Saturday, November 23, 2019

The brave media, being so brave

Hong Kong newspaper was firebombed by people hostile to freedom in Hong Kong, but our media doesn't want to upset their Chinese masters so they don't talk about it.

Hey, speaking of intimidation of the press -- the Epoch Times' printing press in Hong Kong was fire bombed three days ago, and until today, there were absolutely no major media stories about it. 
Only people like Ian Miles Chong and Sharyl Attkisson covered it. The media embargoed the story -- the same media that preens about the how imperiled journalists are.

Do you think that in the past week of the US media furiously masturbating about the totally-gonna-happen impeachment of Orange Man Bad, they might have mentioned the fact that there are people dying in Hong Kong for daring to want the kind of freedom we have here in America?

Nah.  Doesn't help the narrative. 

The media in this country are some of the most garbage people you can possibly imagine, and if they were all laid off I would dance a happy dance for weeks.

Pantifa bitch gets xir clock cleaned

Watching that happen makes me so very very happy.

The Covington Catholic Kids get another crack at the DNC and their Media Puppets

Good.  Sue them into oblivion.  Oddly enough, it was the same Leftist judge who shut down the original lawsuits that allowed these new ones.  I think someone met the judge in their chambers at some point and pointed out that if they wanted to even pretend to give a shit about the Constitution they claim to uphold, they might want to think again about protecting Democrat party operatives at and sacrificing the law to do so.

I bet discovery is gonna be lit!

And I hope the Covington Catholic kids all get filthy stinking rich off of this. 

Friday, November 22, 2019

Eco-Freaks try to destroy yet another forest

Lawsuits, lawsuits, lawsuits.

BOISE, Idaho — The U.S. Forest Service is ignoring a 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling by restarting a giant forest project in Idaho, say environmental groups that have filed another lawsuit seeking to stop the project a second time.

First of all, let's take a look at that paragraph of journalistic malpractice, shall we?  What's the first thing people see?  That the US Forest Service is ignoring a court ruling.  Are they actually doing that?  No, that's just what a group of Proggie Eco-Freaks says, but if they were actually ignoring a court ruling there would be no second lawsuit.  If they were ignoring a court ruling, there would be punitive action taken.  Since there is no punitive action taken, the US Forest Service is following whatever terms the court laid down previously.

So we have lies from the Proggie Eco-Freaks and misleading statements by the press.  Who are probably also Proggie Eoc-Freaks.

The project has a combination of commercial logging, prescribed burning and recreation improvements such as additional trail maintenance and installing bathrooms. Also planned are habitat improvements for federally protected bull trout and northern Idaho ground squirrel. 
But the environmental groups say the project comes at the expense of wildlife habitat and turns the public forest into a tree farm to benefit timber interests.

"Timber interests".  That would be logging, the sort of thing that allows all the Proggie Eco-Freaks to move up to Boise and Salt Lake City and Coeur d'Alene and have illegal aliens build their houses while sneering at the locals for not being enlightened Proggie Eco-Freaks.

In short the Proggie Eco-Freaks want the forests to stand there and die, until a lighting strike causes catastrophic wildfires that sterilize the soil and make sure nothing grows there for decades.  Due to a lack of forest management, the western forests are already dealing with a pine beetle outbreak that's killing trees for miles, and the Douglas Fir are dealing with a virus that spreads through root contact.  And when trees are packed in because the forests haven't been managed, there's lots of root contact.  If the crowns of the trees are touching, the roots are touching, so Douglas Firs have been dying off all over the West.  The Nez Perce National Forest is full of dead trees.  The Sawtooth National Forest is full of dead trees.  Every National Forest in the west is full of dead trees, because Proggie Eco-Freaks like the Alliance for the Wild Rockies block any effort to manage the forests, and yes that includes logging them.

But the Alliance for the Wild Rockies doesn't give a shit about any of that, because the people running the Alliance for the Wild Rockies don't have to deal with that.  They don't live in the middle of it.  They don't have family members laid off because the timber industry is getting shut down.  They just jet in, spend some time in an expensive cabin that someone else maintains, and then jet out, full of smug, moral superiority about how much better they are than those lesser people like loggers and ranchers and farmers.

Fucking bastards should be forced to live in the damn forests that they claim to care about.

Of COURSE the FBI was breaking the law!

The Steele dossier was fake.  Anyone who spent five minutes looking into it would know that it was fake, but the FBI still used it to spy on American citizens.  Americans who were part of a presidential campaign, and who were the opposition to the Obama administration's preferred candidate, to be clear.

