals cut off and shoved down his throat" sort of mood.

Guns are like fire extinguishers. You hope to god that you never have to use them. But if you need them, and you don't have them....

You might as well whistle Dixie for all the good it'll do.

John Kerry for President? You Must Be Joking

This blog keeps looking better. Obviously, there's no shortage of material.

John Kerry for President? You Must Be Joking

Take the Damn Gloves OFF, already!

You want to know what my response to this would be?

Find out who the terrorists are. We're doing a good job of that, I believe.

Once you know who the terrorists are, find out who their families are.

Once you find out who their families are, find out their location.

And then bomb it flat. Leave nothing but rubble, and then make the rubble bounce, just for good measure. Women, children, dogs, cats, I don't give a shit, they'll all be nothing but dirty red smears. Start with the immediate family, and work your way out. Wife, kids, brothers, sisters, parents, in-laws, second cousins. Kill them all. Take out an entire fucking village of terrorist supporting fucks.

And then move on to the next one.


The Amazing Kallini Brothers had this up on their blog, and I just checked it out.

I think I'm going to be sick.

Behind the white door of a run-down terrace house in the quiet Glasgow suburb of Langside three men are waiting to die.
Faroq Haidari has sunk to the floor in the hallway, the effort of answering the bell apparently too much for him. Thin loops of thread hang from his lips and when he speaks it is in short, hoarse bursts.

"Sometimes you have to do something to save your life," he says. "This is the only option that we had."

In a small bedsit on the ground floor Fariborz Gravindi, 30, and Mokhtar Haydary, 31, lie motionless on mattresses. Faroq says they are sleeping. The air is stale. The curtains, a bright, incongruous floral yellow, are drawn against the daylight.

On February 19 Faroq, 32, and his friends stopped eating and sewed their lips together, crudely, with a needle and thread. Kurdish Iranians who fled to Britain in 2001, they had exhausted all efforts to stay in the UK and were facing deportation. Better to risk their lives here, they said, than face what they claim would be certain death if they were sent home to Iran.

These men ran from the people we're fighting against, folks. These men would rather starve to death than go back. Have you ever seen someone starve to death? Has anyone here actually gone without food for any period of time? I have. It's not pleasant. And it was only two days for me.

These guys sewed their own mouths shut rather than go back to Iran. Does that give you a f**king clue? It should.

BAG Day Reminder

BAG Day = Buy A Gun Day

Aaron's got the details. Remember, everytime you buy a gun, a liberal cries.

And the Baby Jesus smiles.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Sticker Vote

OK, so people wanted "Molon Labe" as the bumper sticker. So, I've come up with three different designs. Only one of them is getting printed, so it's your job to choose which one. Since I don't want to make the server crap out, I've cut the images down by 50%, so keep that in mind. The actual sticker will be twice this size. Without further ado -

A, B, or C? I'll be sending the order to the printer on Monday. These are going to be Vinyl stickers, for those who want to know. The actual dimensions for the stickers are as follows: A - 2.75 by 2.75 square. B - 4.25 inch oval. C - 3.5 inch circle.

Voting continues until Monday. You can let me know in the comments, or drop me a line. wraithwulfATyahooDOTcom

Foreign Leaders For John Kerry


Foreign Leaders For John Kerry

Big Happenings in Iran

I haven't heard one damn peep on the major news networks about this. Luckily, I realize that the major news networks aren't worth two squirts of piss on a windy day, and I look for information in other areas.

Misha is on the Iran revolution watch, as are the Amazing Kallini Brothers. NRO's Corner is watching developments as well, and I imagine that Instapundit is going to be updating his coverage on a regular basis.

This might just be the Iranian revolution that we've been hoping for. Stay tuned.

Damn good cigars

Bank account? Check

Phone? Check

Catalogue? Check

Coooooooooome to daddy!

I just ordered a box of these bad boys for myself. They'll arrive sometime next week. (I asked them to hold off shipping till Friday so that I wouldn't miss the delivery) I think I'll get a small bottle of scotch to go with them and enjoy a good smoke on my porch when they come in.

