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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

I'm sure I speak for just about all my unit when I say that LTC Alexander Vindman is a pathetic gob of crap

Let's just start with a statement he made previously, that he reported on the Ukraine phone call because he was afraid that President Trump would "subvert US foreign policy".  Anybody wanna guess who sets US foreign policy?  The president.  What Vindman is upset about is that Trump is subverting Obama's foreign policy, and it's my guess that Vindman spent so much time under desks sucking off Obama cronies for a cushy position that he was afraid he'd lose everything he sucked so hard to get.

But his performance yesterday at the Schiff Show was instantly recognizable to anyone who's spent a little time in the Armed Forces.  I'm amazed that this guy's ego could even fit into the room with him.  Go listen to him talk, watch his face, and you will know exactly what I'm talking about.  He's the hellish combination of arrogance, ignorance, entitlement, stupidity, and anti-Americanism wrapped into one overweight package and shoved into a uniform.

We already know that Vindman was such a shitty staff officer that an Obama flunky had to prevent him from getting fired from the National Security Council.  Maybe it was one of the guys Vindman was bending over for to get the job in the first place, who knows.

So officials tried to remove Vindman due to security concerns (guessing a whole lot of leaking), but an Obama holdover blocked their efforts. Oh, and she happens to be closely tied to the Obama family. 
No conflict of interest there or anything, right?

I have said in the past that we might never recover from the damage that Obama did to this country, and I think I'll clarify that statement.  Remove the word "might".  We will never recover from the damage done to this country by Obama and his cronies.  When the Civil War 2 kicks off, it will be because of the long-term damage done by the Obama administration.

And Alexander Vindman is part of the problem.  He's an ass-kissing, back-stabbing shitweasel with a complete lack of integrity.  I crap out more integrity in the morning than Alexander Vindman has ever possessed in his entire life.  He's a shitstain.  He's an embarrassment to the United States Infantry, the United States Army, and the country as a whole.  I am ashamed to share a uniform.


Anonymous said...

Another McCain IMHO. Thank you for your military service and sacrifice, however you became a leaking piece of shit that should probably be prosecuted.

The "Deep-State" lead coup d'etat continues unabated.

Deserttrek said...

Thanks Dave I have been curious as to your opinion.
Regarding the NCS , turns out obama expanded it from 50 members to 400. The President needs to take that down to a dozen or so.

Thanks again Dave

xtacsgt said...

Sure wish I had the power to re-assign him to the coldest Alaskan post there is and require him to go out and record the temperature every hour on the hour for the remainder of his career.

Ragin' Dave said...

Every single military member has served with someone like this, I guarantee it. Every branch has them, and they all act the same. It's the stupidity coupled with a massive ego and sense of entitlement that makes them just horrible people to be around and to work for. I guarantee that millions of vets, and people currently serving, watched his tv appearance and went "Aw, shit, that dickhead?"

He's an embarrassment to the US Army.