But I won't believe that the Horowitz report is "going to be released" until I actually see it released.  And even then I have no hope that the criminals behind the FISA abuse will ever see any jail time, because in this country if you're a politically connected Democrat you don't do jail time.  Just ask Hillary Clinton about her private email server that contained Above Top Secret documents.  If I had done that, I'd be in Ft. Leavenworth breaking big rocks into little rocks for the rest of my life.  She's still wandering around, swilling chardonnay by the bottle and doing her part to destroy America.

In the meantime, the FBI's reputation is going down faster than Kamala Harris on a "political opportunity", if you know what I mean.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Rear Admiral Collin Green needs to be relieved of Command

When your command has tried to fuck someone so badly that the President himself stepped in and said "No", and then you continue to try to fuck that troop, you need to be fired.

Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher might be forced out of the Navy's elite SEAL unit, despite being acquitted in July on nearly all charges and a recent pardon from President Trump on the one minor charge that did stick. 
The New York Times reports that SEAL commander Rear Adm. Collin Green "now has the authorization he needs from the Navy" to remove Gallagher's Trident pin -- the symbol of his SEAL status -- and "effectively end" his career. Gallagher reportedly had already planned to retire from the Navy, even after being found Not Guilty on the most serious charges against him. But as NYT's Dave Phillips noted, "in a warrior culture that prizes honor and prestige, the rebuke would still cast [him] out of a tight-knit brotherhood."

This punishment isn't punitive, it's petty.  The dude is going to retire.  He's done, and he's quite honestly lost all faith in the leadership that was screwing him over. So he was leaving.  But that wasn't good enough for the dick pimple named Rear Admiral Collin Green.  Nope, Admiral Green wants to try to bend CPO Gallagher over one last time and fuck him really, really hard, simply because he wants to do so.

Folks, shit like this will kill moral faster than you can say "Obama's Rules of Engagement".  Punishing someone who screwed up is one thing, but I think we can all say that CPO Gallagher has been punished enough.  Hell, the process he went through, where the prosecutorial misconduct drew a rebuke from President Trump in the form of rescinded awards, was punishment enough.  But now the head of the SEALS is trying to continue the screwing process for no benefit and no reason other than sheer spite?

Nobody wants a boss like that.

No military member willingly places themselves under that person's command.

Rear Admiral Green must be fired immediately.

UPDATE:  I'm very glad to see that President Trump is telling Rear Admiral Green to STFU and stop being stupid.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

I'm sure I speak for just about all my unit when I say that LTC Alexander Vindman is a pathetic gob of crap

Let's just start with a statement he made previously, that he reported on the Ukraine phone call because he was afraid that President Trump would "subvert US foreign policy".  Anybody wanna guess who sets US foreign policy?  The president.  What Vindman is upset about is that Trump is subverting Obama's foreign policy, and it's my guess that Vindman spent so much time under desks sucking off Obama cronies for a cushy position that he was afraid he'd lose everything he sucked so hard to get.

But his performance yesterday at the Schiff Show was instantly recognizable to anyone who's spent a little time in the Armed Forces.  I'm amazed that this guy's ego could even fit into the room with him.  Go listen to him talk, watch his face, and you will know exactly what I'm talking about.  He's the hellish combination of arrogance, ignorance, entitlement, stupidity, and anti-Americanism wrapped into one overweight package and shoved into a uniform.

We already know that Vindman was such a shitty staff officer that an Obama flunky had to prevent him from getting fired from the National Security Council.  Maybe it was one of the guys Vindman was bending over for to get the job in the first place, who knows.

So officials tried to remove Vindman due to security concerns (guessing a whole lot of leaking), but an Obama holdover blocked their efforts. Oh, and she happens to be closely tied to the Obama family. 
No conflict of interest there or anything, right?

I have said in the past that we might never recover from the damage that Obama did to this country, and I think I'll clarify that statement.  Remove the word "might".  We will never recover from the damage done to this country by Obama and his cronies.  When the Civil War 2 kicks off, it will be because of the long-term damage done by the Obama administration.

And Alexander Vindman is part of the problem.  He's an ass-kissing, back-stabbing shitweasel with a complete lack of integrity.  I crap out more integrity in the morning than Alexander Vindman has ever possessed in his entire life.  He's a shitstain.  He's an embarrassment to the United States Infantry, the United States Army, and the country as a whole.  I am ashamed to share a uniform.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

I think I stole this from A Nod To The Gods

But I can't remember.  Because I'm old.  So if I stole it from you, let me know.

And feel free to print that out and post it all over sanctuary cities.