I'm tellin' ya, folks - if you like cigars, get a box of these. They're short and fat, great taste, and you can't beat the price with a stick. You'd pay anywhere from 3-5 bucks a pop for these in a cigar shop judging from my experience, and they're selling a box of 25 for $35. That's $1.40 per cigar. They smoke for about 20-30 minutes, and it's good all the way down.

If you enjoy a good cigar, go check that company out.

The DU mindset

RWN has a DU thread from October of 2003.

Remove anything breakable or throwable from your computer area first.

Trying not to laugh...

And failing miserably!

BERQAYEL, Lebanon (Reuters) - Ahmed Abdel Razzaq went to Iraq to fight the Americans and die a martyr. He ended up in a U.S. prison camp after the Iraqis he went to defend captured and sold him for $100.


Motivated by religious zeal or Arab nationalism, busloads of Arab volunteers crossed Syria to go to Iraq before and during the war.

Those who got home alive describe being abandoned by Iraqi minders as U.S. forces reached Baghdad, or escaping Iraqis hostile to interference as the Baath government crumbled into chaos.

Splodydope: I am here to die valiantly with you in jihad!
Iraqis: Piss off. You're our prisoner now!
Splodydope: Aw crap!

I can't think of a better way for Iraqis to treat these terrorist sand fleas. Found at The Rott.

Blogger Blastorama

This one is on March 20th. Same place, same time. Analog Kid has the details.

I won't be there for this one, unfortunately. I'm going to be in Idaho, taking a well deserved little break from Seattle. However, I'm taking my .45, .38, .22, and my 30-06 with me.

I'm gonna be blasting away in spirit, my friends. Twenty-five acres of private land, several relatives who want to learn how to shoot, and a small stockpile of ammo make Dave a happy man.

So head on over if you're from the Seattle Area. AK is more than willing to teach anyone who wants to learn, or who wants to get re-aquainted.
A Poetic Tribute to an American Martyr

It's the 1-year anniversay of Rachel Corrie's tragic death. Yes, folks, on March 16, 2003, Rachel Corrie, the young Leftist flag burner from Evergreen State University proved that Darwin was, indeed correct, by trying to stop a bulldozer from destroying weapons-smuggling tunnels. Now she's one of Mohammad Atta's 72 virgins.

In tribute, I wrote a haiku poem for her today.

Burn the Stars and Stripes
Help protect terrorist thugs
Enjoy your dirt nap.

To Die in Madrid

More powerful stuff.

It cannot be very long now before some slaughter occurs on the streets of London or Rome or Warsaw, as punishment for British and Italian and Polish membership of the anti-Saddam coalition. But perhaps there is still time to avoid the wrath to come. If British and Italian and Polish troops make haste to leave the Iraqis to their own "devices" (of the sort that exploded outside the mosques of Karbala and Najaf last month), their civilian cousins may still hope to escape the stern disapproval of the holy warriors. Don't ask why the holy warriors blow up mosques by the way—it's none of your goddam crusader-Jew business.
To Die in Madrid - The nutty logic that says Spain provoked Islamist terrorism. By Christopher Hitchens

I think this piece contains some good thoughts for today's American Conservative, whom the Left would like to blame for Madrid.

Rotten Europe

Powerful stuff from David Warren.

Moonbat Mania

Uhhh, this might make me a moonbat, but here goes:

Is anyone else seeing anything fishy about this Al Qaeda / Madrid connection? Looking at the timeline:

- Socialists are running on anti-war-in-Iraq platform.

- Socialists are losing.

- Days before election, bombs kill over 200 in Madrid.

- Within 24 hours, connections to Radical Islamic players are found.

- One is an unexploded cell phone, which leads right to some Moroccans.

- Another is a van full of detonators and "Koranic materials".

- A letter surfaces where Al Qaeda claims responsibility.

- Socialists rally with hundreds of thousands of "Peace" signs.

- Socialists win election despite trailing in polls for entire run up to election.

I know this is the kind of thing most often found at Democratic Underpants, but, ummm, doesn't that all seem nice and convenient? Radical Islamic terror groups certainly aren't the only people who benefitted from the bombings.

Monday, March 15, 2004

What Liberal Media?

This is unreal.

"'I mistranscribed a key word,' explains Patrick Healy, a political reporter for the BOSTON GLOBE who covered the event in a pool capacity.

'Listening to the audio recorder now, in the quiet of my house, I hear 'more leaders' and I am certain that 'more leaders' is what Senator Kerry said.'

Healy claims in an e-mail correction: 'Transcribing on the bus in Florida, and again on the plane ride to Tampa, I heard 'foreign leaders' rather than 'more leaders'. I am very sorry for this screw-up, and please feel free to hold me accountable to your editors and higher-ups.'"

Seen on Instapundit

"Who Gets On First"

Is no legend safe from scrutiny anymore?

Who Gets On First: Bud Abbott, Porn Aficionado

I shoulda gone to college...

Just look at what I could do!

Stanford University scientists have solved another great mystery of the universe with today's announcement of a new study proving that when beer is poured into a glass the bubbles sometimes fall rather than rise.

OK, I admit, this isn't exactly earth shattering news, but it really makes me want to rip my hair out for a number of reasons.

1) If these two goobers had actually enjoyed good beer, instead of drinking whatever watered down horse-piss that passes as "beer" where ever they are, they might have been able to, oh, I don't know, LOOK AT A F**KING GUINNESS THAT'S JUST BEEN POURED! Dear GOD, what's next? "Not to be one-upped, UC Berkeley students discover that water is actually wet!" If I had any doubts that college students are dumber now than they have ever been, this just proved it.

2) What kind of lame brain administrator scratched his head and said "Hey, yeah, checking to see if beer bubbles can fall instead of rise sounds like a GREAT idea to spend money on!" Seriously, I want that guy's number. I have a bridge in New York City that I can sell him for a great price. I'll even toss in the oceanfront property in Arizona for free.

Honestly, I have a mental picture of these guys in my head. Two unshowered guys in lab coats, with three whiskers between them, posters of the latest big-boobed videogame girl on the walls, giggling to themselves. "HEE HEE! Beer bubbles fall! TEE HEE!"

Gah. Thanks for nuttin', Steve.

Linky Love

Coalition of the Bribed

Here's a hint: It wasn't the people who actually want to fight terrorism.

A year ago John Kerry described the nations that would liberate Iraq as a "coalition of the bribed, the coerced, the bought and the extorted." It turns out that may be a better description of his own antiwar camp. From Jacques Chirac's and Vladimir Putin's political cronies to Tony Blair's own Labour Party, many of the most vocal opponents of enforcing U.N. resolutions turn out to have been on the take.

The Left sickens me more and more.

Oh, and this just in: John Kerry, Lying Liar. As usual, all emphasis is mine.

Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, arguing that voters "are hungry for a real discussion," promoted a health care plan that he said would save consumers $1,000 each as he focused attention Sunday on a pair of important Rust Belt states that have been battered by the steady drain of manufacturing jobs.

Get that? We're hungry for a "real discussion". And as usual, Kerry proves that he's full of shit, because in the VERY SAME MEETING, this happens:

The town meeting was contentious at times, with 52-year-old Cedric Brown repeatedly pressing the candidate to name the foreign leaders whom Kerry has said are backing his campaign.

"I'm not going to betray a private conversation with anybody," Kerry said. As the crowd of several hundred people began to mutter and boo, Kerry said, "That's none of your business."

Oh, gee, those "foreign leaders" that you were bragging about who wanted you in office, John? You're not going to talk about them, John? Could it be because you're a lying sack of shit, John? Yes, I think so! God, this guy is as crooked as they come, and can't even keep his lies straight for a few hours! And as Glenn Reynolds puts it: "If it's none of our business, why did you bring it up in the first place?"

Indeed! And Reynolds exposes even more lying and pandering on the part of John Fonda Kerry here. I'm starting to think that Kerry isn't human, he's the discharge from a septic tank that somehow obtained somewhat coherant thought and mobility.

(links from Instapundit)

Perusal Fodder

The Kallini Bros. have got it going on today.