It's Ammo Day

Just in case you're not familiar with Ammo Day, it's also Kim du Toit's birthday, and he decided that it should be a day when all his readers buy at least 100 rounds of their favorite centerfire ammunition.

So, yeah.  Go buy ammo.  I know, I know, it's a horrible imposition for most of you, but I'm certain you'll make it through.

The impeachment Schiff Show confirmed reports about the Democrats in Ukraine

Oft evil will evil mar.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter whether what transpired was a formal list like Lutsenko claimed or a pressure campaign on specific cases like Kent testified. The issue of public interest is that the situation was dysfunctional: Ukraine prosecutors felt bullied by the embassy, and US officials were unhappy with cases against certain figures. 
So the next time you hear my stories were debunked, faulty or wrong (without anyone citing specific facts that were wrong), keep this in mind: Adam Schiff’s witnesses corroborated what I reported.

If you want to know just what the Democrats did in Ukraine under Barry O'Bumblefuck and his Merry Marxists, just look at what they are accusing Trump of doing.  SJWs always Project.

Monday, November 18, 2019

I'm not sorry

So it was warm enough to ride the motorcycle to work today.  On the way home, the car ahead of me was trying to change lanes to the right, only to have some jackass constantly block his way.  He finally gets around the asshole, and I pull up next to him, look over, and see....

A fucking dipshit on his cellphone.  Texting, if you can believe that.

So we get to a red light.  I wait, I look over, and dipshit is still texting.  So I pull forward just enough so my tailpipes are just ahead of his driver's side window, which is open, and as the light turns green and we start to move....

I rev my engine.

Did I mention that I have an 1800cc bike?  And did I mention that I have a set of Cobra straight pipes?  I'm pretty sure I hit at least 120db, right next to his open window.  People across the intersection stopped and looked to see what the hell was going on. 

I saw that bastard jump.

I'm not sorry.  Not one damn bit.

But just keep voting for the Democrats, you Jewish folks out there!

That'll work out sooooooo well for you, won't it?

Mainstream Democrats rolled over for the far left so quickly on Israel that it’s hard to imagine them returning to a sane place. Jews, who vote for Democrats in overwhelming numbers, need to finally wake up to the reality that their party despises the world’s sole Jewish state.

When the Left starts shoving American Jews into cattle cars, I'll do what I can to stop them because that's what good men try to do.  But I doubt I'll be able to do very much, because you can't really stop someone from destroying themselves, and Jews in America have been voting for the anti-Semitic party for decades now.  They have been embracing the people who hate them, and attacking the people who actually care about them.  So in reality, my role is most likely to shoot the bastards who shoved a generation of Jews into the ovens, because there will be fuck-all I can do to stop it from happening.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

A counter to the argument that Christians have to just give money to the homeless unconditionally

From the 2nd Epistle of St. Paul to the Thessalonians.  Emphasis is mine.

[6] And we charge you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you withdraw yourselves from every brother walking disorderly, and not according to the tradition which they have received of us. [7] For yourselves know how you ought to imitate us: for we were not disorderly among you; [8] Neither did we eat any man's bread for nothing, but in labour and in toil we worked night and day, lest we should be chargeable to any of you. [9] Not as if we had not power: but that we might give ourselves a pattern unto you, to imitate us. [10] For also when we were with you, this we declared to you: that, if any man will not work, neither let him eat. 
[11] For we have heard there are some among you who walk disorderly, working not at all, but curiously meddling. [12] Now we charge them that are such, and beseech them by the Lord Jesus Christ, that, working with silence, they would eat their own bread. [13] But you, brethren, be not weary in well doing. [14] And if any man obey not our word by this epistle, note that man, and do not keep company with him, that he may be ashamed: [15] Yet do not esteem him as an enemy, but admonish him as a brother.

You must help the needy and the downtrodden, but if people simply refuse to work, preferring to spend their time getting high and laying about, giving them more money doesn't help them.  Giving them free stuff doesn't help them.  Hard Love is what they need.  Unfortunately, modern society has forgotten that fact.  Witness the homeless crisis in liberal cities.

These people don't want housing, they want drugs.  And I refuse to give my money to people so that they can get high, as it serves no real purpose other than their self-desecration.

The narcissistic anal polyp known as Colon Kaepernick strikes again!

Any team stupid enough to hire this locker-room cancer deserves whatever it would get.  But thanks to Kaepernick's stupidity and arrogance, it's likely that nobody is going to hire him.  Good.  Of course, that won't stop the sports media from continuously masturbating over the possibility, but at least he won't be in the news that much.