The Goblin Effect

Ironbear at Who Tends The Fires has put up an essay that makes me sit back and think on life for a while. I've always joked about "social Darwinism"; stupid people weeding themselves out of a gene pool in one fashion or another. Hell, the Darwin Awards have been around for years, making my laugh my ass off whenever they come out. But Ironbear has a different take on it, from a Civilization point of view -

And there's no longer the social environment that provides external reinforcement for what little internal civilizing factors seep through.

Breeding our own predators, in several varieties, from the lone hunters - the serial killer: equivalent to the big cats - to the pack hunters and the scavengers that feed off of them.

Jeff Cooper terms the result of what we're seeing "Goblins". It fits. A Goblin is a human being with no humanity in it. Intelligence with no intellect, tool using with no discipline, social [sometimes] with no socialization. Predatory. Effectively, feral humans.

It's a long essay, and not too terribly pleasant, but entirely worth reading in any case. I think this is the link I send in to the Watcher's Council this week.

Moonbat Mania!

Democratic Underground Forums - Tony (& Others) Must Be Having Very Wet Armpits Today........

Bumper Stickers

How much would you pay to buy one? Bill Hobbs has "I think, there for I Blog" stickers on sale for $5, which is an average price for a good bumper sticker around where I live.

I'm thinking about getting some printed up, but I have to know how much interest there is in them before I do anything, because I have to buy them in lots of 125, 250, 500 or 1000. That's quite a bit of money out of pocket if only one or two people buy them and I'm stuck with the rest of the cost. So here's the deal. I'll put up the two stickers I'm thinking of making, and you tell me what you think of them and if you'd buy any. These are the actual size, by the way.

Sticker one: VRWC.

Pretty simple, gets the point across, and hell, everyone and their brother calls themselves part of the VRWC these days. It's a running joke, almost.

Second sticker: Molon Labe.

Molon Labe (mah-LONE la-VEH). Greek. "Come and get them", the Greek response to Xerxes' demands for the Greek forces weapons. This sticker would be a circle, obviously.

As for the price, if I got 125 of them made, the cost would be $2.00 each. The price drops by about fifty cents per sticker for each larger lot. I'm including postage and envelopes in that price as well, so I'm not making any profit off of these.

So pass the word around, and give me some feedback. Is this something I should do? Could I sell at least 125 of one or the other? Gimme some responses, either in the comments or by email. (wraithwulfATyahooDOTcom)

Guns, Guns, Guns

Jewish World Review

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Today was a bad day

Reality is scary.

Factually this may not be the case: the vote may conceivably go against Aznar's party for reasons having nothing to do with today's terror. But to the terrorists, such a doubt will not exist. If Aznar is defeated, they will be convinced that it was their act that produced this result; and, God forbid, they may well be right.

This conclusion is the last conclusion that anyone could possibly want the terrorists to draw, because if they believe that they can alter the outcome of an election in Spain, it will inevitably tempt them to try to alter the outcome of future elections in other nations of Europe by a similar use of catastrophic terror.

Seen on Instapundit

Bjorn Lomborg vindicated

Religion of Environmentalism takes another hit.

The Danish Committee on Scientific Dishonesty abetted a vicious ideological environmentalist smear campaign against Bjorn Lomborg by declaring two years ago that his excellent book The Skeptical Environmentalist, was "objectively dishonest." Naturally this accusation hit the headlines. However, in December, 2003, the Danish Ministry of Science and Technology overturned the DCSD kangaroo court's decision and sent it back to them. On futher reflection the DCSD members have now decided that perhaps they'd been a bit hasty and have completely dropped the matter

As if this is a shock to anyone with a room-temp IQ. Nobody ever brought up facts in their assault against Lomborg. They smeared him, insulted him, lied about him, slandered him, and tried to destroy him, but nobody could attack his actual facts and research.

It's their pattern, and it happens over and over and over and over and... Oh hell, you get the point.

Found at Dean's World.

Spotted in Mudville:

Essays on Spain you don't want to miss. -- AP State Wire News -- City falls victim to Internet hoax, considers banning items made with water -- AP State Wire News -- City falls victim to Internet hoax, considers banning items made with water

It Makes Me Go "Hmmmm"

That's from some Leftist cartoonist in Brazil. It depicts the Aznar party in Spain winning an election by blowing up a train. It implies that Aznar's party did the bombings to win the election.

Turns out, though, that the Socialists won, because of the bombing.

I'll be looking for that cartoon, but I know I shant find it.

Cartoon seen at: A Small Victory.

City falls victim to Internet hoax -- AP State Wire News -- City falls victim to Internet hoax, considers banning items made with water

Socialists Win In Spain

Another country about to head down the tubes.

How long do you think it will take before America has to once again pull Europe's collective testicles out of the fire? WWI, WWII, the Cold War.... how long before we have to go over there again?

Kerry Challenges Bush to Debates.....

...but when John Edwards challenged Kerry, Ole Cut 'n Run cowered.

Australia to ban kitchen knives and sharp pointy sticks---

I mean, that's what's next, right? Ravenwood has found some of the worst idiocy I could ever imagine.

Swords will become prohibited weapons from July 1, carrying penalties of up to $12,000 or six months in prison for illegal use or possession, the Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Andre Haermeyer said today.

Criminals use guns, so they banned guns. Not only did that not stop criminals from using guns (BECAUSE CRIMINALS DON'T FOLLOW THE FOOKIN' LAW, MORONS!) but it caused the law abiding citizens to arm themselves with whatever they could. Like swords. And now swords are being banned.

You know, if banning guns didn't help your crime levels, why in the bloody blue blazes would you think that banning swords would do anything? This is the liberal mantra, folks. If it doesn't work, well, it wasn't tried properly! Let's just do it all over again! England's gun crime is STILL on the rise, even though they have an all out ban on handguns. Auistralia has now banned guns, crossbows, and swords. Will they ban tree limbs if a criminal beats a victim with one? The level of idiocy is staggering, people. Just how dumb to you have to be in order to believe that inanimate objects are the cause for crime, not the people who commit crimes? Just how sand-poundingly stupid do you have to be to think that getting rid of weapons will make the world a happy fuzzy warm place? How bone-headed to you have to be in order to ignore the fact that it is the criminals, not some piece of metal, that causes crime, and violence, and death?

Stupidity, idiocy, ignorance, worthlessness, intercranial fecalstenosis, all embodied in human form, disarming fellow humans. Turning citizens into subjects. It's disgusting and infuriating.

So I echo Ravenwood, and Analog Kid, and Mollbot - If you hear that Raging Dave's guns have been taken, you'll know that Raging Dave is dead.

More Linky Love

I found a comment on this thread at the VodkaPundit's place.

We miss the point of the Bush Administration's gamble. Anyone with an IQ higher than room temperature (in Celsius) knows that the imposition of a successful democracy all through the area is a very long shot.
The point is not that it's going to be difficult. The point is not that it may very well fail. The point is that it's the only way to avoid a slaughter of biblical proportions.
If the dynamic is not changed there will eventually be a huge slaughter. If the splodeydopes succeed in setting off a nuke or biowar or a great big chemical attack our response will be what? Slaughter both here in the US and all through Islam.
Because of my well-known kindly humanitarianism, I would prefer to avoid this wholesale slaughter. If it comes to it, though, the safety of my children is far more important than the lives of every Muslim on Earth.

There's more good articles, comments and writing out there than I can keep up with.

What the Hell?

When the f**k did this happen, and why haven't I seen it on the National News?

YO! Check it out!

Aaron of Free Will has some new digs!

Make sure you're blogrolls are adjusted accordingly. We wouldn't want any of Aaron's hate mail to get lost, now would we? The New, Shiny, Squeeky-Clean URL is

Linky Love

Found this piece at Cold Fury, and had to share it.

The drum beat for Kerry, where I live, is constant. I?m on the Metro the other night after work, and a bunch of younger folks ? probably Teach for America kids, or maybe Georgetown students ? were ranting about how awful Bush is, and how they are excited about this upcoming ?Beat Bush Back to Fucking Texas? party that a friend was throwing. I have friends working in the law enforcement and intel agencies around the government, who have gone gray haired since 9/11 ? they always look tired for some reason and when some mutual friend starts going on about the phonied up war on terror, they look ill. Occasionally, it slips out on CNN that some terror suspect was caught coming into the country, and I hear rumors from my reasonably well placed friends that we are only getting the tip of the iceberg ? that we don?t get the 90% that?s below the water line. Meanwhile, a liberal ex-friend of mine keeps sending me Rall cartoons, horrific videos alleging all sorts of wild Bush-led conspiracies to make money on oil, and the whole left side of the political class is going on about how Florida was stolen. And my friends working on the national security side of life get grayer, and grayer, both in the face and the hair. It?s like we aren?t even in the same world.

I think that one single paragraph captures the two sides of the debate almost perfectly. One side worries, and strives to protect America, and works to prevent another attack. The other side attacks the protecters.

If history teaches us anything, it’s that the path they advocate is followed, disaster will be nipping at our heels in an instant. Most of the delusional leftist policies the Dems adhere to as dogma – the goals they hope to achieve if only we stupid-ass proles would go along with it - are failed. They are failed not because some college professor says they stink; especially not because of that because we know that for all practical purposes, no college professors have the bad taste to be conservative enough to say that. They aren’t failed because the left barely holds power anywhere in the world any more. And they aren’t failed just because I say so.

We know instead that the left wing policies worshipped by Kerry and his minions are failed because we have the corpses, the mass graves, the broken economies, and shit bag leftover republics crawling out of the wreckage bequeathed to us by the great left wing ideas of the 20th century to prove that leftism failed. We have the slowly dying Western European democracies, too feeble to defend themselves from internal Islamofascist takeover, to prove that slow creeping leftism is failed too. Hell, we have the sick man of Africa, which doesn’t refer to a country any more but rather to the continent itself, to show you where left wing dreaming gets you, to prove it.

THAT, my friends, is some powerful writing.

You can read the entire thing here.

Who wants John Fonda Kerry to be President?

Well, how about the Mad Mullahs of Iran, Kim Jong Il of North Korea, and of course The French.

LOOK. I know it is shooting French in a barrel. But when yet another insufferable penseur — first Chirac, then de Villepin, now the editor of Le Monde — starts lecturing Americans on how they ought to conduct themselves in the world, the rules of decorum are suspended.

In an article in The Wall Street Journal, Jean-Marie Colombani, who wrote the famous Sept. 12, 2001, Le Monde editorial titled “We are all Americans,” gives us the usual more-in-sorrow-than-in-anger lament about America’s sins: We loved you on Sept. 11. We were all with you in Afghanistan. But, oh, what have you done in Iraq?

This requires some parsing. We loved you on Sept. 11 means: We like Americans when they are victims, on their knees and bleeding. We just don’t like it when they get off the floor — without checking with us first. Colombani glories in Europe’s post-Sept. 11 “solidarity” with America: “Let us remember here the involvement of French and German soldiers, among other European nationalities, in the operations launched in Afghanistan to. . . free the Afghans.”

Come again? The French arrived in Mazar-e Sharif after it fell — or as military analyst Jay Leno put it, “to serve as advisers to the Taliban on how to surrender properly.” Afghanistan was liberated by America acting practically unilaterally, with an even smaller coalition than that in Iraq — Britain and Australia, with the rest of the world holding America’s coat.

Let's look at who REALLY wants John Fonda Kerry elected President, hmmmm? The North Korean media is re-printing some of Kerry's speeches VERBATIM, for g-d's sake! The Turbaned Terrorist Tumblefucks that are currently keeping Iran under their thumb are practically masturbating to the thought of Kerry being president, because they know that once Bush is gone, they can go back to supporting terrorism and building a nuke in peace, instead of being called on their actions. And the French above all want America to fail, so that they can rule supreme and look down their noses at us "simplistic" barbarians.

I think Kerry's supporters show just how godawful he'd be as president.

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A Protest! What a Great Idea to Fight Terror!

So here's something I don't understand: did any one of those 2 million people, during their march in Spain to protest that terrorism is bad, ever stop to think that THAT MANY PEOPLE IN ONE PLACE IS A BIG FUCKING TARGET FOR PEOPLE WHO DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT HUMAN LIFE?

Just curious.